to toolbox.

How tablets are becoming the

new business power tools



Tablets started out as consumer

gadgets. They’re great for games,

movies, books, photos, socialising.

And then there are apps. Little pieces

of genius that do everything from

visual jokes to navigation.

But in just a few years, tablets and

apps have evolved from playthings

into essential companions. They keep

our busy lives at our fingertips.



So it’s no wonder people want

to use them at work. And with

Enterprise Mobility Management

from O 2 , they can.

Tablets are maturing into the secure

power tools of the mobile workplace.



Mobile workers like sales people have already adopted

tablets as essential business tools. They can have

essential information on tap, helping them to deliver

better customer service.

But tablets are turning up in some demanding places

these days. Construction projects, engineering

maintenance sites, busy hospital wards – they’ve

come out of the executive suite and onto the

front line.

It’s because apps can take the place of a lot of paper;

everything from manuals and network schematics,

to schedules of work, standard business forms and

much more.

Information on tap

Here’s an example. When you’re an engineer going to an

emergency repair, you can’t really see what the problem

is till you’re there. If you don’t have the right reference

materials, you will probably have to go back to base –

unless you can simply download it to a tablet. Then you’ve

got everything you need, literally at your fingertips.

And if you’re the customer whose equipment is being

repaired, it’s a lot more impressive when the service team

arrives properly equipped and gets the job done first time.




Tight control that sets your

people free

Tablets are moving into the mainstream of working life

because of Enterprise Mobility Management technology.

It gives IT people the control they need to manage mobile

devices in the same way as laptops, desktop PCs and the

other boxes connected to their office networks.

Once the IT team are satisfied that the mobile devices

connecting to their networks are manageable and secure,

you can start to provide people with tablets, or allow

them to bring their own. And then you can reap the

rewards: lower costs and more efficiency; better service

to customers; happier, motivated people, who are free to

work with the technology they prefer.

These tablets will change your life

We’ve already seen how tablets and apps have

transformed our social lives. So when you introduce

tablets into the working world, you can expect a cultural

revolution as well as a technical one.

Enterprise Mobility Management from O2 takes this shift

in ways of working into account. Before we put it in

place, we work with you to see exactly how and where

tablets will have the most impact.

We’ll look at who needs them, and who actually wants

them – some people just prefer their faithful old laptops

and smartphones. We’ll also look at the kinds of apps

you might need, including the opportunities for creating

bespoke apps.

Apps on tap

Apps, indeed, are the real engines of change in the

tablet revolution. We can help you create apps to

perform specialist business tasks – from form filling to

step-by-step maintenance checks. We can also help you

build a library of existing apps that can help your people

work more efficiently.

Our Enterprise Mobility Management service includes the

management of your app library. It makes sure everyone

is using the right app for the right job, so you get the

best returns from your investment in bespoke apps. It can

also stop people from downloading unacceptable or risky

apps onto the tablets connecting to your network.

Clear your desk

With O 2 , Enterprise Mobility Management takes away all

the hassle of looking after tablets or smartphones. Our

service takes care of your whole mobile estate, including

devices that people bring in themselves.

You can see how many devices are connecting to your

network and where any risks might be. You can also

track devices using their GPS systems – very handy if

a tablet is lost or stolen. And if there’s no chance of

getting it back, you can wipe any sensitive data off it,

or completely disable it.

If you’re providing tablets for your people, rather than

just running a bring-your-own policy, we’ll sort out the

logistics of getting them to the right people with the

right protection in place. We’ll also provide a complete

helpdesk service, so your IT team aren’t distracted by

routine queries.

Tap in to

the power

of tablets

We'll sort out everything to do with making

tablets into secure power tools for your

organisation. To find out more, visit or call 01235 433 507.

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