Part 2 - The Geriatric Gourmet

Part 2 - The Geriatric Gourmet

Cuatro Alamos, 2012, Update-Part Two


(We did a pile of monkey business this year so this will have to be in multiple parts)

We will eventually get around to the floor, but


After returning from his visit in Texas with George W.

Bush, Vladimir Putin made a terrible mess in Russia when

he took George’s advice to put all of Russia’s money in his

private bank account as a way to solve Russia’s problems.

The Russians were plenty mad about this so Vladimir asked

Masako to come and get him out of this mess.

So Masako and Marvin had to go to Russia.

Marvin is an amazing person. When younger, I used to

make the climb all the way up to Spence Hot Spring. But

now, decrepit, I just go to the Bathhouse. Marvin, 83 at the

time, made the climb and when I picked them (Masako &

Marvin) up after my Bathhouse soak, Marvin looked

refreshed and still as energetic as a teenager………I would

have been ready to collapse for the rest of the day. This is

Marvin helping me with my Garden at Cuatro Alamos. She

is like the Eveready Bunny.

Here she is in front of some big, old Russian thing.

After getting Putin straightened out, they took the Gate1

River Cruise.

Masako is in Japan right now and I don’t know what these

places are but they saw a lot of cool stuff.

They also ate well.

She said they have a lot of good stuff to eat. I think this is a

dead fish.

There was also plenty of old Christian stuff like we saw in


Whenever traveling, it’s a good idea to try all the local

goodies and Masako does.

In WWII, my father had to fight young German boys,

against whom he had nothing personal. 18 years later, I was

stationed in Germany where Wolfgang and I became

lifelong friends. The young Russian boys were my enemies

then. Now it’s the Muslim crazies but while in Turkey, we

found most Turks (Muslims) to be nice people. These

Russian kids are like most folks everywhere. Isn’t it tragic

that our human leaders always have to make such a mess of

our lives?

Masako still has a good memory (mine is a derelict) so

when she gets back, maybe she can name these places.

She said all the cruise ship folks were very nice and well


It looks like Russians have stuff too so if you need any, go


They got to see things done the old way.

This thing doesn’t look very Russian but they saw it (in

Russia) and I included it to make a point: I, Roman

After the revolution, Russia war pretty austere but there

was a time when things were pretty fancy.

Peter and Catherine had a lot to do with the fancy stuff.

Michelangelo was busy being tormented by Pope Julius II

so some other guy did this.

The Hermitage was Catherine’s idea. This guy was either

playing the harmonica or telling his dog to stop biting the


Catharine (actually Prussian) ate fancy stuff and instigated

a lot of shenanigans to dump her little squeaky poot of a

husband (Peter III) and mess around with other guys.

Masako found a nice rock and wanted it for our front yard

in New Mexico but everybody else was trying to grab it

and the stingy Russians wouldn’t let her put it on the


She said their boat was nice and didn’t leak.

Back then, most European powers like to have birds for

their name tags and such.

Eventually, after fixing Vladimir’s mess and collecting all

the bars of soap and such from the hotel rooms, they had to

say goodbye to Russia and head home. Now they’re

planning their next trip to……I forgot-maybe South


About then, it was time to head to Colorado.

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