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• NRE environmental indicators for 2006

NRE environmental indicators 2006 Comments

7. Emissions to air, water and soil (continued) Estimates for commuting were made by dividing employees into three

categories, based on which of three concentric circles their home residence

belonged in – city or town centre, close suburbs or outskirts of town,

and distant suburbs or rural setting. Emissions produced by these trips

were then estimated based on the type of transportation used.

Independently of errors relating to the reliability of data or to the incomplete

scope of the survey, the methodology used is subject to the following error


- Electricity: 10%;

- Trip mileage per car: 10%;

- Commuting: 20%;

- Air travel: 20%.

8. Noise and odour pollution No complaints relating to noise or odour issues were addressed

to the Group in 2006.

Meunier always studies the environmental impact of its projects from

the specific standpoint of noise and odours. When technical equipment can

be a source of noise disturbance, the company selects models offering

the best available acoustic performance. Noise testing is carried out

following construction and, if required, additional measures are taken

to comply with applicable regulations. The location of air intake and

discharge vents is designed to minimise effects on neighbouring buildings,

based on dominant wind patterns. The construction processes and tooling

used, as well as the management of construction waste, are also designed

to minimise the impact of construction work on the immediate environment.






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