Banken for en verden i endring The bank for a ... - BNP Paribas

Banken for en verden i endring The bank for a ... - BNP Paribas

• human resources development / clearly identified operational challenges



Innovative training programmes

that build team loyalty

Training programmes offer BNP Paribas a

means of attracting new talent and building

loyalty among its teams. The training policy and

offering seek to bring benefits at both collective

and individual levels, by building the skill-sets the

Group needs to face new challenges, providing

managers with tools and behavioural know-how

tailored to their specific environment, and enabling

employees to develop their competencies

throughout their professional lives. All staff members

are encouraged to pursue training that is

relevant both to their current position and to their

future development.

The process kicks off with the integration seminars

for new employees. Business-specific training

is then offered for skills development and

advancement. Cross-functional training, aimed

at a wider audience, has the goal of fostering

team spirit and a sense of identity. It mainly takes

the form of induction sessions and managerial

skills development.

Introduction to the Group

and integration

Integration sessions give new employees the

opportunity to find out about BNP Paribas and

see their role within the context of the Group’s

many businesses, as well as to start making

contacts within the company. These sessions

help create a sense of shared identity, offering

Worldwide Integration Network (WIN) Programme

The WIN programme is an integration, training and career-tracking process aimed at young

graduates preparing for an international career in all of the countries in which the Group is located.

It aims to promote the retention of high-performing young managers with good career development

prospects, who are interested in a posting outside their home country and show an openness to

European culture. The participants come out of some of the best universities worldwide and may have

had up to two years’ prior work experience before joining the Group. They are selected based on their

distinguished performance in their current position.

The two-week seminar takes place at the Louveciennes Training Centre. More than twenty nationalities

were represented at each of the 2006 WIN sessions, which had a total of 102 attendees, most of them

in their first job. The training focuses on communication, teamwork and project management and

helps strengthen the skill-sets required to build a successful international career. It includes handson

application of the teaching through management of real projects in multicultural teams.

common terms of reference as regards values,

business principles and working methods. The

integration training occurs in tandem with other

introductory procedures such as the employee’s

first contact with his or her manager and

familiarisation with the workstation and working



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