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• NRE appendices – social chapter

NRE social indicators 2006 Comments

9. Temporary staff Temporary workers: the average monthly number of temporary workers

remained limited, at 193 FTEs. The average length of contracts was 24 days.

BNP Paribas SA’s expenditure on temporary staff in France amounted

to EUR 8.9 million for the year.

10. where relevant, information relating

to headcount adjustments, redeployment

and career support advice

BNP Paribas continued to apply its system of approved vendor lists for

temporary work agencies and service providers. Since 2005, the system

has been rolled out across Europe. Agreements binding BNP Paribas and

these companies include very strict clauses on compliance with employment

legislation and the prevention of loss-making sales, which are prohibited

under French law. In 2006, all Group entities were reminded of their duty

to only use companies that guarantee compliance with employment law.

See Human Resources Development – Quantitative and qualitative

workforce adaptation, where this topic is examined in depth, p. 67

11. working hours Extensive possibilities for requesting part-time work arrangements are

available to employees. A total of 10.4% of employees in France opted for a

part-time work arrangement, the proportion being 11.4% at BNP Paribas SA

mainland France and 8% in the subsidiaries.

Employees with over one year’s seniority qualify for a time savings account

(Compte Epargne Temps), in which they can save holiday time for later use

– e.g., taking personal days, partly financing a continuing education project

or switching to part-time work without loss of revenue. As of December 2006,

10,727 employees were using a time savings account.

Subject to their supervisor’s agreement, employees can also take 5 to 20 days

of unpaid leave.















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