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• NRE environmental indicators for 2006

NRE environmental indicators 2006 Comments

9. waste processing In France, the system for collecting used toner cartridges in association

with Conibi, the industry grouping of toner cartridge producers, gathered

pace in 2006, with 90,080 cartridges collected, almost twice as many as

in 2005.

The scope of data collected in other countries increased and became

more reliable, but still remains below 50%. Canada, Germany, the United

Kingdom, Switzerland and Spain recycle 100% of their toner cartridges

and the United States recycles more than 94%.

Paper and cardboard collection for recycling is also on the increase.

Corbeille Bleue, a specialised company, collects and sorts the litter bins in

the Group’s Paris offices. 80%, or 3,350 tonnes, of paper collected is sent

for recycling. 20% of the paper recycled is used for district heating, 40%

for packaging production and 40% for papermaking pulp.

A further 1,521 tonnes of paper were collected for recycling in printing

and archiving centres in France in 2006.

Office bins continued to be replaced by bins enabling employees to separate

recyclable from non-recyclable waste (paper and all other non-hazardous

waste). Most of the Group’s Paris head office buildings are now equipped

with these new bins and a clause regarding “double collection” has been

included in cleaning company contracts.

In other countries, the scope used to measure paper collection is,

for the moment, not material.

The aluminium sockets and the glass from fluorescent lightbulbs used in

most offices are recycled and the gas is reprocessed.

In France, the upward flow of information regarding the collection of Waste

Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is underway.







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