Banken for en verden i endring The bank for a ... - BNP Paribas

Banken for en verden i endring The bank for a ... - BNP Paribas

• human resources development / clearly identified operational challenges

Promotion and discrimination:

the possibility of recourse to an appeals


Any employees who feel they have experienced

discrimination in the form of a lack of promotion

or pay rise can bring a complaint before

the appeals commission. This commission was

set up under an agreement with the five trade

unions, to examine the situation of employees

who feel they are due for a promotion or pay rise.

It comprises representatives from the Group HR

function and the trade unions and meets on an

annual basis to examine the files that have been

submitted to it.

(1) Centre for assistance through work.

Project Handicap

At 31 December 2006, BNP Paribas SA had

about one thousand handicapped employees in

mainland France. In order to improve coordination

and facilitate the inclusion of handicapped

persons, the Bank created Project Handicap, a

dedicated team within the Group HR Department.

This team has been tasked with implementing

the recommendations of a human resources

consultant specialised in adapting workplaces to

the needs of handicapped persons, who examined

the Bank’s current situation and identified

key areas for improvement.

BNP Paribas outsources certain types of work

to sheltered workshops. Since 1981 it has been

working with the Institut des Cent Arpents, which

was set up by Mutuelle BNP Paribas in the suburbs

of Orléans. The facility, which is home to the

Jean Pinault Esat (1) > BNP Paribas is seeking to significantly increase

the number of handicapped employees by

broadening the pool of candidates. It also provides

support to employees confronted with

a handicap either personally or in their family.

Whenever necessary, the bank adapts workstations

and the working environment, and liaises

with social services, the occupational medicine

department and the Group’s health insurance

plan to improve personal living conditions and

purchase expensive equipment for its employees

or their handicapped children .

In 2006 BNP Paribas SA continued its Accueil et

Service (reception and service) initiative aimed

at making its offices more accessible for customers

and staff. A full audit is currently being

carried out on the compliance of the Group’s

head office buildings in the Paris area. This ini-

, has recently increased its tiative has been presented to BNP Paribas SA’s

capacity and can now accommodate 105 disa- employee representatives and will first be rolled

bled workers, as against a previous 80. It also out to all French subsidiaries, then extended to a

houses 11 people with serious handicaps in its

sheltered accommodation.

certain number of other territories.


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