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• NRE environmental indicators for 2006

NRE environmental indicators 2006 Comments

1. water consumption The collection of data on water consumption increased in 2006,

representing 34% of staff concerned in mainland France. On this basis,

water consumption amounts to 22m 3 per FTE.

More countries contributed to the water consumption statistics

(49% of the Group outside France) than in previous years and the data was

more reliable. Water consumption amounted to 24.5m 3 per FTE.

2. Raw material consumption For a financial services provision group like BNP Paribas, paper is the

number one raw material consumed.

Overall paper consumption in France, including roll paper from printing

centres, paper reams and paper purchased from printers on behalf of BNP

Paribas stood at 9,521 tonnes. On this basis, paper consumption per FTE

decreased 5.5% in 2006, to 172kg per FTE.

In other countries, paper consumption stood at 151kg per FTE, based on

56% of the Group scope outside France.

In France, 9% of the Group’s office supplies are environmentally-friendly

products. Based on a scope representing 60% of staff outside France,

green products account for an average of 12% of office supplies, with

significantly higher percentages in Japan and Switzerland.

3. Energy consumption The Group’s electricity consumption in France dropped 6% to 255.6 GWh,

representing average consumption of 4,591 KWh per FTE.

Representativeness in other countries continued to increase and in

2006 represented 54% of Group employees. Based on these figures,

consumption was 6,582 Kwh per FTE..



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