Banken for en verden i endring The bank for a ... - BNP Paribas

Banken for en verden i endring The bank for a ... - BNP Paribas

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(Certified Emission Reduction)

A credit equivalent to a tonne of CO 2 reduction achieved through the Clean Development Mechanism.

CIB Corporate and Investment Banking, one of the BNP Paribas Group's core businesses.

Comité Consultatif

des Actionnaires

Shareholder Consultation Committee. A group of individual shareholders selected to advise the company on its

communications targeted at individual shareholders. The BNP Paribas Comité Consultatif des Actionnaires was

set up in the first half of 2000, at the time of the merger.

Consolidated net income Net income of the Group after deducting the portion of the profits of subsidiaries attributable to minority


Convertible bond Bond convertible into the issuer's shares on terms set at the time of issue.

Corporate governance Series of principles and recommendations to be followed by the management of listed companies.

Coupon The coupon represents the right of the holder of a security to collect an amount corresponding to the revenue

distributed on the security for a given year.

Custody fee Fee received by a bank or broker to hold and service securities recorded in a securities account. Custody fees

are payable annually in advance. They are not refunded if the securities are sold during the year, but no fees are

payable on securities deposited during the year until the beginning of the next year.

CVR (Contingent Value

Rights Certificate)

Financial instrument generally issued in connection with the acquisition of a listed company, guaranteeing the value

of the underlying security at a pre-determined date. The CVR entitles the shareholder of the target to receive an

amount equal to the positive difference between the offer price and a "reference" price.



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