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• NRE environmental indicators for 2006

NRE environmental indicators 2006 Comments

7. Emissions to air, water and soil See Impact on the natural environment, p. 104

In 2006, the Group’s environmental data management software enabled

it to fine-tune its CO 2 surveys and apply them systematically.

The available data do not enable this survey to be performed on the full

scope of consolidation, but it has been extended to several sizeable

territories outside France.

The data collected take into account information on electricity consumption,

work-related travel by car, train and air, and, in France, commuting between

the home and office. This enabled an initial estimate of CO 2 equivalent

emissions per FTE:

- France: 2.56 tonnes;

- Switzerland: 3.29 tonnes;

- Italy: 3.39 tonnes;

- United States: 7.26 tonnes.

The calculation methods aim to include the emissions generated

by the production, transportation and consumption of energy sources.

For electricity, the type of primary energy used by the producer was

taken into account. For air travel, the factors considered were kerosene

consumption, average load factors, the distinction between short-,

medium- and long-haul flights, and the class the passenger travelled in.

For car journeys, the methodology assesses emissions based on mileage as

well as on the vehicle’s taxable horsepower rating and fuel type.






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