Banken for en verden i endring The bank for a ... - BNP Paribas

Banken for en verden i endring The bank for a ... - BNP Paribas

• human resources development / clearly identified operational challenges

A specially tailored career-tracking mechanism

has been put in place for junior executives,

which includes frequent career counselling sessions,

customised seminars and meetings with

Group leaders. Several procedures have been

implemented to coach these employees in the

early stages of their career:

• High-performing young executives whose

development potential is spotted by HR managers

at the time of their first promotion take

part in seminars, working breakfasts and

other similar workgroups. Their progression

is specifically monitored by HR at both core

business and Group level.

• A special six-year career-monitoring process

is in place for young graduates hired in France

who have a Master’s degree and less than two

years’ professional experience. These graduates

are coached through various stages of

their professional life (change of function,

remuneration, promotion), which involves

integration seminars, on-the-job training or

training leading to a professional qualification

that benefits their career development. This

process is specific to France due to the considerable

number of new hires there.

Group training sessions and specific career

assistance are also available within the various

core businesses, business lines, functions or

territories for junior or experienced employees

joining the Group.

A dynamic mobility policy

Career mobility is not only an attractiveness

driver, but also a preferred means for the Group

to adapt its human resources to the development

of its business operations. It also allows

employees to enhance their professional experience

and move ahead in their careers. Different

forms of career mobility can help promote

employees’ potential in a new area and enable

them to acquire new skills:

• Functional mobility: not necessarily a change

to another position, but professional development,

or the enhancement of the employee’s

skills, abilities and knowledge;

• Geographic mobility: the employee moves to

another town or, in the case of international

mobility, another country.

• Inter-company mobility: the employee changes

from one group entity to another.


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