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Banken for en verden i endring The bank for a ... - BNP Paribas

• NRE appendices – social chapter

NRE social indicators 2006 Comments

27. Outsourcing and the Bank’s policy

with subcontractors: steps to ensure that

subcontractors comply with International

Labour Organization (ILO) standards

The Group Operational Efficiency (GOE) function manages all procurement

contracts in excess of EUR 1 million. Since 2002, all contracts negotiated

and signed by GOE include clauses providing for compliance with

International Labour Organization (ILO) standards or setting out local

employment law principles in the event that such principles are stricter than

ILO standards.

To promote transparency, GOE set up a dedicated suppliers’ portal on the

Group’s website, which makes explicit reference to sustainable development

and compliance with ILO standards. For more information visit

Going against the grain of the widespread trend toward outsourcing of

information technology functions, BNP Paribas opted for a novel solution by

creating a joint venture with IBM France to meet the Group’s IT processing

needs. This strategic alliance answers the call for controlling and decreasing

IT costs, while preserving a centre of excellence in France with leading-edge

technology. Thanks to this original partnership, BNP Paribas is able to stay

in command of its IT capabilities, while ensuring a painless transition for its

employees, since all those concerned were able to keep the individual and

collective benefits associated with their previous status. IT development

activities in Morocco and India remain limited and have not led to any

redundancies in France. The IT function was not outsourced and is still

provided by Group subsidiaries.






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