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Banken for en verden i endring The bank for a ... - BNP Paribas

• NRE environmental indicators for 2006

NRE environmental indicators 2006 Comments

10. measures taken to avoid upsetting

the biological balance

11. measures taken to ensure compliance

with legal requirements

As part of its CO 2 survey, the Group identifies the processes by which it

could harm the environment (for example the use of refrigerants at its Paris

head office buildings) in order to try and reduce them.

In 2006, resources for detecting asbestos in buildings were also reinforced

as part of an asbestos action plan. Diagnostic reviews of materials were

carried out before launching any renovation work in France. These reviews

complement the technical recommendations drawn up in 2005 and

distributed to BNP Paribas sites.

Air and water quality are measured on a regular basis and the Group

has issued recommendations on the choice of paint.

BNP Paribas continuously strives for the highest standards of ethical

behaviour, compliance, risk management and internal control.

Within a changing banking environment characterised by increasing

regulatory requirements, in 2005 the Group decided to create a global

Group Compliance function, whose director reports directly to the Chief

Executive Officer and has broad powers throughout the Group. This

function distributes Group-level directives regarding permanent control and

monitors the development of the mechanism in the Group’s entities.

Guidelines have been drawn up to ensure that buildings are managed

in accordance with technical regulations applicable in France.

Real estate guidelines are based on the most stringent regulations

in all countries where BNP Paribas operates and are enforced at all sites,

worldwide. Property audits are performed on all head office buildings

in connection with acquisitions.

Group Legal Affairs monitor changes in environmental legislation.

Clauses covering the corporate and environmental responsibility

of suppliers are systematically included in service agreements










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