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Banken for en verden i endring The bank for a ... - BNP Paribas

• report of the Chairman / internal control procedures relating to the preparation and processing of accounting and financial information

TheBNP Paribas SA Mainland France

Permanent Accounting Internal Control” team

is in charge of providing quality control on

accounting information provided by the French

Retail Banking network and by Corporate and

Investment Banking businesses that report to

BNP Paribas SA Mainland France. The team

has the following key responsibilities:

• monitoring the control of accounting processes,

systems and procedures within back


• providing the link between the main back offices

and the Group Accounting Department;

• coordinating accounts closing processes

and training back office teams in accounting


• validating on a quarterly basis the “elementary

certification process” (described below) for

the accounting quality of back offices;

• setting up recurring cross-functional controls

that validate first-level controls carried out by

the back offices.

Internal certification process

> At Group level

The Group Finance-Development function

has introduced a process of internal certification

of quarterly data produced by the different

accounting entities over which the Group has

sole or joint control, as well as of the controls

performed within Finance departments of the

core businesses/business lines and by the

Consolidation Department within the Group

Finance-Development function. The process

uses the FACT (Finance Accounting Control

Tool) internet/intranet-based application.

The heads of Finance of the entities concerned

certify to Group Finance-Development that:

• the accounting data reported to the Group

Finance-Development function are reliable

and comply with Group accounting policies;

• the accounting Internal Control system

designed to ensure the quality of accounting

data is operating effectively.

This internal certification process forms part

of the overall Group accounting internal control

monitoring system and enables the Group

Finance-Development function, which has

overall responsibility for the preparation and

quality of the Group’s consolidated financial

statements, to detect any problems in the financial

statements and to monitor the implementation

by the accounting entities of appropriate

corrective measures and, if necessary, to set

aside appropriate provisions. A report on this

procedure is sent to the Financial Statements

Committee of the Board of Directors at the

close of the Group’s quarterly consolidated




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