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Banken for en verden i endring The bank for a ... - BNP Paribas

• human resources development / clearly identified operational challenges

> Diagnostic reviews, audits, tests

to reach for true corporate social responsibility.

An internal review on diversity

An internal review on diversity was carried out

during the first half of 2006, involving interviews

with more than 30 HR managers in France and

abroad. The aim of this review was to (i) discover

how the different BNP Paribas territories

and entities view diversity; (ii) gain an insight

into the various challenges and priorities of

each of these territories and entities; (iii) assess

the current state of affairs; and (iv) identify

best practices that can be shared across the

Group. For several years BNP Paribas entities in

Anglo-Saxon countries have been taking steps

to promote diversity, such as raising awareness

through internal communication and training.

Auditing the situation of handicapped


The working conditions of the Group’s handicapped

employees were audited between

October 2005 and March 2006 by TH Conseil, a

human resources consultancy specialised in the

recruitment of disabled persons. Thanks to this

audit the Group has been able to further deepen

its approach to the issue, with the aim of moving

beyond concern for individual employee welfare

Following the audit, a project was put in place

with a view to improving working conditions for

handicapped employees (see section entitled

“Project Handicap”).

Gender equality surveys

At the end of 2004, the Group HR function

launched the “Mix City” initiative (a pun on the

French mixité, meaning gender balance), which

brings together about ten female senior executives

from across the spectrum of the Group’s

businesses. In 2005, this group presented a

series of suggestions to the HR function on

how best to facilitate the inclusion of women

in senior management positions. The group is

active in five main areas: services to facilitate

day-to-day life, management of maternity leave,

working hours, mentoring and coaching, and

creating a women’s network.

Among other surveys that have been used

to find avenues for improvement towards

greater gender equality, BNP Paribas took part

in a 2006 study conducted by AFB, the French

banking association, comparing, over a 15-year

period, the careers of men and women in the

banking industry.


A concerted approach

Reducing maternity-related inequalities

In 2004 BNP Paribas and the trade unions

signed an agreement on male/female professional

equality, that ensures equal treatment of

men and women in terms of recruitment, salary

and promotion, and includes measures on

maternity leave. Employees going on maternity

leave have an interview with their direct manager

prior to their leave and again at least two months

before their return to define the conditions under

which they will resume their post. The age limit

that had been set for detecting high-potential

executives was replaced by a criterion of work

experience to avoid penalising women who have

gaps in their career due to maternity leave.

Group subsidiaries that have signed similar

agreements include BPLG, Cetelem,

BNP PAM et BNP Paribas Assurance. In 2006,

another agreement was entered into with four

BNP Paribas SA trade unions regarding the

implementation of the French law of 23 March

2006 on equal pay during maternity, adoption

and post-maternity leave. This agreement lays

down the rules for determining minimum fixed

and variable salary increases.


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