Agenda April 16, 2013 - Liberty Online

Agenda April 16, 2013 - Liberty Online

Determination of a Quorum

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance


Judge Henry A. Santana

CCATCU Board of Director

Nominating Committee Report

Dr. Lynda De Leon, Chairperson

Chairperson’s Remarks

Arturo Delgado

Arturo Delgado

Chairperson, Board of Directors


April 16, 2013

Audit Report

Javier Leal, Treasurer

Scholarship Committee Report

Dr. Jose Cavazos Jr., Chairperson

President’s Remarks & Loan Report

Gina K. Prince, CCUE, CCUFC,


Staff Introductions & Recognitions

Gina K. Prince, CCUE, CCUFC


New Business


Gina K. Prince, CCUE



The Board of Directors of Coastal Community And

Teachers Credit Union is responsible for the audit of

business transactions of the Credit Union as well as

reviewing accounts, records, cash and securities. To aid

in the audit of the Credit Union’s operations, records,

and financial statements for the year ended, December

31, 2012, the Board of Directors retained McGladrey LLP,

Certified Public Accountants. The annual Statement

of Financial Condition and the Income Statement are

printed in your annual report. CCATCU ended the year

with assets of $244,927,642.

Javier H. Leal


The Board of Directors has completed their duties with

regard to the audit of the books and records of Coastal

Community And Teachers Credit Union for the year ended

December 31, 2012. The services of McGladrey, LLP, Certified

Public Accountants, were retained. The audit included

an examination or test of the accounting records, loan

documents and other supporting evidence, as well as a

general review of the system of internal controls. The

findings of the audit substantiate the accuracy of the

reported Financial Statements, and a detailed written

report was forwarded to the Board of Directors.

Arturo Delgado

Chairperson, Board of Directors

Report from the Chairperson & the President

77 th Annual Meeting 2012

Coastal Community And Teachers Credit Union

(CCATCU)’s growth in 2012 continues to be double

digit. Asset growth exceeded $32 million or 15.17%

for the year with total assets surpassing $244 million

by year end. The net income for 2012 was $3,186,580

which builds equity in our institution. CCATCU’s

capital exceeded $25 million at year end.


The loan portfolio during 2012 grew 24.49% and

exceeded $184 million at year end. The vast majority

of growth is attributed to used car loans. The deposit

portfolio grew 14.86% which equated to $28,030,789 in

growth during 2012. Due to the loan growth, CCATCU

investments decreased throughout 2012 compared

to 2011. Investment rates remain low with Fed Funds

being .17% at year end. Dividends paid back to our

members exceeded 13% of our revenue or $1.9 million

for 2012.

The Credit Union Department of the State of Texas

provides standard bylaws for credit union board of

directors to adopt. In the 4th quarter of 2012, CCATCU

Board of Directors adopted the standard bylaws.

The standard bylaws adopted provided for some

changes to the annual meeting procedures, changed

the eligible age of a director and eliminated staff

from being eligible to be a board of director.

Your credit union completed both a credit and

debit card conversion during 2012. Many months of

exploration prior to conversion took place in order

to provide a conversion with minimal interruptions.

CCATCU’s credit card program is now processed

by a third party which will allow a multitude of

enhancements including 24/7 phone assistance and

photo cards.

Additional products were introduced in 2012, Real

Savers and Real Checking. The Real Checking

product mirrors the Bonus Checking as far as cycle

qualifications including ATM refunds and interest

paid. When qualifications are met and interest is

paid and ATM fees are refunded, these amounts

are automatically transferred to the Real Savers

account. The Real Savers (formerly the Holiday Club

Account) allows members to build up savings and

limits the ability to withdraw to two times a year.

Your credit union now has four checking accounts

that fit your financial needs. Our Bonus Checking

product continues to grow in deposits now reaching

$15 million and paying an annual percentage yield of

3.82%, if cycle qualifications are met.


Your credit union strives to maintain competitive

rates and products and will continue into 2013 with

the same goals in mind. Interest rates on deposit

accounts remain low, not only in our community but

across the nation. Loan rates continue to remain

low with annual percentage yields on autos being as

low as 3.50%. Your rate on your CCATCU Visa credit

card may be as low as 6.99% annual percentage rate.

The rate structures offered by your credit union are

just one way we support the accountholder of our


Efficiency and safety in regards to technology is a

focus of CCATCU. Technology requires continual

research into safety, business continuity, being

competitive and offering user friendly applications.

Whether upgrades are required internal for staff,

in order to maintain great member service, or

external for members to utilize, it requires constant

attention. Your board of directors, management

and staff are aware of the safety and confidentiality

necessary in order to maintain your accounts in a

secure environment.

Our Board of Directors is the governing body of

CCATCU. They set policy and make prudent overall

business decisions for your credit union. The welltrained

staff provides great service to our members.

The combination of these two allows you, the

member, to take advantage of all the great products

and services we have to offer. In closing, without our

MEMBERS, we would not be the fine institution we

are today. It takes a combination of all of us working

together to provide the best financial alternative in

the future. We hope you will spread the word; it is



DECEMBER 31, 2012 & 2011

2012 2011


Cash $19,917,859 $29,691,956


Loans to members, net of

20,980,754 21,465,644

allowance for loan loss 183,327,084 147,152,351

Note Receivable 0 0

Accrued Interest Receivable 0 0

Fixed assets

National Credit Union

5,712,373 5,815,692

Share Insurance Fund 2,012,488 1,747,123

Other Real Estate 0 0

Other Assets 12,977,084 6,798,139

TOTAL ASSETS $244,927,642 $212,670,905


Note Payable $0 $0

Dividend Payable 0 0

Other Liabilities 2,849,300 1,733,336

TOTAL LIABILITIES $2,849,300 $1,733,336

Deposit Accounts 216,703,900 188,673,112

Regular Reserves 5,508,821 5,508,821

Undivided Earnings 22,825,505 19,638,925

Comprehensive Income


(2,959,884) (2,883,289)

& EQUITY $244,927,642 $212,670,905




8,807,775 / 59%

Provision for

Loan Loss

985,000 / 7%

Dividends to


1,965,004 / 13%

Net Income

3,186,579 / 21%


DECEMBER 31, 2012 & 2011

2012 2011


Interest on loans $10,131,184 $8,386,932

Interest on investments

and certificates of deposit


369,047 675,546

Fees 3,937,377 3,590,229

Gain (Loss)

on Disposition of Assets

3,499 (1)

Gain (Loss) on Investments 0 0

Non-Operating Gain or Loss 0 0

Extraordinary Gain (Loss) 0 2,340

Other 503,251 275,709

TOTAL REVENUE $14,944,358 $12,930,755


Dividends on 1,965,004 1,736,996

deposit accounts

TOTAL DIVIDENDS 1,965,004 1,736,996

NET REVENUE $12,979,354 $11,193,759

Provision for loan/account


985,000 749,000

Interest on borrowed money 0 29



$11,994,354 $10,444,730


Compensation & Benefits $3,619,876 $3,436,790

Office Occupancy 577,030 611,794

Data Processing 766,155 818,560

Office Operations 1,572,400 1,440,295

Other 2,081,128 1,566,563

Member Insurance 191,186 436,781



$8,807,775 $8,310,783

NET INCOME $3,186,579 $2,133,947

Membership for 2012

was 36,403 members!


The 76th Annual Meeting of Coastal

Community And Teachers Credit Union

was called to order by Dr. David Hinojosa,

Chairperson of the Board of Directors, at

7:08 p.m., April 3, 2012, at West Oso Junior

High School in Corpus Christi, Texas, Nueces



Hinojosa stated that a minimum of 25

members had indicated their presence

by signature, constituting a quorum and,

therefore, a legal meeting.


Hinjojosa asked everyone to rise and join

him in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Judge Henry Santana, Board of Director, gave

the invocation.



Hinojosa welcomed all in attendance. He

announced that $6,000 would be given away

in cash prizes. He extended a special thank

you to West Oso ISD and thanked their staff

for the use of the facility. He recognized and

thanked Terry Avery, Principal, West Oso

Junior HighSchool, and Elizabeth Saenz,

Superintendant, West Oso ISD. He recognized

any charter members, past board members,

and school board members present. He

introduced the Board of Directors: Arturo

Delgado, Vice-Chairperson; Dr. Tony Diaz

(absent), Treasurer; Javier Leal, Secretary; Dr.

Jose Cavazos, Jr., Parliamentarian; Ken Combs,

Judge Henry Santana, Eduardo Torres, and

Dr. Lynda De Leon. He also introduced Gina

Prince, President; Elvia Navarre, Executive

Secretary; and John Bell, Attorney at Law,

who served as Parliamentarian.


Eduardo Torres, Chairperson of the

Nominating Committee, explained that the

Nominating Committee consists of those

members of the Board of Directors whose

positions are not open for election in 2012.

The Committee determined each candidate’s

willingness and ability to serve, and verified

each is a member in good standing. All

qualified applicants who filed by the

February 17th deadline appear on the ballot.

All candidates were informed of the duties

and responsibilities of Board members.

Voting members received information on

the candidates whose names appear on the


Torres asked for nominations from the floor

three times. None were made.



APRIL 3, 2012 - 7:00 PM


Motion by STEVEN DE LEON, seconded by

BENITO BARRERA to close nominations.


The first of two $300 grand prize tickets was



Torres announced the names of the election

tellers who assist with the collection of the

ballots. The election tellers were Dolores

Huerta, Mariann Robert and Susan Grobe.


Torres announced the names of the election

observers who are appointed by the Board

of Director candidates to observe the

tabulation of the votes. The observers were

Ginny Moore, selected by Benito Barrera;

Rogenia Bonds, selected by Aaron Bonds;

Dennis Dolce, selected by Ken Combs; Delia

Leal, selected by Javier Leal; and Noemi

Santana, selected by Henry Santana.


Each candidate was allotted three minutes

to speak.


Torres explained the voting rules and gave

instructions on how to mark the ballots.

Torres instructed that the ballots, upon

completion, be passed to the election tellers

for collection. Election results would be

announced as soon as they became available.

Nine cash prizes for $150 were awarded.


Javier Leal, Secretary of the Board of

Directors, referred everyone to the Minutes

printed in their entirety.


Motion by AARON BONDS seconded by

ELAINE BRUNDRETT to approve the minutes

as presented. MOTION CARRIED.


Hinojosa stated, “The Chairperson gets

to do a lot of different things during the

period that one serves on the Board, and my

remarks have to do with the people that are

involved with the credit union beginning

with leadership, the Board. I would like the

membership to know that we’re fortunate

to have excellent directors and I express

my thanks to each and every one of them

because they make the job not only easier

but more effective. The credit union is doing

very well and it has to do not only with the

directors, but with the leadership of the

management team who know their business

and help to guide the rest of us in the right

direction to make sure that our credit union

continues to be successful. Among that other

group are the employees, people who serve

different functions in the credit union and

provide services to our membership. Mr.

Bonds hit it on the nail in his speech because

I think the way he does. Attitude is extremely

important, we’re here to provide the best we

can, that’s the way it has to be if we can do that

then we will have a successful credit union.

Our employees are great and we try to do the

best we can by them because they work hard

to do the best they can for you our members

and then, of course, the people who bring

home the money, that’s you, the members

of the credit union whether you bring ten,

one thousand or ten thousand dollars, the

money that is being brought, the loans that

are being made it all stays within the family;

everyone of us has an opportunity to benefit

from the activities of the people who are

involved with our credit union and so my

personal thanks to you, to my colleagues

and certainly to Gina, President of the Credit

Union, because it takes a lot to educate all of

us. Thank you for all that you have done and

hopefully we’ll continue to do that.”

Nine cash prizes for $150 were awarded.


Hinojosa referred everyone to the Statement

of Financial Condition and Statement of

Income and Expenses that will be posted as

part of the 2011 Annual Report found on the

CCATCU website (


Dr. Jose Cavazos, Chairperson of the

Scholarship Committee, introduced the

members of the Scholarship Advisory

Committee: Margaret Deville, Frances

Garza, Sheila Mulligan, Manuel Narvaez,

Elvia Navarre, Dr. Rebecca Palacios and

Ignacio Ramos. Cavazos stated that the

2011-2012 Scholarship Committee consisted

of the Board of Directors. Six scholarships

were awarded as evidence of the Credit

Union’s on-going promotion and support

of higher education. The Scholarship

Committee reviewed seventy applications

before selecting six winners. The recipients

of CCATCU’s 2011-2012 scholarships were

Alby Cartwright, Kimberly Cueva, Danielle

Hernandez, Ana Valdes, Linsey Fordyce, and

Michelle Medina. Cavazos congratulated all of

the scholarship recipients and wished them

the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Cavazos also stated that the applications for

the 2012-2013 scholarships were due at the

Credit Union by March 30th of this year. The

early deadline allowed us to announce the

winners prior to the high school winners

possibly leaving for school. We wanted to

honor these special individuals with special

recognition. The Scholarship Committee

awarded the six $1,000 scholarships in the

following categories: four awards to high

school graduates (including GED students)

planning to attend a college, university or

trade school and two awards to students

working toward their undergraduate

degree. The announcement of the recipients

will be in our next quarterly newsletter

and posted on our website. Cavazos wished

them good luck in pursuing their college


Nine cash prizes for $150 were awarded.


Prince reported, “You, our members, are the

reason we remain safe, solid and strong.

Our staff is a great asset to this institution,

without them we would not be able to

provide the service day in and day out for our

members. Our Board of Directors play a vital

role with the current rate environment and

economic times – one that we have not had

to endure ever, your Board of Directors listen

and they proact to keep us competitive in

this ever changing industry. Our loans in

2011 grew 33% or $36.7 million. Your credit

union was available for those members that

needed funds to finance a car, a home or that

unexpected expense. Our assets exceeded

$200 million in 2011, an unprecedented event

for our credit union. Our membership

grew to exceed 36,900 members. Deposits

reached $188,673,112 which was a growth of

15% or $24.6 million. A sign that our members

continue to feel certain this credit union is a

safe depository for their funds. Our money

market accounts had the most growth

during 2011 as members do not want to tie

their funds for long periods, especially in

this rate environment. During 2011, CCATCU

paid back to our members $1.7 million which

was 13% of 2011 revenue earned. Please

take time to review the Chairperson’s and

President’s report in its entirety. This report

can be found in the annual report that you

were given tonight or on-line throughout

the remainder of the year at www.ccatcu.

com. Now let’s take a look at your annual

report you were given this evening. Many

of you may be asking what is with the bar

codes on the report – this technology has

been around for numerous years, however,

it is now an evolving marketing tool. This

is referred to as a QR Code (Quick Response

Code). It’s popular because of it’s fast

readability and large storage capacity. It

was invented by Toyota in 1994 to track

vehicle manufacturing processes. Utilized

with a smart phone and a QR Reader, you

can scan the image and it will take you to

certain sites. Prince referred the crowd

to the QR Code on the report and general

discussion followed.” Prince continued with

a FOCUS Foundation update informing the

crowd that staff had over a 1,345 hours of

community service. It was noted that for

the 2012 academic year, there have been over

600 Readers enrolled in our Raskal Readers

program. Information about Howdy Daze

on April 28, 2012 was shared. In closing,

Prince stated “We know you have choices

when you decide on where to transact

your business. We appreciate your business

and thank you for being our member. Now

your marketing homework is to go out

and spread the word about the great rates

received, the great service you received

and encourage individuals to become an

accountholder of this credit union. In an

effort to always consider member service

improvement, we are converting our credit

and debit card programs – please review

the information when you receive it as you

will receive replacement cards on both

programs.” Prince explained the advantages

of the conversion. Prince concluded by

saying, “All of these things are benefits of

being a Coastal Community And Teachers

Credit Union member”.



De Leon recognized the Credit Union

Representatives, a special group of

individuals who help promote the Credit

Union in schools and organizations. A pin

is designated to honor these individuals for

the years of service they have given. For three

years of service: Mike Banda, Melissa Castro,

Emma Ceja, Ruth David, Joel Gonzales, Roby

Gonzales, Ginny Moore, and Diana Obrien;

for five years of service: Maria Benson, Kathy

Boyd-Wemer, Bertha Burns, Elvira Hoyle,

Annette Leal, Raul Munoz, Freddy Ortiz,and

Mindy Trevino; for ten years of service:

Norma Reyna; and for fifteen years of

service: Melodie McClarren. De Leon thanked

all the Credit Union Representatives for

their dedication to the Credit Union.


The following employees received an award

for Perfect Attendance: for six consecutive

years: Janet Yarbrough; for four consecutive

years: Lou Iles; for three consecutive years:

Leanne Mulholland; for 2011: Rosanne De

Leon, Laura Orosco, Julie Maxwell, and Gina

Prince. De Leon congratulated them for

their time management and dedication.

The following employees received a pin in

recognition of their years of service: for

three years: Charles Todd Benson, Emiliano

Carlos, Jr., Judith Martinez, Laura Orosco,

Stephanie Prado, Odilia Villegas, and Belia

Silva; for five years: Andrea Leal, Christina

Lopez, Amanda Marroquin, Lisa Marroquin,

Carolyn Onwiler, Christina Reyna, and Toni

Vos; for fifteen years: Audrey Lyons; for

twenty years: Earnestine Bartosch; and for

twenty-five years: Barbara Smart. De Leon

thanked them for their dedication to the

Credit Union.

De Leon also recognized the Employee of the

Quarter, 2011 recipients: Kimberly Candelaria,

Emiliano Carlos, Taneca Scott, and Edward

Rivas. Taneca Scott was announced as

Employee of the Year. She also recognized all

the previous Employees of the Year.

De Leon reported that staff was involved in

numerous community events during 2011.

She recognized the employees who went

above and beyond with their “extra time and

effort”: Lucinda Iles was announced as the

Employee Volunteer of the Year.

De Leon also recognized an employee who

retired in 2011: Barbara Dawson.

De Leon introduced the Credit Union

Management: Rosie Botello, VP-Member

Services and Product Development; Sara

Garza, VP-Accounting; Leanne Mulholland,

VP-Teller/Branch Operations; Theresa Wiles,

VP-Lending; Janet Yarbrough, VP-Human

Resources; and Gina Prince, President/CEO.

Nine cash prizes for $150 were awarded.


Hinojosa asked for any items of unfinished

business. There was none.


Hinojosa asked for any new business. There

was none.


Hinojosa announced the election results

as follows: Benito Barrera – 43 votes; Aaron

Bonds – 103 votes; Ken Combs – 134 votes;

Javier Leal – 166 votes; and Judge Henry

Santana – 190 votes. The three candidates

who received the most votes and therefore

elected to the Board were: Judge Henry

Santana, Javier Leal, and Ken Combs. He

also announced that all the ballots cast will

be kept at the Credit Union for thirty days

before being destroyed and he thanked each

candidate for participating.


Motion by ELAINE BRUNDRETT seconded

by REBECCA GROSS to accept the election

results as presented. MOTION CARRIED.

The last $300 grand prize winner was announced

and awarded.

Hinojosa thanked everyone for attending

the meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 8:41 p.m.


Arturo Delgado, Chairperson 2013

Judge Henry A. Santana, Vice-Chairperson 2015

Ken Combs, Secretary 2015

Javier Leal, Treasurer 2015

Dr. Jose Cavazos, Jr., Parliamentarian 2013

Dr. Lynda De Leon 2014

Dr. Tony C. Diaz 2013

Dr. David Hinojosa 2014

Eduardo Torres 2014

Balarin, Monica

Canales, Sherri

De La Garza, Elizabeth

Jenkins, Patricia

Kearney, Natalie

Adams, Lisa

Adams, Toni

Aguirre, Edward

Arevalo, Andrea

Arnold, Nora

Avalos, Pamela

Barnett, Matthew

Bartosch, Ernestine

Bazan, Melissa

Benson, Charles

Candelaria, Kimberly

Cantu, Mary Lou

Cantu, Norma

Carlos, Verenice

Deleon, Gracie

Deleon, Rosanne

Delgado, Delma

Devlin, Valerie

Figueroa, Brenda

Flores, Desiree

Fuentes-Saenz, Esparanza

Garcia, Angela

Garza, Hailie

Gross, Rebecca


Harrell, Sondra • Prado, Stephanie • Tapia, Wendy


Longoria, Yolanda

Marroquin, Lisa

Martinez, Judith

Ochoa, Diana

Orosco, Laura

2012 Employees

Guajardo, Joe

Hellmann, Diane

Hernandez, Evelin

Iles, Lucinda

Jackson, Lyndsay

Leal, Andrea

Longoria, Amanda

Lopez, Christina

Lopez, Lorenda

Lyons, Audrey

Marines, Judith

Marroquin, Amanda

Martinez, Leslie

Martinez, Maria

Maxwell, Julie

Mills, Candice

Morin, Ester

Navarre, Elvia

Negron, Maria

Olmeda, Melissa

Onwiler, Carolyn

Perez, Adriana

Perez, Magdalena

Phelps, Marcelline



Prince, Gina K., CCUE, CCUFC

Vice Presidents

Botello, Rosa Linda

Garza, Sara

Mulholland, Leanne, CCUFC

Wiles, Theresa

Yarbrough, Janet, CCUE

Pacheco, Roxanne

Reyna, Christina

Silva, Belia

Spears, Lavonne

Stapurewicz, Severa

Ramirez III, Rodolfo

Ramirez, Dustin

Rice, Kathy

Rivas, Edward

Salinas, Elena

Salinas, Sylvia

Sanchez, Andree

San Miguel, Sally

Santos, Annabelle

Scott-Stovall, Taneca

Simmons, Maria

Tillman, Michelle

Torres, Monica

Vasquez Jr., Librado

Vega, Denise

Vela II, Damaso Robert

Vera, Alma

Villegas, Odilia

Vos, Toni

Wells, Sandra

Ybanez, Gina

Zipprian, Kayla

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