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• human resources development

Key challenges of human resources management

As a result of its rapid development within a

changing environment, the Group faces the

three major challenges of growth, diversity and

change in its human resources management.

The challenge of growth

Total headcount grew 41% in two years, to

141,911 at 31 December 2006, from 101,000 at

the end of 2004. Staff numbers outside France

surged 88% over the same period, reaching

84,788 from 45,000.

This swift international development entails that

human resources management has to address

two major issues:

• Anticipating employment trends through forecast

measurements of the effects of organic

growth and productivity gains, combined with

those of the Group’s age pyramid – which will

lead to an average of 1,000 retirements per

year by 2020 solely at BNP Paribas SA in


• Developing the managerial resources needed

not only for succession planning related to key

positions that will become available through

attrition, but also to drive Group development

and support its external growth plans.

The challenge of diverse

businesses and countries

Before the merger, one business in one country

– Retail Banking en France – played a preponderant

role in the Group. The past two years

have seen sharply accelerated diversification

across business lines and territories, producing

a much more balanced Group structure.

Managing this diversity, which has become one

of the Group’s defining features, involves meeting

a twofold challenge:

• Combining local diversity and overall consistency,

while promoting mobility and a sense

of Group identity. The aim is to guarantee an

unhindered flow of information and a sufficient

mixing of people, to avoid any silo effects in

the Group’s organisation and promote crossfunctional


• Ensure that the Group’s diversity is more and

more reflected in its key leadership bodies and

in their succession planning.

Protecting employee health

High quality employer-employee relations CHANGE

Deploying a global change management system

The challenge of change

In any financial services business, human capital

is a core asset and managing change a key challenge,

because every facet of the operating environment

– from markets and activities to growth

and globalisation – tends to evolve faster than

employees’ corporate culture and behaviours.

In responding to these accelerating trends and

to employees’ varied expectations, managers

need to be good listeners, good explainers and

good example-setters. Without such effective

leadership, employees can feel disconnected

from the Group’s objectives, accumulate excessive

stress and end up discouraged because of

unmet expectations .

It is by presenting clearly identified operational

challenges that these issues can addressed.

Forecast employment management

Recruiting according to need

Developing skill sets

Creating loyalty through a competitive


remuneration package

Human Resources

Three challenges


Dynamic career and mobility management

Promoting diversity in all its forms


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