Österreicher Schweinebraten Mit Kohl - The Geriatric Gourmet


Österreicher Schweinebraten Mit Kohl - The Geriatric Gourmet

Österreicher Schweinebraten mit


Austrian Pork Raost with Cabbage


1. A Pork Roast of some kind……in this

case Loin

2. 6 or 8 fat Carrots

3. 1 Red Cabbage

4. 1 Bottle of Beer………and a lot more for


5. A can or box of Chicken Broth

6. Black Pepper

7. 8 or 10 fat cloves of Garlic or ½ cup

Garlic Olive Oil

8. Caraway Seeds……at least 500

9. A bottle of white German

Wine………….optional, maybe just drink

the wine

10. 2 or 3 Apples………optional

11. Your favorite Herbs……..optional, I

like Thyme with Roast of any kind but I

forgot it this time……….no pun.

12. Red or Yellow


13. A package of Roasted Pork Gravy.

Go to your neighborhood German store, gather

a nice pile of German things in your shopping

cart, bring them home (pay for them first) and

introduce them to each other. In Dallas, Texas

we have a great place called

Kubys…………….hey Kubys, free publicity.

I like to buy the

Olive Oil that already has the Garlic in it. I

found this at Big Lots but I also see it, or other

brands of it, in the big grocery stores. If you

don’t have it; you will have to peel the Garlic,

cut it up and dump it in. look at my other

recipes for absurdly detailed instructions about

how to do Garlic.

Find a

nice blue pot (other colors are alright too) and

pour in about ½ a cup of Garlic Olive Oil or

just Olive Oil if you don’t have that……..and

add the Garlic.

Roast in the pot.

Put the


the Chicken Broth. Normally with Roast, I

brown it before adding the broth but I find that

with Pork, it dries it too much for my

liking……….but you can do it if you want to.


about enough water………..or Wine to cover

the Meat.

Dump in 462 Caraway Seeds…….or a nice

little pile and another little pile of Black

Pepper…………. and any other Herbs or

seasoning you like. Put the heat on medium so

you can go mess with other stuff. Let it cook

for about a slow hour.

I like

things to look like what they are so I don’t cut

my vegetables too small. See, the Carrots still

look like Carrots.


cut the Cabbage so that it still looks like

Cabbage. It all makes a nicer presentation later

instead of just a big hob gob of unrecognizable

mess. Those little Celery Leaves are for

garnish later.


now, find a bigger blue pan. This one is a

Turkey roasting pan, and arrange the

vegetables in a nice artsy fartsy display with a

hole in the middle for the Roast……….the pan

can be a different color.


a swig of Beer and pour in the rest. Then open

another Beer and drink it. This is a very

Germanic kind of thing to do and it will put

you in the mood to sing Die Walküre or

Lohengrin ……….you could dump in a little

more Beer from time to time.



Get a good dose of this and you will know why

I am crazy.


in the Broth and Roast from the other blue pot.


it, put it in the oven, put the heat on low and go

busy yourself with other monkey business.

Peek in after a little while and when the

Carrots are a little (but not too much) soft and

the Cabbage is wilted, it’s done.


lazy so I sometimes just buy a package of Pork

Gravy and set it on the table in a nice little hot

bowel on a heat pad.

I like a

nice German Forest looking center piece.

Before dinner, I like to have some German

Vorspeisen (appetizers) like plenty of German

Mustard, a little Sauerkraut, some Pepper

Vinegar and a variety of Wursts and

Cheeses……….maybe some Herring.

And then have some Spaetzle with Mushrooms

and Cheese, Kartofelsalat, Cucumber Salad

and plenty of Beer and Schnapps.

And then get everybody to sing Edelweiss.






After dinner and lots of Beer, you can put on

some Strauss Waltzes and see who can Waltz

around the room without falling down.

About now, my German friends Wolfgang and

Barbara are thinking that I’m about as German

as a Texas opossum but they like me

anyway………………and I love them too.

Guten appetit!

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