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Banken for en verden i endring The bank for a ... - BNP Paribas

• human resources development / clearly identified operational challenges

> Effectiveness of the process

Group media clearly fulfil their mission. They

garner high and rising satisfaction rates as

regards the corporate themes of image, strategy,

results or marketing. The survey reflects

a more qualified assessment on operational

and local topics, for which the more pinpointed

local communication media are needed and


Although it also suggested ways of improving

the content of Group publications, the survey

confirmed that Echo’Net plays a cohesivenessbuilding

role and that further development of

Ambitions can be useful. The printed edition

of the magazine leads to conversations among

employees and allows them to keep articles.

Ambitions has always been issued in French

and English and began to be published in Italian

in 2006.

Innovative mindset

> A core issue

The banking industry is among the most innovative

sectors, due to the growing impact of information

technology, which accounts for 15 to

20% of banking groups’ operating expenses,

plus the high level of expertise and intelligence

concentrated in financial services, and the

attention clients pay to new developments.

Financial innovation is therefore encouraged and

its benefits are passed on to clients, whether in

the areas of hedging, investment yields, simpler

access to transactions or lower unit costs.

Intense competition in this sector where no patent

protection is available produces a constant

trend towards standardisation of services. As a

result, permanent innovation is required to create

value-added products (product innovation)

and to automate efficiently products that have

become standard (process innovation).

> A cross-functional project

Two of the Group’s values, creativity and reactiveness,

are essential ingredients for the pursuit

of innovation. The ways in which Group employees

can contribute to the innovation drive have

been revamped and made a part of the 2006

Quality Action Plan.

The Innovation Awards, introduced during

the 2006 BNP Paribas Days, recognise two

types of contribution: innovation produced by

R&D experts in the fields of finance, marketing,

IT and telecommunications; and innovations

suggested by any employee as part of the

innov@ction process.

> The innov@ction process

To turn their ideas into proposals, employees

have access, on the Intranet, to the Group’s specific

principles and methodology. Thanks to these

shared tools, the core businesses, business lines

and functions oversee the process, integrate its

results into their reporting and act as the selection

committee. The system ensures both that

employees’ contributions are recognised and

that suggestions are shared with other Group


The first Innovation Awards will be handed out

during the 2007 BNP Paribas Days.

Alongside this Group initiative, Étincelle, the tool

that manages employees’ suggestions within

French Retail Banking, continued to play an useful

role, producing a growing number of suggestions.

Of all the suggestions analysed in 2006,

10% were approved.


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