well chosen. 2010


well chosen. 2010

well chosen.



well chosen.

The passion and joy in seeking out – and finding – the

exceptional, the fine and sometimes the simple, too, are

emotions which many of us share.

We’d like to pass on to you our enthusiasm for things

which are simply good and beautiful. The things which

we would love to buy for ourselves, and which you

would for yourselves. In short we call this: well chosen.

L. to r.: Axel, Kurt, Moritz and Max Stürken

We’re pleased to present the 2010 catalogue and

are convinced that all items in it satisfy the claim

well chosen”, although we should point out that

we’re not dogmatic when choosing items for our


We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Best regards,

Axel Stürken Max Stürken Moritz Stürken

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“Abeille” glassware

from La Rochère

The La Rochère glassware stems from

one of the oldest glass manufacturers in

France and the oldest one which is still

in production today. This thick and

sturdy glass series bears the heraldic

animal of the Bonaparte dynasty: the

bee. These glasses are hand-blown in

a wooden form. The thin edge which

results from this process is not a

mistake; it is indeed a characteristic of







1 Bee Glass Bowl

For milky coffee, muesli or fresh fruit salad. 600 ml.

Height 8 cm, diameter 13.5 cm.

item no. 100822 £ 4.40

2 Bee Carafe

650 ml, height 22 cm.

item no. 101268 £ 9.99

3 Bee Glass Carafe

Handblown, easily recognisable by the elegant form

and the price. 850 ml, 27.7 cm tall.

item no. 100742 £ 29.00

4 6 Bee Wine Goblets

130 ml, height 14.1 cm.

item no. 102652 £ 25.00

5 Tall Bee Tumbler

200 ml, height 14 cm.

item no. 101264 £ 4.20

6 The Evergreen: 6 Bee Tumblers

170 ml, height 10.3 cm.

item no. 101211 £ 22.90 for 6 tumblers

10 6 Picardie Glasses

The classic from France. You can’t imagine a French

bistro or brasserie without these robust glasses. They

are highly shatterproof, dishwasher safe and heatresistant,

so that even hot drinks can be served in them.

250 ml item no. 103504 £ 11.90

160 ml item no. 103503 £ 9.50

11 For reactionaries: Fleur de Lys Glasses

These bear the Bourbon fleur de lys.

6 Fleur de Lys Tumblers

170 ml, height 10.3 cm.

item no. 101807 £ 22.90 for 6 tumblers

Tall Fleur de Lys Tumbler

200 ml, height 14 cm.

item no. 101808 £ 4.20




7 Bee Glass Mug

For coffee, tea or cold drinks. 260 ml, height

10.3 cm.

item no. 101267 £ 4.80

8 6 Bee Egg Cups

For eggs, marmalade, amuse-bouche or liqueur.

60 ml, height 6.5 cm.

item no. 101265 £ 15.90 for 6 egg cups

9 Bee Glass Plates

Plate 32 cm diameter.

As a result of its size, it can also be used as a dinner

plate, a cake serving dish or a serving plate.

item no. 101266 £ 11.90

Plate 25 cm (not shown)

item no. 101398 £ 5.90

Small Plate 19 cm (not shown)

item no. 104753 £ 4.00



well ausgesucht chosen.


Antoine: hand-blown crystal glass

The glasses in the “Antoine“ series assume the

old French style of glass, which is otherwise

only found in antique shops. The hand-blown

crystal glasses are shaped by hand. Crystal glass

contains at least 10% lead oxide which gives it

a particularly polished surface as well as high

light refraction.

1 Antoine Tumbler

This glass has recently been added to the series.

We had it made especially for our customers.

Height 9.5 cm, diameter 9.5 cm, volume 200 ml.

item no. 104289 £ 15.90

2 Antoine White Wine Glass

The glass size is also ideal for sherry, port or

sweet wine. Height 12.2 cm, diameter 6.5 cm,

volume 60 ml.

item no. 100744 £ 16.90

3 Antoine Red Wine Glass

Also suitable for white wine. Height 13.5 cm,

diameter 7 cm, volume 80 ml.

item no. 100745 £ 17.90

4 Antoine Tumbler

Also suitable for red wine. Height 14.4 cm,

diameter 8.5 cm, volume 140 ml.

item no. 100746 £ 18.90

5 Antoine Champagne Glass

Height 16.6 cm, volume 90 ml.

item no. 100747 £ 19.90

Antoine Facette: hand-blown crystal glass with faceting

This series follows the same basic style as for “Antoine“. However, it differs

with the elaborate faceting carried out by hand at the end of the manufacturing

process. As regards materials used and sizes, the glasses are identical to the

glasses without faceting.

6 Antoine Facette Tumbler item no. 104290 £ 32.00

7 Antoine Facette White Wine Glass item no. 103125 £ 33.00

8 Antoine Facette Red Wine Glass item no. 103127 £ 34.00

9 Antoine Facette Tumbler item no. 103126 £ 36.00

10 Antoine Facette Champagne Glass item no. 103128 £ 38.00

Glassware from France for everyday use

Glasses with a classic faceted cut look made of

heavy-duty and durable glass.

11 3 Mirabeau Champagne Goblets

Height 17.5 cm, diameter 6 cm, volume 80 ml.

item no. 104432 £ 12.95 for 3 goblets

12 3 Mirabeau Red Wine Goblets

Height 15.8 cm, diameter 8.4 cm, volume 130 ml.

item no. 104126 £ 12.95 for 3 goblets

13 3 Mirabeau White Wine Goblets

Height 14.3 cm, diameter 8.4 cm, volume 80 ml.

item no. 104789 £ 10.95 for 3 goblets

14 6 Mirabeau Tumblers

Height 9 cm, diameter 8 cm, volume 200 ml.

item no. 106875 £ 12.95 for 6 tumblers

Versailles: everyday glassware with shell motif by La Rochère

This series is modelled on the Baroque style with motifs featuring shells and

garlands. Heavy-duty glass which is perfect for everyday use.

15 6 Versailles Tumblers

(170 ml, height 20 cm) item no. 101927 £ 22.90 for 6 tumblers

16 6 Versailles White Wine Glasses

(80 ml, height 13.5 cm) item no. 101928 £ 24.00 for 6 glasses

17 6 Versailles Red Wine Glasses

(170 ml, height 16.5 cm) item no. 101929 £ 28.00 for 6 glasses

18 Versailles Carafe

(650 ml, height 22.5 cm) item no. 101930 £ 9.99

1 2 3 4 5


7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14







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5 6






5 Cow Milk Bottle

Use for fresh milk delivered directly from the farmyard,

or else to replace the cardboard carton. Inscription on

reverse of bottle “ABSOLUTELY PURE MILK”. Volume

1 litre. Height 26.5 cm, diameter 9 cm. Weight 1 kg.

item no. 101336 £ 4.90

6 Cow Milk Glasses

Glasses made from robust recycled glass. Volume 330 ml.

Height 12.5 cm, diameter 7.7 cm, weight 230 g.

item no. 101335 £ 12.99 for set of 6

7 Budelle carafes from La Rochère

These carafes, with their thick base but nonetheless elegant

shape, were designed for restaurant use, so they

come with a calibration mark.

Budelle carafe 0.25 l, height 20 cm, diameter 6 cm.

item no. 103130 £ 6.90

Budelle carafe 0.5 l, height 23.5 cm, diameter 8 cm.

item no. 103131 £ 10.90

Budelle carafe 1 l, height 28.5 cm, diameter 9.5 cm.

item no. 103129 £ 30.90

8 Bedside Bottle

All the research shows that the UK’s drinking water is

every bit as good as mineral water. This carafe can be

filled with tap water, mineral water, fruit juice or other

drinks, ready for use on a bedside table, desk or podium.

The glass can be used as a lid as well as to drink

from. Volume 0.9 l, 24 cm. Made in Spain using 100%

recycled glass.

item no. 101279 £ 11.90

9 Rosendahl Carafe with 2 Glasses

This carafe, a modern classic with its four vertical

grooves and the matt stainless steel collar, was created

by the Danish designer Eric Bagger. Like the two glasses

which are also included, it is made of thick glass. Carafe:

height 24 cm, volume 0.9 l, weight 890 g. Glasses: height

10.2 cm, volume 175 ml, weight 250 g.

item no. 102760 £ 34.90

American glasses from Anchor Hocking

New Orleans, the city of jazz and Mardi Gras, was the inspiration for this range

of glassware, which in America is almost as popular as a trip to the southern

states heartland. Like most glasses from Anchor Hocking, this glass is "rim-tempered".

By targeted heating and cooling, the rim, which in every glass is the

most fragile part, is additionally toughened, so that the life of the glass is considerably

prolonged. From Ohio, USA.

1 New Orleans Glass 296 ml

Height 12 cm, diameter 7.5 cm.

Weight 362 g.

item no. 100515 £ 3.90

2 New Orleans Glass 355 ml

Height 14.5 cm, diameter 7.5 cm.

Weight 402 g.

item no. 100517 £ 4.50

10 Jena Glass Jugs

Elegantly simple jugs made from heatproof borosilicate

glass, which makes it ideally suited for both cold (orange

juice with ice) and hot (hot elderberry juice)

drinks, without any risk of damage.

Jena Glass Jug 1 litre

Height 18.5 cm, Ø 11 cm.

item no. 107352 £ 19.90

Jena Glass Jug 1.5 litres

Height 27 cm, Ø 10,4 cm

item no. 107353 £ 24.90

11 Italian Wine Carafe

Made from thick, solid glass. 0.5 l, height 23.3 cm,

weight 600 g.

item no. 100146 £ 3.90

1 l, height 26.3 cm, weight 836 g.

item no. 100147 £ 4.90

3 New Orleans Glass 474 ml

Height 16 cm, diameter 8 cm.

Weight 480 g.

item no. 100519 £ 5.90

4 New Orleans Glass 651 ml

Height 17.5 cm (!), diameter 9 cm.

Weight 644 g.

item no. 100520 £ 6.50




well chosen.

Kwarx®: practically unbreakable

Through extensive research, Kwarx® was developed as a new material for

making glasses for top-quality restaurants. It is said to be extremely resilient

and does not cloud up even after several hundred washes in a dishwasher. In

addition, it is said to be as clear and shiny as cut glass and completely colourless,

so it does not detract from the colour of the wine. In collaboration with

the Union de la Sommellerie Française, Kwarx® was developed and demonstrated

all these qualities. Its resilience is striking.


2 Kwarx® Tumblers

These glasses have all the same excellent qualities as our

stemmed glassware.

Height Capacity Item no. Set of 6

Tumbler 20 cl 8,5 cm 150 ml 105966 £ 21.90

Tumbler 30 cl 9,7 cm 240 ml 105967 £ 34.90

Long Drink Glass 33 cl 15,9 cm 290 ml 105968 £ 34.90

3 Oxford Water Glasses

These classics were unavailable for some time. However,

the traditional Italian manufacturer Bormioli Rocco,

founded in 1825, continues to make the glasses, so we

now have them imported especially for us. 3 glasses in

classic facet-cut effect in robust practical glass.

3 Oxford Water glasses 17 cl, height 7 cm, diameter

6.5 cm.

item no. 105517 £ 4.90

3 Oxford Water Glasses 23.5 cl, height 8.8 cm, diameter

7.5 cm.

item no. 100982 £ 5.90

4 Imperial Water Glasses

These heavy-duty glass tumblers for everyday use were

very much part of the furniture in many households in

the Seventies. This household item is still manufactured

today by Ruhrglas, and has not lost anything of its classic


250 ml, height 10 cm, diameter 8 cm

item no. 104114 £ 9.95 for 6 pieces

5 Long Drink Glass Basic from Anchor Hocking

Everyday glassware from America: basic glass, 474 ml.

The typical American beer glass. Rim-tempered. Height

15 cm, diameter 8.5 cm. Weight 470 g. From Ohio, USA.

item no. 100522 £ 4.90

6 American Beer Pitcher from Anchor Hocking

Capacity 1.8 l, Height 22.5 cm, diameter 14.5 cm.

Weight 1.9 kg.

item no. 100528 £ 12.90

4 5 6



While the “Tulip” glasses are just as suited to red as white wine, the shape of the

“Balloon” glasses is primarily suited to pinot noir and other very full-bodied red wines.

Height Capacity Item no. Set of 6

Tulip Wine Glass 35 cl 20.5 cm 300 ml 107362 £ 24.90

Tulip Wine Glass 47 cl 22.0 cm 400 ml 107361 £ 28.90

Tulip Wine Glass 75 cl 25.5 cm 700 ml 107360 £ 39.90

Balloon Wine Glass 47 cl 19.5 cm 400 ml 107359 £ 29.90

Balloon Wine Glass 70 cl 22.0 cm 600 ml 107358 £ 34.90

Champagne Glass 16 cl 22.5 cm 140 ml 107363 £ 22.90



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5 Stainless Steel Rapid Wine Cooler

The brushed stainless steel casing is attached to the

plastic base with a bayonet fitting. Inside is a removable

cooling element that you keep ready for use in

the freezer. The rapid chiller will cool a bottle at

room temperature to a pleasant drinking temperature

within 5–10 minutes, without using ice. 20.5 cm

tall, diameter 14.5 cm. Weight 800 g.

item no. 103261 £ 29.50


8 Carafe Cleaning Balls

These stainless steel ball bearings allow glass

containers to be cleaned where brushes don’t reach.

Just pour them in, add a little water and shake. Dirt

is removed by the friction of the ball bearings

against the sides of the container without scratching

the glass surface. After cleaning with water, the ball

bearings can be used again.

item no. 103785 £ 9.95


7 9


Laguiole corkscrew

Here is a sommelier's corkscrew from the Laguiole forge,

produced according to the same exacting standards as

their penknives. The 7 cm spiral is made of specially hardened

high-quality flexible steel, with five turns that can

cope with the longer corks found in exclusive wines. The

corkscrew also has an extra wide spiral for greater pulling

power. The design of the handle allows for easy

leverage and bottle opening. Reinforced wooden handle

sleeve. Length 12 cm, weight 95 g.

1 Stamina Handle

item no. 101766 £ 128.00


2 Olive Handle

item no. 105151 £ 139.00

3 Bell Corkscrew

Made of hardened steel with a finely polished matt

casing. This corkscrew penetrates any cork with ease,

even very long ones. With cork remover – after opening

the bottle, the cork is automatically removed from the

corkscrew by simply turning in the opposite direction.

Length 17.5 cm, width 10 cm, height 9 cm. Weight 264 g.

item no. 100410 £ 62.00

4 Silver Coaster with Wood

Hardwood base covered with felt underneath. Sterling

silver. 3.8 cm tall, diameter 12.8 cm, inner part 11.9 cm.

Weight 150 g, made in England.

item no. 100224 £ 185.00

7 Bottle cooler sleeve

Black active cooler in synthetic fabric with a coolgel

cushion sewn in. Instead of having to force the sleeve

over the bottle – as you do with other brands – this one

is firmly secured around any bottle with a Velcro closure.

Sits perfectly on slim wine bottles as well as fat

champagne bottles.

item no. 105162 £ 9.90



6 Mertens Waiter's Friend

An important item for every sommelier (or wine

waiter). And this is one of the best. Its ergonomic

design makes it fit comfortably into your

pocket without getting in the way. The firstclass

workmanship will appeal both to the professional

and the dabbler. There are three parts

– corkscrew, bottle opener and knife. Made of

rustproof burnished stainless steel. Length

13 cm, weight 74 g.

item no. 100355 £ 22.90

9 Wine Bottle Vacuum Seal

Once a bottle of wine has been opened, the contents

do not remain drinkable for long, even if

the cork is put back in. The vacuum sealer allows

the creation of a vacuum inside the bottle with a

few strokes of the pump, thus delaying unwanted

oxidation of the wine; it should remain drinkable

for around a week. Height 11 cm.

item no. 103928 £ 29.90

10 Decanter Brush

This carafe brush consists of a flexible covered

metal wire with a wooden handle. The brush is

made of natural bristles and the tip is trimmed

with cotton fibres, so that delicate carafes are not

damaged. Length 43 cm.

item no. 105120 £ 7.80

11 Stand for decanter carafes

Decanter carafes should be rinsed with hot water

after every use and then stood upside down with

the aid of a stand so that the remaining water

can drain unimpeded from the carafe. Height

21.5 cm, diameter of base 20.5 cm, diameter neck

10 cm.

item no. 105315 £ 28.50





well chosen.


Decanting Wine

There are two reasons why red wine should be “decanted”. Apart from removing

unwanted sediment, wine is decanted to introduce oxygen so the flavour

can develop and it is ready to drink. This is achieved by pouring the wine into a

decanter, but the process can be speeded up by using a decanting attachment.

9 Decanter from France

Hand-blown by La Rochère, the oldest French glass manufacturer. Fully rounded

form to create the greatest contact between red wine and air. If the contents

of a standard size bottle of red wine are poured in, the decanter will be

half full, with maximum surface area in contact with the air. Height 23 cm, diameter

22 cm, volume 0.75 ml. Weight 1 kg.

item no. 101933 £ 88.00

10 Decanter from Germany

Capacious lead crystal decanter with sterling silver sleeve and large diameter

to create the greatest possible surface area in contact with the air. Volume

1.5 l, height 21.5 cm, diameter 19 cm. Weight 1.3 kg.

item no. 100230 £ 235.00

11 Glencairn lead crystal carafe

Solid round carafe made from 24% lead crystal. From a Scottish glassworks

that has also produced glass for Cunard liners and Rolls Royce in-car minibars.

Volume 0.75 litres, diameter 11 cm, height 23 cm.

item no. 107417 £ 79.90



Wine racks

With this rack system, you can build up your wine cellar in stages without limit, starting

off with just 12 bottles. Just hammer in a few nails and within 20 minutes you

will have assembled a 12-bottle module. Metal braces at the front and back make

for a very stable structure, even if a large number of “storeys” are placed on top of

one another.

1 12-bottle Wine Rack

Height 33 cm, width 33 cm, depth 22.5 cm, weight 2.3 kg.

item no. 101439 £ 19.00

2 30-bottle Wine Rack

Height 52 cm, width 52 cm, depth 22.5 cm, weight 5 kg.

item no. 101440 £ 32.00

72-bottle Wine Rack (not pictured)

Height 81 cm, width 81 cm, depth 23 cm, weight 12 kg.

item no. 104057 £ 75.00

3 Attachment Clips

Clips are needed to attach one module to another. Each packet contains 5 clips. To

attach to the adjacent 12-bottle rack 3 clips are needed, 5 clips for 30-bottle rack,

and 8 for 72-bottle rack. The clips also create extra storage space between the racks.

item no. 101441 £ 9.99 for 5 clips

4 Decanting Funnel

The sieve attachment captures any sediment. The wine

flows through the curved tube down the side of the

decanter, creating air contact over a wide surface.

Length 17.5 cm, diameter 7.5 cm, weight 84 g.

item no. 101868 £ 11.90

5 Decanting Attachment

The device narrows like an hourglass, speeding up the

wine and creating a vacuum which draws air into the

tube, so oxidising the wine. This also makes it possible

to decant wine by the glass. Made of plastic, stainless

steel and rubber. Length 9.5 cm, diameter 3 cm, weight

60 g.

item no. 100681 £ 38.00

6 Acrylic Bottle Cooler from Guzzini

A classic. Its big advantage is that you can see the

amount of liquid left in the bottle. For indoors or out,

from -10 degrees to +80. Scratchproof and dishwasher

safe. Height 23 cm, diameter 10 cm. Weight 640 g.

item no. 100234 £ 19.00

7 Henry Watson Bottle Cooler

From Henry Watson’s Suffolk Collection. Fired earthenware

(terracotta) absorbs water that subsequently

evaporates, creating a refrigeration effect. Height

17 cm. Weight 960 g.

item no. 100397 £ 16.90

8 Graphic Image Wine Notes

If you don’t have the time or opportunity to peel off the

label from every bottle of wine drunk and enjoyed and

take it home with you, then this little book will be of

great use: 160 pages have space for your notes, divided

into red wine, white wine, rosé, champagne and fortified

wines such as port or sherry. Bound in soft burgundy

coloured goatskin with gilt edges and includes a

book ribbon. 9.5 x 6.5 cm.

item no. 106721 £ 17.50

9 10 11






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4 Butler’s Tray from Lady Clare

This butler’s tray is from our English supplier Lady Clare. Its height – 74.5 cm – means the tray can be removed or

returned without bending down. The idea is to place the butler’s tray near the dining table and keep food, drinks

etc. on it ready for use. Tray and stand made of dark stained wood. Tray 61 x 40.5 x 5 cm.

Wooden Butler's Tray

item no. 103658 £ 69.00



Wooden Tray Stand

item no. 103657 £ 65.00

1 Folding “Side-Car” Trolley

This tea trolley or occasional trolley has two trays when unfolded of 60 x 40 cm

and when folded it's only 7.5cm deep. Made from powder-coated steel and

plastic. Holds up to 30 kg. Height 72 cm, width 68.5 cm, depth 40 cm, weight

6 kg. The design by Louis L. Lepoix received a prize from the Museum of

Modern Art in New York.

1 Silver item no. 102218 £ 89.00

2 White item no. 105742 £ 89.00

3 Black item no. 105743 £ 89.00

1 4


6 Stainless Steel Food Warmer

Both practical and attractive, this food warmer is made

of 1.5 mm thick stainless steel, making it entirely scuffproof.

There are two parts, and the lower section is designed

like a drawer, with four indentations to hold a

standard buffet warmer candle. Steel is a good conductor

of heat, so it will warm up evenly. Made by a small

firm in Denmark that works exclusively with stainless

steel. 28.5 x 26.5 cm, height 5.5 cm, weight 2.1 kg.

item no. 101432 £ 69.00


1 3

5 Servicio Serving Trolley

This serving trolley is a typical example of Bauhaus design in the 1920s and

1930s and the increasingly popular classic modern of the time. The light,

chrome-plated steel-tube construction provides two tray areas in black

ashwood veneer, each surrounded with a rail – so lots of mobile stacking space.

Height 95 cm, width 80 cm, depth 36 cm, weight 14 kg. The appearance of the

serving trolley goes back to a design from 1934 by the firm L & C Arnold in

Stendal. Due to its close proximity to Dessau's Bauhaus, this firm was one of the

most experimental partners for the organisers there in the 1920s and 1930s.

The trolley is still manufactured by L & C in Stendal today.

item no. 105314 £ 495.00

Teak Table Mat and Tray

Marquetry table mats based on traditional

Danish shipbuilding techniques from Skagen.

Also suitable for outdoor use, as teak cannot be

damaged by moisture.

7 Teak Table Mat, size 17 x 17 cm, weight 100 g.

item no. 100740 £ 17.50

8 Teak Tray, size 51.5 x 51.5 cm, height 6 cm.

item no. 106874 £ 98.00



1 “Lampe Berger” Scented Lamp

The Lampe Berger gets rid of bad odours instead of covering them up. Its principle,

based on a catalytic combustion process, was invented by the Frenchman

Maurice Berger in 1898. The catalytic combustion of alcohol is burning without

a flame. It is made possible via a catalytic layer on the burner. The burner

itself is made up of two heating zones: the outer part reaches a temperature

of more than 500 °C to purify the air in the room by getting rid of unpleasant

odours, amongst other things. The odour molecules in the atmosphere which

float past the burner are destroyed via cracking and catalytic oxidation. The

inner part of the burner is only heated to 200 °C and is – if the lamp liquid is

scented – responsible for scenting the room. This lower temperature makes

it possible for the scent to be released and finely distributed in the air.

Incl. 180 ml neutral lamp liquid. Height 14.7 cm, diameter 9.5 cm.

item no. 105394 £ 35,90

Liquid for Berger neutral 500 ml item no. 105395 £ 15.90 (£ 3.18/100 ml)

Liquid for Berger lavender 500 ml item no. 105396 £ 15.90 (£ 3.18/100 ml)

Liquid for Berger ocean breeze 500 ml item no. 105397 £ 15.90 (£ 3.18/100 ml)

2 Lavender and Lavender Oil item no. 102771 £ 6,90

50 g lavender blossom in sealed pot. 6.5 ml lavender oil.


8 Glass Hurricanes

Glass hurricanes can be used to extend the day outdoors as well by using

candles, without drafts making the flame flicker, or a constant accumulation

of melted wax on the table.

Glass Hurricane with Base

Height: 30 cm, Ø 18.5 cm, weight 2 kg.

item no. 101283 £ 19.90

Glass Hurricane Globe

These glass hurricanes were once very popular, but they are hard to find today.

Their great advantage is that they can be placed over candleholders that

would normally be used indoors, an economical approach that allows you to

illuminate the darkness outdoors too.

30 cm, Ø 12 cm

item no. 101281 £ 11.90

well chosen.


45 cm, Ø 18,5 cm, suitable for tall candlesticks with new candles.

item no. 101282 £ 22.90





3 Armenian Paper: Deodoriser from the 19th Century

For over 125 years, paper soaked in styrax, an Asian amber, has been used to neutralise

food and tobacco smells or other unpleasant odours. The Frenchman Auguste

Poncet brought the amber, which is also used in the preparation of frankincense and

has a similar smell, back with him from a journey to Armenia. The paper comes in

booklets of 12 sheets with 3 strips each. Each strip is placed on an ashtray, lit and put

out again, so that it slowly burns away.

item no. 107096 £ 4.80 (set of 2)

Silver Candlesticks

These candlesticks are made by a Birmingham silversmith,

using sterling silver. The feet are covered underneath

with felt.

4 Small Silver Candlestick 7.5 cm

7.5 cm tall, Ø 7.3 cm. Weight 140 g.

item no. 101693 £ 149.00

5 Silver Doric Square Candlestick

Surface area 8.3 x 8.3 cm, height 17.3 cm. Weight 300 g.

item no. 100196 £ 258.00

6 Small Silver Candlestick 4 cm

Beaded border. Height 4 cm, base diameter 7.4 cm.

Weight 110 g.

item no. 101694 £ 98.00

7 Small Tealight Holder with Stars

A hand-blown tealight holder with stars etched in by

hand. Height 7 cm, weight 250 g.

item no. 100600 £ 5.90






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2 Forties Breadbin

The company M. Westermann & Co. has been in business since 1867, and it manufactures

household goods made of tin. These breadbins have been designed according

to original models from the 1940s. Made of powder-coated sheet steel with

stainless steel handle. Width 42 cm, depth 22.5 cm, height 17 cm.

Almond item no. 104527 £ 79.90

White item no. 104528 £ 79.90


6 Porcelain Butter Dishes

Plain yet elegant butter dishes. Dishwasher safe.

Half pack size, 5 x 10 x 13 cm.

item no. 107355 £ 9.90

Full pack size, 5 x 13 x 16 cm.

item no. 107354 £ 12.90




1 Sterling Silver Toast Rack

Toast racks like this one are well-known from the elegant breakfast tables of

the 19th and early 20th centuries: hot slices of toast remained deliciously crisp

as they slowly cooled, instead of going soggy in bread baskets or bowls. Over

time, toasters moved ever closer to the breakfast table, which meant that toast

racks became rare and are now nearly always silver-plated or only available for

a high price at antiques dealers. On the breakfast table, however, they are still

useful and decorative. Made in Italy from sterling silver. Holds up to 6 slices of

toast. Height 12 cm, width 9 cm, length 13.5 cm. Weight 240 g.

item no. 106959 £ 299.00


7 8


7 Round Jam Jar

Made of light Jena Glass. Holds approx. 325 g jam,

diameter 9.5 cm, height 10 cm, weight only 140 g.

item no. 100980 £ 11.90

8 Cylindrical Jam Jar

Hand-blown jam jar with glass lid. Height

12.5 cm, Ø 9.3 cm, weight 400 g. For up to 320 g

of jam.

item no. 104824 £ 11.90

9 Mrs Bridges Jam

Dundee, located in the middle of a large fruit-growing area (famous for soft

fruit like raspberries and blackberries), is traditionally described as the “Home

of Marmalade“. Here it is said that the first shredded batch of marmalade was

made over 200 years ago, using Seville oranges. The oranges were too bitter to

eat but turned out to be very tasty after boiling the fruit and so marmalade

was “invented”, to the joy of marmalade fans. Made to traditional recipes

using top quality fruits. The fruits are boiled slowly in open copper pans to preserve


Orange Fine Cut

item no. 103013

£ 6.50 (£ 1.91 / 100 g)

Celebration Marmalade

with Champagne

item no. 105932

£ 6.50 (£ 1.91 / 100 g)

3 Beech Bread Bin

With removable integrated bread board and

crumb tray. Wood is the ideal material for storing

bread, as it also absorbs moisture. 44 x 30 x

23 cm, 6.7 kg approx.

item no. 100466 £ 89.00

4 Charlotte Watson Bread Bin

This large ceramic jar keeps bread cool. Dishwasher

safe. Volume 7 litres. Base 20.5 x 20.5 cm,

height 39 cm, weight with lid 4 kg.

item no. 101957 £ 69.95

5 Enamel Bread Bin with Lid

Enamel is a robust, scratchproof material, and

what is more, this bread bin comes with a special

“ETC” (easy to clean) finish. Made from soldered

steel sheets with crimped joints, with

gently rounded corners and a folding handle on

the lid. Recommended for people who suffer

from nickel allergy, dishwasher safe. Diameter

30 cm, height 11 cm, capacity 7 l, weight 2.9 kg.

item no. 103135 £ 65.00

Strawberry Preserve with


item no. 103014

£ 7.50 (£ 2.21 / 100 g)

Ginger Preserve

item no. 105933

£ 6.50 (£ 1.91 / 100 g)

Seedless Bramble Preserve

item no. 103015

£ 7.50 (£ 2.21 / 100 g)


1 Wilhelm Wagenfeld Egg Cooker

A versatile gadget for cooking eggs, or making terrines, pastries or desserts.

The glass parts are heat-resistant, microwave-proof (without metal handle)

and dishwasher safe. The egg cooker was designed by Bauhaus designer

Wilhelm Wagenfeld in 1933.

For 1 egg: diameter 6.5 cm, height 8.6 cm, capacity 0.065 l.

item no. 105177 £ 9.95

For 2 eggs: diameter 8.9 cm, height 8.6 cm, contents 0.13 l.

item no. 105929 £ 12.90 1

2 Silver Salt and Pepper Shaker

Body and lid of this shaker are made by

German silversmiths in pure sterling silver. Fill

the shaker by unscrewing the lid. Height 4 cm,

diameter 2.3 cm. Weight 12 g.

Salt Shaker item no. 105326 £ 49.90

Pepper Shaker item no. 104438 £ 49.90

Mother of pearl comes from the lining of large shells in the South Pacific.

Apart from its fascinating pearly iridescent look, the advantage of using

mother of pearl for making spoons is that, like horn, it does not affect the

taste when coming into contact with eggs or caviar. In addition this cool,

heavy material is always pleasant to the touch.

4 Mother of Pearl Egg Spoon

Length approx. 11.5 cm. item no. 101169 £ 19.00

Sometimes not available due to the shortage of mother of pearl.

7 A classic design from Italy: Guzzini

Guzzini acrylic kitchen products, with their universal and neutral appearance,

can be used in many ways. The plastic is suitable for unlimited storage of food.

The robust material means it can be used inside or out, whether you're planning

a simple light supper or a several course dinner. The rim is turned down

and makes the bowl easy to carry and more sturdy. Dishwasher safe to 55 °C.

Acrylic Salad Bowl,

diameter 22 cm, weight 360 g.

item no. 100243 £ 11.40

Small Acrylic Bowl,

diameter 11 cm, weight 80 g.

item no. 100241 £ 3.60

Huge Acrylic Salad Bowl,

diamater 35 cm, weight 1 kg.

item no. 100240 £ 24.50

well chosen.


Small Acrylic Bowl,

diameter 15 cm, weight 140 g.

item no. 100242 £ 4.80

Guzzini Acrylic Salad Servers

length 28 cm, weight 75 g.

item no. 100235 £ 5.20

length 35 cm, weight 105 g.

item no. 100236 £ 6.20




3 Sterling Silver Egg Cups

The advantage of silver egg cups as opposed to those

made of earthenware or porcelain is that they are

unbreakable as well as being very decorative. This

makes them a traditional christening gift. Height

6.4 cm, Ø 4.5 cm, Weight 44 g. Made in Pforzheim,


item no. 103734 £ 98.00

Our horn products are made in West Jutland in a factory looking back on a tradition

of more than 200 years. Nowadays, ox horn is imported from Africa and manufactured

in Denmark. Horn is a natural material and comes in an infinite range of

colours from cream to black. Not dishwasher safe-clean – please clean with lukewarm

water and do not leave to soak in liquids for a long time.

5 Pair of Horn Egg Spoons

Length 12.5 cm. item no. 100949 £ 17.00 for set of 2

6 Horn Salad Servers

Length 25 cm, width 6.3 cm. item no. 100948 £ 55.00





www.torquato.co.uk Tableware & Kitchenware

“Brasserie” by Pillivuyt

For almost 200 years, Pillivuyt has been producing porcelain whose robustness and

heat resistance have led it to become internationally known as simply the best

French restaurant chinaware. The robustness of the products is the result of a special

firing process: in the first stage, all parts are shaped and then pre-fired at

approx. 1000 °C; next, they are glazed and fired a second time at more than 1400

°C to obtain a very hard, scratch-resistant surface and a pure, deep white. After the

decoration has been applied, they are fired again at approx. 1000 °C, which seals it

into the glaze and makes it virtually indestructible – and, of course, dishwasher

safe. The individual parts are in the kiln for more than 30 hours in total.





The Brasserie range has been one of the classics of the French catering trade

since the 1920s. Every bistro, brasserie and restaurant could have its menu fired

on to its own crockery. Today's version features the menu from the fictitious

“Grande Brasserie Nationale, 33 Rue de la République - Consommation de

Premier Choix“ – cover charge is 10 centimes, bread included. The wine list

ranges from 1 to 6 francs, while food can be bought from 20 centimes.

Item no. Price £

1 Espresso Cup 70 ml H 5.2 cm, Ø 6.4 cm 106403 10.90

1 Small Saucer Ø 12.5 cm 106404 8.50

2 Breakfast Cup 230 ml H 7.3 cm, Ø 8.9 cm 106405 21.50

2 Large Saucer Ø 16.6 cm 106407 9.90

3 Mug 220 ml H 8.5 cm, Ø 8 cm 106406 22.90

4 Small Plate Ø 17 cm 106413 14.50

4 Medium Plate Ø 20 cm 106414 20.90

4 Large Plate Ø 27 cm 106415 36.90

5 Breakfast Bowl 300 ml H 7.2 cm, Ø 14.1 cm 106411 22.90

6 Ramekin 125 ml H 4 cm, Ø 8.7 cm 106418 7.50

7 Baking Dish 2 l H 5.7 cm, 23 x 32 cm 106417 42.90

8 Pasta Plate 400 ml H 4.8 cm, Ø 28 cm 106416 51.90

9 Soup Plate 160 ml H 3.8 cm, Ø 22.8 cm 106412 20.50

10 Bowl 2.7 l H 12.2 cm, Ø 33 cm 106410 165.00

11 Bowl 1.3 l H 10.6 cm, Ø 25 cm 106409 65.90

12 Bowl 400 ml H 7.2 cm, Ø 16.7 cm 106408 31.90

5 6 7 8





well chosen.

Stainless Steel Cutlery Set: Baguette

This classic and timeless cutlery set has been in use in higher class restaurants

for many years now, especially where durability and good looks play an important

role while being permanently in use. It is worth making a note of the sizes.

At almost 25 cm, the dinner knife is a nice size. The cutlery size is particularly

suitable for modern and larger crockery. The cutlery is made of polished stainless

steel which is completely rustproof thanks to the amount of chrome contained

in it. In addition, it is resistant to food acids. Thickness: 3.5 mm, the

knives have a hollow handle, all items are dishwasher safe.



Italian Porcelain for the Catering Trade

This very robust porcelain is made specially for use in restaurants, where usually the

demands on the rim and glaze are particularly high. Made in Veneto.

Item Dimensions Item no. Price

Deep Plate 250 ml H 4 cm, Ø 23 cm 102408 £ 4.80

Small Plate H 2 cm, Ø 21 cm 102409 £ 4.50

Large Plate H 2.5 cm, Ø 27 cm 102407 £ 5.10

Pizza Plate H 2 cm, Ø 32 cm 102404 £ 6.20

Pasta Plate 750 ml H 5 cm, Ø 32 cm 102405 £ 9.95

Pasta Bowl 3.2 l H 8.5 cm, Ø 31 cm 102406 £ 17.90

Breakfast Cup 270 ml, H 6.5 cm,

Ø 16.3 cm

102413 £ 6.90

Cappuccino Cup 190 ml, H 6 cm,

Ø 14.3 cm

102411 £ 5.50

Espresso Cup 80 ml, H 5.5 cm,

Ø 12.5 cm

102410 £ 4.20

Length Item no. Price

Teaspoon 13.8 cm 103560 £ 3.00

Breakfast Spoon 18.3 cm 103557 £ 5.70

Breakfast Fork 18.3 cm 103558 £ 5.70

Breakfast Knife 21.5 cm 103559 £ 9.90

Dinner Spoon 21.8 cm 103554 £ 7.10

Dinner Fork 21.8 cm 103555 £ 7.10

Dinner Knife 24.7 cm 103556 £ 10.90

0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Tableware & Kitchenware


Espresso Cup

80 ml, height 5.8 cm,

Ø 12 cm, height 460 g

Cappuccino Cup

250 ml, height 7 cm,

Ø 16 cm, weight 236 g

Breakfast Cup

400 ml, height 7.5 cm,

Ø 18 cm, weight 630 g

Breakfast Plate

Ø 20.5 cm, weight 360 g


300 ml, height 8.8 cm,

Ø 8.8 cm, weight 300 g

Breakfast Bowl

300 ml, height 7.5 cm,

Ø 14 cm, weight 395 g

Dinner Plate

Ø 26 cm, weight 740 g

Deep Plate

275 ml, height 3.5 cm,

Ø 23 cm, weight 440 g


1.3 l, Ø 14 cm,

weight 690 g

Milk Jug

0.25 l, weight 210 g,

Ø 7 cm

Sugar Bowl

0.25 l, weight 200 g,

Ø 8 cm

Egg Cup

60 g, Ø 3.5 cm

white yellow orange red blue


£ 8.50


£ 10.90


£ 14.90


£ 7.50


£ 6.90


£ 8.90


£ 10.90


£ 9.50


£ 29.90


£ 10.90


£ 4.90


£ 7.90


£ 11.90


£ 13.90


£ 18.90


£ 9.50


£ 9.90


£ 15.50


£ 12.90


£ 11.90


£ 37.90


£ 14.50


£ 7.90


£ 8.50


£ 11.90


£ 13.90


£ 18.90


£ 9.50


£ 9.90


£ 15.50


£ 12.90


£ 11.90


£ 37.90


£ 14.50


£ 7.90


£ 8.50


£ 11.90


£ 13.90


£ 18.90


£ 9.50


£ 9.90


£ 15.50


£ 12.90


£ 11.90


£ 37.90


£ 14.50


£ 7.90


£ 8.50


£ 11.90


£ 13.90


£ 18.90


£ 9.50


£ 9.90


£ 15.50


£ 12.90


£ 11.90


£ 37.90


£ 14.50


£ 7.90


£ 8.50

"Pronto" tableware

from KAHLA

This tableware is a true classic without

any traces of yesteryear. The wellknown

simple style is available in

seven colours. You can order everything

in one colour, or be more daring

and mix and match. The Kahla chinaware

factory is located in the German

town in Thuringia bearing the same

name, and can look back on over

150 years of tradition.

Kahla manufactures kaolin hard porcelain which

has a slight blueish white glaze compared to the

renowned bone china which stems predominantly

from England with its slight yellowish

tone. As kaolin porcelain is fired at 1400 °C

(bone china is fired at around 1200 °C) it is particularly

tough and hard-wearing.

It is also worth noting that Kahla undertakes the

decorating firing at 1100 °C (this is usually done

at around 800 ° C), meaning that the colour

assumest a permanent bond with the glaze. The

dishwasher safe (red: dishwasher suitable)

Pronto tableware comes from the hotel porcelain

division of Kahla. Here a thicker body is produced

which is especially shock-proof and the

material thickness is able to sustain heat longer

than thinner chinaware.

light blue


£ 11.90


£ 13.90


£ 18.90


£ 9.50


£ 9.90


£ 15.50


£ 12.90


£ 11.90


£ 37.90


£ 14.50


£ 7.90


£ 8.50

apple green


£ 11.90


£ 13.90


£ 18.90


£ 9.50


£ 9.90


£ 15.50


£ 12.90


£ 11.90


£ 37.90


£ 14.50


£ 7.90


£ 8.50



well chosen.

1 Sabre:

Cutlery with Coloured Handles from France

There are some manufacturers who produce

cutlery with handles made of coloured acrylic.

There is a significant difference as regards the

quality of the metal anchoring, the synthetic

material used and the surface finish. This Sabre

cutlery, in a classic and timeless design, has also

passed our “tried and trusted” test. It is dishwasher

safe. The metal parts are made of stainless

steel, and the knives will remain permanently

sharp. The cutlery items are virtually

unbreakable, the surface of the acrylic handles

are polished and the edges of the casting

moulds have been carefully removed.

ivory yellow orange red blue green

Dinner Spoon

21.5 cm £ 11.50 103855 103859 103863 103867 103875 103871

Dinner Fork

23 cm £ 11.50 103856 103860 103864 103868 103876 103872

Dinner Knife

24 cm £ 14.90 103857 103861 103865 103869 103877 103873

Dessert Spoon

19.4 cm £ 11.50 105201 105207 105213 105219 105231 105225

Dessert Fork

19.6 cm £ 11.50 105202 105208 105214 105220 105232 105226

Dessert Knife

20.2 cm £ 14.90 105203 105209 105215 105221 105233 105227

Tea Spoon

16 cm £ 10.50 103858 103862 103866 103870 103878 103874

Cake Fork

17 cm £ 10.90 105204 105210 105216 105222 105234 105228

Cheese Knife

24.5 cm £ 20.90 105205 105211 105217 105223 105235 105229

Butter Knife

20.2 cm £ 15.90 105206 105212 105218 105224 105236 105230

Mocha Coffee Cups from Limoges

A strong and stimulating coffee after a meal is a custom which European culture took

over from the Turks many years ago. Indeed, this custom is still alive and thriving today.

Furthermore, porcelain mocha coffee cups are also a popular collector’s item. You can

order the cups in just one colour or mix and match, whatever you prefer. The cup and

saucer have been painted by hand. The rims and handles are decorated in 22-carat gold.

Outstanding craftmanship. Made by a small porcelain manufacturer in Limoges, France.

4.5 cm tall, holds 50 ml, weight 100 g.








2 yellow (“tournesol”) item no. 100711

3 beige (“mastic“) item no. 103643

4 night blue (“bleu nuit“) item no. 100715

5 raspberry red (“framboise“) item no. 100716

6 ivory (“ivoire“) item no. 103642

7 coralline (“corail“) item no. 100712

8 light blue (“bleu glacier“) item no. 103348

9 khaki (“kaki“) item no. 103641

10 green (“vert empire“) item no. 100714

£ 38.90 per item





www.torquato.co.uk Tableware & Kitchenware

Classic Design: Glass Food Warmer from MAWA

Food warmer made of heat-resistant float glass and aluminium in an ageless and

classic style. It was created especially for MAWA in 1982 by Andreas Weber. Height

7 cm.

2 Glass Food Warmer 1 Tealight

size 17.8 x 17.8 cm,

weight 960 g.

item no. 103818 £ 95.00

3 Glass Food Warmer 2 Tealights

size 29.9 x 17.8 cm,

weight 1.6 kg.

item no. 103817 £ 119.00

6 Denby Teapot – Never Drip

The design of the legendary classic Denby teapot was patented in England in 1922.

The Denby teapot was already a must at tea parties in the Roaring Twenties.

However, it became known everywhere as the “never drip” teapot because of its

unique spout. The spout was designed “to pour with commendable straightforwardness”

which is taken from an advertising text dating back to the 20s.

Nevertheless, what makes it even more special is the fact that not a single droplet

of tea drips from the spout! Capacity 1.4 l. Diameter 15 cm, length (from spout to

handle) 24.5 cm, height 11 cm, weight 825g.

Brown item no. 100768 £ 78.50

Blue item no. 100767 £ 78.50


1 Very Stylish: FREUD Teaball

With its shape reduced to a simple sphere, the use of high-gloss polished

18/10 stainless steel and the side wooden handle, the Teaball from the collection

of the London café FREUD radiates logical, elegant modernity. At the same

time, the simplicity of the teapot's design makes it seem instantly familiar, as

though it has always existed. Removable stainless steel tea filter. Spout incorporates

a strainer. Volume 1 litre. Diameter 15 cm, width with handle 24.5 cm.

item no. 107117 £ 69.00

4 Brass Tea Warmer

The historic design of this food warmer comes from eastern Friesland, a region

in northern Germany famous for its tea customs. Elaborate solid brass craftmanship

which is located in a small metal workshop in Northern Germany.

Diameter 16 cm, 7.5 cm tall, weight 440 g.

item no. 100690 £ 99.00



5 Kusmi Tea

Founded in St Petersburg in 1867, Pavel

Mikhailovich Kousmichoff's tea company quickly

grew into one of the most important ones in

Russia and ultimately became the supplier to the

court of the tsar. When Kousmichoff was forced to

flee Russia in the wake of the Russian Revolution

in 1917, he turned to Paris and founded Kusmi Tea


Prince Vladimir: traditional blend of Chinese black

teas with notes of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit,

vanilla, cinammon and cloves.

Anastasia: blend of black teas from China and Ceylon

with lemon, lime and orange blossom notes.

Thé du Matin No. 24: strong breakfast blend of

teas from China, Ceylon and India.

Bouquet de Fleurs No. 108: black teas from China,

Ceylon and India, with lemon, lime, orange,

mandarin and various flowers. The favourite tea

of Tsar Nicholas II.

Kashmir Chai: blend of black teas and spices,

based on a traditional Chinese recipe.

Samovar: blend of Indian and lightly smoked

Chinese black teas, giving the tea a subtle smoky


250 g Teacaddy 20 Teabags

(£ 7.96/100 g) (£ 23.86/100 g)

£ 19.90 £ 10.50

Prince Wladimir 105493 105499

Anastasia 105494 105500

Thé du Matin 105495 105501

Bouquet de Fleurs 105496 105502

Kashmir Tchai 105497 105503

Samovar 105498 105504




1 Borosilicate Glass Tea Service

Glass is well suited for vessels which come into

contact with tea, as the smooth non-porous

surface can be easily cleaned. Brosilicate glass,

which is mainly used in laboratories with their

equivalent high demands, is extremely heatresistant,

dishwasher and microwave safe and

highly shock-proof. The tea is put into a glass

sieve which is taken out of the pot as soon as

the tea has infused. It is enchanting to see the

colour of the tea spread in the water through

the glass.

Teapot 2 litres

item no. 101598 £ 35.00

Teapot Warmer

item no. 101599 £ 15.00

Glass Teacup

item no. 101600 £ 9.50

well chosen.

4 David Rio Power Chai 398 g

This Power Chai from David Rio is a ready-to-use blend of black tea, the

Japanese green tea matcha, as well as cinnamon, ginger, cloves, sugar cane

syrup, cardamom and salt. The powder just has to be mixed with hot or cold

milk or water. If you use frothy milk, you get a delicious chai latte. Chai is the

Hindi word for tea and means in a narrower sense the typical sweetened

spiced tea from India. It is prepared using tea, milk, sugar and spices such as

cinnamon, ginger, salt and pepper. Chai powder with no added milk. 398 g tin.

item no. 106074 £ 12.90 (£ 3.24 / 100 g)




128 18


2 Stainless Steel Tea Warmer

Ideal for the Filio teapot. For standard tealights. Diameter 15 cm, height 5.5 cm,

weight 340 g.

item no. 100318 £ 69.00

3 Filio Teapot

A classic design by Tassilo von Grolman. A perfect symbiosis between design and function.

The large stainless steel strainer provides the tea with enough room to breathe

so that a unique aroma can unfold. The teapot is made of fireproof Duran glass with

rustproof metal parts. Capacity 1.5l. Diameter 15.5 cm, height 15 cm, weight 840 g.

item no. 100317 £ 105.00

5 Cosy Teapot

Cosy teapots have been associated with the Dutch-based company located in

Hilversum, Bredemeijer, ever since 1914. They are manufactured using high-quality

earthenware and have a polished stainless steel jacket with a felt lining. This doublewalled

insulation means that tea stays hot in the pot for around one hour. As the

tea is not continually heated up, as is the case with a tea warmer, the taste stays the

same. As the inside of the teapot is glazed, the Cosy teapot is ideal for black, green

or fruit teas. For cleaning purposes, it is possible to take out the inside of the teapot.

The teapot interior, feet and other spare parts are also sold separately. Capacity

1.3 l. Height 18.5 cm, length from handle to spout 27 cm, weight 990 g.

item no. 101135 £ 125.00

Replacement Cosy Teapot Pot (not shown) item no. 102607 £ 59.00

Cosy Milk Jug

Height 8.5 cm, diameter 6.5 cm, weight 275 g. item no. 101963 £ 39.00

Cosy Sugar Pot

Height 10.5 cm, diameter 6 cm, weight 285 g. item no. 101962 £ 39.00



0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Tableware & Kitchenware



2 Milk Frothing Jug

Suitable for cappuccino, milky coffee or chocolate

drinks in addition to milkshakes or sabayon. Milk can be

heated up to a temperature of 60 °C which is ideal for

frothing. The milk is then frothed up for 15 seconds as

a result of the stem moving up and down and quickly

forcing the milk through the plastic sieve. For best

results, please use semi-skimmed or skimmed milk. Also

suitable for induction cookers. Capacity 750 ml. For

6-8 cups. Height 21 cm, diameter 11.5 cm, weight 610 g.

Item no. 101481 £ 55.00





1 Carmencita Espresso Maker

Carmencita is deemed by many people to be the most beautiful espresso maker

in the world. The handle conveys no heat and there is a pressure control valve.

The water in the bottom part of the espresso maker is brought to boil on the

cooker and then driven through the ground coffee by means of a high-pressure

valve before finally being filtered in order to separate the actual espresso

from the coffee remains. Not suitable for induction cookers.

3 cups, 150 ml. 17 cm tall,

Ø 8.5 cm, 495 g.

item no. 100120 £ 68.00

7 6 “Grain de Café” Coffee Glasses

Sturdy coffee glasses made by La Rochère of France.

Ideal for making caffè latte, latte macchiato, iced coffee,

espresso granitá, Irish coffee or a plain and simple

coffee. 14 cm tall, 250 ml.

item no. 101269 £ 22.00 for 6 glasses

8 Coffee Store Glass Mug

This mug made by the traditional manufacturer, Libbey,

is supplied to a host of American coffee shop chains

which have popped up over the course of the past few

years. The glass is very thick and sturdy. Height 10.5 cml,

Ø 9.5 cm, capacity 300 ml, weight 450 g.

item no. 102383 £ 5.70

6 cups, 300 ml. 20.5 cm tall,

Ø 10 cm, 680 g.

item no. 100121 £ 85.00

3 Alfi Opal Thermos Carafe

This model dates back to 1930 and is made of chrome-plated brass. Insulating

effect by means of a double-walled vacuum tempered glass insert. Height

25 cm, diameter 13 cm, capacity 1 l. For about 8 cups, weight 1.3 kg. 5-year

manufacturer’s guarantee.

We are offering the Opal with a plaited wicker jacket that protects the jug and

gives it a country look – or in the rare white lacquered finish.

Opal white lacquered item no. 101923 £ 149.00

Opal with plaited wicker jacket item no. 102637 £ 168.00

Mechanical Coffee Grinder by Peugeot

Freshly ground coffee always tastes that bit better. The multitude of aromas

found in coffee remain intact, allowing each one to slowly unfold. A grinder

is only as good as the mechanism inside it. After all, it determines how precisely

and evenly the roasted coffee beans turn into aromatic ground coffee or

espresso. Peugeot has been manufacturing coffee grinders ever since 1840, and

is very well-known for the quality of its grinders, especially in the trade. The

carbon steel blade in the grinder preserves the aroma and produces a fine powder

with a coffee aroma which is impossible to resist. The coffee bean is not

heated up in the process and all the flavouring unfolds. The casing is made of

solid wood with a brass or chrome-plated brass crank handle and funnel.

Peugeot gives a 20-year guarantee on the grinding mechanism. Height: 22 cm,

size 13 x 13 cm, weight 930 g.

4 Dark stain casing item no. 104059 £ 68.00

5 Natural varnished casing item no. 104058 £ 68.00

6 Melitta Porcelain Coffee Filter Cone

For standard size coffee filter papers 102 (for 4–6 cups). Height 10 cm, diameter

12 cm, base diameter 10 cm, weight 100 g.

item no. 102450 £ 16.90



well chosen.

“Cookproof” Cotton Aprons

These aprons are intended for commercial use and are virtually unavailable to

the general retail trade. 100% cotton with a fabric dressing, which assures a

very high degree of stability as regards the size, a particularly robust “twill”

weave. 75 x 100 cm.

7 white item no. 100717 £ 11.90

8 blue item no. 100718 £ 11.90

Looking Stylish, Even in the Kitchen: Linen Aprons

These aprons are just the right thing for stopping clothes getting splashed

during cooking or when doing the housework. Nevertheless, these aprons

made from 100% linen look much more elegant than their cotton counterparts.

The ties for fastening at the back run through a seam, meaning that the

length at the neck and the overall length of the apron can be adjusted as

required. Washable at 60 °C using a detergent without bleach. Length 90 cm,

width 65 cm.

9 espresso item no. 106733 £ 28.90

10 raspberry red item no. 106731 £ 28.90

11 white item no. 102368 £ 28.90

12 natural item no. 106732 £ 28.90

13 terracotta item no. 102367 £ 28.90



Le Jacquard Tea Towels

Le Jacquard Français weaving mill is one of the leading

manufacturers of high-quality fabrics in France. It was

founded in 1888 in Gérardmer in the Vosges – the area

surrounding Gérardmer has been one of the most

important areas for growing flax for centuries, as well

as weaving high-quality linen and cotton fabrics.

Jacquard or damask, which was named after this mill, is

a fabric which has the pattern woven into it. In this way,

complex patterns can be made in the weave, without

having to print the fabric – what's more, the play of

light on the pattern varies its intensity and dynamic

appearance, which has made damask very popular in

Europe from time immemorial. Woven from 100%

cotton, washable to 60 °C. 60 x 80 cm.

1 Sucre Salé Tea Towel

Motif features antique sugar and salt cellars and a classic

floral damask pattern in terracotta and grey.

item no. 106723 £ 14.50

2 Crêpes Sarrazin Tea Towel

Buckwheat-coloured motif with ingredients and utensils

for making crêpes.

item no. 106725 £ 14.50

3 Ratatouille Tea Towel

Ingredients and utensils for making ratatouille on a

raspberry-red background with orange border.

item no. 106724 £ 14.50

4 Jardin Italien Tea Towel

Simple classic damask pattern, surrounded by a border

of antique trophy vases in green, purple and olivegreen.

item no. 106726 £ 14.50

5 Fleurs Bleuet Tea Towel

Botanical representation of different flowers on blue

background with sienna-coloured edge.

item no. 106727 £ 14.50

6 Marseille Liquid Soap

These liquid soaps are a modern interpretation of the

famous Marseille tradition of soap making. La

Compagnie de Provence Marseille has taken on the task

of revitalising this tradition in its place of origin: at the

Port of Marseille. As with traditional Savon de

Marseille, this liquid soap is produced in large cauldrons

without the use of colouring or preserving agents or

synthetic surfactants, which makes it very kind to the

skin. 500 ml glass bottle with pump dispenser.

(£ 2.78 / 100 ml)

Liquid Soap Fleur d’Oranger

Smell of orange blossoms, honey, jasmine.

item no. 106437 £ 13.90

Liquid Soap Olive Lavender

Smell of lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus.

item no. 106435 £ 13.90

Liquid Soap Rose

Smell of roses, citrus fruits, wood and musk.

item no. 106436 £ 13.90




2 3 4 5



11 12



www.torquato.co.uk Tableware & Kitchenware




Roasting Trays from Mauviel

With a roasting tray like this one you can gently

roast fish, meat or poultry on the stove and then

carry on cooking in the oven. It is of course suitable

for any other meals prepared in the oven. Length

47 cm, width 32.5 cm, height including handles

14 cm, weight 3.3 kg. Volume 9 litres.

9 Stainless steel item no. 104999 £ 195.00

10 Copper item no. 104998 £ 299.00






11 Stainless Steel Bain-Marie

Bains-marie are used to make sauces which mustn't boil,

such as sauce hollandaise, or for melting chocolate. The

upper part is a porcelain pan. It is placed in a second

pan, made of stainless steel, in which the water is

heated. Polished cast steel handles. Volume 800 ml,

diameter 12 cm, height 16 cm, weight 2 kg, overall

length 31 cm. Material thickness 2.6 mm.

item no. 105045 £ 109.00

Roasting tins

Two very large roasting tins. Ideal for roasting poultry,

meat or even soufflés baked in the oven.

12 Aluminium: Entrance model

Capacity 6.5 litres. Size: inside 40 x 27 cm, outside 41.5 x

28.5 cm, height 8 cm, weight 860 g.

item no. 101418 £ 39.90

Lid for Aluminium Roasting Tin (not shown)

item no. 102624 £ 19.50

13 Stainless Steel: Professional Model

Capacity 5.5 l. size: inside 40 x 29 cm, outside 41 x

30 cm, height 7 cm, weight 1.65 kg. Manufactured by

Piazza in Italy.

item no. 101556 £ 99.00

14 Ceran Surface Scraper

With built-in rubber studs in the handle, enabling you

to exert more pressure. Stainless steel. Dishwasher safe.

Length 13 cm.

item no. 104455 £ 9.95

3 Replacement Blades for Scraper

item no. 104456 £ 4.50





Copper Pots and Pans from Mauviel

When it comes to heat conduction and heat distribution,

copper outweighs steel with the same

material thickness by a long shot. Hence it is the

ideal material for manufacturing pots and pans.

In their top product line, Mauviel manufactures

pots and pans with an inner stainless steel coating

rather than the widely accepted tin which is

prone to scratches and sensitive to heat. These

combine the advantages of steel and copper

pans. The result: optimal heat conduction, and

the inside of the pan is hard-wearing and yet

easy to clean. The material thickness is 2.5 mm

(0.1"). The handles are made of cast iron. This

family-owned company based in Normandy,

France, has been around since 1830 and is wellknown

among professionals and dedicated

hobby cooks for its high quality.

1 Copper Saucepan, 3.5 litres

20 cm, height 11 cm, overall length 39 cm,

weight 2.5 kg.

item no. 101948 £ 179.00

2 Copper Sauteuse, 3 litres

Diameter 24 cm, height 7 cm, overall length

45 cm, weight 2.7 kg.

item no. 101949 £ 179.00

3 Copper High-Sided Pan, 1.7 litres

Diameter 20 cm, height 8 cm, overall length

38.5 cm, weight 1.7 kg.

item no. 101950 £ 155.00

4 Copper Pan

Diameter 26 cm, overall length 48.5 cm, height

4 cm, weight 1.9 kg.

item no. 101951 £ 149.00

5 Copper Casserole with Lid, 6 Litres

Diameter 24 cm, height incl. lid 18.5 cm, weight

4.1 kg.

item no. 101952 £ 328.00

6 Copper Lid 20 cm

Diameter 20 cm, height 3 cm, weight 390 g.

item no. 101953 £ 38.00

7 Copper Lid 24 cm

24 cm, height 4 cm, weight 670 g.

item no. 101954 £ 65.00

8 Copper & Brass Polish

Town Talk Polish has been producing polishes

and cleansing agents in the English county of

Lancashire for more than 100 years. The polish is

applied with a cloth or sponge. Afterwards, the

metal surface is polished using a clean cloth. This

polish only works on untreated metal surfaces.

Contents 250 ml. (£ 3.56 / 100 ml)

item no. 102097 £ 8.90



1 Indispensable for Browning Meat: Lyonnaise Pans

These heavy-duty pans have a steel thickness of 2.5 to 3 mm which ensure

even heat distribution. Consequently, the pans are suitable for anywhere with

a high degree of heat, such as gas hobs, as well as other hobs, including induction.

The pan's surface is neither varnished nor enamelled which adds to the

high degree of heat retention. The handles are also made of steel, so that the

pans can also be put in the oven. De Buyer from France has over 170 years of

experience in metal working.

De Buyer Frying Pan "Lyonnaise" 24 cm

Length incl. handle 43 cm, base 17.5 cm, 1.33 kg.

item no. 101482 £ 19.90

De Buyer Frying Pan "Lyonnaise" 30 cm

Length incl. handle 53 cm, base diameter 22 cm,

2.37 kg.

item no. 101483 £ 29.90

2 De Buyer Blini Pan

Pan for making Russian blinis, small pancakes or

for a single fried egg. Length 24.5 cm, diameter

12 cm, height 2.5 cm, 400 g.

item no. 101917 £ 8.90



Cast-Iron Pans from Skeppshult

The rough and untreated surface of a cast-iron pan is ideal for browning or

frying. Our No. 1 choice for steaks. Due to the pans’ thickness (5.5 mm/0.2”)

cast iron is very good for an even distribution of heat as well as heat retention,

meaning that these pans are also ideal for slow cooking. Skeppshult from

Sweden uses sand moulds to form the cast iron pans before deburring them.

The base is then lathed so that the pans rest perfectly on top of the hob.

Suitable for all cooker types. These pans are not rustproof! Do not wash up

using detergent. Simply wash out using warm water. Then dry as normal and

rub in cooking oil periodically.

6 Skeppshult Griddle Pan

Diameter 28 cm, overall length 52 cm,

height 5 cm, weight 3.3 kg.

item no. 102402 £ 62.50

well chosen.



7 Skeppshult Frying Pan

Diameter 28 cm, overall length

52 cm, height 4 cm, weight 2.9 kg.

item no. 102403 £ 62.50

8 Casserole with Glass Lid

This stockpot is ideal for frying large chunks of meat or poultry before putting

everything in the oven to continue roasting or leaving to cook slowly on the

hob. With glass lid to enable viewing. This also encourages condensed water to

form on the lid, preventing meat from drying out and keeping vegetables tender.

Capacity: 5.5 l, diameter 33.5 cm, width incl. handles 39.5 cm, weight 5.8 kg.

item no. 102401 £ 108.00


9 Heavy-Duty Wok

The wok is the universal cooking utensil used for Asian

cuisine and is ideal for natural and healthy cooking.

Very little fat is required for cooking, and it retains the

original flavour of food. Just like our pans above, the

wok comes from the well-known provider of pans to

the catering industry, de Buyer. The 2 mm-thick steel

means that food can be browned, fried or roasted on a

high flame. There is an even distribution of heat thanks

to the thickness of the sides. The hole in the handle is

useful for hanging up the wok, and there is an additional

handle on the other side. Diameter 40 cm, base

12 cm, length incl. handles 70 cm, weight 2.7 kg.

item no. 101484 £ 48.00

3 De Buyer Fish Pan 36 x 26.5 cm

Overall length 59.5 cm, length 35.5 cm, width 26.5 cm, 2.2 kg.

item no. 101913 £ 35.90

4 De Buyer Crêpe Pan

With extra low profile. Overall length 28 cm, diameter 20 cm, profile 2.5 mm thick,

height 1.5 cm, 800 g.

item no. 101916 £ 12.90

5 2-Handle Frying Pans

Ideal for preparing paella and for slow cooking on a low heat. Can also be used as

a serving dish.

De Buyer 2-Handle Pan 28 cm

Width 34 cm, diameter 28 cm, height 4.5 cm, 1.9 kg.

item no. 101914 £ 25.90

De Buyer 2-Handle Pan 32 cm

Width 38.5 cm, diameter 32 cm, height 5.5 cm, 2.5 kg.

item no. 101915 £ 32.50



10 Splatter Screen

For covering pans and pots while in use. A lid also

stops the fat from spitting, but turns frying into

steaming. Stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. Diameter

33 cm, length incl. handle 51 cm, weight 200 g.

item no. 101887 £ 16.90






0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Tableware & Kitchenware







5 Spaghetti Measure

A useful kitchen utensil for measuring spaghetti quantities

for 1–4 persons. Stainless steel. Length 18 cm,

width 6 cm.

item no. 101903 £ 8.50


7 Pasta Set with Noodle Machine

Everything you need to make homemade pasta. Pasta

set comprising noodle-making machine for the pasta

dough plus an attachment to create tagliatelle/fettuccine

and one for spaghetti/lasagnette, as well as a rolling

pin and a mould for 36 ravioli.

item no. 100787 £ 108.00

Noodle-Making Machine (not shown)

For preparing pasta dough as well as tagliatelle or fettuccine

(long pasta between 2 and 6.5 mm wide).

Height excl. attachment 13 cm. Height of the tagliatelle/fettuccine

attachment 5 cm.

item no. 100259 £ 59.00

8 Noodle Drying Rack

Made of beech with 12 drying rods, each measuring

14.7 cm in length. Overall height 33 cm. Max. noodle

length 52 cm.

1 Parmesan Grater with Drawer

The case and the drawer of the cheese grater

are made of oiled beech wood. The grater itself

is made from stainless steel. It is removable and

can therefore also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

With catch for bracing against the edge of the

table. Width 13.5 cm, length 27.3 cm, height

8.3 cm. Size of the grater 11 x 26 cm (with

handle). Weight 720 g.

item no. 105854 £ 39.00

2 Parmesan and Hard Cheese Slicer

How do you grate Parmesan into very delicate

slices to serve with carpaccio or rocket salad?

This cheese slicer from Italy provides an excellent

solution to the problem. Cut into one of the

two wooden feet is a catch so that the grater

can be braced against the edge of the table.

Then you simply put a plate underneath, slice

and catch the thinnest slices of parmesan or

other hard cheese. Made of beech wood, metal

parts rustproof. Length 30 cm, width 10.7 cm,

height 10.3 cm, weight 720 g.

item no. 105856 £ 29.00

3 Wooden Parmesan Grater

Very functional, made from solid beech wood.

The cheese is grated fine by a cylindrical grater,

which is suitable for any hard cheese or for grating

toasted bread. Height 19.4 cm, width with

handle 22.5 cm, depth 14.2 cm, weight 1.1 kg.

Made in Italy.

item no. 105855 £ 49.00

4 Cheese Grater Stainless Steel

We are very happy to include this grater in our

collection after the manufacturers went back to

the drawing board and finally produced a version

with a stainless steel handle. This grater will

also safely grate smaller chunks of cheese. It can

be completely dismantled, meaning that it is

easy to clean. The materials used are all dishwasher

safe. Height 12.6 cm, diameter of the

rotary grater 4.3 cm. Weight 370 g.

item no. 100126 £ 39.90

6 Chitarra Pasta Cutter

The Chitarra (Italian for “guitar”) is a traditional

device from the Abruzzo used for making pasta.

It is made of a beech wood frame which is

stringed with thin, zinc-coated steel wires at

regular intervals. The pasta dough is laid across

the wires and then pushed through them with

the rolling pin attached – it works on the same

principle as an egg slicer. Pasta with a rectangular

profile and rough, porous surfaces is produced,

which absorbs sauces especially well and is

particularly suited to meat sauces. For spaghetti

and macaroni alla chitarra. As the chitarra is

stringed on two sides with different widths,

5mm-wide fettuccini or 2.5 mm-wide linguine

can be made. The tension of the wires can be readjusted

with two screws. Height 9 cm, width

22 cm, length 49 cm, weight 1.3 kg. Rolling pin

diameter 4 cm, length 34 cm.

item no. 105857 £ 39.00

item no. 100786 £ 20.90 8

1 3-piece Food Preparation Set

Set of 3 stainless steel trays which can be hooked together. Ideal for coating

items with breadcrumbs, marinating meat etc. Dishwasher safe. 5-year manufacturer’s

guarantee. Tray 22 x 14.5 cm.

item no. 102650 £ 38.90

2 Egg Separator

Separates egg yolks from egg whites without causing a mess, and the eggs can

be cracked open easily on the edge of the device. Brushed stainless steel.

Sturdy construction – typical of Funke. Dishwasher safe. Length 16.5 cm, for

containers with a Ø of 7–15 cm. Weight 70 g.

item no. 103120 £ 8.90



3 Ball Whisk: better than electric

High-quality whisk made from rustproof stainless steel

with a wire ball and a ceramic ball for maximum efficiency.

With little effort, light and airy beaten egg

whites or whipped cream can be produced. When it

comes to folding in air, the ball whisk is far superior to

traditional whisks and electric beaters. Easy to clean, as

both the wire and ceramic balls can be removed from the

whisk. Dishwasher safe. Length 31 cm, diameter 6 cm.

item no. 102305 £ 19.95

4 Turning Tongs

Ideal for turning food or meats – particularly medallions

and vegetables. Serves a multitude of uses in the kitchen.

Stainless steel, 5-year guarantee, dishwasher safe.

Length 30.5 cm.

item no. 103403 £ 8.90

6 Drainer Sieve

This large stainless steel sieve can be placed directly on top of the sink in order

to wash lettuce, vegetables or to strain spaghetti. The handles can be extended

so that the sieve fits on to a sink top up to 55 cm in diameter. Non-slip rubber

feet not only stop the sieve from moving about but protects your worktop

surface too. The body framework also means that you can put the sieve

down on a worktop surface rather than just in the sink. Stainless steel.

Dishwasher safe. Length (min.) 35 cm, Height 10.5 cm, depth 25.5 cm, weight

800 g.

item no. 101899 £ 32.90

7 Pan Strainer

Large handles mean that you can hold the

strainer on the top of the saucepan without

scalding yourself. The liquid drains away, and

the cooked items remain in the saucepan.

Stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. For pots up to

24 cm diameter, diameter 33.5 cm, height 1 cm,

weight 175 g.

item no. 101897 £ 16.90

well chosen.

3 4


5 Professional Quality Kitchen Sieves

These sieves also come from Funke, Germany, and come in four sizes with heavy-duty

mesh. Dishwasher safe and made of stainless steel. Manufacturer’s 3-year guarantee.

Sieve 75 mm

Also useful as a tea strainer, length 18 cm,

height 3 cm, 40 g.

item no. 101876 £ 9.50

Sieve 120 mm

Length 30 cm, height 5 cm, 180 g.

item no. 101877 £ 15.50

7 8

Sieve 190 mm

Length 40 cm, height 7 cm, 270 g.

item no. 101878 £ 23.50

Sieve 230 mm

Length 44 cm, height 9 cm, 320 g.

item no. 101879 £ 28.90

8 Stainless Steel Sieve Insert

Lay the insert in a bowl and put food on top. Excess

liquid and condensation drops into the base of the

bowl. 18/10 stainless steel, dishwasher safe, 5-year

guarantee, diameter 5 cm.

item no. 103404 £ 10.95





www.torquato.co.uk Tableware & Kitchenware


5 The Good Old Box Grater

Vertical grater in stainless steel with interior reinforcing

frame. Four different graters for grating and slicing

cheese, vegetables, potatoes and e.g cucumbers.

The grater has a sturdy round grip at the top.

Height 23.8 cm, base area 10.8 x 8.2 cm. Manufacturer:

Funke Bros., Germany.

item no. 105176 £ 19.90

6 Apple Corer & Divider

Core and slice the fruit into 10 even segments in one

go. Spot-welded rustproof stainless steel cutters.

Handles made of coated aluminium. Dishwasher

safe. 17 x 4 cm.

item no. 102765 £ 10.90


3 4 2

3 Avocado Slicer

A handy little tool for hollowing out an avocado half

and cutting it into serving slices at the same time.

Stainless steel, Santoprene handle. Dishwasher safe.

Length 18 cm, width 6.5 cm, weight 85 g.

item no. 101984 £ 22.90

4 Citrus Squeezer

Large stainless steel citrus fruit squeezer. Height 10 cm,

Ø 12 cm, width 17 cm, weight 250 g.

item no. 101896 £ 24.90


10 Giant Granite Mortar & Pestle

A large and heavy mortar which has been carved out of

granite. The heavy weight of 6.5 kg makes the mortar a

sturdy kitchen utensil. Spices, herbs and nuts can be

crushed on the rough surface, allowing the flavour to

unfold. The 700 ml capacity means that large quantities

of food can be accommodated, such as e.g. pesto alla

genovese. Contents includes granite pestle. Height

11 cm, diameter 21 cm.

item no. 104069 £ 39.90

11 Olive Wood Cooking Utensils

Objects made of olive wood give off a wonderful scent

and are very robust. Our cooking spoons are flattened

off at the end of the handle to stop the spoon from rolling

of the edge of a saucepan. Not dishwasher safe.

Cooking Spoon 30 cm item no. 102181 £ 13.95

Cooking Spoon 26 cm item no. 102180 £ 11.95

Cooking Spoon 20 cm item no. 102179 £ 8.95

Olive Wood Spatula item no. 102182 £ 7.95

1 Stainless Steel Salad Spinner

The spinner works on a cord pull mechanism which alternatively spins from left

to right and vice versa. This whisks away every last droplet of water from green

salads and is better than a device which spins in only one direction. The cord is

pulled by means of a rubber ring, which can otherwise be attached to the lid.

Everything can be taken apart to clean (dishwasher safe). A lid-tight cover

means that you can also store the prepared salad afterwards. Stainless steel lid

and bowl, insert made from polypropylene which is highly recommended with

foodstuffs. 5-year guarantee. Contents 3.25 l. Diameter 24.5 cm, height 15 cm,

weight 1.14 kg.

item no. 101372 £ 65.00




2 Multi-Purpose Opener

An indispensable little kitchen gadget for opening

screw lids up to 6.5 cm in diameter, crown

caps, screw-top bottles and tins of condensed

milk. Stainless steel. Length 16 cm.

item no. 104457 £ 12.50

7 Egg Slicer

Egg slicer with an ergonomically shaped handle

for both round and oval slices. Coated aluminium.

Individually strung cutting wires made

of rustproof stainless steel. Dishwasher safe.

8 x 13.5 cm.

item no. 102768 £ 8.90

8 Stainless Steel Egg Piercer

The marvellous thing about this kitchen gadget

is that it is made entirely of stainless steel. Hence

unbreakable, hygienic, and it always looks good.

Diameter 5.5 cm, height 3.5 cm. Casing is polished

stainless steel and base is brushed.

Dishwasher safe.

item no. 101173 £ 7.50

9 Meat Thermometer

The long probe is inserted directly into the roast.

Then simply read the temperature for different

types of meat to prevent overcooking.

Diameter 7 cm, length of probe 8.5 cm.

item no. 102398 £ 19.90

6 8 9


Cuisipro: No need to grate, these devices cut!

The blade technology of these kitchen items

has been taken from bark-stripping machines

used in the Canadian forest industry. The

blades are photo-etched rather than stamped

like most grating blades, thus cutting through

food rather than shredding it. The blades

remain sharp. Stainless steel with non-slip pad

on end for grating ease. Length 33 cm, width

7.5 cm, weight 160 g. Dishwasher safe.

1 Cuisipro 2-way Grater

Cuts cheese and vegetables with both up and

down movements. Ideal for cheese, cabbage

and root vegetables.

item no. 102653 £ 29.95

2 Cuisipro Fine Grater

Used for grating citrus fruit peel or nutmeg.

Dishwasher safe. Length 33 cm, width 7.5 cm,

weight 160 g.

item no. 102654 £ 29.95

well chosen.

Zwilling Kitchen Shears

The original Zwilling kitchen gadget was first presented by the company

Zwilling J.A. Henckels in 1938 and still sets the standard even today as a result

of its outstanding quality. The forged metal parts are made of ice-tempered,

rustproof special steel. A micro-serrated edge means that the scissors have a

good grip. The scissors are also useful for cutting paper, foil, cardboard,

flowers, cord etc., for opening bottle tops and screw tops. The shears can be

adjusted and retightened. Length 20 cm, width 6.5 cm, weight 140 g.

6 Matt-finished stainless steel handles

item no. 101491 £ 79.50


1 2


4 Pineapple Slicer

Effortlessly gets the flesh out of the pineapple, leaving

the husk behind. After cutting off the head of the

pineapple, the device is twisted into the flesh like a

corkscrew and then pulled out again. This way, you get

a pineapple spiral (diameter 8.5 cm) with no core, which

can then be served as desired. Dishwasher safe, 18/10

stainless steel slicer with removable plastic handle. For

medium-size pineapples (1.25 to 2.5 kg). Height 14 cm.

item no. 106908 £ 19.90

7 Black lacquered handles

item no. 101976 £ 44.50

8 Walnut Chopping Board

Chopping boards made of solid, bonded and oiled walnut wood. On the

underside there are two semi-circular grips milled in to the wood. Small silicone

feet prevent it from slipping. Walnut wood is a much sought-after precious

wood which can only be gathered when fruit trees are felled. The wood

is very durable, fine-grained, medium-hard and medium-heavy.

35 x 25 cm, weight 1.75 kg. item no. 105852 £ 49.00

45 x 30 cm, weight 2.8 kg. item no. 105853 £ 69.00

3 Cuisipro Parmesan Grater

The special thing about this parmesan grater is its rotating drum: it’s not made up

of a metal roller with holes punched in, as is common with other products, but a thin

steel sheet which has tiny blades cut into it in a chemical process. The result is

gloriously powdery parmesan. The grater can also be used to grate chocolate. It can

be completely taken apart for cleaning and is dishwasher safe. The handle and lever

have a non-slip layer; the rest of the device is finished in satinised polycarbonate.

Height 9 cm, width with handle 13.8 cm, length 17.5 cm, weight 190 g.

item no. 106869 £ 34.95



5 Royal VKB Garlic Crusher

Conventional garlic presses press out the garlic. The

remainder, with its juice extracted, stays in the press

and is usually discarded. The garlic crusher crushes the

garlic with a simple rolling motion. Crushed in this

way, the garlic develops a particularly intense flavour.

The garlic crusher can then be washed under running

water. As it is made entirely of stainless steel, it works

like stainless steel soap and removes garlic odour

from the hands. Diameter 3.6 cm, width 18 cm,

weight 300 g.

item no. 106873 £ 16.90







0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Tableware & Kitchenware


10 Original Güde Knife Block Set

Includes sharpening steel, meat fork, bread knife, 21 cm chef’s knife, carving knife,

fillet knife, paring knife and peeling knife. Save £ 144.00 off individual prices!

item no. 100274 £ 499.00

Güde Knife Block (not shown)

item no. 100269 £ 65.00

15 Town Talk Orange Oil Wax

Town Talk Polish has been producing polishes and

cleansing agents for more than 100 years. This nourishing

wax is made from beeswax, carnauba wax as

well as oil taken from orange zest. It preserves

untreated wooden surfaces, such as chopping boards,

wooden bowls or tables and infuses them with a

refreshing smell of freshly peeled oranges. Contents

150 g.

item no. 102096 £ 11.50 (£ 7.67 / 100 g)



Beech Wood Chopping Boards

We have selected four different boards of oiled beech wood for you, in different

dimensions and for different purposes.

11 Chopping Board 50 x 40 cm

With lateral canals for collecting juices and recessed ends. Made of particularly

sturdy end grain beech wood. Extremely useful as a board for carving roasts

or poultry. Height 50 mm, weight 7 kg.

item no. 101342 £ 62.00













Solid Steel Knives from Franz Güde, Solingen

These exceptional knives are each forged using

a complete piece of chrome vanadium molybdenum

steel. Rustproof, ice-tempered, sharpened

by hand, dishwasher safe. As a result of the

net weight, these knives have a firm grip and cut

easily. The slight bulge at the end of the handle

give the knives a non-slip grip, an important

feature and an absolute must for any professional


1 Güde Sharpening Steel

Length 32 cm, weight 436 g.

item no. 100268 £ 78.00

2 Güde Meat Fork

The meat fork is used for turning over large

pieces of meat in a pan or as a carving set when

used together with the carving knife. The long,

conical-shaped prongs penetrate easily into

meat. Length 27 cm, weight 260 cm.

item no. 100267 £ 72.00

3 Güde Bread Knife solid steel

Bread knives have a relatively long and serrated

edge in order to cut into a fresh loaf. The advantage

of the length is that the hard crust is torn

open, while the soft centre is cut into slices.

Length 31.5 cm, blade 20 cm, weight 280 g.

item no. 100265 £ 85.00

4 Güde Chef’s Knife 21 cm blade

Cuts raw meat, fish and vegetables. The heavy

blade of a chef’s knife is great for chopping

herbs or cutting up onions. Length 31.5 cm,

blade 21 cm. Weight 304 g.

item no. 100266 £ 98.00

5 Güde Chef’s Knife 16 cm blade

Length 27.5 cm, weight 270 g.

item no. 101493 £ 88.00

6 Güde Carving Knife

As the name suggests, the carving knife is used

for carving raw and cooked meats. The meat

fibres are not torn apart by this knife and a roast

does not lose much of its own natural juices.

Length 31.5 cm, blade 21 cm. Weight 270 g.

item no. 100264 £ 75.00

7 Güde Fillet Knife

This knife is a real gem to fillet and moves easily

along the backbone and under the skin of fish

as well as preparing veal. The fillet knife has a

flexible blade which cuts away fat and tendons

from a piece of meat very easily. Length 26.5 cm,

blade 16 cm. Weight 230 g.

item no. 100263 £ 72.00

8 Güde Paring Knife

For preparing vegetables and onions or cutting

boned meat. Length 20.5 cm, blade 10 cm.

Weight 118 g.

item no. 100262 £ 49.00

9 Güde Peeling Knife

Length 17.5 cm, blade 7 cm. Weight 110 g.

item no. 100261 £ 49.00

12 Chopping Board with Knife Drawer

Oiled beech chopping board with lateral channels.

The built-in drawer can hold a knife measuring

up to 36 x 5 cm, 2 knives up to 36 x 3.5 cm

and 2 knives up to 25.5 x 3 cm. Just turn the

handle to lock the drawer. It has been made in

such a way to ensure that the drawer cannot be

pulled out completely. With bottom plastic runners.

Length 42.5 cm, width 30.5 cm, height

5.5 cm. Weight 3.8 kg.

item no. 101339 £ 68.00

13 Chopping Board w. Collect. Rim 40 x 30 cm

Made of beech. With lateral channels for collecting

juices and recessed ends. Height 37 mm,

weight 2.6 kg. For carving roasts or cutting bread.

item no. 101341 £ 24.95

14 Wooden Chopping Board 35 x 23 cm

Made of beech wood. Smooth surface. For cutting

bread or ham, or also useful as a cheese

board. Height 18 mm, weight 1.1 kg.

item no. 101340 £ 9.90

well chosen.

KAI Shun Damascus Steel Knives

High-quality Japanese knives are harder than

similar European ones and can therefore be

ground to a more acute angle. For this reason,

the Japanese knives are also thinner. Because

they are thinner and ground to a smaller angle,

they glide easily through produce. Damascus

steel is forged in several layers laid over one

another. The various layers are can be seen in

the finished blade as a type of grain. This production

method is not for decorative purposes.

The outer, softer layers are forged around a

particularly hard centre and the finished blade

is therefore flexible and suitable for all purposes.

These kitchen knives from the Shun range

by the leading Japanese cutler KAI are made

from Damascus steel with 32 layers. The inner

layer is made of V-Gold-10 steel. This steel is

extremely resistant to corrosion, very hard (61±

1 HRC, 1.0% carbon, 1.5% cobalt) and makes

the blade uniquely sharp and retains the sharpness

of the blade. Every knife is hand-ground.

The techniques used come from the Japanese

Samurai art of sword making. The handles are

made from laminated Pakka wood with a light

cross section for a safe grip. The blade is anchored

within the handle along its whole

length, which allows for a high level of stability

and control when cutting.

1 KAI Chef's Knife 25 cm

For cleaning, cutting and chopping cabbage,

vegetables and herbs. Length 37 cm, length of

blade 25 cm, weight 250 g.

item no. 105759 £ 191.00

2 KAI Ham Slicer

For even and gentle slicing of raw and cooked

meat, roasts and hams, even in thin slices. Length

36 cm, length of blade 22.8 cm, weight 190 g.

item no. 105757 £ 159.00

3 KAI Santoku Knife

The Japanese all-purpose chef's knife. Santoku

means the knife of three virtues, which means

it is equally suitable for fish, meat and vegetables.

Length 31.1 cm, length of blade 17.4 cm,

weight 210 g.

item no. 105755 £ 165,00

4 KAI Scalloped Santoku Knife

The scalloped edge helps to reduce the friction

between the blade and produce by creating an

air cushion. The produce is therefore less likely

to stick to the blade. Length 31.1 cm, length of

blade 17.4 cm, weight 210 g.

item no. 105756 £ 169,00

5 KAI Chef's Knife 15 cm

For cleaning, cutting and chopping cabbage,

vegetables and herbs. Length 26.5 cm, length

of blade 15 cm, weight 135 g.

item no. 105758 £ 159,00

6 KAI All-purpose Knife 15 cm

For preparing all types of vegetables. The allpurpose

knife was designed specially for cutting

decorative ornaments from vegetables. Length

26.5 cm, length of blade 15 cm, weight 85 g.

item no. 105754 £ 105,00

7 KAI All-purpose Knife

For peeling, cutting, cleaning and garnishing

fruit and vegetables, for preparing meat by

removing fat and sinews or by studding. Length

20.3 cm, length of blade 9 cm, weight 65 g.

item no. 105753 £ 95,00

11 Magnetic Bar

This magnetic metal bar can be used for storing

knives or any other suitable kitchen utensils

made of metal. Two strong magnetic bars have

been built into the stainless steel frame. Length

35.5 cm, height 6 cm, depth 1.3 cm; screws and

dowels included. Manufacturer’s 5-year guarantee.

item no. 101890 £ 19.90








8 KAI Knife Grinder

Two ceramically bound grindstones with a different

grain on a rubber block. Course grain 300 grit, fine

grain 1000 grit. Respective dimensions: height 1.5 cm,

width 6.3 cm, length 18.1 cm. Total weight 820 g.

item no. 105760 £ 62,00

10 Steel Safety Glove

The glove is made of stainless steel mesh and offers ultimate

cut and puncture protection. In butcher’s shops or

meat processing factories workers often cover the entire

arm or upper part of the body with the same material

as used for this safety glove. The glove conforms to

the EU Directive on food hygiene. Universal size, the

width of the cuff is adjustable. Suitable for both righthanded

and left-handed users. Weight 190 g.

item no. 103846 £ 112.50

8 9


9 KAI Oak Drawer Inset

Drawer inlay made of solid oak for up to 5 KAI knives.

Ideal for all knives with a blade length of up to 36 cm.

Handle tray made from a matt aglet. Anti-slip silicone

feet. Height 6.3 cm, width 16.1 cm, length 42.2 cm,

weight 2.2 kg.

item no. 105761 £ 139.00




www.torquato.co.uk Tableware & Kitchenware

1 2

1 Weylux Traditional Scales

For enthusiastic cooks and a highlight in any kitchen.

Weylux scales have been manufactured in

England since 1862. The casing is made of solid

cast aluminium, the bearings, pivots and other

parts are made of stainless steel. For weighing

out items, weights are put on to the scale and

the food item is gradually placed in the pan

until the weight has been reached and the food

item and weight are balanced. The weights are

graduated in 5 g. Stainless steel weighing pan,

28 x 18 cm. Made in Great Britain. Width 32.5

cm, depth 28.6 cm, height 17 cm, weight 2 kg.

item no. 102222 £ 118.00

2 Set of Weylux Weights

Set of solid brass or cast iron weights. Comprises

1 x 500, 100, 50, 10 and 5 g, 2 x 200 g and 2 x

20 g. Total weight 1 kg.

item no. 102223 £ 19.50

item no. 101862 £ 29.95

3 4

5 7


3 Salter Kitchen Scales

Body and pan are made of polished stainless steel.

Display in both kg and British pounds and ounces.

Large, readable scale with 15 cm. 25 g sensitivity. 5 kg

capacity. Very sturdy steel mechanism. Non-slip feet.

Size: width 18 cm x depth 14 cm x height 28 cm incl.

weighing pan diameter of the weighing pan 23 cm.

Total weight 1.8 kg. Comes with manufacturer’s 10-year


item no. 101861 £ 49.95

4 Salter Digital Kitchen Scales

An attractive electronic scale from Salter, the English

manufacturer of scales. The device has an automatic

zero and shut-off, add and weigh facility and a display

for insufficient battery voltage. Comes with one longlife

lithium battery. 2g sensitivity (5 g as from 2 kg).

Capacity up to 5 kg. Height 2 cm, size 19 x 19 cm, weight

560 g. 10-year guarantee.

5 Wall Clock with Egg Timer

The body of this kitchen wall clock is made of solid cast

aluminium. The Swiss clock mechanism is powered by

batteries (1 x AA battery, not included). The quality of

the mechanical timer is just as good as any other cast

aluminium egg timer. It is held in place by a magnet,

but can also be taken out if required. Height 25.5 cm,

width 19 cm, diameter clock 19 cm, diameter timer

6 cm, total weight 1.1 kg.

item no. 101800 £ 79.90

7 “Egg Perfect” Egg Timer

This timer made of acrylic glass absorbs the heat just

like a real chicken’s egg. That is the reason why “Egg

Perfect” works irrespective of the temperature outside

and the number of eggs or the water. A colour-changing

sensor inside shows the heat by changing colour

between a bright red and a dark chestnut brown.

item no. 103124 £ 8.90

8 Dual Timer

Generally, cooking times are different for different

items on the menu. This dual timer will enable you to

keep your eyes on both. The product is made of cast

aluminium, one 60-minute and one 20-minute timer.

Size: 6 x 12 x 7 cm, weight 360 g.

item no. 103115 £ 35.90

9 Aluminium Timer

Designed just like a road cruiser from the 50s. A mechanical

timer made in Sweden with a precision clock

mechanism from Switzerland. 8.3 x 10.5 x 5.3 cm.

item no. 100691 £ 25.00


6 Digital Kitchen Timer

The timer counts down from the required set

time from up to 99 minutes. The previously set

time is suggested by the timer the next time it is

used. It also has a stopwatch function with interims.

Requires a 1.5 V AAA battery (included).

Housing in polished aluminium. Height 6 cm,

breadth 8 cm, depth 7 cm, weight 265 g. From


item no. 105355 £ 27.50


well chosen.

1 Margrete Bowl

A design classic from Denmark

These mixing bowls were designed in 1950 by

industrial designer Sigvard Bernadotte, the

uncle of the Danish queen Margrethe, and the

architect Acton Bjørn. Melamine receptacles

from Rosti enjoyed great popularity from the

50s to the 70s and today are considered

modern classics. The Museum of Modern Art in

New York has examples in its permanent collection.

In 1997, the Danish post office brought

out a stamp in honour of the Margrethe bowls.

Melamine is a plastic made of cellulose and

rock flour. The bowls have a non-slip rubber

ring on the underside.

Melamine Mixing Jug, 1 litre £ 9.80

Height: 16.5 cm, diameter 10.3 cm, weight 290 g.

White item no. 102693 Black item no. 106772

Red item no. 103709

Melamine Mixing Bowl, 3 litres £ 12.80

Height 13 cm, diameter 21.5 cm, weight 540 g.

White item no. 102691 Black item no. 106773

Red item no. 103707

Melamine Mixing Bowl, 4 litres £ 14.90

Heigh 13.5 cm, diameter 24 cm, weight 730 g.

White item no. 102692 Black item no. 106774

Red item no. 103708

Melamine Mixing Bowl, 5 litres £ 16.90

Height 14.2 cm, diameter 24,2 cm, weight 820 g.

White item no. 106770 Black item no. 106769

Red item no. 106771


2 Lid for Mixing Bowls

The lid hermetically seals the Margrethe mixing bowls,

even at the handle and spout. Odours do not dissipate

and food does not dry out. Made of transparent polyethylene

plastic. Not dishwasher safe.

Lid for Mixing Jug item no. 106778 £ 1.90

Lid for Bowl 3 l item no. 106775 £ 2.50

Lid for Bowl 4 l item no. 106776 £ 2.90

Lid for Bowl 5 l item no. 106777 £ 3.50


3 Margrethe Cooking spoons

Like the Margrethe mixing bowls, they are made of melamine and so are just as

robust. The great advantage of these spoons over wooden ones is that they are dishwasher

safe up to 180 °C, have a totally neutral taste and do not absorb moisture.

Pointed Cooking Spoon: Length 29.5 cm, weight 38 g. £ 2.95

Black item no. 106760 White item no. 106761 Red item no. 106762

Melamine Cooking Spoon with Hole: Length 30.5 cm, weight 42 g. £ 2.95

Black item no. 106766 White item no. 106767 Red item no. 106768

Round Cooking Spoon: Length 27 cm, wight 32 g. £ 2.95

Black item no. 106763 White item no. 106764 Red item no. 106765

4 Melamine Egg-Yolk Separator

Works according to a simple, but safe principle: carefully

pour in the whole contents of a cracked egg; the yolk

lands in a small bowl, while all the egg white drips

down over the edge. The egg yolk separator should be

affixed to the edge of a Margrethe mixing bowl for best

results. White melamine. Width 5.5 cm, length 10 cm.

item no. 106779 £ 3.95

5 Flat-Edge Wooden Spoon

There is nothing that can’t be improved – thanks to its

characteristic form, this spoon made of maple wood is

perfect for scraping the bottom and sides of pots. It can

also be used like a spatula for sautéing strips of meat.

Width 6 cm, length 27 cm, weight 36 g.

item no. 105764 £ 6.50

6 Twirled Egg Beater

Egg beater made of rustproof stainless steel. The wire

mesh is covered with a thread-like twirled silicone layer.

The silicone covering increases the level of friction

when beating eggs, which means the desired result is

achieved more quickly. Heat resistant up to 300 °C and

safe to use with kitchen utensils, thanks to the silicone

covering. With hook to hang up. Length 33.5 cm,

weight 150 g.

item no. 105763 £ 24.95







0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Tableware & Kitchenware

2 Storage Jars from Anchor Hocking

Storage jars made from robust glass. With the plastic seal, the contents are hermetically

sealed. Its square base means optimum use of space is achieved. The jars are

stackable, and the four different sizes available can be combined with each other

as you wish. Base 10.8 x 10.8 cm. Made in Ohio, USA.

0.9 litres, height 12.5 cm,

weight 930 g.

item no. 100846 £ 9,90

1.4 litres, height 18.5 cm,

weight 1.2 kg.

item no. 100847 £ 12.90

1.9 litres, height 23 cm,

weight 1.4 kg.

item no. 100848 £ 14.90

2.5 litres, height 30 cm,

weight 1.8 kg.

item no. 100849 £ 19.90



1 Aluminium Storage Jars

These storage jars are found in most Italian households. They are made of a

single piece of aluminium and thus are light, rustproof and unbreakable.

Although it cannot be said that the glass version with aluminium lid is unbreakable,

it has the advantage of being able to see the contents inside. Thanks to

a plastic seal the glass storage jars are virtually airtight.

Capacity/ml Ø/cm Height/cm Weight/g Item no. £

matt small 750 11.0 18.0 145 101412 10.90

matt large 1.750 13.8 21.0 230 101413 16.90

shiny small 750 11.8 18.0 145 101414 15.90

shiny large 1.750 13.8 21.0 230 101415 22.90

glass small 750 11.0 16.0 310 101416 11.90

glass large 1.000 11.0 19.0 390 101417 13.90

3 Stainless Steel Storage Box

These stainless steel storage containers were created for use in bars and restaurants.

The high quality of the material used means that it does not smell of

the food it has been storing and is easy to clean. Small or large amounts of

leftovers can be stored in the four differently sized containers. As a result of

the square shape and the slight indent in the lid, the containers can be stored

efficiently in the refrigerator. Stainless steel. Made in Italy.

Capacity 0.5 litre

Size: 9.5 x 9.5 x 6 cm,

weight 120 g.

item no. 100905 £ 16.50

Capacity 1 litre

Size: 19.5 x 9.5 x 6 cm,

weight 240 g.

item no. 100906 £ 22.50

Capacity 2 litre

Size: 19.5 x 19.5 x 6 cm,

weight 430 g.

item no. 100907 £ 29.90

Capacity 3 litre

Size: 29.5 x 19.5 x 6 cm,

weight 800 g.

item no. 100908 £ 54.90

4 Stackable Fruit & Vegetable Box

The slatted base enables air to circulate around the fruit, potatoes etc. in order

to prevent these items becoming mouldy. The front side is only half the height

of the back in order to be able to get at the stored items and to take a look

inside from time to time. Boxes have a built-in groove on the sides so they can

be stacked easily. Height 16 cm, width 33 cm, depth 50 cm. Weight 2.8 kg.

Beech wood. Made in Germany.

item no. 103163 £ 26.00

5 Porcelain Refrigerator Bottle

This bottle is easy to store inside the fridge door thanks

to its slim shape. The rubber seal on the porcelain stopper

prevents the contents from absorbing the typical

fridge- like smell. The porcelain insulates the contents,

meaning that it stays cooler for longer when taken out

of the fridge. Ideal for juices, milk etc. Height 23.5 cm,

size 10 x 10 cm, capacity 1.2 l, weight 880 g. Made in


item no. 100954 £ 48.00

4 5


The Charlotte Watson Storage Jar Collection

“For all culinary purposes”. With their black

lettering on cream-coloured glaze, these jars

evoke country life in England at the end of the

19th century. Capacity ranges from 0.8 l to 1.6 l

(biscuits and flour). Black varnished lid made of

beech with a rubber lip. Lead-free glaze.

Dishwasher safe (except lid). Size 12 x 12 cm,

height 14–19 cm (biscuits and flour), weight

790 g–900 g.

1 Biscuit Jar item no. 100405 £ 30.90

2 Flour Jar item no. 100403 £ 30.90

3 Jar for Kitchen Utensils

Height: 16 cm, diameter of neck 9 cm,

weight 640 g. item no. 100409 £ 19.95

4 Salt Pig

Size: 13.5 x 10 cm, height 18 cm,

weight 730 g. item no. 100399 £ 25.90

5 Coffee Jar item no. 101575 £ 19.95

6 Tea Jar item no. 101574 £ 19.95

7 Sugar Jar item no. 101576 £ 19.95

8 Charlotte Watson Garlic Pot

Height: 13 cm, 10.5 x 10.5 cm,

weight 600 g. item no. 101959 £ 19.95

9 Charlotte Watson Spaghetti Jar

Height: 33 cm, 10.5 x 10.5 cm,

weight 1.4 kg. item no. 100408 £ 39.95




13 For serving home-made jam at the table

Preserve Jar with Lid

This jar is ideal for foods which are eaten at the

table, e.g. jam, cinnamon sugar, mustard or

chutney. It can be kept in the pantry or refrigerator

with its food-safe plastic lid on. Made in

France. Volume 500 ml. Height 9.7 cm, diameter

9.8 cm, weight 300 g.

item no. 105316 £ 3.90

well chosen.

14 Glass Refrigerator Jars from Anchor Hocking

These stackable storage containers are produced

in Ohio in a 1930s style. The thick glass is

very sturdy and keeps food cool for a while

even after being taken out of the fridge. In

addition, glass is better to clean than any other

material and does not get that fridge-like

smell. Height with lid: 9 cm each. Dishwasher

safe. Hurry, while stocks last!


1 2 3 4


6 7 8

10 Charlotte Watson Butter Dish

Length 14.5 cm, width 11 cm, height 9.5 cm. 530 g.

item no. 101577 £ 22.90

11 Henry Watson Butter Dish

The butter is kept cool thanks to evaporative cooling.

Just the right thing for breakfast in the summer sun.

Length 13.2 cm, width 10 cm, height 9 cm. 530 g.

item no. 100398 £ 38.50

12 Charlotte Watson Toast Rack

Height 7 cm, width 14.5 cm, depth 8.5 cm. 460 g.

item no. 101958 £ 24.95

13 13

Large Storage Container (1/1)

Capacity 2.8 l, 21.5 x 21.5 cm, weight 2.62 kg.

item no. 101544 £ 24.00

Medium Storage Container (1/2)

Capacity 1.2 l, 21.5 x 11.4 cm, weight 1.33 kg.

item no. 101545 £ 19.50

Small Storage Container (1/4)

Capacity 530 ml, 11.4 x 11.4 cm, weight 760 g.

item no. 101546 £ 18.00


15 Jena Glass Storage Jars

These storage jars in heatproof borosilicate glass are

stackable and close to keep the aromas in, with their

silicone seal in the stainless steel lid. The non-porous

glass is guaranteed to remain odour-neutral. After use,

just wash once in the dishwasher and then fill with

something completely different – the jar will maintain

its odour-neutrality every time.

Large Jar

Capacity 1.4 litres, height 18.5 cm, diameter 11 cm.

item no. 105185 £ 14.95

Medium Jar

Capacity 0.9 litres, height 12 cm, diameter 11 cm.

item no. 105184 £ 12.95

Small Jar

Capacity 0.5 litres, height 7 cm, 11 cm.

item no. 105183 £ 9.95

Large Spice Jar

Capacity 400 ml, height 11 cm, 9 cm.

item no. 105182 £ 12.95

2 Small Spice Jars

Capacity 200 ml, neight 5.5 cm, 9 cm.

item no. 105181 £ 19.90

16 Olive Oil Storage Jar

This container is just the thing for storing larger quantities

of fluids. Besides olive oil – which is the item

stored most of all in this container in Italy – it is used

for storing homemade vinegar or syrup. Made of

stainless steel which is ideal for storage and is hygienic.

Screw-top opening, diameter 13 cm, height 21.5

cm, width 26 cm, depth 27.5 cm, diameter 23 cm,

weight 1.4 kg. Made in Italy by Sansone from Lecce.

item no. 102093 £ 89.00





www.torquato.co.uk House & Home

3 Bussolari Magazine Rack

Interior measurements of each compartment: height 24 cm, width 32.5 cm, depth

10.5 cm. Exterior measurements: height 25 cm, width 35 cm, depth 25 cm, weight

3.8 kg.

White item no. 104304 £ 148.00

Red item no. 104305 £ 148.00

Black item no. 105722 £ 148.00

4 Burl Wood Photo Frames

These high-quality frames are made completely out of wood. In front, the frame is

veneered with burl wood and varnished with a high-gloss lacquer. The back plate

with spring cap closure and stand is also made of wood. As with the other frames,

they can be displayed either in landscape or portrait format. Made in France.

For photos measuring 10 x 15 cm item no. 104369 £ 24.90

For photos measuring 13 x 18 cm item no. 104370 £ 28.90




Bussolari – high-quality lacquered furniture from Italy

Our supplier in Bologna used to be a photo frame manufacturer – probably

one of the best in Italy. The company also produces furniture in top-quality

fibre materials, which are ground, primed and varnished with a high-gloss lacquer

in several complex processing steps.

1 Bussolari Side Tables

Set of two side tables. The smaller one is a complete square and stands on a

small base. Large table measures: height 51 cm, width 46 cm, depth 28 cm,

weight 4.8 kg. Small table measures: height 41 cm, width 37 cm, depth 28 cm,

weight 4.8 kg.

White item no. 104302 £ 298.00

Red item no. 104303 £ 298.00

Black item no. 105721 £ 298.00

2 Bussolari Wall Shelves

Shelves for wall mounting, but can also stand on an even floor. Highly decorative.

Frequently used for storing CDs. Shelves at 15 cm intervals. Height 102 cm,

width 30 cm, depth 18 cm, weight 10.2 kg.

White item no. 104300 £ 239.00

Red item no. 104301 £ 239.00

Black item no. 105720 £ 239.00

5 Burl Wood Photo Boxes

Boxes for business cards, cufflinks, stiffeners, jewellery, etc. Veneered on the

outside with burl wood with a high-gloss finish. Lined on the inside with brown

velour. Photos can be placed behind the glass inside the hinged lid from


For photos 10 x 15 cm. Dimensions 4.5 x 13 x 18 cm. Depth inside 2.3 cm.

item no. 105744 £ 69.90

For photos 13 x 18 cm. Dimensions 4.5 x 16 x 21 cm. Depth inside 2.3 cm.

item no. 105745 £ 79.90



1 Glossy White Coffee Table Set

Simple and elegant coffee table with two small additional tables. Made from

steam-bent laminated wood (birch, lime and poplar) with white high-gloss

finish. The two smaller tables double the amount of table surface. When not

in use, they can be stored out of sight under the large table.

Table size 1: Height 36 cm, width 50 cm, length 90 cm, weight 6.4 kg.

Table size 2: Height 32 cm, width 36 cm, length 40 cm, weight 2.3 kg.

item no. 106813 £ 289.00

well chosen.

4 5

Lap Tray

This lap tray can be used as a portable table for eating on the sofa, working

on a laptop or for breakfast in bed. The cotton cushion is filled with granules

that fits around the shape of the legs and holds the tray in place. The tray features

a shallow raised border around the sides and a depression for keeping a

glass or cup of tea steady. The cushion is stuck to the tray with Velcro, so it can

be removed for washing (washable to 40 °C, the cushion should be unzipped

and the filling removed before washing). Tray made of lacquered willow

wood. Height 7 cm, width 46 cm, depth 38 cm, weight 940 g. Made in Sweden.

3 White / Natural item no. 106456 £ 49.00

4 Black / Black item no. 106455 £ 49.00

5 White / Red item no. 106454 £ 49.00



7 Pizzo Occasional Table

A small occasional table in a modern classical design

made from a square, matt enamelled steel frame with a

stained oak tabletop which can be removed. Height

52 cm, size 40 x 40 cm. Weight of top 2.3 kg.

item no. 105835 £ 225.00

2 White Club Coffee Table

A coffee table with a simple, modest shape which catches the eye with its solid,

thick-walled construction and the high-gloss white finish. Made entirely from solid

MDF. Height 40 cm, width 60 cm, length 120 cm. Weight 34 kg.

item no. 106814 £ 349.00

6 "Change It" Photo Trays

Board with inlaid acrylic glass plate. Under the plate there is space for a photo, an

invitation, drawings, postcards or other paper keepsakes up to A4 size. Through a

hole in the bottom of the tray, the tightly fitting plate can be taken out easily. Made

of lacquered MDF. Height 5 cm, width 23 cm, length 32 cm.

White item no. 105959 £ 25.00

Black item no. 105957 £ 25.00

Red item no. 105958 £ 25.00






0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline House & Home


7 8






6 Gilroy Companions Paper Bin

Rear view of an angler with dog and fish returning from

the river, painted by Professor John Gilroy (1898–1985)

who is known mainly for his designs for Guinness

advertising campaigns over the decades.

item no. 106884 £ 49.90

7 Pompeii Wastepaper Basket

Ancient design: wall painting from the destroyed town

of Pompeii laminated onto a black wastepaper bin.

item no. 100372 £ 49.90

8 Still Life Wastepaper Basket

Still life with fruit, a painting by Jan van Huysum from

the 17th century on a black wastepaper bin.

item no. 100369 £ 49.90

9 Racehorse Wastepaper Basket

The grey English racehorse "Gimcrack" on a red wastepaper


item no. 100363 £ 49.90

Wastepaper Baskets from Lady Clare

For decades, this manufacturer has been famous for its

high-quality table sets. Prints on finned paper are laminated

to these colorlacquered, metal wastepaper tins and are

finally the entire bin is coated with a protective varnish.

Height 27.9 cm.

1 Gould Ducks Wastepaper Basket

Pair of wild ducks on water from a lithograph by the English artist John Gould,

laminated onto a green waste paper bin.

item no. 100374 £ 49.90

Block Colour Wastepaper Baskets

2 Blue item no. 101522 £ 49.90

3 Red item no. 101523 £ 49.90

4 Black item no. 101515 £ 49.90

5 Green item no. 101519 £ 49.90



Leather Goods from Lady Clare

The leather articles of Lady Clare are covered with dark brown leather and the

edges are furnished with robust as well as characteristic seams.

10 Leather Wastepaper Basket

Wastepaper bin in the shape of an inverse pyramid. Height 30 cm, width 21 cm,

depth 21 cm.

item no. 103659 £ 49.90

11 Leather Tray

Large tray measuring 46 x 36cm with built-in handles. The 6cm high brim is

advantageous for the transport of glasses and drinks.

item no. 103660 £ 69.90

12 Kleenex Box with Leather Cover

This box is open at the bottom and serves to cover the commercial cosmetic

tissue box packaging, measuring 23 x 12.5 cm.

item no. 103656 £ 29.90



Solid brass products from Lower Saxony

The following solid brass products are produced in a small metal workshop

that still practises its craft according to traditional methods. A metal spinner

creates all sorts of round and hollow shapes out of a flat metal disc. A girdler

then presses, chases, solders and polishes the metal. None of the products

made for us are coated with a protective lacquer. Although this gives a degree

of protection against oxidation with time and use, this cracks and flakes off,

so the surface gets scratched and becomes dirty and unsightly because the the

brass tarnishes in these spots and is difficult to properly clean or polish.

Without the lacquer, the brass simply develops a lovely patina and can be

polished to a high shine if you want.

1 Blaker Mirror, One Arm

Width 22 cm, height 29.5 cm, 480 g.

item no. 100685 £ 99.00

2 Blaker Mirror, Two Arms

Width 22 cm, height 29.5 cm, 560 g.

item no. 100684 £ 119.00

3 Lüneburg Blaker, One Arm

Width 22 cm, height 30 cm, 540 g.

item no. 100683 £ 149.00

4 Blaker Mirror, Two Arms

Width 22 cm, height 29.5 cm, 560 g.

item no. 100682 £ 159.00

1 3 4


5 Rowenta Butler Slim

Protects fingers with its baton design. For candles,

ovens, fireplaces and also for cigar and

pipe smokers. Electronic quartz ignition with

slide control. Chrome-plated and brushed brass

casing. Length 18.5 cm, diameter 1.5 cm,

weight 60 g.

item no. 105068 £ 29.90

8 Brass Matchstick Box Case

For standard matchstick boxes, the sort you still

get in cigarette kiosks. Solid brass. Made in

Germany. Height 1.7 cm, width 5.3 cm, depth

3.6 cm, weight 30 g.

item no. 102024 £ 19.00

12 Brass Flower Cache Pot

Beaten to shape from brass, not cast. From

Lower Saxony. The polished brass is untreated

and needs occasional care. Height 15.5 cm,

diameter 18.5 cm, weight 776 g.

item no. 102022 £ 95.00


well chosen.

5 6

7 Wood Wool Kindling

Approx. 9 cm rolls twisted from paraffin-soaked wood

wool. Simply light one end and place between the firewood

or coal. Please ensure sufficient air flow. Burns for

approx. 8 to 10 minutes. Only from FSC-certified Swiss

wood and paraffin. Won't taint grilled fish or sausages

with unpleasant odours. Contents 390 g, approx.

25 pieces.

item no. 105308 £ 8.90

9 Brass Candle Holder

Biedermeier shape. Top Ø 6 cm, base Ø 10.5 cm, height

16.5 cm. Weight 185 g.

item no. 102023 £ 44.00

10 Pair of Brass Bookends

Heavy bookends in thick, polished brass metal. Height

14 cm, width 9 cm, depth 6.5 cm, weight 300 g.

item no. 102025 £ 55.00

11 House Watering Cans

These small 1-litre watering cans are accurately based on the famous English

"long reach" watering cans with their characteristic long neck. They are excellently

balanced and make very targeted dispensing of water possible. With

the long filler tube, the water does not slosh out even when deeply tilted.

Made from pure copper or brass sheet. A brass sprinkler is also included.

Volume 1 litre. Length 35 cm, diameter 11.3 cm, height 15.5 cm, weight 350 g.

copper brass

item no. 104734 £ 58.00 item no. 104735 £ 58.00



6 Universal Lighter, Extra Long

Extra long universal lighter made of brushed metal

from Carl Mertens. Very well suited to lighting burntout

candles in high-up lanterns or in all situations

where a little distance from the fire would be welcome.

Uses standard lighter gas. Width 15 mm,

length 35.3 cm, weight 50 g.

item no. 106803 £ 39.90






www.torquato.co.uk House & Home




Zylindro and Tubo Ceiling Lamps

A captivatingly simple lamp. The nickel-plated E27

socket is mounted centrally in a glass cylinder. The lamp

hangs from a steel cable. Electricity supplied via a

transparent cable. Includes a silver-coloured lacquered

canopy. Cable length allows max. 1.50 m distance from


1 Zylindro: height 20 cm, Ø 12 cm, weight 1 kg.

item no. 105851 £ 125.00

2 Tubo: height 23 cm, Ø 30 cm, weight 1.9 kg.

item no. 105850 £ 195.00

The original light bulb.

Carbon Filament Bulb, E27, 60W.

item no. 105849 £ 24.90

7 "Dortmund" Hanging Lamp

A lamp made of sheet steel to light up larger rooms as well. Porcelain lamp holder E27

standard light bulbs up to 100 W, suspended from a nickel-plated chain with aluminium

body plus black fabric-covered cable, 1.50 m long. With black metal baldachin to

cover the connector. Height 34 cm, Ø 35 cm, weight 1.1 kg.

item no. 101363 £ 238.00


3 Soho Ceiling Lamp

Elegant ceiling lamp with matt black lacquered or highgloss

white metal shade which is specially constructed

to give off very soft and gentle light: beneath the bulb

there is a reflector which initially casts the light on to

the inside of the shade which features matt silver

grooves. With black and white fabric cable and ceiling

mount. For E27 bulbs, max. 150 W. Diameter 30 cm,

height 29 cm.

Matt Black item no. 106811 £ 155.00

Glossy White item no. 106810 £ 155.00

4 Wall + Ceiling Light Eintopf

When you move into a new house or flat, the first priority

is to provide light in all the rooms, with whatever is

available if need be. Over the years, the naked light

bulbs that had been used temporarily become a permanent

fixture. This lamp can be a very convincing temporary

or permanent solution. Combined with a dimmed

globe lamp (Ø 95–120 mm), it produces a very

pleasant light. You can also provide indirect lighting

very easily by using a mirror spot. Design by

Martin Wallroth. Housing in white powder-coating.

Lamp holder E27. Height 6 cm, Ø 7.3 cm.

item no. 104542 £ 42.00

Bolich – lamps from the good old days

The Bolich-Werke in Baden have been making lamps

made of metal for indoor and outdoor use since 1911.

The shapes and materials have remained largely

unchanged. Bolich lamps are powder-coated and stoveenamelled.

"Bremen" Wall Lamp

Lamp for wall installation, made of aluminium, porcelain

lamp holder for standard E27 light bulbs up to

60 W, clear cylindrical glass cover, attachment to the

wall with a cast aluminium rosette (3 screws). Reflector

with 25 cm Ø, painted white or cream inside. Suitable

for use outdoors due to non-rusting materials and the

design (protection class IP 54). Height incl. glass 31 cm,

diameter rosette 10 cm, weight 1.1 kg.

5 Black item no. 101364 £ 148.00

6 Cream White item no. 102828 £ 148.00

5 7




well chosen.


1 Wall Lantern with Mirror

The mirror at the back multiplies the reflection of the

flame of the candle (not included) and fills the surroundings

with soft, warm light. Nickel-plated brass case with

no roof, hinged door with lock. Hook on the back for

wall-mounting. Not for outdoor use. Bottom covered

with velour to protect delicate surfaces. Height 41 cm,

width 21 cm, depth 16.5 cm, weight 2.5 kg.

item no. 106809 £ 175.00

These lamps are made of plaster and give off soft, indirect light on corridors,

stairs or in the living room. Installation is as easy as can be: all you need is

a tube of mounting adhesive (extra strong), available at any DIY store.

Follow the directions for use. A simple light bulb socket is sufficient. The

plaster lamps can be painted the same colour as the wall, making the lamps

very inconspicuous. Paint applied with a brush or rendered will adhere to the

surface easily.

Socket, cable and light bulb not included.

(Half-bowl lights pictured here are at the Gutshaus Stolpe Hotel. Find out

more at www.gutshaus-stolpe.de)




3 Halogen Half-Bowl 150 W

This bowl-type lamp is supplied with a built-in 150 W halogen spotlight and bulb.

The bowl-type lamp is shown with the rear wall. Unlike the other bowl-type lamps

here, this lamp is suspended from the wall and not glued. Fastening materials are

supplied. Height 12 cm, width 25.5 cm, projection 13 cm.

item no. 103675 £ 69.00

2 Homefield Black Outdoor Lantern

Outside lamp in lantern shape with clear, simple lines

and bevelled glass. Case made of black lacquered

sheet steel. Protected from rain and splashes (IP44),

electrotechnical protection class I. The back with the

mount and the cables is mounted to the wall first,

and then the case with the glass panes can be inserted.

With mounting kit and instructions. Lamp E27 100

W. Height 26 cm, width 16 cm, depth 11 cm.

item no. 105840 £ 159.00

4 Half-Bowl Shaped Wall Light

Bowl-type lamp for wall illumination. Height 13.5 cm. width 28 cm, projection 13.5 cm.

item no. 100790 £ 15.90

5 Truncated-Cone Wall Light

As opposed to the bowl-type lamps, the truncated cone shines downwards as well.

It can of course be used with the larger opening facing upwards. Height 17 cm,

width 26 cm, projection 15 cm.

item no. 102194 £ 18.90

6 Half-Cylinder Wall Light

Height: 17 cm, width: 25.5 cm, projection 13 cm.

item no. 107104 £ 18.90

5 6




0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline House & Home

1 2

5 Get the dirt out: Roof Gutter Cleaner

A practical tool for removing leaves and anything

that doesn’t belong in the roof gutter at a distance

of up to 2 m (depending on the length of your arm)

by pushing and pulling. Having constantly to move

the ladder along is reduced to a minimum.

Semicircular metal plate with a rubber lip, mounted

on a tube extendable from 80 to 130 cm. Diameter

11 cm, max. length 140 cm, min. length 90 cm.

item no. 107283 £ 19.90


4 Toolflex Tool Holders

Toolflex tool holders are available in two sizes. The

holder can take heavy loads and is suitable for round

and angular shafts. The tool holders can be used indoors

or outdoors. In the garage, garden shed, basement

workshop or storage room. Robust construction

of steel, EPDM rubber and ABS plastic. The tools can be

put in place or removed again with just one action.

Attached with screws with max. 5 mm diameter (not

included). Made in Sweden.

Tool Holder for handles with Ø 20–30 mm

Height 5 cm, width 6.5 cm, depth 8.5 cm.

item no. 101744 £ 3.70

Tool Holder for handles with Ø 30–40 mm

Height 5 cm, width 8.5 cm, depth 9 cm.

item no. 101745 £ 4.10

Shopping Trolleys

In Germany these used to be called the "Pedestrian's Porsche". They still exist

and these days are not just used for shopping but also for picnics or by mothers

to carry toys.

1 Ultralight Shopping Trolley

The robust frame of powder-coated aluminium can also be used as a trolley for

lighter loads if the bag is removed and can be taken apart completely. Handle

extends to 112 cm. Bag made of water-resistant plastic cloth with double closing,

thanks to a pull-cord with toggle and a large covering flap. Extra pocket

at the back with space for a phone and holder for keys, plus a small additional

shopping bag (40 x 35 cm) in a small pocket with a zip at the front. Carrying

capacity 40 kg, volume 45 litres. Width 34 cm, height 58 cm, depth 23 cm. Track

width 40.5 cm, weight 2.8 kg.

item no. 103733 £ 98.00

2 Wicker Shopping Trolley

This model is made of high-quality willow. The spoked wheels with rubber

tyres ensure quiet running. It holds no less than 48 litres, even for major shopping

expeditions – even on foot. Carrying capacity 60 kg, overall height approx.

103 cm, width 40 cm, height of the basket 60 cm, depth 32 cm, track width

48 cm, weight 4.2 kg.

item no. 101815 £ 158.00

3 Ex & Hopp Rubbish Collector

A simple but effective design, this won the Design Plus prize in 1994. Ordinary

shopping bags can be used for bin liners and hence can be recycled in a useful

way. If you step on one of the lower round hoops, the bag opens and then closes

again through the action of the springs. Height 62 cm, base area 22 x 26 cm.

item no. 103428 £ 44.95

6 Roof Gutter Spade

The spade is made to fit the shape of roof gutters precisely,

making it possible to clean the gutter with only a

few movements and without leaving large residues.

Stainless steel spade, beech wood handle. Overall

length 34 cm, diameter 10 cm.

item no. 107284 £ 19.90

7 Roof Gutter Brush

Robust plastic bristles for removing stubborn dirt.

Length 36 cm. Beech wood handle.

item no. 107285 £ 14.90

5 5




8 Galvanised Multi-Purpose Bin

An all-round bin that was originally produced in

England for agricultural purposes. For use as a

laundry basket, for domestic or commercial rubbish

or for compost. Made of galvanised sheet

steel. Volume 80 litres. Height 67 cm, diameter

50 cm, weight 5.7 kg.

item no. 101300 £ 39.95



1 Appenzeller Dog's Collars

Even if it has been "in" to wear Appenzell belts for many years now, this is a

piece of old Swiss tradition. The collars and leashes of thick, black cow's leather

are decorated with chased plaques of solid brass sheet with the Alpine

pasture theme. They are produced in a specialised workshop in Appenzell that

makes, among other things, the straps for cow bells.

Price Leather black Leather natural

Collar 40 cm, width 2.5 cm £ 29.90 item no. 103505 item no. 104836

Collar 50 cm, width 2.5 cm £ 33.90 item no. 103506 item no. 104837

Collar 55 cm, width 2.5 cm £ 36.90 item no. 103507 item no. 104838

Collar 60 cm, width 3.5 cm £ 39.90 item no. 103508 item no. 104839


Dog Lead small £ 42.50 item no. 103510 item no. 104840


Dog Lead large £ 42.50 item no. 103509 item no. 104841

7 "Silent" Dog Whistle

This classic dog whistle comes from the famous English whistle maker, ACME

Whistles, who have more than 70 years of experience in the field. This model

can be set for the frequency range between 5,400 und 12,800 Hertz, which

dogs can hear but is barely audible for humans. For that reason this dog whistle

has the name "Silent". The powerful signal can be heard by dogs up to a

distance of 3 km. The rest is a matter of training. Nickel-plated brass. Length

8.5 cm. Diameter 8 mm, weight 35 g.

item no. 102673 £ 28.00

well chosen.

3 Glass Wasp Trap

The trap is filled with bait such as honey, jam or

apple juice and placed or hung up at the desired

location. The wasps are lured into the

trap. Since the wasps try to go towards daylight,

they land on the light-coloured inside

wall. Only in rare cases do they find their way

out again. Height 21.2 cm, Ø 14.5 cm, weight

1.1 kg.

item no. 101832 £ 9.50 3

4 Fly Swatter

A robust hunting instrument with a wooden handle, metal shaft and swatter

made of woven wire. Not just for flies – also suitable for swatting wasps or

midges. From France. Length 53 cm.

item no. 101255 £ 7.50

5 Leather Fly Swat

This fly swat makes for efficient hunting of all kinds of insects. The long, oiled

beech wood pole enables an extremely strong swatting action. The swat itself

is made of a piece of cow leather. Equipped with a leather loop for hanging

up. Length 51 cm.

item no. 105594 £ 8.50






6 Twin Dog Bowl

A "dining table" for pets with an appreciation of

beauty. The main wooden part is made of solid ash

wood and then varnished. The two feeding dishes are

stainless steel and can be removed. Width 47 cm,

depth 24 cm, height 10 cm. Contents per dish 1.0 litre.

item no. 102700 £ 59.90



2 Hedgehog Box

Hedgehogs will appreciate this not just for hibernating

but also in the summer. A hedgehog box with a

vaulted roof (double-layered for insulation), a floor

and an entrance tunnel for protection from cats, dogs

and badgers. There is a door for cleaning and inspecting

at the back. Made from various untreated

woods. Line with straw before placing in the garden.

Made in England. Height 19.5 cm, width 38.5 cm,

length 43 cm, 5.4 kg.

item no. 107424 £ 79.00




www.torquato.co.uk House & Home

4 Manila Teak Lanterns

A weather-proof teak wood lantern in classic, plain Scandinavian design and very

good finish by Aristo. The case is made of teak wood with glass windows, bottom

and top are made of a polished steel panel. Door with brass hinges and hook

fastening. Handle made of strong steel wire.

Small Manila Lantern: base 19 x 19 cm, height 32.5 cm.

item no. 105570 £ 46.00

Large Manila Lantern: base 19 x 19 cm, height 41.5 cm.

item no. 105571 £ 68.00


1 Petromax Paraffin Lamp

The Petromax designed by Berlin engineer Max Graetz in 1910 is regarded

today as a desirable object for collecting or for actually using. The refined technology

makes every inventor's heart beat faster – a toy for boys of all ages!

Made of nickel-plated brass and hence very well protected against the weather.

Supplied together with a 9-part set for maintenance, including a mantle.

Empty weight 2.4 kg, burning time approx. 8 hours at 400 W light output. The

fuel required is refined paraffin ("lamp oil") of class A III (not an aromatic oil!).

Height 40 cm, diameter 17 cm.

item no. 100134 £ 129.00

2 Reflector Screen for Petromax

The reflector screen ensures that the light is only thrown diagonally downwards

so that the lamp can be used as table lighting, for example. Diameter

34 cm, weight 700 g.

item no. 100903 £ 29.90

3 Petromax 500 Spare Parts Set

With 15 parts, incl. 3 mantles.

item no. 100135 £ 19.00

Mantles for Petromax 500 (not shown)

item no. 100136 £ 2.40

7 Feuerhand Petroleum Lamp

A German original, steeped in tradition: the "Feuerhand" storm lantern, which was

used to keep construction sites safe up until the 1970s, now provides a pleasant glow

in rooms and gardens. Since 1902, nothing has changed in their manufacturing process.

The Feuerhand has nothing in common with the numerous cheap replicas. The

casing is guaranteed waterproof and the precise workmanship gives a comfortable

hold. The Schott Suprax glass is resistant to high temperatures. All parts are tin-coated

and thus rustproof (although the Feuerhand should not be constantly exposed to

wind and water). Height 25.5 cm, weight 530 g, volume 340 ccm, lasts 20 hours.

item no. 100138 £ 18.50





5 Ceramic Fire Bowl

A safe place for a fire in the garden, on the balcony

or the terrace. In both summer and winter

it gives out light and heat and fills the area

around it with a pleasant atmosphere. On summer

nights you can sit outside longer and you

can warm yourself around the fire bowl in the

autumn and the winter as well – for example,

when taking a break from raking up leaves, at

the edge of a skating rink or when drinking

punch. Even after the fire has gone, the bowl

gives out the stored heat to the area around it

for a long time afterwards. Height 35 cm,

diameter 45 cm, weight 13 kg.

item no. 101715 £ 199.00

6 BBQ Grid for Fire Bowl

Diameter 38 cm, length of handle 13.5 cm,

weight 760 g.

item no. 101746 £ 29.50



Garden Torches

The lamp bodies of our torches are made of

solid polished copper. Since the copper is

untreated, the metal acquires a patina unless

you polish the copper from to time. The wicks

are of fibreglass and thus weatherproof and

practically do not wear at all. The 3 cm thick

shafts are made of hardwood from managed

forestry plantations and thus are very durable

even in damp conditions.

2 Pair of Roma Garden Torches

Burning time 10 hours, height 160 cm, Ø of oil

tank 18 cm, volume 2 litres, weight 1.4 kg.

item no. 101730 £ 199.00 set of 2

3 Athena Beginners' Garden Torch

Burning time 8–10 hours, height 164 cm, weight 0.9 kg. Diameter 12 cm.

item no. 102986 £ 48.00

4 Aristo Roma Ground Torch

Burning time 8 hours, diameter 12 cm, volume 0.35 litre, weight 210 g.

item no. 102644 £ 29.00


well chosen.

1 Le zinc au jardin: Galvanised Plant Pots from France

Traditional sheet steel plant pots. The material is hot-dip galvanised – immersed

in 450 °C zinc – making it waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Over

time, the typically crystal-like surface will acquire a grey patina. Features a

hole in the base with removable plastic plug.

Round 33 x 44: height 33 cm, Ø 44 cm, 30 l item no. 107386 £ 79.00

Round 41 x 56: height 41 cm, Ø 56 cm, 60 l item no. 107387 £ 119.00

Round 51 x 69: height 51 cm, Ø 69 cm, 120 l item no. 107388 £ 169.00

Square 40 x 50: height 40 cm, 50 x 50 cm, 65 l item no. 107389 £ 139.00



Rose Globes

Decorating the garden with rose or garden globes of

glass is a tradition dating back many centuries. This

custom has experienced a renaissance in recent years.

Rose globes can now be found in the magnificent gardens

of large houses or on the balconies of city apartments.

The characteristics of good-quality rose globes are

high durability of the metal reflective coating, a metal

reflective coating that is completely opaque even in

bright light and ends that have been rounded off by

melting over instead of having a raw sawn surface where

they were cut. Diameter 15 cm, (globes), 12 cm (frogs)

and 21 cm (sun). Hand-blown in the Thuringian Forest.

5 Rose Globe Sun/Moon, gold item no. 102971 £ 29.90

6 Rose Globe with Frog, green item no. 100804 £ 29.90

7 Red item no. 100803 £ 22.90

8 Blue item no. 100802 £ 19.00

8 Silver item no. 100800 £ 19.00

8 Gold item no. 100801 £ 19.00

3 2

9 Rose Globe Wooden Stake with Cork

9 7

item no. 101322 £ 5.50


Cast-Iron Flower Border

A cast-iron border has been making a special

impression for decades, and that's because of

the robust material.

Lyon (A) Wien (B) Dessau (C)

Height 18 cm 18 cm 18 cm

Width per item 16 cm 19 cm 39 cm

Pieces 3 2 3

Price £ 14.90 £ 12.90 £ 24.90

Item no. 102847 102649 105152





0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline House & Home

1 Burgon & Ball Watering Can

That's the view of the BBC Good Homes magazine. With its large, circular rotating

handle, this watering can can be held with one hand, in contrast to other models –

even while it is emptying. Thanks to a sophisticated balance, the can automatically

lowers to the watering position. The emptier the can gets, the more it lowers itself.

With its oval base, the can can be more easily held close to the body. Protected

against rust with its long-lasting hot-dip zinc coating. Volume 9 litres, length 67 cm,

weight 2.25 kg.

item no. 102670 £ 59.90

3 Six Zinc Plant Signs

These plant signs made from zinc-plated sheet steel

can be labelled using a waterproof pen and the label

can later be removed with solvent if need be. Length

19 cm, width 10.5 cm.

item no. 101833 £ 7.90 for set of 6

Nutscene Jute Garden Twine

This Scottish company has been supplying British gardeners

with garden twine and accessories since 1922.

At that time they had a patent for the coils which

unwound outwards from the middle. Can with 150 m

jute twine.

6 Greentwist item no. 102738 £ 9.90

7 Jute Garden Twine item no. 102737 £ 9.90

8 Burgon & Ball Potting Scoop

This sophisticated tool is the result of decades of

experience of traditional producers of gardening

tools. The Potting Scoop also digs small holes. The

spade picks up a lot of soil, ideal for potted plants.

Bulbs can be gently dug out. The serrated edge cuts

through small roots when digging. Stainless steel

blade, beech handle. Length 25 cm, weight 195 g.

item no. 102669 £ 34.90

9 Grouting Cleaner

A handy tool with a narrow blade for cleaning even

thin grouting. Length 23.5 cm, weight 110 g.

item no. 101784 £ 10.50





2 Haws Watering Cans Heritage

These frequently copied watering cans in a traditional 19th century design are

hot-dip galvanised, powder-coated and are therefore very well protected

against corrosion. They are perfectly balanced with their two handle points.

The brass sprinkler is replaceable. Volume 8.8 litres, length 67 cm, diameter

21 cm, height 44 cm, weight 2 kg. Haws, based in the West Midlands in

England, has been producing high-quality handmade watering cans since 1886.

green item no. 104730 £ 79.00

cream item no. 104731 £ 79.00

3 4


11 Linen Garden Bag

This bag is intended to transport small garden tools or

other accessories such as flower twine or wire.

Secateurs, trowels, etc. can be carried in six pockets

around the outside. In the large inside pocket, with a

diameter of 30 cm and a height of 25 cm, there is plenty

of space for uprooted weeds, picked apples or the

annual tomato harvest (volume of approx. 15 litres).

Made of heavy green canvas, lining in beige cotton. The

edges are piped in grey. Handles and fastening strap of

leather. Made in France.

item no. 101271 £ 79.90



4 Garden Sieve

It is needed to separate out the humus in compost

from the components that will not rot or

only do so very slowly. You can also use the sieve

to remove stubborn weed roots such as bishop's

weed (goutweed) or stones. These sieves are

made from a ring of beech wood by a traditional

method at a workshop in Germany. Height

10 cm, diameter 42 cm, weight 670 g.

Garden Sieve 3 mm

item no. 107365 £ 28,00

Garden Sieve 6 mm

item no. 107366 £ 28.00

5 Otter Garden Knife

A high-quality professional knife with a 9 cm

long, thick, curved retractable blade made from

forged steel and an 11 cm long hardwood hilt

with brass lining. Weight 110 g.

item no. 101318 £ 39.80

10 Garden Cushion “Kneeler”

It is far easier on your back to work when kneeling

instead of bent over. In order to be able to

kneel comfortably for longer periods, there is

this cushion from Tweedmill, the leading English

manufacturer of picnic blankets. The upper

material is 100% wool in “Hunting McLeod” tartan,

the under material is waterproof nylon

fabric. Format 60 x 38 cm.

item no. 102804 £ 29.95

12 Small Garden Basket

In 1910 this was developed as a basket for potato harvesting.

It is now being produced again on the basis of

the original design in a formerly self-owned workshop

in the eastern Harz area. The basket is made of galvanized

wire and is thus weather-resistant. The handle is

made of wood and is placed inside the basket when it

is shipped. Length 470 mm, width 270 mm, height

160 mm. Weight 900 g.

11 item no. 100833 £ 22.90



1 Sussex Garden Trug

These typically English garden trugs have been made mainly in Sussex in

southern England for over 200 years. As far back as 1851, they caught the

attention of Queen Victoria at the Great Exhibition, leading her to order some

for the Royal Gardens. Garden trugs are light, very robust and, because they

are made from strips of plywood, they are much more watertight than a basket

made from wire or wattled willow. Especially suitable for transporting and

storing soft fruits and vegetables. For use in the garden but also as a storage

or fruit basket in the home. Height 27 cm approx., width 57 cm, depth 27 cm.

Weight 700 g approx.

item no. 106503 £ 32.00

6 Felco Garden Clippers

Felco clippers from Switzerland have been

around for almost 60 years and have long been

synonymous with good garden clippers. We

stock a two-blade model, which cuts more

cleanly than the popular anvil-type clippers and

allow you to cut directly at the stalk base. The

plastic-covered grips have buffers and shock

absorbers to be kinder to your wrist. A toothed

nut makes it possible to easily and precisely

adjust the gap between the two blades, which is

the prerequisite for a consistently clean and precise

cut. All the parts that are subject to wear

can be replaced. Felco gives a lifetime guarantee

on the handles that are made of a forged

aluminium alloy. Length 21 cm, weight 250 g.

For cutting items up to 2.5 cm in thickness.

Felco No. 8

item no. 101301

£ 49.90

well chosen.

Felco No. 9


item no. 101302

£ 49.90

7 Garden Caddy

This constant companion to your garden work

holds all the required tools and garden rubbish.

The garden caddy has 4 holders for long-shafted

tools such as hoes, brooms, rakes and

spades. It also has 5 holders for hand tools.

Several compartments to hold small items such

as clippers, flower wire and gloves are likewise

available, together with compartments for

flower seeds and plant pots. The metal wheels


2 3

4 Leather Garden Gloves

Gardening gloves of a superior class.

Made of soft, cow's full-grain leather, sewn with nylon

and hence very durable. The leather has been treated to

repel water, the gloves are especially comfortable to

wear because the leather is so supple. They can be

washed without any problems at all at 40°C and do not

become hard if washed. The cuffs are lined with a cotton

strip. There is a rubber strip across the back of the

hand to pull the gloves tight. Available in glove sizes

7, 8, 9 and 10.

item no. 900146 £ 26.90

5 Leather Rose Gardening Gloves

These full-grain leather gloves come from the same

manufacturer and are made of buckskin with gauntlets

in buckskin suede to provide protection against thorns,

spines and undergrowth. Water-repellent and washable

at 40 °C. Available in sizes 7, 8, 9, and 10.

item no. 900514 £ 34.90

have a plastic rim making them so wide that they leave

no tracks on the lawn. The height of the wheels provides

adequate ground clearance. There is a fixture to

hang a rubbish sack or a bucket. All the wooden parts

are made of 15 ply birch plywood and given a waterrepellent

stain. Supplied as a flat pack (size: 120 x 60 x

6 cm, tools not included) with assembly instructions.

Weight: approx. 13.5 kg. Size when assembled: approx.

H 110 x L 70 x W 45 cm.

item no. 101765 £ 235.00


2 Burgon & Ball Soft Squeeze Grass Shears

The shears are ideal for cutting lawns at the edges or

in inaccessible areas, but also for trimming, as with

box trees. The blade is especially hard at 54–56

Rockwell to hold its sharpness. Hand-forged in

Sheffield. Length 29 cm, blade length 23 cm, width

(closed) 5.5 cm, weight 320 g.

item no. 106502 £ 39.90

3 Burgon & Ball Case for Grass Shears

item no. 106516 £ 15.90






www.torquato.co.uk Bath & Bodycare


Cotton towelling from Weser Uplands in Germany

Rhomtuft in the Weser Uplands has been making

best quality bath textiles and bath accessories since

1959. The terry towelling sold by us is made using

the finest cotton. With 650 grams per square metre,

this is material of a very heavy quality, virtually

impossible to find in shops. The simple braid is made

of mercerised cotton. All items are washable to

60 °C.


This hand-blown glass container stores anything

from cotton wool balls to beautiful bath salts or

spare soap bars. Height 28 cm, diameter 16 cm, contents

2.7 litres, weight 1.2 kg.

item no. 105161 £ 18.00

2 Bronnley Lemon Soap

Bronnley is also famous for its characteristic lemon soap, which has been produced

in the same shape for over 100 years. Like the other Bronnley soaps, this is a topquality,

triple-milled soap. Contains a high proportion of real Sicilian lemon oil.

Very rich and long-lasting.

Bronnley Lemon Soaps 4 x 50 g item no. 103759 £ 13.90 (£ 6.95 / 100 g)

Bronnley Lemon Soaps 3 x 100 g item no. 103760 £ 14.90 (£ 4.97 / 100 g)

Bronnley Lemon Soap on a Rope 250 g item no. 105723 £ 14.90 (£ 5.96 / 100 g)

Size Item no. Item no. Item no. Price Price

taupe mastic white (from ... pieces)

Guest towel 30 x 30 cm 106547 106546 106545 £ 5.90 £ 3.90

(from 10 pieces)

Face towel 45 x 60 cm 106544 106543 106542 £ 11.90 £ 9.90

(from 6 pieces)

Hand towel 55 x 100 cm 106495 106490 102784 £ 20.90 £ 17.50

(from 6 pieces)

Shower towel 70 x 130 cm 106496 106491 102785 £ 29.90 £ 26.00

(from 4 pieces)

Bath towel 95 x 180 cm 106497 106492 102786 £ 52.90

Wash glove 16 x 22 cm 106550 106549 106548 £ 5.90


1 Pure and natural soap: Savon de Marseille

Soap has been produced using plant oils for over 1,000 years in the south of

France. Since 1688, only soap that has been made in a special process and with

72% oil can be designated “Savon de Marseille”. To this day, it is made primarily

out of palm and coconut oil or olive oil, and contains no fragrances or preservatives.

Savon de Marseille is highly moisturising and prevents the skin from

drying out. 400 g block.

Olive item no. 102776 £ 4.00

Lavender item no. 105309 £ 4.00

Natural item no. 105310 £ 4.00


well chosen.

1 Rhomtuft Terry Towels

Rhomtuft in the Weser Uplands has been

making best quality bath textiles and bath

accessories since 1959. The terry towelling sold

by us is made using the finest cotton. With 650

grams per square metre, this is material of a

very heavy quality, virtually impossible to find

in shops. The simple braid is made of mercerised

cotton. All items are washable to 95 °C.

100% cotton.

Colour 50 x 75 cm 60 x 100 cm

£ 72.00 £ 112.00

mastic item no. 106493 item no. 106494

white item no. 103495 item no. 103496

taupe item no. 106498 item no. 106499

3 Provence Scented Envelopes

These ivory-coloured paper envelopes contain grains perfumed with various

scents. The grains continually release these scents in small doses. They are

ideal for all those places where there is only limited space for an air freshener:

in drawers, cupboards, luggage, in small rooms or even in the car. 14 x 9 cm.

Cotton Blossom item no. 104145 £ 5.50

Lavender item no. 104146 £ 5.50

Cedarwood item no. 104147 £ 5.50



2 Rhomtuft Bathmats

Bathmats, at 1,250 grams per square metre, have been made from a particularly

heavy quality that is usually extremely difficult to find on the market. The simple

border is made in mercerised cotton. Washable up to 60 °C.

Rhomtuft Bathmat, white, 50 x 70 cm

item no. 102782 £ 22.90

Rhomtuft Bathmat, white, 60 x 100 cm

item no. 102783 £ 32.90

4 “Version Originale” by Compagnie de Provence

With this range, the Marseille-based soap maker is bringing new life to the centuries

old tradition of Savon de Marseille. Using a blend of olive oil, coconut oil and

grapeseed oil, the soaps and hand creams are produced using traditional methods.

The unusual combination of aromas and fragrances in the range makes for an interesting

and at the same time soothing experience, turning every occasion into a joy.

Choose from 2 fragrances:

Encens Lavande: dominating lavender aroma with sandalwood notes and a subtle

note of frankincense.

Jasmin Noir: strong jasmine aroma, offset by spicy black pepper.

Hand cream in a 300 ml glass bottle with pump dispenser. £ 15.90 (£ 5.30 / 100 ml)

Lavender item no. 106506 Jasmine item no. 106509

Liquid soap in a 500 ml glass bottle with pump dispenser. £ 14.90 (£ 29.80 / 1 l)

Lavender item no. 106504 Jasmine item no. 106507

Liquid soap in a 1 litre refill container. £ 17.90

Lavender item no. 106505 Jasmine item no. 106508





0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Bath & Bodycare

Porte-Savon Rotatif

French restaurant and public building toilets are inconceivable without this soap,

which was created over 50 years ago. Besides the pleasantly fresh citrus scent, it has

the great advantage of not running out quickly since it can’t be used under running

water. What is more, it never lies around in the water and so it does not get soft.

Its wall mounting means that it is more than likely that you will always be able to

find it in the same place. Also ideal for the kitchen or garden. Holder: Height 10 cm,

width 6.5 cm, projection 16.5 cm, weight 165 g. Incl. 300 g soap. Holder and soaps

come from La Maison du Savon du Marseille.

2 Soap Holder brass

Delivery includes a 300g olive soap bar.

item no. 106744 £ 22.90

3 Soap Holder chrome

Delivery includes a 300g lemon soap bar.

item no. 106745 £ 22.90


Replacement Soaps for soap holder

1 piece of 300 g soap. £ 4.90 (£ 1.63 / 100 g)

Olive (green) item no. 106749 Lemon (yellow) item no. 106746

Lavender (lilac) item no. 106748


1 Wooden Towel Stand

A stand with five towel rails for the bathroom, for the sauna, next to the swimming

pool or free-standing bathtubs. Height of shelf 17 cm. The stand is made

of untreated beech wood. You can leave it untreated, or oil or varnish it.

Delivered as flat pack. Width 69 cm, depth 34 cm, height 97 cm, weight 3 kg.

item no. 103070 £ 59.90

4 Olive Lavande Liquid Soap

Not made with synthetic surfactants, therefore

extremely kind to the skin. 300 ml plastic bottle.

item no. 106794 £ 9.90 (£ 3.30 / 100 ml)

5 Olive Lavande Body Lotion

This body lotion from Compagnie de Provence contains

aloe, shea butter, olive oil, almond oil and vitamin E to

optimally care for the skin. Suitable for normal and dry

skin. 300 ml glass bottle.

item no. 106793 £ 14.90 (£ 4.97 / 100 ml)

6 Ash Bath Caddy

A bath caddy made from ash that has been thermotreated

and is hence moisture-resistant (you will find

more information about thermo-treated ash on the

opposite page). For storing or setting down bath accessories,

reading material, a glass of wine, a cup of tea...

Small rubber feet on the supports prevent the caddy

from slipping. Suitable for baths with a width of 69 to

81 cm. Width 24 cm, length 85 cm, height 2 cm. Weight

1.6 kg.

4 5 item no. 106795 £ 128.00



Thermo-treated ash:

Products made from oiled thermo ash have a

huge advantage over natural wood products in

terms of their high moisture resistance, which

makes them ideal for use in damp rooms and in

the open air. The ash wood, which is already

very strong by nature, is heated over a period of

up to 48 hours in the absence of oxygen to temperatures

between 180 and 220 °C – the initial

slight smoky aroma goes away over time. This

reduces swelling and shrinking of the wood,

while increasing its rigidity and resistance to

decay. The main advantage of this treatment,

however, is that water absorption is greatly

reduced, which means that thermowood products

do not become saturated after being in

contact with water for a long time, which is normally

only guaranteed with tropical woods such

as teak or bangkirai. Compared to using tropical

woods, products made from thermowood are

completely harmless from an ecological perspective.

The dark colour comes about as a

result of the thermal treatment, which eliminates

the need for staining – bleaching caused by

sunlight is still possible, however.

1 Thermo Wooden Mats

Bath mats made from flat thermo ash bars, held

together by stainless steel cables. Silicone discs

keep the bars apart.

Bath Mat 45 x 60 cm

item no. 106500 £ 98.00

Bath Mat 60 x 100 cm

item no. 106501 £ 178.00


2 4

7 8


well chosen.

11 Thermo Ash Bath Brush

Oval bath brush with a long handle, made from oiled

thermo ash. Fitted with black bristles, the handle has a

hole so you can hang it up. Height 4 cm, oval bristle part

7.5 x 13.5 cm, overall length 45 cm, weight 150 g.

item no. 106531 £ 26.50


7 Thermo Ash Wastepaper Basket

Small rectangular wastepaper basket made from thermo

ash. Height 25 cm, base 18 x 18 cm.

item no. 106514 £ 98.00

8 Thermo Ash WC Brush

Brush holder made from thermo ash with removable,

black zinc-plated insert. Oiled square handle, replaceable

brush head with nylon bristles. Base 10 x 10 cm,

height 40.5 cm.

item no. 106532 £ 59.00

Thermo Ash WC Brush solitary (not shown)

item no. 106533 £ 9.00

9 Thermo Ash Nail Brush

Length 10.5 cm.

item no. 106530 £ 9.90

10 Thermo Ash Soap Dish

11 x 9 cm.

item no. 106535 £ 12.00


2 Thermo Ash Comb Dish

For storing bath accessories and bottles in the bathroom. Height 3 cm, width

12.5 cm, length 25 cm. Interior storage space 10.5 x 23 cm.

item no. 106541 £ 48.00

3 Thermo Ash Bath Container

Rectangular container for bath accessories or guest towels. Height 10 cm, width

25 cm, depth 12.5 cm.

item no. 106537 £ 69.90

4 Thermo Ash Bath Receptacle

Cuboid-shaped cup for all those little things you want to find in the same place.

Height 10 cm, base 8 x 8 cm.

item no. 106538 £ 48.00

5 Thermo Ash Soap Dispenser

Thermo ash body, chrome-plated brass pump dispenser. The removable soap

container is made of plastic so that the soap doesn’t come into contact with the

wood. Height 15.5 cm, base 7 x 7 cm.

item no. 106540 £ 119.00

6 Thermo Ash Tissue Box

Fits snugly over a standard box of tissues. Height 8.5 cm, width 27 cm, depth 13.5 cm.

item no. 106539 £ 95.00







www.torquato.co.uk Bath & Bodycare




1 Chrome-Plated Makeup Mirror

Wall-mounted mirror with three-part folding and turning arm. The mirror can

be turned on the horizontal and vertical axis. On the reverse side is a mirror

with fivefold magnification. Metal parts in chrome-plated brass. Diameter

mirror 17 cm, height 28 cm, wall plate 2.5 x 10 cm. Extends to maximum of

50 cm, minimum of 2.5 cm. Weight 700 g. Material for mounting is included.

item no. 103767 £ 118.00

1 2

3 Chrome-Plated Soap Dispenser

Top-quality dispenser for liquid soap in chrome-plated

brass. Even the pump head is in chrome-plated brass

with a plastic liner for the soap-bearing parts. Silicon

feet protect your surfaces. Height 11.5 cm, base area

5 x 5 cm. Contents 275 ml.

item no. 103772 £ 115.00

4 Chrome-Plated Wall Soap Dispenser

Performance and dimensions are the same as for the

free-standing dispenser. Extension on wall mount

9.5 cm. Wall mount in chrome-plated brass. Material for

mounting is included.

item no. 103771 £ 145.00

5 Klar’s Curd Soap

This soap has been produced from pure vegetable oils

by the Klar family in Heidelberg since 1840. It contains

glycerine, which makes it very smooth, and lanolin,

which makes it wonderfully soft and gently foamy.

Contains 75% palm oil, 20% coconut oil and 5% olive

oil. 100 g.

item no. 103606 £ 2.80





2 Makeup Mirror with Suction Pads

Positioned in an easily accessible place on the

bathroom mirror, this make-up mirror is

functional and makes a great visual impact too.

Fivefold magnification. 3 suction pads. In glass

and metal, rim is chrome-plated. Diameter

14 cm.

item no. 104331 £ 39.90


6 Drip Grill for Soap

Drip Grill in chrome-plated brass. Width 11 cm,

depth 8 cm, weight 50 g.

item no. 103775 £ 29.90

7 Glass Wiper

For wiping glass shower partitions dry after

every shower, but and also for steamed-up mirrors.

Delivered with wall mount (incl. screws) and

a replacement lip for the wiper. All metal parts in

rustproof, chrome-plated steel/zinc die cast and

stainless steel. Height 16.5 cm, width 25 cm,

diameter mount 6 cm, weight (only wiper) 300 g.

item no. 103776 £ 30.90

8 Shower Wall Cleaner 500 ml

An environmentally friendly shower wall and sanitary

cleaner, with citric acid in comestible quality,

orange terpenes and lemon oil. Removes limescale

and soap scum from shower walls, tiles and

bathroom fittings. Spray on, allow to work and

rinse off. 500 ml. (£ 13.80 / 1 l)

item no. 105276 £ 6.90

Sprayer for shower wall cleaner (not shown)

item no. 105356 £ 4.00

Bath Rugs from Portugal

From a small, family-run weaving mill in northeastern

Portugal founded over 50 years ago. In

purchasing these products, you will be treating

yourself to traditional weaving patterns and

processes. The bathmats are robust and absorbent.

The strong structure feels luxuriant under

the soles of the feet. 100% cotton. Washable at

up to 60 °C; 5% shrinkage.

9 Jacquard Pattern, 120 x 56 cm.

item no. 103699 £ 29.50

10 Burl Pattern, 50 x 70 cm.

item no. 103694 £ 19.50

11 Frame Pattern, 45 x 56 cm.

item no. 104684 £ 12.50




well chosen.

1 Pears Transparent Soap

In 1807 Andrew Pears, who owned a barber shop in Soho, was conducting

experiments to find a soap that was more skin-friendly than other contemporary

soaps. After a series of attempts he met with success and created a soap out

of pure glycerine and natural oils that set new standards in its moisture-giving

and conditioning properties. Even more decisive for its continuing 200-year

success was the fact that after 3 months maturing the soap turned transparent,

which for a long time made Pears Soap easily distinguishable from other soaps.

Even today, connoisseurs swear by the unmistakable, spiced scent of cedar,

rosemary and thyme. 125 g.

item no. 104192 £ 2.95 (£ 2.36/100 g)





3 Laundry Bin

Container in polished stainless steel. Lid has integrated

grip hole for a handle. Volume 50 litres. Height 66 cm,

width 30 cm, depth 25 cm, weight 5 kg.

item no. 103765 £ 198.00

4 Porcelain Toilet Brush Set

Brush with shaft in chrome-plated brass in porcelain container.

Height 62 cm, diameter 10.5 cm. The brush head

is replaceable and can be purchased from us.

item no. 103779 £ 95.00

Replacement Toilet Brush Head (not shown)

item no. 104019 £ 13.90

5 Wastepaper Bin

Waste container in polished stainless steel. Lid has integrated

grip hole as handle. Volume 12 litres. Height

30 cm, width 20 cm, depth 20 cm, weight 1.7 kg.

item no. 103764 £ 148.00


2 Bathroom Bench

Bench in chrome-plated, angular steel piping, upholstered in white leatherette.

Height 53 cm, depth 30 cm, weight 8.7 kg (90 cm) respectively 7.7 kg (60 cm).

2 90 cm Bench item no. 103763 £ 489.00

60 cm Bench (not shown) item no. 105082 £ 449.00

6 Towel Stand

Two-tiered stand in chrome-plated brass. Delivered in

4 sections that screw together. Height 69 cm, width

74 cm, depth 16 cm, weight 3.5 kg.

item no. 104330 £ 248.00

7 Shower Hook

This double hook, which can be hung over the rim of a

glass shower curtain, offers a flexible solution to providing

hooks without drilling. Ideal for shower curtains

up to a maximum thickness of 1.2 cm. Chrome-plated

brass. Width 3.7 cm, depth 5.3 cm, height 11 cm.

item no. 105842 £ 22.90

8 Chrome Tissue Box

Chrome-plated brass box to cover facial tissue boxes.

Height 8 cm, width 25 cm, depth 12 cm.

item no. 105084 £ 188.00

9 Ceramic Tissue Box

Height 9 cm, width 26 cm, depth 14 cm.

item no. 105091 £ 32.90

10 WC Toilet Roll Holder

Free-standing toilet roll holder made from chromeplated

brass. After lifting up the holder, toilet rolls are

placed on the vertical rod and dropped down. The toilet

roll in use is then placed on the holder. The advantages

are rapid changing of the toilet roll and a large

supply at the place of action. The base, with its 14 cm

diameter, ensures stability. Height 53 cm, weight 0.7 kg.

item no. 105083 £ 155.00







0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Bath & Bodycare



1 2 3

6 Lucky Tiger Face Tonic

Developed in the 1920s by the owner of a hairdresser’s

in Kansas City and sold nationwide since 1935,

Lucky Tiger became the best-selling aftershave in the

USA in the 1950s, thanks to its exquisite skin care

properties. The alcohol-free recipe, based on natural

ingredients, means that Lucky Tiger can be applied

to the face immediately after shaving, without causing

redness or irritating the skin: aloe vera and

camomile have a soothing and invigorating effect,

marigold heals and disinfects, vitamins A and E are

antioxidants, and borage oil is highly moisturising. It

has a fresh and light aroma, reminiscent of green

oranges, which evaporates after a short time – so

Lucky Tiger can easily take an additional application

of eau de cologne. 8 oz (227 ml) plastic bottle.

item no. 106720 £ 19.90 (£ 8.77 / 100 ml)






7 Harris Shaving Dish

Dish and lid in mahogony, a wood that resists

moisture particularly well. The shaving soap is

“triple-milled” (boiled three times), i.e. highly

concentrated for long-lasting richness and thick

foam. With a delicate almond fragrance. Height

4 cm, diamter 9.6 cm, weight 230 g.

item no. 102501 £ 29.95

Harris Shaving Dish Refill 100 g (not shown)

item no. 102502 £ 14.00

8 For over 80 years: Musgo Real Shaving Cream

This skincare range from the 1920s will appeal to the traditional, classic man. It

is made by the renowned company Claus Porto. The aroma constituting this

line is reminiscent of hay flowers and is composed of a mixture of patchouli

and vetiver. The shaving cream is very rich and produces a thick, creamy foam.

The mixture of natural lanolin, glycerine and coconut oil soaks the beard and

makes it supple. As a result, the blade cuts the stubble more deeply – the shave

is closer and, at the same time, more gentle. Suitable for all skin types.

Unusually rich, so one tube lasts up to three months. 100 ml tube.

item no. 104162 £ 10.90

9 Mühle Shaving Dish

Soap dish for Mühle shaving soaps with an extra broad

rim – it keeps fingers soap-free. Chrome-plated metal.

diameter 9.5 cm, height 3.5 cm.

item no. 104608 £ 11.90

10 Mühle Shaving Soaps

There is a battle of the will over whether you can get

better foam for a wet shave with a cream or a soap.

Soaps from Mühle give skin and stubble optimum preparation

for a truly conditioning, thorough shave. All

soaps fit the shaving dish. 60g. (£ 8.17 / 100 g)

Aloe Vera item no. 104604 £ 4.90

For normal and dry skin. Soothes and moisturises, with

a fresh fragrance.

Sallow thorn item no. 105930 £ 4.90

For normal skin. With bactericidal qualities.

Sandalwood item no. 104607 £ 4.90

For normal skin. With essential oils. Pleasant aroma.

Mühle shaving culture from the Erz Mountains

in Germany

In 1945 the family company Mühle was founded

by Otto Johannes Müller, which has since passed

into the ownership of the third generation and

is now among the few world-renowned producers

of high-quality shaving brushes and appliances

for wet shaving.

1 Silvertip Shaving Brush

Finest badger hair with silver tips. The best of

the best: choice badger hair with light tips,

which is distinguished by its particularly high

flexibility. The softly peaked tips make microfine

foam. The handle made from synthetic resin

(also used for high quality fountain pens) is

lathed and finely polished – all by hand. The

base is made from high-quality nickel-plated

solid brass. Height 10 cm.

item no. 104603 £ 79.00

2 Best Shaving Brush

The high flexibility of a silvertip brush is not for

everyone. With a brush made from firmer hairs,

foam can be whipped up more quickly and distributed

around the face more precisely and

gently. That's why we have a brush made from

best badger hair. Height 10 cm.

item no. 105092 £ 62.00

3 For a particularly fine pre-shaving

experience: Mühle Short Shaving Brush

This brush with shorter best badger hairs is a

good alternative if you’re not a fan of the high

elasticity of a silvertip brush or even a normal

best badger brush. It allows you to work the

shaving soap extremely precisely: you can almost

paint your face. Height 8 cm.

item no. 106743 £ 62.00

4 Mühle Mach 3 Shaver

Blade holder from Mühle in traditional shape for Gillette Mach 3 blades.

Handle made from extremely tough and hard-wearing synthetic resin. Metal

parts made from chrome-plated brass.

item no. 104602 £ 69.00

5 Mühle Shaving Stand

Nickel-plated brass. Suitable for a Mühle blade holder and Mühle shaving

brush. Height 13 cm, diameter 5.3 cm, weight 200 g.

item no. 104609 £ 28.00


1 Scents by Czech & Speake

All our scents are originals and could not possibly be compared with mass-produced

products. Czech & Speake can barely be topped when it comes to exclusivity.

The company only produces scents every two years, so that we cannot

offer any after shaves at the moment. The company that was only founded in

1978 is primarily concerned with the design and creation of luxury bathroom

equipment and accessories.

Czech & Speake No. 88

The oldest scent by Czech & Speake, named after the street number of the

shop in London's Jermyn Street. A traditional English perfume that is based on

an original Elizabethan recipe, representing the style of the perfumer. With

notes of bergamot, geranium, attar of rose, blackcurrant and frangipani on a

dry base note of vetiver and sandalwood. 100 ml.

Eau de Cologne item no. 105674 £ 98.00 After Shave item no.106970 £ 79.00

Czech & Speake Cuba

One of the latest fragrances from Czech & Speake, inspired by the old town of

Havana with its Latin rhythms, smooth cigars, fine rum and exotic beauties.

This fragrance bursts into life with the initial top notes of bergamot, lime,

peppermint and a hint of rum. Layered with a melange of spicy and floral

middle notes, mainly rose, clove and bay. The lasting base notes of tobacco

mixed with the richness of frankincense, cedar wood and vetiver round off

this striking fragrance. 100 ml.

Eau de Cologne item no. 105675 £ 98.00 After Shave item no.106969 £ 79.00

3 After Shaves from Caswell-Massey

These are products from the oldest and most traditional American company

for bodycare products. The company goes back to the opening of a drugstore

in 1752 by Dr William Hunter in Newport, Rhode Island. George Washington

and Benjamin Franklin were among his customers.

Jockey Club After Shave

This fragrance was created in 1840 “for the gentleman who prefers one fragrance

for all occasions“. The most famous customer of Jockey Club was probably

John F. Kennedy, who set standards with his lifestyle that are still effective

today. A dry, fresh scent, with notes of forest and amber as well as hints of

bergamot, citrus and patchouli. 88 ml bottle.

item no. 104433 £ 32.00 (£ 36.36 / 100 ml)

Michelsen’s Bay Rum. Not just an after shave.

The basis of this Eau de Toilette (and we mean the literal meaning of the

phrase) is bayberries (the fruit of the tree Pimenta acris, also known as the allspice

tree), orange oil and finest Jamaica rum. The result is an unusual, spicyexotic

composition – unchanged since 1872. For years, Bay Rum has been used

as a hair and facial water, not just for shaving. Used as a body splash it is revitalising

and refreshing and soothes away tension. 88 ml bottle.

item no. 104434 £ 30.90 (£ 35.11 / 100 ml)

4 Musgo Real Men's Body Soap

Extra mild and creamy soap with a spicy aroma

for the whole body. Made from coconut oil,

palm oil, palm kernel oil, lanolin and glycerine.

“Para a beleza da sua pele” (Portuguese for

“for the beauty of your skin”). 160 g.

item no. 105081 £ 6.50

well chosen.





2 Bath and body products for men from Acca Kappa

“Acca Kappa” stands for the Italian pronunciation of the letters H and K – the initials

of the German merchant Hermann Krull who in 1869 settled in Treviso, firstly

to trade in pearls and brushes imported from the Orient. Universally known for their

first-class hair brushes, in the past few years Acca Kappa have also been developing

some of the most exclusive skincare lines which in their conception always go by the

principles of simplicity and naturalness. This means that all their skincare products

are made using natural ingredients and without the use of animal testing.

These products are from the Muschio Bianco range from Acca Kappa, which is the

epitome of a restrained, timelessly classic skincare line and is not un-modern. The

elegantly fresh and Mediterranean aroma is built around a base note of cedar wood,

vetiver and maté, a middle note of cardamom, coriander, nutmeg and black pepper,

and a top note of bergamot, orange, cumin and star anise.

Bath and Shower Gel 500 ml item no. 106154 £ 24.90 (£ 4.98 / 100 ml)

Deodorant Stick 75 ml item no. 106155 £ 22.90 (£ 30.53 / 100 ml)

After Shave 100 ml item no. 106156 £ 45.00

Eau de Cologne 100 ml item no. 106157 £ 48.00

Shampoo 250 ml item no. 106158 £ 16.90 (£ 6.76 / 100 ml)

Body Lotion 300 ml item no. 106159 £ 32.90 (£ 10.97 / 100 ml)



www.torquato.co.uk Bath & Bodycare

5 Squeeze every last drop: Tube Key

Keys in shaped steel wire for clamping tubes of

toothpaste, shaving cream, mustard, etc, and squeezing

out every last bit. Made in a metalware factory

in the Sauerland region. For tubes up to max. 5 cm

wide at the lowest edge. 5 pieces.

item no. 105307 £ 3.50 for set of 5

7 Since 1898: Euthymol Toothpaste

Probably the oldest toothpaste brand on the market

from England, it contains various antiseptic ingredients

and aromatic oils. The slogan on the tube does not

exaggerate when it states: “No other toothpaste has

the unique strong taste of Euthymol”. It’s down to personal

taste: either you will not be able to get enough of

it or the first tube will also be your last. A small dose of

the toothpaste with the characteristic pink colour,

about the size of a pea, should be sufficient. 75 ml

aluminium tube. (£ 6.53 / 100 ml)

item no. 104579 £ 4.90



1 Waffle Pique Towels

Particularly absorbent and feel pleasant against the skin. In top hotels, towels

made of waffle pique can still be found, but they are rarely on sale for private

households. Our towels are crafted in Braga in northern Portugal. 250g/sq m.

100% cotton.

Guest Towel 30 x 50 cm item no. 105781 £ 7.50

Hand Towel 55 x 100 cm item no. 105782 £ 10.90

Shower Towel 70 x 130 cm item no. 105783 £ 14.90

Bath Towel 90 x 180 cm item no. 105784 £ 19.90

1 2

3 Marvis Toothpaste

This Italian classic has been around for over 40 years. Marvis is a cosmetic toothpaste

with a whitening recipe. It does not damage the tooth enamel and prevents

caries and tartar. It has a characteristically intense fresh flavour and gives

long-lasting fresh breath. 75 ml tube. (£ 13.27 / 100 ml)

Classic Strong Mint item no. 102506 £ 9.95

Aquatic Mint item no. 102507 £ 9.95


4 Harris



bone toothbrush

with hand-set,


natural bristles.

Length 17 cm.

item no. 102989

£ 19.00

6 Dr Hunter Lip Salve

This lip balm is based on a recipe from the pharmacy founded in 1752 in

Newport, Rhode Island by the Scottish Dr William Hunter. Lanolin, aloe,

almond and jojoba ensure optimal care even in the case of very dry or chapped

lips. Usually a single application is sufficient to provide the lips with enough

moisture to make them pleasantly soft. The added anise extract gives the

balm an extra freshness. The little tub can be always carried with you. 0.4 oz

(11.3 g) tub. (£ 43.36 / 100 g)

item no. 106453 £ 4.90

2 Face Cloth

A small, light towel in Jacquard weave.

Particularly absorbent and specially designed

for drying the face. 200g/sq m. 100% cotton.

40 x 70 cm.

item no. 105780 £ 5.50

7 6


well chosen.

2 3 4 5 6

Korres Natural Products

Korres has its origin in the first homoeopathic

pharmacy in Athens. Using his deep knowledge

of homoeopathy and herbal medicine, Giorgos

Korres developed a skincare and cosmetics line

which is produced without the use of chemicals

common in conventional products. Using vegetable

oils, natural alcohol, pharmaceutical

herbs, yoghurt, honey and, above all, the rich

flora of Greece and extracts taken from them

results in all-natural products that are unmatched

in their gentle, skin-friendly properties.

In recent years, Korres has received

numerous national and international awards

for these successes and for the excellent quality

of the products. In Greece, Korres products are

sold exclusively in pharmacies. As they are natural

products, colours may vary.

1 Korres Set: Holiday in Greece

A set of summer skincare products from Korres

which brings to life your last (or your next?) holiday

in Greece: Aloe and Soapwort Shampoo

50 ml, Basil Lemon Shower Gel 50 ml, Basil

Lemon Body Milk 50 ml, Guava Shower Gel

50 ml, Guava Body Butter 50 ml.

item no. 106573 £ 22.90

Holiday in Greece: solitary individual products

2 Aloe and Soapwort Shampoo

PH-neutral shampoo for daily use with active

ingredients aloe and soapwort. Protects delicate

hair and cares for the scalp. 250 ml bottle.

item no. 106576 £ 12.90 (£ 5.16 / 100 ml)

3 Basil Lemon Shower Gel

A green, shimmering aroma with a radiating

freshness and a touch of lemon. Produces a

creamy lather and provides long-lasting moisture

to the skin. 250 ml bottle.

item no. 106568 £ 11.90 (£ 4.76 / 100 ml)

4 Guava Shower Gel

An intoxicating combination of tropical fruits.

Produces a creamy lather and provides longlasting

moisture to the skin. 250 ml bottle.

item no. 106574 £ 11.90 (£ 4.76 / 100 ml)

5 Basil Lemon Body Milk

Moisturising body milk with an exceptionally

matt texture. Lemon and basil aroma with aloe

extract, vitamin C and zinc. 250 ml bottle with

pump dispenser.

item no. 106575 £ 16.90 (£ 6.76 / 100 ml)

6 Body Butter Guava

Rich moisturising cream to care for dry skin.

Particularly suitable for dry, chapped areas on

the hands or elbows.150 ml bottle with pump


item no. 106569 £ 19.90 (£ 13.27 / 100 ml)

7 Best of Korres Set

The six most popular skincare products from Korres in

one small presentation box, for travelling, the guest

room or to test them out. The set includes 50 ml Body

Butter Guava, 50 ml Basil Lemon Shower Gel, 50 ml

Vanilla Cinnamon Shower Gel, 10 ml Wild Rose

Moisturiser, 5 ml Evening Primrose Eye Cream and 9 ml

Yoghurt Cooling Gel.

item no. 106566 £ 25.90

Best of Korres: solitary individual products

8 Wild Rose Moisturiser

24-hour moisturiser for normal and dry skin. Contains

wild rose oil and extract of Imperata cylindrica, a tropical

grass which has a long-lasting moisturising effect.

Sun protection factor 6. 40 ml tub.

item no. 106571 £ 29.90 (£ 74.75 / 100 ml)

9 Vanilla Cinnamon Shower Gel

A warm, velvety aroma which contrasts woody, vibrant

cinnamon with the powdery sweetness of vanilla.

Produces a creamy lather and provides long-lasting

moisture to the skin. 250 ml bottle.

item no. 106567 £ 11.90 (£ 4.76 / 100 ml)

10 Basil Lemon Shower Gel (see left, No. 3)

item no. 106568 £ 11.90 (£ 4.76 / 100 ml)

11 Evening Primrose Eye Cream

The main ingredient is an extract of evening primrose

which, in combination with vitamin C, stimulates

collagen synthesis of the skin and circulation. Also

provides gentle protection from the sun around the

eyes. 30 ml tube.

item no. 106570 £ 39.00 (£ 130.00 / 100 ml)

12 Body Butter Guava (see left, No. 6)

item no. 106569 £ 19.90 (£ 13.27 / 100 ml)

8 9 10 12 13




13 Yoghurt Cooling Gel

Cooling after sun gel for the face and body with real

yoghurt. The yoghurt increases the moisture content

of the upper layers of skin after high solar radiation,

which reinforces the skin-regenerating capabilities of

the skin and soothes the burning sensation of light

sunburn. 150 ml bottle with pump dispenser.

item no. 106572 £ 24.90 (£ 16.60 / 100 ml)



0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Luggage, Accessories & Outdoors

2 Filson Laptop Bag

The construction of this bag is basically the same as the Filson briefcase, but features

a few extra details: the bottom and sides of the bag are made of a double

layer of cotton twill, which is filled with a layer of foam to absorb shocks better. On

the inside – which has two pockets, one of which spans the entire length of the bag

with two extra, flexible pockets – there is space for an A4 folder and a laptop (max.

size 36 x 28 x 4 cm). There is additional space for accessories and small items in an

outer pocket with zip, which is where the key strap is attached. There are three

extra open outer pockets with various sizes. Height 35.5 cm, width 19 cm, length

42 cm, weight aprox. 2.5 kg.

tan item no. 106520 £ 399.00 otter green item no. 106519 £ 399.00

4 Filson Travel Bag with Wheels

Classic large travel bag which, in contrast to most similar versions, is easy to manage

thanks to its integrated rollers and extendable handle, even when full. Large

inner compartment with two small sewn-in cotton drill pockets. Zip fastener, reinforced

with leather to make the seam robust. Honeycomb plastic inner base. The

three runners on the underside of the bag are screwed to the base, as is the leather

handle at the front. Handle features a grip. Volume approx. 80 litres. Height

33 cm, width 34 cm, length 75 cm, weight 4.3 kg.

tan item no. 106526 £ 599.00 otter green item no. 106525 £ 599.00


Travel luggage made by Filson: Each piece is made to last a lifetime.

Travel luggage made by Filson in Seattle will stand up to the toughest

demands. In the last great gold rush at the Klondike at the end of the 19th century,

Filson products were among the favourites of the gold hunters on account

of their exceptional robustness. The luggage is made of a very heavy, densely

woven cotton twill (726 g/m 2 ) which is treated with a special paraffin wax to

make it waterproof. All zips and metal parts are made of corrosion-resistant

brass, while all leather parts are made of very tough vegetable-tanned cowhide.

To this day, the bags are made at the Filsons factory in Seattle. To clean,

wipe with a damp sponge or brush off any dirt. Do not machine wash or dry

clean. The zips may initially be difficult to move; this subsides over time. The

bridle leather also softens with use.

1 Filson Briefcase

Spacious briefcase made of cotton twill with a highly sophisticated construction:

the interior is divided into three compartments and the middle one can

safely hold an A4 folder. A laptop with max. size 35 x 27 x 3.5 cm can also be

accommodated in one of the compartments. What's more, there are pockets

for spare batteries, power pack, water bottle, pens, wallet, mobile phone etc.

Handles with grips and removable and adjustable leather shoulder strap. There

are four pockets on the outer sides. Double layer of fabric on the bottom; one

of the long outer pockets has a strap with a brass clip for house or car keys.

Height 32 cm, width 15 cm, length 41 cm, weight approx. 1.9 kg.

tan item no. 106518 £ 349.00

otter green item no. 106517 £ 349.00

1 1 1




3 Filson Cabin Trolley

The outer covering, made of cotton twill, is stretched over a solid honeycombstructured

plastic frame. The cover with a large outer pocket is opened via a

zip running round three sides; the flap over the top is held closed with two

durably stitched leather straps. It has a lashing strap and two sewn-in cotton

drill pockets for small items. Two ball-bearing hard rubber rollers for smooth

motion; plastic runners for easily negotiating kerbsides. The grips and extendable

telescope handle are screwed to the frame to guarantee the best possible

stability. There is an extra open side pocket at the back and on one of the

sides. Volume approx. 40 litres. Height 55.8 cm, depth 23 cm, width 35.5 cm,

weight 4.3 kg.

tan item no. 106524 £ 599.00 otter green item no. 106523 £ 599.00






well chosen.

1 1 1

1 Filson Large Outfitter

Large travel bag in a compact form with sophisticated detail: the dividing wall

between the shallow lower and spacious upper compartment features a

waterproof nylon membrane, which makes transporting wet shoes etc. possible

without affecting the rest of your clothes. Removable dividers in the lower

compartment, two side pockets in the upper compartment, two side pockets

with zip fastening along the length of the bag, two open ones across the

width. Main zip has leather seam. Durably stitched handles running round the

sides with grip, plus a removable carrying strap with shoulder pad. Volume

approx. 80 litres. Height 45 cm, width 37 cm, length 51 cm, weight 3.4 kg.

tan item no. 106522 £ 449.00 otter green item no. 106521 £ 449.00

2 Very practical and equipped with all the necessary

functions: Lexon Travel Alarm

A travel alarm in a reduced, straight-edged design: compact,

practical and limited to the most important functions.

A green LCD display shows the time, date, day and

temperature. Sleep and light button on the upper side,

set the functions by using the buttons on the underside.

Housing in anodised aluminium. Powered by two

CR 2032 button cells (included). Height 1.9 cm, depth

3.5 cm, width 10.5 cm, weight 58 g.

item no. 105656 £ 26.50



3 Lexon Luggage Tag

Protected from unauthorised

reading – the

inner sides have two

labelling fields for name

and address. 2.6 cm x

8 cm.

item no. 106551

£ 7.50

2 3

4 Passport Cover

These leather covers protect the passport and look even

better over time themselves. Made from soft French

calf's leather, lined with dark brown hunting calf's

leather and nylon. Suitable for international passport

size ID 3. Height 13.9 cm, width when closed 10.8 cm,

width when open 20.8 cm.

Brown item no. 105579 £ 49.90

Red item no. 105580 £ 49.90

5 Luggage tags

Classic luggage tags with a flap made of leather from

the purveyor to the English court Papworth. Secured to

the handle of a bag or suitcase with a belt fastening.

For handles with a diameter up to 2.8 cm. Width 5.2 cm,

maximum length (closed) 14.5 cm.

Cambridge tan item no. 105590 £ 19.90

Chestnut item no. 105591 £ 19.90

Havanna item no. 105592 £ 19.90

Black item no. 105593 £ 19.90

Presenting Journeys

These products can be used to show someone the

course of your journey, instead of an air ticket, travel

guide or some other less romantic method.

6 Mini Globe

Reproduction of a globe produced in 1745 by French

cartographer Robert de Vaugondy. Vaugondy presented

this globe, on which the journeys of contemporary

explorers are precisely marked, to Louis XV. Dimensions

8.5 x 9 cm. item no. 103459 £ 13.90

7 Travel Document Case

In printed PVC, sealable with a popper. Width 23.8 cm,

height 11.8 cm. item no. 105601 £ 9.90

8 The quickest link between two points is a red thread:

Sewing Postcards

Includes needle and thread. Postcard size A6.

Europe item no. 105575 £ 2.95

World item no. 105577 £ 2.95







www.torquato.co.uk Luggage, Accessories & Outdoors

3 Chapman CAR-GO Bag

This huge holdall with a volume of 95 litres was designed especially for travelling

by car. If you put it upright in the boot of your car, most of it is still free: more space

for dogs, wine crates or more Car-Go holdalls. Made of dark green polyester fabric.

Handles of woven cotton with leather reinforcements, which make it comfortable

to carry even with heavier weights. Height 50 cm, width 63 cm, depth 30 cm, volume

95 l. Weight 1 kg.

Beige Handles item no. 100930 £ 128.00

Red Handles item no. 103922 £ 128.00




1 Mr Brady’s Traveller’s Bag

The authors of the German almanac “Das Beste

vom Besten” (“The Best of the Best”) declared

this bag the “best hand luggage” in 1989, praising

its spaciousness, flexibility, indestructibility

and its "beautifully professional appearance".

Apparently, it was developed sometime in the

19th century by an enthusiastic angler in London

called Brady. We have them made by John

Chapman, the leading English manufacturer of

hunting and angling bags. This bag is made from

double-layered, rubber-reinforced cotton canvas

with leather embellishment and an adjustable

shoulder strap in woven cotton and metal parts

in solid brass. All seams are double-sewn at least.

Large interior storage area, two patch pockets

with zip closure. Height 28 cm, width 45 cm,

depth 18 cm, weight 1 kg.

item no. 105336 £ 249.00

2 Chapman Leightweight Holdall

Holdalls from John Chapman, the leading manufacturer of game bags and fishing

bags. The bags are made of a dark green, tough, waterproof polyester

fabric. Solid brass metal parts. The handles and shoulder strap are made of red

woven cotton and are attached to the bag with leather patches. Additional

exterior pocket.

Small Holdall

Width 61 cm, depth 28 cm, height

29 cm. Capacity: 45 l. Weight 1.3 kg.

item no. 103920 £ 229.00

4 Zipless Suit Carrier

This carrier is a neat alternative to either clothes carriers

that are suitable for air travel or flimsy once-only carriers

for your favourite jacket that needs to be protected

against dust and light or the suit that won’t go in the

suitcase or blouses that have just been ironed. The twocoloured

cover is closed by folding the shoulder flaps

over one another. Made of water-repellent fabric (100%

polyamide) that is also used for, among other things, the

soft tops of convertibles. Length 95 cm, width 60 cm.

black/green item no. 103273 £ 39.90

black/grey item no. 103274 £ 39.90

5 Chapman Canvas Holdall

The fabric of these holdalls, canvas reinforced with two

layers of rubber, is especially hard-wearing. Leather

reinforcements, handles of woven cotton, metal parts

of solid brass, all seams sewn at least twice. This holdall

has a large storage area that can be closed with a brass

zip. Width 45 cm, depth 27 cm, height 37 cm, weight 1

kg. Available in blue, red and beige.

item no. 900144 £ 169.00

Large Holdall

Width 82 cm, depth 37 cm, height

34 cm. Capacity: 100 l. Weight 1.8 kg.

item no. 103921 £ 259.00



well chosen.

1 From Offenbach in Germany:

Buckskin Sponge Bags

These sponge bags are made by fine bag

makers Hammann in Offenbach. Fine leatherware

has been made here by hand since 1864

and this continues to the present day. Both

bags in grained buckskin, interior lined

throughout with natural buckskin leather. Zip

closure on upper side.

Large Sponge Bag

Spacious interior and three small pockets on

the inner walls. Interior also contains a removable

zip-bag in natural buckskin, which is held

in place with four small Velcro tabs and also

functions as an inner divider. Dimensions of

inner bag: height 18.2 cm, length 26.5 cm.

Overall dimensions: height 20 cm, width 13 cm,

length 30 cm.

Black item no. 107375 £ 165.00

Dark tan item no. 107377 £ 165.00

Tabac item no. 107379 £ 165.00

Lilac item no. 107373 £ 165.00

Red item no. 105651 £ 165.00

Cosmetics Bag

Single inner space and three small pockets

on the interior walls. Height 10.2 cm, width

6.6 cm, length 19.5 cm.

Black item no. 107376 £ 65.00

Dark tan item no. 107378 £ 65.00

Tabac item no. 107380 £ 65.00

Lilac item no. 107374 £ 65.00

Red item no. 105652 £ 65.00


4 Leather Roll-Up Toiletry Bag

This wash bag is made according to the example based

on those used by the Royal Army. The outside is made

of oiled leather to protect against unavoidable damp.

On the inside, 5 pockets made of nylon provide plenty

of space for storage. Under a leather strap inside, for

example, toothbrushes and hair brushes can be kept.

Nylon straps protect from dirt, but the air can still get to

the contents. The fastener has 8 holes so there is plenty

of leeway for a full bag. The open bag can be hung up

in the bathroom using the belt strap. Size when closed

25 x 15 x 6 cm, open 43 x 25 cm. Made by a small saddler

in the English West Midlands – exclusively for


English tan item no. 105971 £ 129.00

Chestnut item no. 107331 £ 129.00

Peat item no. 101750 £ 129.00

4 4


2 Pocket Mirror

Handy pocket mirror from Graphic Image in New

York. Case and frame are made of embossed calf leather.

The reverse of the mirror has 2x magnification.

The mirror can be pulled out of the case via a hinge

on the side. Diameter 7 cm.

Fuchsia item no. 107383 £ 45.00

Dark tan item no. 107384 £ 45.00

Sky blue item no. 107385 £ 45.00

3 Mobile bathroom cabinet: Hanging Toiletry Bag

Even in good hotels there is often insufficient storage space in the bathroom. This

nylon toiletry bag can be hung up dry and hygienically in all possible (and impossible)

locations thanks to a large metal eyelet and a snap hook with a long strap. This bag

is a mobile bathroom cabinet, with four zipped pockets of various sizes and three

pockets to hold small items. Length folded out 52 cm, width 27 cm, weight 475 g.

Black item no. 103966 £ 22.90

Red item no. 103850 £ 22.90




0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Luggage, Accessories & Outdoors




Wallets in 3 sizes from “Sonnenleder”, made in Bavaria

Handmade from vegetable-tanned cowhide. Excellent workmanship which can

withstand years of wear and tear. The leather gets more beautiful as it is used.

1 Large Leather Wallet

Just try to find a good wallet that lasts for years and meets all your needs. This is

one: an especially well-conceived wallet, hand-made out of vegetable-tanned

cowhide. Two linen-lined note pockets, 1 large coin compartment with pressstud,

4 credit card pockets, 1 ID card pocket, 3 pockets for memos. Format

closed 9.5 x 12.5 cm, Weight approx. 125 g.

natural item no. 100728 £ 95.00 black item no. 100729 £ 95.00

2 Medium Leather Wallet

2 note pockets (for unfolded £ 20.00 notes),1 change pocket, 1 pocket for identity

cards, 1 note pocket, 3 credit card pockets. Hand crafted from vegetabletanned

leather. Excellent finish for a long life. The leather gets more attractive

with use. Size when closed 9 x 11 cm, weight 90 g.

natural item no. 106003 £ 88.00 black item no. 106002 £ 88.00

3 Small Leather Wallet

Designed around a credit card. They don't get any smaller. 1 note compartment

for folded notes, 1 coin pocket, one note pocket, 3 credit card pockets.

Dimensions when closed 7.5 x 10.5 cm. Weight 65 g.

natural item no. 105997 £ 78.00 black item no. 105998 £ 78.00

1 2 3 1 2 3


8 "Viennese Box" Wallet

This wallet is made to an old design in two parts held together with two pressstuds.

If you fold out the two halves, a cotton-lined note holder, 6 credit card

pockets and 2 further compartments open up. The especially large coin compartment

folds together like an accordion and opens out to look like a box.

The Viennese Box is a very compact wallet with dimensions 9 x 9 x 1.5 cm. Made in


item no. 101692 £ 98.00


9 Leather Shake-Out Wallet

A shake-out wallet is so-called because you can shake

out the coins it holds into the open lid and thus quickly

get a better look at your change. The one here is also

provided with an inside pocket for folded notes. The

wallet is kept closed solely by the tension of the leather.

With strap to open it. Format 8 x 7.5 cm, 1.5 cm thick.

item no. 101470 £ 39.00

10 Travel Wallet

This travel wallet made of calf's leather is a place to

store plane tickets, credit cards, passports, booking confirmation,

documents and all the other papers you normally

carry with you when you travel. Seven card holders,

two large inside pockets, a further inside pocket for

easy access and a pocket on the back. Nylon lining.

Height 23.3 cm, width when closed 11.1 cm, width

when open 22.7 cm.

Leather Business Card Case

Unlike metal or plastic cases for business cards, you are always happy to have this

leather case with you. It fits nicely in the hand and won’t clunk around in your

trouser pocket. And if you want to just have the essentials with you, a debit or

credit card will also fit in. The two-part case is produced at a small leather-working

operation in Florence. The interior and exterior parts are each made of just

one piece of leather. For business cards in formats up to 8.5 x 5.3 cm. External

dimensions 9 x 6.3 x 1 cm. £ 39.00

4 black item no. 103092 6 dark tan item no. 101476

5 burl wood item no. 100934 7 red item no. 103091

tan item no. 105581 £ 95.00

red item no. 105582 £ 95.00

9 10



well chosen.

Papworth travel goods:

attaché cases made of

hand-finished traditional

saddle leather

Papworth was founded in 1917 and

is now owned by Swaine Adeney

Brigg, who were founded in 1750,

and, like Papworth, have provided

the English court with leather goods

for decades.

All products are made in a factory near

Cambridge according to traditional methods

from saddle leather and other first-class materials.

Although the bags are made on a production

line, one member of staff is personally responsible

for the quality of each individual product,

and their name can be found on a card in each of

the cases. All articles are delivered inside a green

felt bag in which you can keep the case if it is not

being used for long periods of time.

1 Lid-Over Attaché Case

A classic “Lid-Over”, that is to say that the lid flips over

the top of the body. This differs from the other, slimmer

briefcases in our range, as a large folder fits inside.

Made of saddle leather over a steel frame and

hand crafted. All metal parts are made of solid brass.

Lined with green leather. Inner pocket on the lid

with pen holders. Width 46 cm, depth 33 cm, height

12.5 cm, weight 2.95 kg.

Cambridge Tan item no. 100385 £ 835.00

Havanna item no. 105662 £ 835.00

Black item no. 105663 £ 835.00

2 Slim Lid-Over Attaché Case

Width 46 cm, depth 33 cm, height 7.4 cm, weight

2.95 kg.

Cambridge Tan item no. 100384 £ 740.00

3 Hand-Stitched Lid-Over Attaché Case

A once-in-a-lifetime purchase. Papworth lid-over

attaché case, hand-stitched.

1 Normally, manufacturers use machines to sew through


the thick saddle leather, as it is a strenuous task, but

here this is carried out by hand. This case therefore has a few nice details that distinguish

it from others in the range. With the other cases, the case and lid are made in

three pieces, while with the hand-crafted case, both pieces are made out of a single

piece of saddle leather. This is evident in the fact that on the hand-made case, open

edges of leather can only be seen on the corners. The trained eye can tell the difference

between hand and machine sewing. Apart from the difference in appearance,

the hand sewing is also more resilient. Width 46 cm, depth 11 cm, height 33 cm,

weight 3.3 kg.

Cambridge Tan item no. 101548 £ 1,275.00

1 2 3 3




www.torquato.co.uk Luggage, Accessories & Outdoors

1 3

4 5 6

7 For someone who has everything: Silver Collar Stiffeners

Even though silver is heavier than plastic, you need not worry that these collar stiffeners

will be too heavy, at a weight of 8 grams each. You can be certain that they

will survive a turn in the washing machine far better than their plastic brethren.

Made of sterling silver. Set of 2, approx. 7 cm long, 1 cm wide.

item no. 104335 £ 55.00

9 Ole Mathiesen Watches

In 1980 when Ole Mathiesen was accepted into the permanent collection of the

MoMA in New York, the small manufacturing firm in Copenhagen received international

attention for the first time. Nearly 20 years previously the clockmaker Ole

Mathiesen – started in 1962 – who learned his trade with, among others, the Swiss

manufacturer Jaeger-LeCoultre, designed a collection of classic watches that have

timeless elegance today. The white, slightly domed dial in an extra flat housing in

stainless steel is characteristic. The watches are not just impressively designed, they

are also of first-class quality, which continues to be overseen by Ole Mathiesen, who

is now over 70 years old.

The housing for this wristwatch by Ole Mathiesen is in polished stainless steel, the

glass in scratchproof convex sapphire glass, the wristband in black calves' leather.

The interior of the housing is furnished with a Swiss extra flat quartz movement

ETA 956.032 for high movement precision. Diameter 33 mm, weight 24 g.

£ 569.00

Roman numerals: Ole Mathiesen OM1 item no. 105352

Lines dial: Ole Mathiesen OM2 item no. 105353

Arabic numerals: Ole Mathiesen OM3 item no. 105354



Cufflinks by Spreckelsen & Carnevale

This tiny master workshop in Hamburg is famous for its timeless classic design

and first-class workmanship. These cufflinks in English-inspired forms are individually

made by hand, the stones set with the greatest of care. The links have

a comfortable clip closure, are made in sterling silver and rhodanised for protection

against contact damage.

1 Oval Garnet Cufflinks

Red precious stone. Approx. 3.5 carats.

item no. 103390 £ 229.00

2 Oval Sapphire Cufflinks

Blue precious stone of gem hardness 9, the hardest gem after diamonds.

Two large cabochons with approx. 3.7 carats.

item no. 103389 £ 599.00

3 Round Garnet Cufflinks

Red precious stone. Approx. 1.8 carats.

item no. 103719 £ 199.00

4 Round Sapphire Cufflinks

Splendid cuff links with round cabochons, approx. 1.6 carats.

item no. 103388 £ 299.00

5 Carnelian Cufflinks

Red and blue, polished precious stone, approx. 0.55 carat (topaz).

item no. 105330 £ 329.00

6 Onyx Cufflinks

Black and blue, polished precious stone, approx. 0.6 carat (topaz).

item no. 105329 £ 329.00

8 Watch Collection Box

High-quality wooden box to hold six watches. The surface is veneered with

root wood from the elm tree. The watch holders and interior are lined with

velvet. External dimensions: Height 9.8 cm, width 36 cm, depth 12.7 cm,

weight 1.4 kg.

item no. 102019 £ 199.00



Aviator's Watch “Big Crown”

This aviator's watch was given the name “Big

Crown” due to its extra-large winding knob, or

crown, which made it possible for pilots to set

the time zone even when wearing thick gloves.

This made it very popular with the pilots of the

US Air Force because it was easy to operate even

under difficult conditions. The crown and the

knurled rim provide the characteristic appearance

of this legendary watch. This watch,

launched on the market in 1938, was at that

time one of the few watches that had a date

pointer on the dial. For a number of years now

this watch has been produced by Swiss

watchmaker Oris, a company that dates back

around 100 years. Oris was able to defy the tidal

wave of quartz watches and produces up-todate

mechanical watches of top quality. Stainless

steel case that is watertight to 50 m, armoured

Plexiglass, quick correction and screwed stainless

steel back with mineral glass window, luminous

hands and indices using Super-LumiNova® pigments.

ETA 2824-2 automatic movement, 28,800

oscillations an hour, 25 jewels, Incabloc shock

absorption, seconds stop function, power reserve

38 hours. 18 mm calfskin leather strap.

Diameter 36 mm, weight 50 g.

4 Big Crown Automatic Black

item no. 103339 £ 650.00

5 Big Crown Automatic White

item no. 103338 £ 650.00

well chosen.

MeisterSinger Single-hand watches – a relaxing way to tell the time

The best things come to those who wait. This statement is proven by the striking

products from the Münster watch manufacturer. The single-hand watch is

the precursor to the modern, mechanical watch: the time is shown by just one

hand, as was done centuries ago after the invention of the mechanical watch

and can still be seen on older clock towers today. Single-hand watches only

enable you to tell the time with an accuracy of up to 5 minutes. The people

who use these watches are those who like to take their time about things.

2 mm thick mineral glass. Diameter 38 mm, height 11.5 mm, weight 55 g.

1 MeisterSinger Single-Hand Watch No. 1 £ 698.00

Mechanical movement with manual wind ETA 2801-2 with a reserve of up to

42 hours.

black item no. 106911 ivory item no. 106912 silver item no. 106910

2 MeisterSinger Three-Hand Watch Scrypto £ 798.00

Classic three-hand watch with centrally positioned date. ETA 2824-2 selfwinding

mechanism with a reserve of up to 48 hours.

black item no. 106914 ivory item no. 106915 silver item no. 106913



1 2

1 1 2

Watches from Max Bill

The original design was by Max Bill, a child of the Bauhaus generation, student of

Walter Gropius and companion of Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe, who was

active as a painter, architect, sculptor, teacher and designer.

3 Max Bill Watches

Inside, there is an ETA 2801-2 Swiss mechanical hand-wound movement. The movement

operates at 28,800 oscillations an hour, has 17 jewels and Incabloc shock

absorption. Case, back and lugs of polished stainless steel. Slightly domed Plexi-hard

glass over face. Waterproof. Case diameter 3.3 cm (1.3” approx.), weight with strap

34 g.

Stainless Steel Case

Silver-coloured dial, black calfskin leather strap.

item no. 102011 £ 475.00

Gold-Plated Case

Gold plating 10 microns, silver-coloured dial, matt sunburst finish, brown calfskin

leather strap.

item no. 102012 £ 495.00

4 5



6 Self-illuminated face. Wristwatch H3 Navigator

This watch has small self-illuminating Borosit glass capsules embedded in the hands

and the indices that glow without batteries or charging up in daylight. The brightness

is a hundred times greater than with conventional watches. In addition, the

watch is waterproof to 30 m and extremely robust due to the glass fibre reinforced

case. The US Army has ordered several hundred thousand examples of this Swiss

watch from the canton of Bern. Case made of polyester with 30% glass fibre reinforcement,

rim of polyamide, crystal of scratch-resistant mineral glass, crown made

of stainless steel, screwed back. Swiss Ronda quartz movement with date display.

Diameter 4.5 cm, weight 40 g.

item no. 103242 £ 199.00

0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Luggage, Accessories & Outdoors


2 3

Tweedmill Picnic Blankets

You will always be dry when sitting outside on these

blankets. The underside is made of waterproof nylon


4 Small Tweedmill Picnic Blanket

Something to always keep with you: the basis for a

spontaneous occasion. Ideal for the car, on the bicycle

or in a backpack. 100% wool, Royal Stuart tartan.

Underside made of navy blue 2 oz nylon, waterproof

to 3,500 mm water column. Dimensions 98 x

66 cm, folded 25 x 8 x 6 cm.

item no. 100510 £ 35.00

5 Large Tweedmill Picnic Blanket

The area of 137 x 183 cm gives enough space for at

least two people and the picnic. 100% wool in

“Hunting McLeod” tartan. Underside made of

strong green 4 oz nylon, waterproof to 6,000 mm

water column, two carrying handles, two large compartments.

item no. 100509 £ 109.00

7 Picnic Basket

The supplier of this basket has been making picnic baskets for over 60 years. The

basket is woven by hand from unstripped willow. The handle is covered with leather,

the fastening toggles and retaining straps are also made of leather. Inside

there is everything you need for a picnic for four with French bread, cheese and red

wine: 4 ceramic plates, 4 glasses, 1 small cooler bottle, 1 tablecloth and 4 cotton

napkins, salt and pepper, 1 bottle opener, 4 knives, forks and dessert spoons respectively,

1 bottle cooler.

item no. 102739 £ 275.00

8 Pocket Folding Chair

This chair means you can sit comfortably on the beach, at sports events or open-air

concerts, at a picnic or on a bench at a beer festival. The backrest of the patented

chair supports the back and so prevents backache, bruised elbows and having to constantly

change sitting position. The seat can be folded up small and be transported

comfortably in the included carry-bag. Keep handy for car or boat journeys. Birch

wood. Dimensions when rolled up: length 40 cm, diameter 10 cm, weight 985 g.

item no. 103425 £ 49.90



6 Polartec Fleece Blankets

TIME magazine rated Polartec materials as one of the

“100 best inventions of the 20th century” and thus put

Polartec up there with major breakthroughs such as

penicillin, the computer or the zip fastener. The fibres,

made of 100% polyester, take up less than 1% of their

weight in water, meaning that they cannot get wet. As

opposed to lower-quality fleece products, Polartec does

not pill nor lose its insulating properties after being

washed many times. These blankets have a markedly

better insulating capacity than wool and hence are lighter.

They are suitable both for use indoors and outdoors.

Washable at 40 °C. Beige edging. Supplied in the extralarge

size 220 x 160 cm, making it ideal for use by taller

people as well.

grey mottled item no. 104458 £ 79.90

blue item no. 102371 £ 79.90

The Australian Cooler Bag: lunch bags for the Australian sun

These excellent products are the result of a simple idea: if wool can keep warm

things warm, then it can also keep cold things cool. All the cooler bags are

made of a water-repellent and robust waxed cloth. The lining is made of quilted

Australian wool and, in addition, a foil has been sewn in underneath the

waxed cloth so that condensation cannot get into the wool. Handles made of

leather. The interior is closed off from the outside environment by a thick zip

fastener. Using a normal cooling block, food can be kept cool for up to

24 hours and at least for 6–12 hours. From a small wool processor in western


1 Australian Cooler Bag Extra

The original, made even better with a pocket (48 x 28 cm) for plates or other

picnic utensils. Dimensions 40 x 34 x 20 cm. Capacity 20 litres.

item no. 103450 £ 125.00

2 Australian Lunch Box

Starter model, Dimensions 30 x 22 x 14 cm, Capacity 10 litres.

item no. 103451 £ 72.00

3 Australian Water Holder

Keeps a 1 litre water bottle cool or a hot bottle of mulled wine warm. Diameter

11 cm, height 26 cm.

item no. 103452 £ 48.00

7 6




High quality, well thought out, made in Innsbruck from the best materials

Bag and pack maker Helmut Schmarda has been in business since 1911 and

produces backpacks of top quality by hand on the basis of traditional designs

for use in hunting and leisure activities. Backpacks made of top-class green

sailcloth, straps of leather, pockets edged with leather. All the backpacks have

a slot-type pocket against the back with an inside compartment, a quickaccess

pocket for things that you need to get at in a hurry, for example, tissues

or a map, a zipped pocket on the inside of the covering flap and two outside

pockets at the back. The cover flap straps are extra-long to allow a blanket

or a jacket to be stuffed under them.

1 Large Schmarda Hunting Backpack

Volume 30 litres. Height 58 cm, width 55 cm, weight 1.3 kg.

item no. 103429 £ 114.00

Backpack Waterproof Insert (not shown)

To transport game. Waterproof insert to fit the hunting backpack.

item no. 103430 £ 18.90

2 Small Schmarda Backpack

Volume 12 litres. Height 40 cm, width 33 cm, weight 750 g.

item no. 103431 £ 89.00

3 Schmarda Child's Backpack

Volume 4 litres. Height 33 cm, width 30 cm, weight 440 g.

item no. 103432 £ 65.00


well chosen.

7 Back to its roots: Sigg 1 Litre Heritage Bottle

The aluminium drinking bottles from Sigg, based in the Swiss canton Thurgau,

have been the most popular drinking bottles for outdoor activities for years,

thanks to their low weight, practical design and robustness. Sigg has been

making drinking bottles and household objects out of aluminium since 1908.

Extruded from a single piece of aluminium, with colourless powder coating on

the outside and with a food-safe coating on the inside. The coating and finish

will easily withstand dents to the bottle without flaking off. Screw cap with

rubber seal and aluminium hoop. Dishwasher safe. Do not fill with liquids

above 85 °C. Volume 1 litre, diameter 8.2 cm, height 23.5 cm, weight 150 g.

item no. 106564 £ 22.00




4 Rite in the Rain: Water-Repellent Notebook

Notebook with water-repellent paper which lets water simply drip off. The paper

doesn't get soaked and can even be written on in driving rain. 160 lined and

numbered pages, 12 x 19 cm, robust waterproof fabric cover and contents page.

item no. 106561 £ 19.95

5 Rite in the Rain Notepad

Notebook with original Rite in the Rain paper, spiral-bound, with squared pages,

7.5 x 3.5 cm, plastic cover and spine. 100 pages.

item no. 106562 £ 4.50

6 No Water Gel Handwash

This gel for cleaning hands while on the move is no real

substitute for washing hands with water. But until the

next opportunity arises, No Water Handwash Gel is a

reasonable alternative. This handwash gel from Scottish

Fine Soaps is antibacterial and the 50 ml tube is so small

that you can always carry it with you. Apply a little to

the hands and rub in until the gel is dry. Contains water,

alcohol and glycerine. (£ 15.00 / 100 ml)

item no. 106565 £ 7.50

9 10

9 Survival-Kit-In-A-Can

A complete survival aid containing everything you need

to get by on an unexpected stay in the wilderness: compass,

matches, a fishing line, a packet of soup, tea and

sugar, a shaving blade, nails, fishing hooks, etc. 41

pieces in total, air and watertight packaging in a sardine

can. Height 2.5 cm, width 7.8 cm, length 11.1 cm.

item no. 105598 £ 19.95

10 Army Pocket Torch

Robust sheet steel case. Rotary switch with Morse button.

Three sliding controllers for light filters: red, green and

camouflage light. Leather strap to attach to the belt or to

hook into a jacket. With spare bulb in the case. Operates

on 2 monocells 1.5 V. Dimensions 10.5 x 6.5 x 4.5 cm.

item no. 101859 £ 19.95

11 Opinel Mushroom Knife

With this multipurpose tool, you can cut away bad parts

of the mushroom straight after they have been collected,

and brush away any soil deposits. Folding blade

made of stainless steel, handle made of lacquered

beech, brush made from wild boar bristles. Not suitable

for dishwashers. Length 20.3 cm.

item no. 105935 £ 24.90


8 Everlight Twist Torch

A torch that needs no batteries: by simply twisting the

torch, the built-in generator produces electrical energy.

This is stored in a capacitor which, in contrast to

a battery, never corrodes and can be charged and

discharged several 100,000 times. After just

10 seconds of twisting, there is enough energy for

10 minutes of light. The three built-in Nichia LEDs are

virtually indestructible and have over 100,000 hours

of life. Their light is focused by a precision lens made

from acrylic. The Everlight consists of an extremely

robust, splash-proof polycarbonate body which guarantees

use in extreme and inclement conditions. Ideal

for the car, the home or on a boat. Light visible up to

1 km. 7,000 lux. Length 14.5 cm, weight 150 g.

item no. 106802 £ 25.95







www.torquato.co.uk Luggage, Accessories & Outdoors

English bridle leather goods made for Torquato

2 Thermos Flask in Bridle Leather Holder

Holder made of bridle leather, lined inside with green suede leather. Height 31 cm,

diameter 9 cm. Original Aladdin thermos flask, double-walled stainless steel

vacuum flask with a 15-year guarantee from the maker. Contents 0.75 l.

item no. 102761 £ 168.00

3 Travel Tray: For the Man Who Has Everything

There simply cannot be a more elegant way of serving spirits out in the countryside

– especially with the matching silver beakers. 15 x 15 cm.

item no. 101751 £ 52.00

4 Hunter Flask

The leather-covered stainless steel flask holds 295 ml and with a height of 18 cm fits

nicely into an overcoat pocket. A leather cap holds four small stainless steel

tumblers on the flask. Weight 320 g.

item no. 101749 £ 75.00

5 Bar Set

A round case with adjustable carrying strap. The lid is closed by means of a zip.

Inside are three glass bottles that each hold 235 ml of whatever tipple you fancy.

The screw caps can also be used as beakers. The round case is covered with bridle

leather on the outside and green suede leather on the inside. Height 19 cm,

diameter of the case 10 cm, weight 1.1 kg.

item no. 101748 £ 195.00

6 Tin Hipflasks

This tin hipflask is truly flat and because of its rounded edges and curved shape it

is very comfortable to carry in the pocket. It is finished by hand in a family firm in

Sheffield, established in 1877.

Large: 225 ml, 15 x 10 x 2 cm, weight 220 g item no. 103173 £ 48.00

Small: 115 ml, 12 x 8 x 2 cm, weight 135 g item no. 103174 £ 34.00

10 Leather Embossing

You can make these leather items even more valuable

by having them feature the owner’s initials. This

is possible in the case of boxes without a silver medallion,

or those that have one and it is left off (indicate

as a special request). Delivery takes 4–6 weeks.

Typeface: Antiqua, letter height 4 mm. Initials are

always embossed with full stops, unless expressly specified

otherwise. The price covers 1 to max. 3 letters.

£ 15.90




1 Laguiole Knives from “Forge de Laguiole”

Originating 175 years ago in Laguiole in the Auvergne region, these knives of

the same name quickly became an absolute must for every Frenchman. They

represent the proverbial “savoir vivre” and French lifestyle in a way that virtually

no other object does. The knives from the “Forge de Laguiole” all bear

the quality label “Laguiole Origine Garantie”, which verifies compliance with

specific quality criteria and that they indeed come from Laguiole. The blades

are individually forged (not stamped out) from non-rusting T12 steel and hardened.

The Laguiole knives we sell have so-called mitres and a spine made of

brass, the hand-made handles are made either of olive wood or resin-impregnated

laminated wood. Length 11 cm, length with blade folded out 20.5 cm,

weight 80 g (with corkscrew). Resin-impregnated laminated wood handles –

very strong and weatherproof. 2-piece (with corkscrew).

Olive Wood Handle


item no. 101770 £ 98.00

2-piece (with corkscrew)

item no. 101771 £ 109.00



Stamina Wood Handle


item no. 101768 £ 69,90

2-piece (with corkscrew)

item no. 101769 £ 88,00

7 Small Round Leather Box

Lined with beige velvet, dark brown leather with silver medallion, diameter

6.5cm, height 4 cm. item no. 101479 £ 48.00

8 Oval Leather Box

Lined with beige velvet, dark brown leather with silver medallion. Format

12 x 16.5 cm, height 6 cm. item no. 101477 £ 125.00

9 Small Rectangular Leather Box

Made of unlined red-brown leather. The cover is attached to the lower part on

the long side by a leather hinge. Format 7 x 10 cm, height 3.5 cm.

item no. 101472 £ 56.00






1 Sac Besace Shoulder Bag

In France, everyone knows what a sac besace is: a casual shoulder bag with a

large flap. This type of bag, named after a village in the Ardennes, was originally

a courier or messenger bag. Our sac besace is made by our bag manufacturer

in the Dordogne out of suede. The inside features a large main compartment

and a small compartment. Press stud fastening, with a flap over the

opening. Leather fibre material inner base and adjustable 4 cm wide fabric

shoulder strap. Height 34 cm, width 7 cm, length 36 cm, weight 800 g.

Taupe item no. 106553 £ 175.00

Arabica item no. 106554 £ 175.00

2 “Totem” Canvas Bag

Small bag that keeps its shape, the leather

handles are attached to big brass eyelets. With

additional zipped pocket inside. Height 22 cm,

width 35 cm, depth 10 cm.

Sludge item no. 104117 £ 85.00

Espresso item no. 104116 £ 85.00

Black item no. 104115 £ 85.00


well chosen.

3 Boston Leather Handbag

Bags made of velour leather with zip fastening and two small outer pockets

on the short sides, for things such as mobile phones. Inside made of leather

fibres. Height 29 cm, width 30 cm, depth 16 cm.

Taupe item no. 105740 £ 138.00

Arabica item no. 105741 £ 138.00





4 Cape Cod Handbag

Handbags made of strong, fine canvas. The leather handles

are so long at 54 cm that you can also carry this bag

over your shoulder. Additional inner base made of leather

fibre material. Leather straps hold the bag together

at the top. With small inner pocket and snap hook to

hold keys. Height 28 cm, width 36 cm, depth 15 cm.

Beige item no. 103954 £ 95.00

Marine item no. 103955 £ 95.00

Sludge item no. 103956 £ 95.00

5 Pocket Clothes Brush

A small brush that easily fits in your suitcase or handbag. Made of lacquered beech

wood with bristles from China. Length 8.5 cm.

item no. 102705 £ 8.90

6 Leather Case for Tissues

A holder for the disposable paper tissues known generically as Kleenex. Colour: dark

brown. External dimensions 11 x 6 x 2.5 cm.

item no. 102284 £ 39.90








0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Paper & Office









6 Leather Pen Case

With high-quality brass zip and two elastic loops, one

for a larger pen, e.g. a piston-filling ink system, up to

14 cm in length. The inside is unlined and there is an

additional leather compartment for keeping stamps.

Additional leather-bound edges. Size: 155 x 50 x 25 mm.

Made in Bavaria, Germany.

Light brown leather item no. 100724 £ 29.90

Black leather item no. 100725 £ 29.90

7 Leather Pen Case

In a classic design to hold two pens. Made by Treuleben

& Bischof. The leather case with flexible flaps can hold

two relatively thick pens up to 13 cm in length. The case

is closed with two gold-plated magnet studs. Size:

13 x 5 cm. Weight 30 g.

item no. 100383 £ 45.00

Ecridor: silver-plated pens from Caran d’Ache

This Swiss company has been manufacturing high-quality instruments near

Geneva since 1924. The hexagonal Retro series was developed after World War

II as part of the Ecridor programme for the US Air Force. Members of the Air

Force who had performed outstanding services were given Retro ballpoint

pens in recognition of their service. The body of this model is made of brass

with 10-micron silver-plating and a rhodium finish. Length 13 cm.

1 Ecridor Ballpoint Pen

A classic since 1953. Includes Goliath cartridge, medium, black.

item no. 102067 £ 88.00

2 Ecridor Mechanical Pencil

The first of these mechanical pencils saw the light of day in 1930. In those days

it caused a worldwide sensation. For 0.7 mm lead cartridges. Includes eraser.

item no. 102068 £ 88.00

Caran d'Ache Goliath Cartridge (not shown)

Does not smudge, writes smoothly, will write for up to 600 A4 pages.

Black medium item no. 102070 £ 5.50

Blue medium item no. 102071 £ 5.50

Black broad item no. 102072 £ 5.50

Blue broad item no. 102073 £ 5.50

Caran d’Ache Refill Leads (not shown)

Pack of 12 refill leads, HB, 0.7 mm.

item no. 102074 £ 3.90

Caran d’Ache Ecridor XS: Small but chic - portable writing implements

The only difference between the Ecridor and XS series is the size. XS was

designed to accompany personal organisers, handbags or notebooks. Length

9.7 cm.

3 Ballpen Ecridor XS item no. 103471 £ 95.00

4 Mechanic Pencil Ecridor XS item no. 103470 £ 95.00

Ballpoint Pen Refill for XS (not shown)

Blue medium item no. 103473 £ 2.50

Black medium item no. 103474 £ 2.50

5 Cd'A Ballpoint Pen, Aluminium

Basic model with aluminium-coated body and chrome-plated clip. Includes

Goliath cartridge, medium, blue. Length 13 cm.

item no. 102069 £ 14.90

6 7

8 Beech Wood Ink Blotter

Large blotter made of oiled or black varnished beech. For 15 x 7.5 cm blotting

paper – 5 sheets included. Unscrew knob to replace blotting paper. Length

15 cm, width 8 cm, height 10 cm, weight 80 g.

Oiled Beech Wood item no. 103266 £ 16.50

Black Varnished Beech Wood

Blotting Paper

item no. 103267 £ 16.50

10 blotting paper sheets, 15 x 7.5 cm for wooden blotter.

item no. 103271 £ 4.80

9 Silver Ink Blotter

Small ink blotter with wooden base. By unscrewing the knob the silver plate

and solid wood base can be taken apart in order to replace the blotting paper.

Kitchen paper can also be cut to size as replacement sheets. Sterling silver.

Width 8 cm, depth 5.5 cm, height 5 cm. Weight 86 g.

item no. 100206 £ 128.00

10 Acrylic Glass Ink Blotter

Ink blotter made of 10 mm thick acrylic glass. Base made of 1 mm thick acrylic

glass. Width 12.5 cm, height 7.0 cm, depth 5.5 cm. Weight 90 g.

item no. 100562 £ 24.50

Blotting Paper

5 replacement blotting paper sheets, 5.5 x 16 cm for acrylic glass ink blotter.

item no. 100563 £ 3.20

well chosen.

1 A place to keep your thoughts: LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebook

There are many similar notebooks to these ones out there, and some falsely

claim to be the original. That can’t be said of these books. The traditional

company, with more than 90 years’ experience, has given these products a few

extra features to raise them out of their everyday status, making them – in our

view – the most sophisticated bound notebooks of all. All LEUCHTTURM1917

notebooks have numbered pages, and at the start of every book there is a

blank contents page. This enables you to find your notes easily at any time.

And you can also include cross references within your notes (“see page XY”).

The last 32 pages of every book are perforated, meaning that you always have

a piece of paper with you if you want to pass on a note to someone. A set of

several stickers for labelling the cover and spine is enclosed with all books –

the spine labels are helpful for archiving. The largest book, called “Master”,

has particularly attracted our attention. It is in oversize A4 format, which

means that you can put A4 sheets of paper safely inside. The remaining features

come as standard, but we’ll mention them anyway: thread-stitched

pages, wipe-clean cover material, bookmark ribbon (except for “Block”),

elastic closure, and a pocket in the back cover to keep sheets of paper in.

Ruled Squared Blanco Price

item no. item no. item no.

1 Master “A4+”

237 pages, 31.5 x 22.5 cm 105911 106510 105912 £ 19.95

1 Medium A5

245 pages, 21 x 15 cm 105913 106511 105914 £ 11.95

1 Pocket A6

181 pages, 15 x 9 cm 105915 106512 105916 £ 7.95

2 Block A6

91 pages, 15 x 9 cm 105917 106513 105918 £ 7.95

3 Agenda Embossing

Having your name embossed on the notebook

makes it distinctive. The embossing is in

“Grotesque” font, letter height approx. 6 mm.

Embossing in lower right-hand corner, 3.5 cm

from the lower and the right-hand edge.

Colours: black (blind embossing), grey, silver or

gold. When you place your order, please contact

our printing service or give details about the

embossing you require in the “Comments” field

during the order process. Supplement for each

embossed book. £ 9.95

From Japan. Storage.it

Notebooks bound with a strong plastic bag, which can be tightly closed with

the slide zip. It can be used to store a whole host of different things: headache

pills, tickets, paperclips, business cards, keys, buttons, etc. The notebooks are

in standard formats (stapled, 64 ruled pages), so that it is easy for you to replace

the notebook once it's full.

4 Storage.it A5 Notebook

22.5 x 16.3 cm, 1 large compartment for cards in the front, pen loops and

3 small compartments on the back.

Black item no. 106831 Ivory item no. 106832 £ 11.90

5 Storage.it A6 Notebook

16 x 12.4 cm, 1 large compartment for cards in the front, pen loops and 2 small

compartments on the back.

Black item no. 106833 Ivory item no. 106834 £ 8.90

6 Storage.it A7 Notebook

12 x 9 cm, 1 card compartment front and back; with pen loop.

Black item no. 106835 Ivory item no. 106836 £ 7.90









www.torquato.co.uk Paper & Office

2 World Travel Journal

Not just a simple travel journal, but a self-written travel guide for the most important

information about every travel destination you can't do without on your next

visit. In addition, the book has a lot of useful travel information. Alongside maps of

the most important travel destinations in the whole world, you will find a perpetual

calendar, an international weather overview, various conversion tables, international

dialling codes and a time zone overview. In addition, you can add your own

maps or sketches on other squared pages. 320 pages in total with page marker and

gold edging. Leather bound. Height 15.2 cm, width 11.2cm, thickness 2 cm.

Brown item no. 105583 £ 58.00 Red item no. 105584 £ 58.00

Marque-Page Brass Bookmarks

Brass bookmark shaped like a ba-bird from ancient Egyptian mythology. Made at a

small workshop in Paris where metal brooches and bookmarks are produced using

historical models. The individual parts are cast from brass, deburred and polished,

soldered with tin and then gilded and patinated. Height 14.5–15 cm.

3 Ba-bird Bookmark item no. 106978 £ 13.90

Design from ancient Egyptian mythology.

4 Palm Ornament Bookmark item no. 106979 £ 13.90

Design from the time of the Directoire.

5 Gourgogne Bookmark item no. 106980 £ 13.90

Design from Greek mythology.

6 Eschenbach Reading Stick

An enlarging reading stick that makes more than

just the small print easier to read. With red guiding

line to follow the lines of text better. Reproduction

scale cylindrical 1.8x. Made in scratchproof, coated

perspex. Width 35 mm, length 250 mm.

item no. 105417 £ 49.90


7 Book Brush

A particularly soft book brush suitable for dusting even

older and delicate volumes carefully and delicately,

without inflicting damage – even if only the only the

spine or the outer edges of the pages are dusty. Oiled

pearwood, brush part in soft goat hair, length 26 cm.

item no. 105456 £ 11.95

1 European Shopping Guide

In these times where many people make an annual shopping trip to America,

a visit to Milan, Paris or London is still worth its while. At any rate, these three

cities are certainly among the trendiest shopping destinations in the world and

that’s why we’re convinced that this guide will have its fans. With outline maps

of Europe, city maps and useful addresses for the three cities. Plus: a perpetual

calendar, international weather overview, various conversion tables, international

dialling codes, overview of time zones, and plenty of space for your

own notes. 272 pages with bookmark and gilt edging. Leather cover. Height

15.2 cm, width 11.2 cm, thickness 2 cm.

item no. 106556 £ 48.00


6 7




well chosen.

“Toiles de Jouy”

After the ban that had been in place in France

on the import and production of "Indiennes"

printed cotton fabrics since 1686 was lifted by

Louis XV in 1759, textiles from foreign

merchants began to flow into the country. As a

result of this, Christoph-Philipp Oberkampf

moved to France from Württemberg and founded

a fabric factory in Jouy-en-Josas in Île de

France. The colourfully printed cotton fabrics,

which were designed from 1783 by

Jean-Baptiste Huet, one of the best-known

artists of the day, achieved fame in Europe

under the name "toiles de jouy" and remain to

this day a symbol of 18th century rural life in

France. The fabric we have used depicts a motif

based on the very popular "Four Seasons"

design from the 18th century.

1 Toiles Sewing Box

We call it a sewing box but it is actually not only

suitable for a sewing kit but for everything you

want to sort out and find an appropriate home

for. It also makes, for example, a very good

jewellery box. Covered with fabric on the outside,

lined with black paper. Inside there are

two open boxes 6.5 x 18.5 x 6.5 cm and 18 x 15

x 6.5 cm. These are also coated with fabric and

lined with black paper and can be used to store

small objects. A silk band serves to slide the lid

on. Height 13 cm, width 33.5 cm, length 21 cm.

£ 35.95

Red item no. 101772

Blue item no. 100310

Grey item no. 106186

7 8



2 Toiles Flip Lid Box

Fabric-covered archive box lined with black paper.

When closed, the box can be stored like a book on a

shelf. Inside dimensions width 32 x depth 24.5 x height

4.5 cm. £ 29.95

Red item no. 100928 Blue item no. 100312

Grey item no. 106187

3 Toiles Paper Storers

Helps prevent side tables getting cluttered. Magazine

holder covered with fabric, made of cardboard, lined

inside with black paper. On the back there is a window

for a label. Height 32 cm, width 10 cm, depth 26 cm.

£ 14.95

Red item no. 106178 Blue item no. 106180

Grey item no. 106188

4 Toiles Memoboard

Invitations, appointments, important letters, photos

etc. can be inserted behind the diamond-shaped taut

bands or secured with drawing pins. Dimensions 41.5 x

41.5 cm. £ 29.95

Red item no. 106179 Blue item no. 106181

Grey item no. 106189

5 Toiles Wastepaper Basket

Hexagonal wastepaper basket with folding mechanism.

The bin is lined with black paper and can be folded

down flat. Ø 25 cm, height 35 cm.

£ 19.95

Red item no. 100925 Blue item no. 100308

Grey item no. 106184

6 Toiles de Jouy Letter Holder

Lined with black paper on the inner sides. Height 10 cm,

width 9 cm, length 24.5 cm.

£ 7.95

Red item no. 101767 Blue item no. 100306

Grey item no. 106182

7 Toiles de Jouy Desk Tidy

Inside lined with black paper. Diameter 10 cm. Height

10 cm. £ 7.95

Red item no. 106176 Blue item no. 100309

Grey item no. 106183

8 Toiles de Jouy Photo Frame

Photo frames with a wide edge for 10 x 15 cm photos,

can be stood up in portrait or landscape format. Height

18.5 cm, width 14.5 cm, depth 10 cm.

£ 7.95

Red item no. 106177 Blue item no. 100314

Grey item no. 106185







0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Paper & Office

1 2







4 Leather 5-Year Book

Ever wondered what happened four years ago today?

This 5-year book is a special type of diary. Each page has

space for the same day over a period of 5 years. This

book is guaranteed to become your special reference

about your very own past. Cover made of high-quality

russet leather. With gilt edging. Size: 13 x 21 cm.

item no. 100382 £ 58.00

5 Leather Guest Book

Handcrafted with black high-quality leather cover.

140 pages of best-quality deckle-edge paper. The pages

are cut at the top of the book and gilt-edged. This

means that you can simply blow away any dust which

has accumulated. Treuleben & Bischof is one of the very

few companies left nowadays which still masters the

use of gilt edging. Size: width 23.5 cm, height 27.7 cm.

item no. 100381 £ 195.00



1 Leather Photo Album & Slipcase

The queen of our photo albums: 112-page black leather

photo album. The three-part cover is crafted by hand,

the spine is produced with raised banding. The slipcase is

covered on the inside and outside with orange peel

effect material and on the top and bottom with leather.

Interleaved with parchment paper. Size: 32 x 33 x 7 cm.

Actual photo album sheets 28.5 x 32 cm.

Bordeaux item no. 103250 £ 159.00

Black item no. 100378 £ 159.00

2 Leather Photo Album

The ideal heirloom: photos presented in real leather. 112-page photo album

covered with slightly grained leather. Interleaved with parchment paper.

Size: 32 x 33 x 6.5 cm. Actual photo album sheets 28.5 x 32 cm.

Bordeaux item no. 100379 £ 124.00

Black item no. 100380 £ 124.00

3 Half Leather Photo Album

A combination of “elephant skin” paper, a type of parchment paper, and

brown leather. The leather reinforces the spine of the album and other sensitive

areas, such as the corners. This guarantees that the album will stay looking

good for many years, allowing lots of memories to be collected over 90 pages.

Parchment interleaves. Size: 32 x 33 x 7 cm. Actual photo album pages

28.5 x 32 cm.

Bordeaux item no. 101602 £ 109.00

Black item no. 100377 £ 109.00

Dura: office organisation from Leuchtturm

Robust cardboard container for ordering and storing, traditional riveted finish

and featuring metal reinforcements on the edges and corners.

6 Dura Suspension File Box

Height 24 cm, width 17.5 cm, depth 33 cm. With 2 robust metal clasps and

space for label. For approx. 15 standard suspension file books or pockets.

Natural item no. 104744 £ 12.95 Grey item no. 104745 £ 12.95

7 Dura CD Box

Height 15.5 cm, width 14 cm, depth 28 cm. For up to 50 CDs in plastic cases.

Natural item no. 104748 £ 9.95 Grey item no. 104749 £ 9.95

8 Dura Drawer Box

Height 20 cm, width 24 cm, depth 33 cm. Metal clasps with space for label,

drawers fit up to A4 size.

Natural item no. 104746 £ 19.95 Grey item no. 104747 £ 19.95

9 Dura Magazine File

Height 32 cm, width 10 cm, depth 26 cm. Metal clasp with space for label.

Natural item no. 104742 £ 5.95 Grey item no. 104743 £ 5.95

Dura Archive Box

These archive boxes with lid are larger than the standard size, meaning that

there is sufficient room to conveniently store away files and folders.

10 Dura Archivebox A3+

Height 10 cm, width 35 cm, depth 46 cm.

Nature item no. 106957 £ 29.95 Grey item no. 106958 £ 29.95

11 Dura Archivebox A4+

Height 10 cm, width 27 cm, depth 33.5 cm.

Nature item no. 106955 £ 9.95 Grey item no. 106956 £ 9.95


1 Black or White Pages:

Linen-Covered Photo Albums

These large photo albums have been specially

designed so that each page will hold 6 photos,

each measuring 9 x 13 cm, plus a caption underneath

each one. The album will take up to 600

photos. The linen-covered albums are available

in four different colours. There is also the choice

between ivory white or black pages. An album

containing black pages with photo captions

written in white used to be the norm, but is

something quite special nowadays. Each album

comprises 50 card leaves (= 100 pages) and glassine

interleaves embossed with spider-web pattern.

Height: 30.5 cm, width 30.5 cm, depth 7 cm.

Weight 1.9 kg.


well chosen.

Covering Album Album

with with

black pages white pages

£ 54.90 £ 49.90

Black item no. 103335 item no. 103337

Brown item no. 105057 item no. 105053

Beige item no. 105056 item no. 105052

Pastel green


item no. 105054 item no. 105050

(Sky blue) item no. 105055 item no. 105051

Blue item no. 103332 item no. 100915

Bordeaux item no. 103334 item no. 103336

Red item no. 103333 item no. 100914

2 Coccoina Photo Adhesive

This glue comes from potato starch and has been made since 1927. Nothing has

changed either in its ingredients or in the packaging since then. The pleasant smell of

almonds is typical of Coccoina. An aluminium tube in the centre of the pot contains a

brush which is used to administer the glue. Ideal for both photos and paper. Water

soluble and acid-free. Contents 125 g.

item no. 101400 £ 3.60 (£ 2.88 / 100 g)

3 Coccoina Adhesive Stick

Now also available as a handy glue stick. Also with almond fragrance. 20 g.

item no. 104576 £ 1.80 (£ 9.00 / 100 g)


6 Gutenberg Adhesive Stick

An adhesive with a high viscosity and outstanding

adherence, made of pure gum arabic (natural gum) and

water. Gutenberg crystal gum does not damage delicate

paper and is a tried and tested product, used for more

than 50 years as a commercial adhesive for use in the

home, in the studio or at the office. Comes in a glass

bottle with a flexible applicator for precision. Contents

60 g. (£ 14.83 / 100 g)

item no. 103244 £ 8.90

7 CD Box

Practical boxes with a hinged lid for keeping photos or

CDs safe from dust and light. The inside is divided into

three adjustable sections and provides space for up to

23 CD covers. On the front there is a window behind

which you can insert a label. A corded ribbon holds the

lid open. Made of cardboard covered with laminated

wipe-clean paper. Height 15.5 cm, width 18 cm, length

25.5 cm. £ 19.90

Navy item no. 106163 Ciel item no. 106165

Pastel green item no. 106166 Fuchsia item no. 106164

4 Leporellos

A strip of black card folded like an accordion between

two fabric-covered book covers. Ideal medium for a

mini album on a small, defined theme or telling a short

picture story. With corded ribbon to close. For up to

10 photos in 10 x 15 cm size. Dimensions 12 x 17.5 cm.

£ 7.90

Navy item no. 106167 Ciel item no. 106169

Pastel green item no. 106170 Fuchsia item no. 106168

5 Small Photobox

You don't always want to make an album for every

occasion. In these small boxes, which are covered with

laminated, wipe-clean paper, you can store photos temporarily,

or they make an attractive present. Lid with

window of 9.9 x 7 cm for a photo or a card with inscription

(max 14 x 19 cm). Height 5 cm, width 21 cm, depth

15.5 cm. £ 9.50

Navy item no. 105058 Ciel item no. 105059

Pastel green item no. 105060 Fuchsia item no. 105061



2 3




www.torquato.co.uk Paper & Office

4 Elastic X-Bands

These cruciform-shaped elastic bands keep your

paperwork and household items neat and tidy:

books, files, floppy discs, CDs etc. They can also be

used to hold small packages and parcels together.

The high elasticity means that they can be stretched

to the limit, up to 5 times their original size.

Large X-Bands

15 x 1.1 cm

(contents: 135 approx.)

item no. 103811 £ 16.90


Small X-Bands

8 x 1.1 cm

(contents: 275 approx.)

item no. 103812 £ 16.90


1 Holes, eyelets, stapling –

PunchNBind Hole and Eyelet Punch

This multi-purpose device made in Germany by

Constantin Hang is both a hole punch and eyelet punch.

First of all, holes can be punched into a maximum of

30 sheets of paper in one go. In a second step, the 5 mm

Ø aluminium eyelets are inserted and can be used in any

standard file. The papers are then attached and there is

no danger of the holes tearing. Distance between holes

8 cm, distance of hole from edge 1 cm. Holes can be

punched up to 3mm thick. Size with handle down, 12.4 x

16.5 x 7.7 cm, weight 1 kg.

item no. 103275

£ 74.00

100 Aluminium

Eyelets PunchNBind

item no. 103276

£ 5.70

2 Cd'A Pencil Sharpener

A robust and precise mechanical metal device which can

sharpen colouring pencils and pencils up to 10 mm in

diameter thanks to an adjustable cone width. A spring

in the holding device then pushes the pencil into the

actual sharpener. The cutting edge tool can be taken

out and cleaned. The mechanical sharpener comes with

a screw clamp to fix on work surfaces up to 7.5 cm thick.

Height 12.5 cm, width 8 cm, depth incl. handle 12.5 cm,

weight 900 g.

item no. 102076 £ 119.00

7 7

7 PEKA Clip File

This traditional product named after the initials of the company founder Paul Koch

has been made for 90 years with practically no changes. Now, as then, it provides

comprehensive storage satisfaction. Documents of all types can be bound together

like a book in only a few steps. File with three incorporated steel springs, strong book

binding cardboard cover, wipeable synthetic leather binding, cream-coloured laminated

cardboard inside. For approx. 150 A4 sheets. Dimensions 30.5 x 22 x 2.5 cm.

item no. 104750 £ 9.95



3 Heavy Sellotape Dispenser

The 1.4 kg cast body made of a zinc and steel

alloy does not move an inch as you tug at the

sticky tape. The forged steel razor ensures a

clean cut. Suitable for use with sticky tape, inner

diameter 25 mm, outer diameter of max. 45 mm

and a width of max. 25 mm. Height 5 cm, width

13 cm, depth 7 cm.

item no. 103989 £ 49.90

5 Craft Ballpoint Pen

Matt-finish steel ballpoint pen with integrated

spirit level, centimetre scale and screwdriver.

This screwdriver is hidden under a cap and can

be changed from a slotted head to a Phillips

head by rotating. Length 14.5 cm.

item no. 105136 £ 14.90

6 Precision Pocket Magnifier 10x

Jeweller’s standard magnifier (triplet lens

system) and 10-fold magnification. Lens diameter

18 mm. Includes leather case.

item no. 103813 £ 18.90

8 6


8 Birthday Calendar

A different colour for each month. The cold

months of the year are given cold colours and

warm colours appear in the summer months. The

paper is printed in the Gmund papermaking

factory in Bavaria. Length 35 cm, width 10 cm.

item no. 103058 £ 12.50

9 Brush Holder

For rinsing, drying and storing brushes. With

aluminium strainer. Ø 10.5 cm, height 22 cm.

item no. 103494 £ 11.80



El Casco products have been made and processed

by hand in the Basque Country since 1920.

The design comes from the 1930s. In six stages,

the steel is polished with six different grains

and then chrome-plated. All precision parts are

numbered and assembled by hand.

1 El Casco Tape Dispenser

Width 4 cm, length 12 cm, height 5.5 cm. 740 g.

item no. 100351 £ 125.00

2 El Casco Pencil Sharpener

Includes suction pad to stop the sharpener from

moving while in use. The pencil is held in place

by a mechanism which resembles a diaphragm.

A small steel drawer collects the bits left over.

Width incl. handle 15 cm, height 15 cm, Ø base

11 cm. Weight 1.2 kg.

item no. 100350 £ 343.00

3 El Casco Hole Puncher

Distance between holes 8 cm. Width 11 cm,

Length 11.5 cm, height 8 cm. Weight 580 g.

item no. 100348 £ 159.00

4 El Casco Pen Caddy

Height: 10 cm, Ø 6 cm, weight 430 g.

item no. 102043 £ 107.00

5 El Casco Blotter

Includes 10 sheets blotting paper. Length

12.5 cm, width 7 cm, height 7.5 cm, weight

500 g.

item no. 102041 £ 151.00

6 El Casco Paperclip Dispenser

A strong magnet keeps the paperclips in place.

Ø 6 cm, height 5 cm, weight 350 g.

item no. 102042 £ 136.00

7 El Casco Post-it Holder

For stick-on notes 7.8 x 7.8 cm. Height 2 cm, width 9.5 cm, depth 12.5 cm,

weight 450 g.

item no. 102044 £ 85.00

8 El Casco Stapler

For 24/6 staples. Height 10 cm, length 13 cm. Weight 420 g.

item no. 100346 £ 202.00

10 Maul Lever-Type Postage Scale

A classic in the world of postage. This letter scale is one of the pendulum scales which function by means of

a counterweight acting on a lever in the opposite direction to the weighing pan. The angle of the long beam

arm changes until it reaches equilibrium. The scale adjusts itself to the null point by means of opposing levers.

Two different divisions: on the one hand it is possible to measure precisely from 0–60 g and on the other hand

you can measure from 0–250 g in 5 g steps. The Maul lever-type postage scale has brass fittings and a black

metal base. The manufacturer gives a three-year guarantee on the postage scale. Weight 340 g, height 16 cm,

weighing pan 9.5 x 7.7 cm, can weigh items up to 250 g.

item no. 100304 £ 79.00

well chosen.

11 Manual Postage Scale

This postage scale gives precise readings, graduated per

gramme, up to 50 g. The item to be weighed is fixed

to the crocodile clip. Made of chrome-plated steel.

Size: 10 x 5 cm. Weight 20 g.

item no. 101217 £ 4.60





12 Leather Mousepad

Normal run-of-the-mill mousepads are not really that

attractive on your wooden desk. A leather mousepad,

by contrast, is something exceedingly pleasant – especially

to the touch. The leather is 3–4 mm thick. Size:

22 x 25.5 cm approx.

natural item no. 101582 £ 22.00

black item no. 101583 £ 22.00

13 Leather Desk Pad

Experience has shown that any side pockets or flaps on

desk pads are usually only dust traps, as they are seldom

used for their intended purpose. Consequently, we decided

to simply do without them. Minimalist in design

and made from a large piece of black leather.

Top-stitched at the edges, green felt underneath.

66 x 44 cm.

item no. 101131 £ 189.00




9 Leather Pen Caddy

The pen caddy is crafted in the traditional Florentine

method where a piece of leather is shaped to make

an article of daily use, such as a beaker or a jar. Oval

9.5 x 7.5 cm, height 11 cm, dark brown leather. Made

by a small company near Florence.

item no. 101475 £ 49.00

11 10







0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Shoes & Clothing

Item no. Beige Olive Red Brown

size 32 inch 105785 105791 105803 105797

size 34 inch 105786 105792 105804 105798

size 36 inch 105787 105793 105805 105799

size 38 inch 105788 105794 105806 105800

size 40 inch 105789 105795 105807 105801

size 42 inch 105790 105796 105808 105802

size 44 inch 105809 105810 105812 105811

3 English College Scarf

These brightly striped scarves have been manufactured by a textile company from

Manchester which dates back to 1850. Each university college, grammar school and

regiment in England has its own colours and combinations which are worn everywhere

with pride. Our collection features scarves based on the colour scheme rather

than where they originate. Length 180 cm, width 21 cm. Pure new wool.

Navy/ dark green

item no. 102354 £ 59.90

Light blue/ red/ beige

item no. 102353 £ 59.90


Navy/ white/ red

item no. 102351 £ 59.90

Olive/ beige

item no. 102352 £ 59.90


1 Glengarnock Cord Trousers

Cord trousers from Glenarnock with a flat front without pleats, two pockets on

the sides and two back pockets. The fabric for these trousers is a robust, extremely

soft cord made of pure cotton called Corduroy by Brisbane Moss. This

famous weaver in Lancashire is one of the last quality manufacturers of this

fabric. The fabric is with 8 “wale”, which means 8 ribs per inch. The lines are

cut on the top to emphasise the brilliance of the colours. Weight of fabric

470 g/sq m. Front zip and hook fastening. The trouser legs have no hem, must

therefore be worn with continental or English leg lengths, with or without a

collar. The width of the bands is given in inches, which is standard for jeans.

Washable at 30 °C, not suitable for tumble drying, iron on the inside.

Glengarnock, manufacturer of traditional country wear in the Scottish

Kilbirnie, focuses on careful attention to detail. “At Glengarnock real tailoring

skills still matter.” £ 129.00

2 Pea Coats from Gloverall for Ladies and Men

This jacket is an absolute classic, which has been used by seamen all over the

world for well over a hundred years in a similar form. In France, similar jackets

are known by the name Caban and in Germany they are known as Colani. The

name comes from the Kiel tailors Berger & Colani, who provided the Kaiser's

navy with these jackets since the end of the 19th century.

The outer material is made of 75% wool and is wind-resistant thanks to the

natural wool fat and the thickness of the material, and stays dry for a long time

even in the rain. 25% nylon supports these qualities and helps the fabric retain

its shape. When raised, the large collar also offers additional protection against

the wind. It can be fixed upright with a band which can be buttoned on the

collar crease – if the band is not needed it can be buttoned to the inside of the

jacket out of the way. The men's model has an inside pocket and two slanted

side pockets. The ladies’ version has two outside pockets. £ 249.00

Men's Pea Coat, Navy Ladies’ Pea Coat, Navy

Size S item no. 106123 Size XS item no. 106128

Size M item no. 106124 Size S item no. 106129

Size L item no. 106125 Size M item no. 106130

Size XL item no. 106126 Size L item no. 106131

Size XXL item no. 106127 Size XL item no. 106132


well chosen.

From Scotland:

Torquato Lambswool Sweater

Hawick, a small town in the southwest of Scotland, is a mecca for knitwear

production in Great Britain. Our sweaters are made here by a company with a

tradition of over 130 years. It is barely worth mentioning that we only use

pure new wool rather than recycled quality wool. The remarkable softness of

the wool lies in the exclusive use of first-class “first clip” lambs’ wool from

Australia. This can only be collected when the sheep are shorn for the first

time. The hair is still fine and elastic and the hair tips are rounded – in contrast

to later shearings. This wool is spun to very thin threads

in Scotland, which is then twisted with a second thread

to make twine.

This sweater made from two-ply Australian lambs’ wool

is knitted “fully fashioned”, which means that the correct

fit is already provided by the knitting pattern. The

sweaters therefore sit well and keep their shape.

Ribbed neckline and cuffs.

£ 79.00

V-Neck (Men) Crew-Neck (Men) V-Neck (Ladies)


1 Inferno 104935 104936 104937 104938 104939 104980 104981 104982 104983 104984 106444 106250 106251 106252 106253

2 Poppy Melange 104915 104916 104917 104918 104919 104960 104961 104962 104963 104964 106445 106234 106235 106236 106237

3 Glacier 104925 104926 104927 104928 104929 104970 104971 104972 104973 104974 106446 106242 106243 106244 106245

4 Navy 104905 104906 104907 104908 104909 104950 104951 104952 104953 104954 106447 106226 106227 106228 106229

5 Watercress 104930 104931 104932 104933 104934 104975 104976 104977 104978 104979 106448 106246 106247 106248 106249

6 Tartan Green 104910 104911 104912 104913 104914 104955 104956 104957 104958 104959 106449 106230 106231 106232 106233

7 Soft Camel 104920 104921 104922 104923 104924 104965 104966 104967 104968 104969 106450 106238 106239 106240 106241

8 Tobacco 104940 104941 104942 104943 104944 104985 104986 104987 104988 104989 106451 106254 106255 106256 106257

9 Charcoal 104900 104901 104902 104903 104904 104945 104946 104947 104948 104949 106452 106222 106223 106224 106225












www.torquato.co.uk Shoes & Clothing


Authentic belts for Jeans: Quick Release Belts

The buckles of these belts made of solid brass are made

by our English supplier based on the design of old firemen’s

belts. The buckle had to be easy to open in an

emergency with one movement, as the heavy equipment

was fixed to the belt. Made of a piece of bridle leather,

therefore very hard wearing and markedly more

long lasting than stitched belts. Width 3.1 cm. Available

in waist sizes 80–115 cm (5 cm intervals).

1 Newmarket tan item no. 900116 £ 75.00

2 Black item no. 900744 £ 75.00






9 Appenzeller Belts

Even though this belt has been very trendy for years, it

is actually a part of Swiss tradition. This craft, undertaken

by Alpine farmers called the “Sennen”, has formed

an integral part of the Appenzell culture for more

than 200 years. These products are handmade from leather

and metal fittings (metal plates with Alpine motifs).

It used to be braces that were mainly produced and the

more motifs (brass plates) the braces have the more

affluent the wearer is deemed to be. The belts are made

of black leather with decorative metal parts in solid

brass plate with the Alpine ascent featuring shepherd,

dog and cows. The belts are made in a “Sennen” production

shop in Appenzell. The belts are also available in

a narrower 3 cm and a wider 4 cm version with waist

measurements of 75–110 (5 cm intervals).

well chosen: English Bridle Leather Belts

Each belt is made from one piece of saddle leather and the production takes

place in a small leather-manufacturing company based in Worcestershire. As

the process does not involve any stitching at the edges, the belts are exceedingly

heavy-duty and last for much longer than stitched ones. The buckles are

made of solid brass.

3 The Broadway is a wide, sporty-looking belt, which is ideal with jeans, cords

or khakis. The leather is only slightly tinted as Newmarket tan. Its appearance

enhances with age. Width 36 mm. Available in waist sizes 80–115 cm

(5 cm intervals). item no. 900152 £ 79.00

The Cropthorne is a medium-wide belt which suits any kind of trouser and can

be worn for any occasion. Width 30 mm. Available in waist sizes 80–115 cm

(5 cm intervals).

4 Black item no. 900430 £ 68.00

5 Tan item no. 900429 £ 68.00

The Hanbury is a narrow belt which can worn for any occasion, but is most frequently

used when wearing trousers and a jacket or a suit. Width 25 mm.

Available in waist sizes 80–115 cm (5 cm intervals).

6 Black item no. 900153 £ 59.90

7 Chestnut item no. 900154 £ 59.90

Narrow Belt Wide Belt

£ 46.00 £ 59.00


8 Bridle Leather Key Rings

Handmade from thick bridle leather in a small

leather workshop in Worcestershire in England.

The metal parts (solid brass with brown leather,

nickel-plated with black leather) are otherwise

used for bridles.

Loop Key Ring

Newmarket tan

item no. 100659 £ 25.00


item no. 100660 £ 25.00

Snap Key Ring (with snap hook)

Newmarket tan

item no. 100661 £ 28.00


item no. 100662 £ 28.00

Black Leather item no. 900177 item no. 900178

Natural Leather item no. 900577 item no. 900578

9 9




14 15


19 Father & Son Tie

We have this shorter and somewhat narrower

tie made by LACO. Depending on height, it fits

children and teenagers from 6 to 14. It is made

using the same silk as our blue and red striped

tie, Item No. 103810. Length 130 cm.

item no. 105292 £ 39.95

well chosen.





14 6


LACO Ties: made in Germany

The company founded by the English merchant Charles

Lavy in Hamburg in 1838 still focuses today on pure

handicraft – and is consequently one of the last two of

its trade in Germany. In 1900 LACO employed over 500

workers in its workshops and counted even Kaiser

Wilhelm II among its customers. The special thing about

a LACO tie is the interlining. It consists of a fabric made

from wool and cotton and is elastic. Because of it, the

fibres can relax after untying. Tie material 100% silk.

£ 49.95

1 Stripes red / light blue item no. 103806

2 Stripes light blue / pink item no. 103808

3 Stripes navy / red item no. 103810

4 Stripes navy / pink item no. 103330

5 Stripes red / white item no. 103328

6 natté navy item no. 106005

7 natté red item no. 106006

8 natté fuchsia item no. 106007

9 natté light blue item no. 106008

10 plain light blue item no. 103803

11 plain red item no. 103801

12 plain orange item no. 103802

13 plain navy item no. 103800

14 red polka dots on pink item no. 103316

15 white polka dots on navy item no. 103805

16 gold polka dots on navy item no. 103323

17 white polka dots on red item no. 103324

18 light blue polka dots on navy item no. 103804




2 3

4 5






0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Shoes & Clothing


5 Lakeland Wellington Boots

While the Scottish manufacturer Hunter has specialised

more in rubber boots for hunting, fishing and

other outdoor leisure activities, the English company

Lakeland has focused on boots for farming and gardening.

Lakeland boots are shaped like classic

Wellington boots, or “wellies” for short, named

after the inventor of the style, the Duke of

Wellington. The turned-up toes, heel, buckle on the

leg and the strong green colour are characteristic.

Made of 100% natural rubber with jersey-cotton

lining. Removable insole. Sizes: 5 (38 EU), 6 (39 EU),

7 (40/41 EU), 8 (42 EU), 9 (43 EU), 10 (44 EU) and

11 (45/46 EU).

item no. 900241 £ 44.90

6 Slim Lakelands for smaller ladies' feet,

or for children

By popular request we can now also offer our

Lakeland “wellies” starting from an intermediate

size 1 (33/34 EU) closing the gap between real



children's boots and the large Lakelands. This boot is

made from natural rubber and the quality and style are

just like their adult counterpart. Only the colour is different

– they are only available in dark blue. Sizes 1

(33/34 EU), 2 (35 EU), 3 (36 EU), 4 (37 EU), 5 (38 EU).

item no. 900346 £ 39.95

7 Instead of slipping socks: Lakeland Sock Liners

These warming sock liners, to be worn inside boots, get

rid of the problem of slipping socks which always have

to be pulled up again. They are made from warmthinsulating

material and in wellingtons give enough protection

from the cold on autumn and winter days (apart

from with severe frost). Slit at the front for ease when

putting on. You simply slide into them and with them

into the boot. Sizes: 5 (38 EU), 6 (39 EU), 7 (40/41 EU),

8 (42 EU), 9 (43 EU), 10 (44 EU) and 11 (45/46 EU).

Washable at 30 °C in the washing machine.

item no. 900550 £ 12.90


Torquato Waterproof Rainwear

“Wear Millerain for sunshine and rain.” That's the slogan of British Millerain

Co. Ltd in West Yorskhire, which has been England's leading manufacturer of

waterproof fabrics since the 1880s. The fabric produced by British Millerain for

our raincoats and pea coats harks back to an invention by the Scotsman Charles

Macintosh, who in 1818 successfully inserted a layer of rubber between two

cotton layers for the first time, making the first truly waterproof fabric – until

then, people had normally used canvas steeped in linseed oil. Our fabric is

made up of two layers of fine cotton twill with a waterproof membrane in between.

The material is waterproof and windproof. Fabric weight 325 g/sq m.

Washable to 40 °C, slow spin. Do not tumble dry, iron hot or dry clean.

1 Waterproof Pea Coat

Waterproof sailor's jacket made of navy blue British Millerain fabric. Like the

warm woollen jacket it is based on, this pea coat reaches down to around the

upper third of the thigh. To protect against the wind and rain, the lapel can be

lifted up and buttoned down. Two outer pockets, one small inner pocket with

zip and ventilation holes under the arms. Unlined, which makes the beige

reverse of the outer fabric visible. Double-seamed in the areas under most

stress, e.g. the sleeve seams. Available in sizes 38–50 and 40 long–46 long.

item no. 900758 £ 249.00

2 Waterproof Cotton Jacket

Raincoat with a short cut reaching down to the middle of the thigh made of

beige, waterproof British Millerain fabric. The origin of this raincoat shape

goes back to riding jackets, first seen in the 18th century and known as redingotes,

whose basic shape has survived unaltered today. The coat has a concealed

button placket with horn buttons, a vent at the back, 2 angled pockets,

a small inner pocket with zip and ventilation holes under the arms. Unlined,

which makes the dark blue reverse of the outer fabric visible. Double-seamed

in the areas under most stress, e.g. the sleeve seams. Available in sizes 38–50

and 40 long–46 long.

item no. 900757 £ 249.00



3 Chapman Boot Bag

John Chapman's boot bag has been designed to

transport boots and leave them at the ready in

your car. The tough dark green nylon material is

waterproof and dirt-resistant. The handles are

made of webbed cotton with leather trim. Two

exterior pockets, one with a zip for thick socks

for example. Height 51 cm, width at the top

27 cm, width at the bottom 34 cm, depth 28 cm.

item no. 101166 £ 118.00

4 Muddy Boot Bag

A boot bag made of robust coated polyethylene

for transporting dirty boots and wellingtons.

With carrying straps. Stands up alone, but if

necessary can also be folded flat. Height 30 cm,

width 23 cm, length 33 cm.

item no. 105746 £ 9.90


4 Hat Box with Handle

This luggage item is made of sturdy, waterproof

pasted cardboard with the edges covered

by leatherette. The hat box is rounded off with

a robust metal handle and a lock which is ideal

for travelling. For hats up to 35 cm diameter.

Height 21 cm, diameter 40 cm, weight 1 kg.

Made in the Czech Republic.

item no. 103630 £ 24.80


well chosen.




1 Galoshes 1: Overshoes from the USA

“Galoshes” was originally an expression used in Vienna

to mean overshoes made of rubber. Although this

expression is used colloquially nowadays for all sorts of

shoes or boots, it is hard to find rubber overshoes – even

though they are very practical! You can take them everywhere

with you, e.g. rolled up in a large coat pocket or

even in your car. When it is rainy or muddy you can

quickly put them on and just as quickly take them off

again. This is why they are ideal for walking along

slushy pavements to work, for example, or a great help

for architects on building sites. Our galoshes come from

the USA. Sizes: 6.5–8 (40–42 EU), 8–9.5 (42–44 EU),

9.5–10.5 (44–45.5 EU), 10.5–13.5 (45.5–49 EU).

item no. 900200 £ 22.00

2 Galoshes 2: Overshoes “de luxe” from England

Everything said about the American galoshes above

applies here too. These are particularly robust and are

lined with fabric, just like our Wellington boots. The

sole is sturdy and thick and especially durable. The pull

tab at the heel makes this shoe easy to put on and take

off. Sizes: 5 (38 EU), 6 (39 EU), 7 (40/41 EU), 8 (42 EU),

9 (43 EU), 10 (44 EU) and 11 (45/46 EU).

item no. 900240 £ 29.95

Hats from James Lock

James Lock & Co. is probably the most traditional British

hat maker located in St James’s Street, London. It has

been making hats for the royal family and other gentry

since 1620. Lock also makes top hats, bowler hats and

women's hats.

3 James Lock Bush Hat

This classic felt hat is primarily worn in the country

when going for walks, horseriding, fishing or hunting,

and also used to be seen on such occasions in the

English colonies. It is ideal when you are out and about

in the country in the rain and need to keep your hands

free. The Bush hat is handmade from pure woollen felt

and provides very effective protection against the rain

for many hours at a time. This is enhanced by the 7 cm

wide brim. If the hat has become damp, the felt shrinks

slightly as it dries out. Nevertheless, its original size is

soon restored when put on the head again. Hat band

made of fine beige fabric. Available in sizes 6 3 / 4 –7 5 / 8

(55–62 EU).

item no. 900151 £ 95.00

Umbrellas made by Swaine Adeney Brigg

This supplier holding three Royal Warrants has been

making umbrellas from its manufacturing base in Essex

for 150 years. Each Brigg umbrella features a “collar”

with engraved Royal Warrant as a guarantee of its


5 A true bastion of style:

Brigg Umbrella with Silk Canopy

The handle is handmade from a single piece of maple

and is 93 cm in length. The canopy is made of black

hand woven English silk. Due to its triple weave, water

just rolls off. Frame of high tensile strength made of

steel tubing and brass. Length of the spokes 66 cm,

Ø when opened 108 cm. Collar in sterling silver. Weight

560 g.

item no. 100389 £ 545.00

Brigg Nylon Umbrella (not shown)

Apart from the black nylon fabric, the design and workmanship

of this umbrella is the same as the silk umbrella.

Brass collar.

item no. 100390 £ 229.00

6 6 6

6 Brigg Ascot Seat Stick

For open-air concerts, horse shows and any other

events without seating or just to have a rest during

walks, so that you don't have to tire yourself out

standing all the time. Handles and ground plate

made of aluminium. Coated light alloy stem. Pigskin

seat and handle covers. Seat is 38 cm wide, length of

stem 87 cm, folded out 70 cm.

item no. 100392 £ 198.00






www.torquato.co.uk Shoes & Clothing

6 Bergal Shoelaces

A rounded and waxed shoelace is just the thing for an elegant shoe like these

pictured on this page. For the English men’s shoes featured in our collection

(e.g. Torquato Academy) as well as for all other shoes with 10–12 eyelets, please

order 90 cm shoelaces. For shoes with 6–8 eyelets, 75 cm. Box with 8 pairs.

75 cm Black item no. 104428 £ 18.90 for 8 pairs

75 cm Brown item no. 104429 £ 18.90 for 8 pairs

90 cm Black item no. 104430 £ 19.90 for 8 pairs

90 cm Brown item no. 104431 £ 19.90 for 8 pairs



Sebago Classic Loafer

Sebago was founded in Maine, USA in 1946. The Classic Loafer, also known as

the “Penny Loafer”, is the Sebago shoe par excellence. It has been made on the

same lasts since the Forties. The particular feature about this shoe is not only its

characteristic appearance but the interior: during the production process a piece

of leather, which is sewn together at the heel, is knocked into shape on the lasts.

Afterwards, a stretchable “welt”, a rubber strip, is hand sewn on to the upper

leather. Then a foam rubber cushion is glued into the front part and the back

part is stabilised using a steel insert. Finally, the leather sole is sewn directly onto

the “welt”. The result: a shoe which is incomparable in fit, flexibility and wearing

comfort. £ 189.00

Size 1 Black 2 Bordeaux 3 Dark brown

item no. item no. item no.

6.5 (40 EU) 102310 103821 105337

7 (41 EU) 102311 103822 105338

7.5 (41.5 EU) 102312 103823 105339

8 (42 EU) 102313 103824 105340

8.5 (43 EU) 102314 103825 105341

9 (43.5 EU) 102315 103826 105342

9.5 (44 EU) 102316 103827 105343

10 (44.5 EU) 102317 103828 105344

10.5 (45 EU) 102318 103829 105345

11 (46 EU) 102319 103830 105346

12 (47 EU) 102320 103831 105347


2 3

Torquato Academy: Calf Leather Half Brouge

Made by a family-owned business which has been stitching shoes in

Northampton since 1915. Torquato has commissioned this company to produce

handmade leather semi brogue shoes. Special emphasis is placed on careful selection

of the leather to ensure that it is soft. This means the shoes will be longlasting

and comfortable to wear. It takes a good 6 weeks to produce a pair of

Goodyear welt shoes as there are more than 200 steps from beginning to

finish. Each shoe is unique. A semi brogue is the term used to describe the perforation

pattern on the shoe. This style has a minimalist design, balmoral and

cap toe with rosette. After the shoe has been worn, a wooden shoehorn should

be inserted for at least one day.

4 Academy tan £ 199.00

size 8 (42 EU) item no. 104388

size 8.5 (42.5 EU) item no. 104389

size 9 (43 EU) item no. 104390

size 9.5 (44 EU) item no. 104392

size 10 (44.5 EU) item no. 104393

size 10.5 (45 EU) item no. 104394

size 11 (46 EU) item no. 104396


5 Academy black £ 199.00

size 8 (42 EU) item no. 104379

size 8.5 (42.5 EU) item no. 104380

size 9 (43 EU) item no. 104381

size 9.5 (44 EU) item no. 104383

size 10 (44.5 EU) item no. 104384

size 10.5 (45 EU) item no. 104385

size 11 (46 EU) item no. 104387


Chelsea Boots from R.M. Williams

Chelsea boots which take their characteristic appearance from the elastic

band which is worked into the ankle on both sides. This makes the boots comfortable

to wear and easy to put on and take off. The leather of the boot leg

is made of robust but very fine leather from one-year-old calves and the lining

is also made of leather. All seams are finished with waxed thread and are then

dipped in hot wax to seal them The heels are nailed from inside. These Chelsea

boots can be worn with jeans or other casual wear, but also with a suit. Our

boots from R.M. Williams are one of the only shoes of its kind, where the

bootleg is made from a single piece of leather. The ridge on the instep is clearly

recognisable – the leather is moulded into the later shape of the bootleg

Chelsea Boots brown Chelsea Boots black

Sizes leather sole synthetic sole leather sole synthetic sole

3.5 (36 EU) 106269 106287 106260 106278

4 (37 EU) 106270 106288 106261 106279

4.5 (37.5 EU) 106271 106289 106262 106280

5 (38 EU) 106272 106290 106263 106281

5.5 (38.5 EU) 106273 106291 106264 106282

6 (39 EU) 106274 106292 106265 106283

6.5 (40 EU) 106275 106293 106266 106284

7 (40.5 EU) 106276 106294 106267 106285

1 Docksides from Sebago

This model is probably even more well-known

than Sebago’s loafer. The name, Docksides, is

synonymous with boating and sailing shoes.

Besides hobby sailors and world-class professionals,

who very much appreciate the non-slip

soles and shoe comfort, the Docksides shoe has

a whole host of fans even outside the world of

water sports. Handsewn shoe in a genuine moccasin

construction with white sole in order not

to leave marks on boat decks. The soles have a

wave profile and are made of a special combination

of natural solid rubber and latex without

any diluents, thereby preventing shoes

from slipping on different ground surfaces. The

leather shoelaces, which have been threaded

through the eyelets, are not for decoration purposes

– they allow the wearer to adjust the

width of the shoe. Care with neutral leather

dubbing. Available for ladies in sizes

3.5 (36 EU), 4 (37 EU), 4.5 (37.5 EU), 5 (38 EU),

5.5 (38.5 EU), 6 (39 EU), 6.5 (40 EU), 7.5 (41 EU)

and for Men in sizes 6.5 (40 EU), 7 (41 EU),

7.5 (41.5 EU), 8 (42 EU), 8.5 (43 EU), 9 (43.5 EU),

9.5 (44 EU), 10 (44.5 EU), 10.5 (45 EU),

11 (46 EU), 12 (47 EU).

Ladies' Docksides, Blue

item no. 900274 £ 119.00

Ladies' Docksides, Dark Brown

item no. 900537 £ 119.00

Men's Docksides, Blue

item no. 900272 £ 129.00

Men's Docksides, Dark Brown

item no. 900591 £ 129.00

well chosen.

2 Bertl Classic Boots

The double seam technique is a long established method

of affixing the sole to the leather upper using double

stitching. This technique was developed round about

200 years ago for mountain farmers and woodsmen in

the Alps who had to work high in the mountains under

severe weather conditions. Schuh-Bertl is based in

Munich and still manufactures these shoes today using

traditional methods. At 3–3.5 mm thick, the upper leather

is unusually thick and makes the boot very sturdy.

As the lining in the heel is the first to rip, the boot is only

lined at the front using calf leather. The heel is reinforced

on the outside with a leather cap. The insole,

which is the foundation of the construction, is made of

ecologically tanned leather. This supports the foot. The

outsole has a sturdy rubber profile which makes every

step secure. It is waterproof and non-abrasive. A layer of

felt has been inserted between the inner sole and outsole

to absorb any shocks and insulate, as has an intersole

made of rubber. Available in 6.5 (40 EU), 7.5 (41 EU),

8 (42 EU), 9 (43 EU), 9.5 (44 EU), 10.5 (45 EU), 11 (46 EU).

before assembly by fulling. This intricate process allows for a more elegant fit

which fits the foot better and stops the leather buckling when walking. Chelsea

boots made of fulled or unfulled leather are very different from one another. R.M.

Williams from Adelaide in Australia have made a name for themselves since the

1930s for their first-class riding and work boots. In the hard conditions of the outback

R.M. Williams proved themselves and became a synonym for the best quality.

We offer these welt-sewn Chelsea boots from R.M. Williams – these are known as

“dress boots” to distinguish them from the rest. With leather sole or a synthetic

sole (ideal for use outdoors).

£ 349.00

Chelsea Boots brown Chelsea Boots black

Sizes leather sole synthetic sole leather sole synthetic sole

7.5 (41 EU) 106277 106295 106268 106286

8 (42 EU) 106044 106058 106037 106051

8.5 (42.5 EU) 106045 106059 106038 106052

9 (43 EU) 106046 106060 106039 106053

9.5 (44 EU) 106047 106061 106040 106054

10 (44.5 EU) 106048 106062 106041 106055

10.5 (45 EU) 106049 106063 106042 106056

11 (46 EU) 106050 106064 106043 106057

item no. 900352 £ 298.00 2




0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Shoes & Clothing

1 2





4 First aid for your tie: Cleaning Cloth Silk & Clean

Cleaning cloths for ties and other silk items for which

chemical cleaning is expensive and often doesn’t lead to

the desired successful outcome, as by then it’s too late.

These cleaning cloths will remove most stains.

Convenient, quick and to be used immediately the accident

has happened. To clean, rub the cloth in a circular

motion over the stain until the cleaning fluid evaporates

and the stain has vanished. With stubborn stains,

repeat several times. Also works on other fabrics. Set of

5 cloths.

item no. 106759 £ 5.90

5 Wicker Laundry Basket

This basket comes from a wickerware producer in the

“Pays de la Vannerie” in the Champagne region, the

French centre of basket weaving. It is made from stripped

willow twigs and its open construction makes it

well-suited for laundry, because it is ventilated from all

sides. Width 69 cm, depth 50 cm, height 34 cm, volume

75 litres, weight 1.7 kg.

item no. 103607 £ 112.00

6 Wooden Ironing Board with Shelf

This is a large and very stable ironing board in solid

beech wood. The iron rest is made of chrome-plated

steel and the cover is cotton. Underneath is a steel

grille covered with polyurethane, an artificial material

with high heat resistance. A large wooden shelf underneath

the work surface provides space for other equipment.

The work surface is 47 x 106 cm, the total length

is 134 cm and the work surface height is 87 cm. When

folded, the ironing board is 11 cm wide and 34 cm high.

Weight 8.6 kg.

item no. 101396 £ 149.00

7 Wall-Mounted Iron Board

This board is for the occasional ironer or if there simply

isn’t any more space. Measurements when in use:

height 34 cm, width 31 cm, length 86 cm. When folded

away, it is 7.5 cm wide. Heat-resistant cover. Support is

made of beech wood. Comes with a removable rest for

small irons up to 11.5 cm long and with handle up to

7.5 cm. Weight 2.5 kg.

item no. 101926 £ 98.00

8 Washing Product Range from

The Laundress in New York

The washing and care products are made of plant-based

products without colours, sulphates, phosphates, chlorine

or bleach and are completely biodegradable. These

are the tree bestsellers, in 500 ml bottles.

Delicate Lady Wash – especially fine washing product,

developed specially for underwear. Ambergris scent

with notes of citrus and herbs. Suitable for hand and

machine washing.

item no. 105287 £ 21.90 (£ 43.80 / 1 l)

Wool & Cashmere Shampoo – a moisturising washing

product with cedar extract for wool and cashmere products.

Suitable for hand and machine washing.

item no. 105286 £ 21.90 (£ 43.80 / 1 l)

Denim Wash – a special washing product for jeans

which also includes a fabric softener to ensure that

after the wash, as with normal washing products, the

jeans do not feel stiff and inflexible.

item no. 105747 £ 21.90 (£ 43.80 / 1 l)

1 “Eau de Linge” Scented Ironing Water

It is a traditional custom to spray laundry with scented water before ironing or

drying so the laundry has a pleasant smell when used or stored in the cupboard.

Manufactured and bottled in the heart of Provence. 1 litre bottles.

Lavender item no. 102822 £ 9.80

Orange Blossom item no. 102823 £ 9.80

Linden Blossom item no. 102824 £ 9.80

Sprayer for Eau de Linge item no. 102825 £ 4.00

2 Durance Detergent

A mixture of selected active substances, enzymes and scented aromas. Equally

suitable for machine and hand washing. Effective against dust mites.

Phosphate free. 1 litre bottles.

Lavender item no. 105873 £ 17.90

Orange Blossom item no. 105874 £ 17.90

Linden Blossom item no. 105955 £ 17.90

3 Durance Fabric Conditioner

Prevents dry stiffness when washing dries. Laundry feels distinctly softer and

more comfortable. And a lucky side effect – the washing is noticeably easier to

iron. 1 litre bottles.

Lavender item no. 105871 £ 12.90

Orange Blossom item no. 105872 £ 12.90

Linden Blossom item no. 105954 £ 12.90


9 Velcro Brush

Brush for cleaning Velcro. As naturally small

flecks of dust and hairs get caught in the hooks

of Velcro, it should be brushed from time to

time, in order to retain its hooking properties.

The wire bristles of the brush remove these bits

of dirt and pull the little hooks up again. Brush

with beech handle, rubber cushion and bent


item no. 105117 £ 12.50




well chosen.

1 Wooden Clothes Horse

The workmanship of this stable clothes horse made from solid untreated ash

wood is impressive. The plastic-coated wire has a total length of 14 metres.

Measurements when in use: length 184 cm, width 63 cm, height 86 cm. When

folded away: height 139 cm, width 63 cm, depth 12.5 cm.

item no. 102698 £ 175.00

2 Felt Clothes Peg Bag

The Velcro fastener allows the bag to be hung on any washing line or clotheshorse.

With 50 standard wooden clothes pegs. Height 22 cm, width 19 cm,

depth 7 cm.

item no. 102699 £ 29.90

4 5 Lavender Bags

Five fabric bags from Provence, each containing

20 g lavender flowers. Ideal for the wardrobe.

Lavender offers effective protection against


item no. 102770 £ 5.80

(price per bag £ 1.16)

5 Valet Stands

Due to their functional shape, these simple valet stands do their job unobtrusively.

The trousers and tie are hung on the front part, and at the back there

is a place for you to empty out your pockets. Comes in kit form. Height

102 cm, width 38 cm, depth 49 cm. From Union, the premium manufacturer of

high-quality clothes presses. Weight 3 kg.

birchwood item no. 102391 £ 99.00

stained beechwood item no. 102392 £ 99.00

white lacquered item no. 105277 £ 119.00

Shoe Trees

You can easily extend the life of a good pair of leather shoes by not wearing

them every day. Instead give them a day's rest and let them dry on a shoe-tree

if possible so that the shoes stay in shape. If you use a shoe tree made of wood

some of the moisture in the shoe can be absorbed by the shoe tree.

7 Adjustable Shoe Trees

These shoe trees can be adjusted to make your shoes a more perfect fit and

even stretch shoes which are slightly too small. With holes at the front to

allow air to circulate. Beech wood. Sizes 6–12 (40–47 EU).

item no. 900195 £ 19.50



3 Foldaway Laundry Dryer

In 1949, the Artweger firm in Bad Ischl, Austria, brought the “Ruck Zuck” foldaway

clothes dryer onto the market. It is still manufactured in almost exactly the same form

today, so there should be no doubts about its quality or effectiveness. With a total

width of 80 cm, this model’s nine rods give a total hanging length of 6.75 m. Made

of anodised aluminium with plastic-coated rods. Can also be used outdoors.

Maximum load 25 kg. Depth max. 65 cm, min. 12 cm.

item no. 102674 £ 38.00

4 6



6 Wall Clothes Rack

This clothes stand will hold a jacket, trousers and any accessories you want to put

away in the evening at the end of a working day. If you only have limited space, the

clothes stand can then be folded away so that it only takes up minimal space. For

small bedrooms or guest rooms. Made from stained beech wood. Height 27 cm,

width 52 cm, depth max. 27.5 cm, min 8 cm.

item no. 105820 £ 95.00






8 Cedar Shoe Trees

These shoe trees provide the utmost in shoe care: the shoe tree fits tightly inside

your shoe. They have springs from end to end, as well as laterally in the toe-piece,

stretching the shoe slightly. The cedar wood gives off its pleasant scent in your shoes

and the surroundings. Another important feature is that cedar is very absorbent.

Sizes 6–12 (40–47 EU).

item no. 900196 £ 54.00

www.torquato.co.uk Shoes & Clothing

2 Luxury Tie Rack

The best way to store a large tie collection – just hang the ties over the polished

wooden bars, which are arranged in a cascade. There is room for a total of 44 ties,

with plenty of space for them to recover from having been knotted. Also suitable

for belts. The whole rack can be slid along its stable steel mounting, so you can pull

it from the cupboard and get to your ties more easily. This degree of comfort does

take up a certain amount of space – the rack is 14 cm deep. For mounting on the

right-hand side of the cupboard. Made of solid pine. Width 58 cm, height 22.5 cm,

weight 1.7 kg.

item no. 103162 £ 79.00

4 Clothes Hanger

Clothes hanger made from steamed non-stained

beech wood. Width 42 cm, height 24.5 cm.

item no. 106964 £ 7.50

5 Trouser Hanger

Luxury trouser hangers with rounded, extra wide

wooden clamp, felt-coated to protect trousers. The

robust spring mechanism is made of solid metal.

Length 26 cm, height 19 cm, width of clamp 3.8 cm.

Made of unstained polished beech wood.

item no. 102395 £ 5.90





1 Tie Rack

In our view, this is the best way to store your ties.

In recent years, a number of upmarket products have come on to the market –

these are normally similar to coat hangers (preferably cedar, embellished with

an attractive emblem) with brass prongs to hang the ties on. The problem

is that the ties keep falling off! These products are not all they’re cracked up

to be.

This brilliant tie-holder can be screwed on to a side wall or the inside of your

wardrobe door (screws included). By moving any one of the hooks, all 21 of

them move out from the wooden bar and then it is easy to hang ties on the

hooks or remove them. When you have finished, just push the hooks back

against the bar with one easy movement. The ties then take up hardly any

space, and will not fall off. Width 41 cm, height 7 cm, weight 370 g. Made of

varnished beech wood.

item no. 100772 £ 19.95

3 Union-Shaped Coat Hangers

Coat hangers with shoulder contour for jackets or coats. Made of steamed,

unstained polished beech wood. Width 46 cm, height 27 cm.

Without bar

item no. 102394 £ 13.50


With non-slip bar

item no. 102393 £ 15.00

7 Plywood Hanger

Everyone has seen these coat hangers in hotels or in high-class clothes shops.

Their shape saves space in the wardrobe and because they are made of 5layered

plywood, they are both solid and flexible. Length 45 cm, width 1.3 cm,

height 24.5 cm.

Plywood Coat Hangers with Bar

Bar with non-slip coating.

item no. 102396 £ 4.95


6 2 Cedarwood




deters moths.

item no. 100842

£ 5.50

for 2 pieces

Plywood Hanger with Clip

Clips for attaching trousers or


item no. 102397 £ 4.50

If specially requested, we can supply 100 of

these barred hangers with your own label, logo

or crest in monochrome engraving in black,

white, gold or silver for £ 699.00.

(Cost of making the engraving template



1 Clothes Stand

An impressive piece of Italian furniture design. The carefully thought out

mechanism allows it to be stored compactly and it is very stable when in use.

Takes just two tugs to open! This is a wardrobe ideally suited as a temporary

solution when on the move or if you have a lot of guests, and it also makes an

attractive permanent fixture. Made of beech wood and chrome-plated steel.

Width 81 cm, depth 42 cm, height 169 cm. Width when stored 10.5 cm, height

178 cm. Weight 7.2 kg.

Beech wood dark item no. 101391 £ 179.00

Beech wood bright item no. 101390 £ 179.00

Beech wood white lacquered item no. 105413 £ 198.00


Clothes Airer

These clothes hooks are elegant, and what’s more, they are very well made.

They come from “side by side”, a project where designers work with disabled

workshops to develop, manufacture and sell products. Made of maple, cherry

or pearwood and aluminium. Height 24 cm, width 2.5 cm, depth 2.5 cm, 24 cm

when open.

2 Maple item no. 103501 £ 59.90

3 Cherry item no. 103579 £ 59.90

4 Pear item no. 103502 £ 59.90

8 Suitcase Stand with Back

A suitcase stand makes packing easier and for

those who travel a lot, it is a real bonus. For frequent

flyers, the spare room or the country cottage.

This suitcase stand comes from the same

supplier as our mobile clothes stand. The suitcase

is supported by two wooden rods reinforced

with metal strips and they are held

together by robust fabric straps. The lightcoloured

model has beige straps and the

stained version has claret straps.The addition of

a solid beech board helps prevent the suitcase

or travel bag from getting the wall dirty or

damaging the wallpaper. Width 65.5 cm, depth

45 cm, height 58 cm, weight 4 kg.

beech wood, clear coated

item no. 103047 £ 118.00

beech wood, dark stained

item no. 103048 £ 118.00

9 Suitcase Stand

This model is constructed in the same way as

the suitcase stand but without the back.

Width 65.5 cm, depth 43 cm, Height 46 cm,

weight 3 kg.

Beech wood, clear coated

item no. 101392 £ 89.90

Beech wood, dark stained

item no. 101393 £ 89.90

Beech wood, white lacquered

item no. 105414 £ 95.00

well chosen.



5 Kent Clothes Brush small

Cherrywood brush with authentic bristles. Its small size makes it ideal for travelling.

Length 15.2 cm, width 5 cm.

item no. 103005 £ 13.90

6 Kent Dble-Sided Clothes Brush

Since 1777, G.B. Kent & Sons have been making brushes and as the supplier to Her

Majesty the Queen, they have the Royal Warrant. One side of the brush has hard

bristles for trousers and there are softer ones on the other side for jackets.

Cherrywood handle. Length 26.5 cm, width 5.4 cm.

item no. 103004 £ 49.00

7 The Fragrance of Provence –

Embroidered Lavender Cushion

Embroidered cushion with removable, 100%

cotton cover and inner bag made of cotton

gauze containing 25 g lavender blossom.

16 x 16 cm.


item no. 104075


£ 8.90

item no. 104076 £ 8.90 6


8 9





0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Shoes & Clothing

2 Shoebrush with Handle

Professional horsehair polishing brush, for all those

who have lots of shoes to clean or like doing it. The

handle means the hand does not get as tired and the

pressure can be optimally controlled. Oiled beech

wood body. Length 21 cm.


item no. 105118 £ 32.90


item no. 105119 £ 32.90

3 Suede Brush

Length 11.5 cm. With centre of brass wire and pig

bristle rim.

item no. 100841 £ 6.90




1 Set of Shoe Brushes

If quality shoes mean a lot to you, then you should give

them the best care possible and make them last longer.

Although in advertising today they try to make you believe

that just to spray your shoes or use an instant

sponge polish occasionally is enough in the way of shoe

care, purists still clean their shoes in the good oldfashioned



Pre-cleaning brush 20.5 cm with bristles made from stiff

leaf fibres of the agave plant.

Two shoe polish brushes with horsehair 18 cm with

oiled beech wood handle.

Two shoe shine brushes made of horsehair 16 cm, handle

is oiled beech wood.

item no. 100845 £ 29.90

All items in the brush set are also available individually:


Horse Hair Shoe Shine Brush 16 cm

Dark Horse Hair item no. 100835 £ 9.90


Bright Horse Hair item no. 100836 £ 9.90

Shoe Polish Brush

Dark item no. 100837 £ 4.30

Bright item no. 100838 £ 4.30

Shoe Pre-Cleaning Brush item no. 100839 £ 4.50





4 Suede Buffer

As suede, unlike leather, cannot be cleaned

using shoe cream or polish, surface stains have

to be removed a different way. This suede buffer

works like an eraser: it is rubbed back and

forth over the stain. The abrasive rubbings take

the dirt with them. silicone. 5 x 3 x 2 cm.

item no. 105116 £ 6.90

5 Beech Shoe Cleaning Box

Your entire shoe cleaning kit will fit in this box. The set of shoe cleaning

brushes we offer easily fits in and there is still room for various colours of shoe

polish and cloths. The advantage of the hinged lids is that even if you have

packed too much kit in the box it can still be used: the lids just stay slightly

open. With additional partitioning in both sides. Wonderfully crafted from

solid, oiled beech wood. The screw heads have been covered with wooden buttons.

Width 40 cm, depth 32 cm, height 21 cm, weight 3.3 kg.

item no. 100469 £ 49.95

6 Cedar Shoe Cleaning Box

A small shoe-cleaning box that fills the air with a pleasant cedar wood scent.

The slide top runs in grooves on the side and closes with a snap mechanism.

The foot stand makes it easier to clean shoes while you are wearing them.

Measures 25 x 18 x 13 cm, height with step 21 cm, weight 1.5 kg.

item no. 101683 £ 68.00

A shoe horn is not just for convenience but it helps make your shoes last longer! It prevents the leather

around the heel being crushed and becoming brittle.

7 Shoehorn, extra long

This 80 cm shoe horn is so long that

you won't have to bend over any

more when putting shoes on. Beech


item no. 102021 £ 15.40

8 Metal Shoehorn

42 cm long. Made of nickelplated

steel. 155 g.

item no. 101684 £ 9.50


9 Horn Shoehorn

Length 16.5 cm, width 4.3 cm.

Horn is a natural product and

can vary in shade from ivory to


item no. 100947 £ 15.80

10 Bootjack

A very robust bootjack made from thick oak

boards with a wide tread and sturdy stand.

Height 14.5 cm, width 32 cm, depth 39.5 cm,

weight 600 g.

item no. 101803 £ 14.90


well chosen.

Deep shoe care for long life – for more than

80 years – Saphir Medaille d’Or

The Saphir Medaille d'Or care range was developed

on the basis of this principle. At the

1925 world exhibition in Paris, Saphir was

awarded a gold medal for the high quality of

its products – since then the brand has been

extended to include the top-quality Medaille

d'Or range. The recipe has never been changed,

Saphir Medaille d'Or is produced in Charente in

western France, as it was 80 years ago and is

made only with natural ingredients. Regular

application of Saphir Medaille d'Or helps

extend the life of the leather, and therefore the

shoes. Suitable for all smooth leather shoes.

1 Saphir Shoe Care Cream

A shoe cream made of different oils, waxes and

coloured pigments. The high quality moisturisers

soak deep into the leather and keep the

structure soft. The fibres remain elastic and

creases are reduced. Microscopic colour pigments

refresh their appearance. The wax contained

in the cream make it suitable for polishing

and seal the surface. In contrast to soft

water-based creams, this cream is a simple oil

emulsion. Made of neat's foot and mink oil,

carnauba and beeswax, balsam turpentine oil

and colour pigments. Recommended use once

per month. 100g glass container. Regular applications

of a hard wax cream on shoe upper leather

helps provide optimum protection against

damp and dirt. To retain the elasticity and

structure of the collagen fibres in the leather,

the leather also needs adipose care products.



This helps the leather retain its flexibility and reduce

the tendency to crease or tear. Therefore shoes should

also be treated with an adipose cream as well as a hard

wax cream from time to time.

2 Saphir Shoe-Shine Wax

Optimum protection and water proofing properties, as

well as lasting shine can only be achieved with a topquality

hard wax cream. Those made by Saphir contain

one of the hardest natural waxes – the wax of the

Brazilian Carnauba palm – and beeswax. Fully soluble

colour crystals create a particularly deep and lasting

coloured shine when polishing. The workable consistency

is achieved when non-resinous balsam turpentine

oil is added. The oil should also remove old water marks

and have a cleaning or stain removing effect. The

Saphir shine wax is suitable for both a brush and a highgloss

water based polish. If shoes are worn regularly

they should be treated several times a month. 50ml tin.

Regular applications of a hard wax cream on shoe

upper leather helps provide optimum protection

against damp and dirt. To retain the elasticity and structure

of the collagen fibres in the leather, the leather

also needs adipose care products. This helps the leather

retain its flexibility and reduce the tendency to crease

or tear. Therefore shoes should also be treated with an

adipose cream as well as a hard wax cream from time to

time. (£ 13.90 / 100 ml)

Care cream 100 ml Shine wax 50 ml

£ 12.95 £ 6.95

Black item no. 105427 item no. 105420

Neutral item no. 105428 item no. 105421

Tan item no. 105429 item no. 105422

Mid tan item no. 105430 item no. 105423

Mahogany item no. 105444 item no. 105426

Dark brown item no. 105431 item no. 105424

Navy item no. 105443 item no. 105425

3 Application Brush for Care Cream

The brush applicator makes sure none of the contents

of the tin of Medaille d'Or conditioning cream go to

waste. Wooden grip with light bristles. Length 8.8 cm.

item no. 105445 £ 5.90

4 Leather Shoe-Cleaning Apron

A shoe-cleaning apron in highly robust, brown scotchgrain

leather, which protects clothing from staining

while cleaning shoes. A wide pocket at the front carries

all sorts of shoe care utensils. Two adjustable straps fit

the apron to size. The apron comes from the French

shoecare specialist La Cordonnerie Anglaise. Width

65 cm, length 80 cm.

item no. 105457 £ 275.00

5 Burgol Leather Sole Oil 250 ml

The leather soles of good quality shoes should be treated

with this leather sole oil from time to time, in order

to maintain the flexibility of the underside of the shoe

and its moisture ratio. This dramatically increases the

life of the sole. Not suitable for glued soles. Delivered

with an application brush. 250 ml bottle.

item no. 105418 £ 19.90 (£ 7.96 / 100 ml)

6 Burgol Shoe Cleaner 250 ml

This shoe cleaner thoroughly cleans all smooth and

grained leathers of stains, water marks or remnants of

shoecream. It is even ideal for cleaning the inside of the

shoe, noticeably minimising dark discolorations on

linings or inner soles. Apply diluted 1 part cleaner to 1

part water. Should not be applied for topical removal of

stains. The shoe cleaner is also suitable for use on leather

hatbands and watchstraps. 250 ml bottle.

item no. 105419 £ 19.90 (£ 7.96 / 100 ml)

7 2 Tins Kiwi Parade Gloss

This black shoe polish is made especially for the

British market. For a mirror finish, the ultimate shine

for your shoes: after applying Parade Gloss buff the

shoes with a damp cloth and brush with a soft brush

afterwards. 50 ml tin.

black item no. 102390 £ 7.50 for 2 tins

brown item no. 105440 £ 7.50 for 2 tins








www.torquato.co.uk For Children





1 Children's Pea Coat

Like our pea coats for adults, these pea coats are made by Gloverall. The coats

also have special bronzed metal buttons instead of plastic buttons. The outer

material is made of 75% wool and 25% nylon and is wind-resistant thanks to

the natural wool fat and the thickness of the material.

4 y (104 EU) item no. 106133 £ 145.00

5 y (110 EU) item no. 106134 £ 145.00

6 y (116 EU) item no. 106135 £ 165.00

7–8 y (128 EU) item no. 106136 £ 165.00

9–10 y (140 EU) item no. 106137 £ 175.00

11–12 y (152 EU) item no. 106138 £ 175.00

13–14 y (164 EU) item no. 106139 £ 175.00

15–16 y (176 EU) item no. 106140 £ 195.00

2 Children's Fisherman Shirt

Up to size 3–4 y (104 EU) with easy-on poppers on the right shoulder.

100% jersey cotton.

Sizes 1.5–2 y (92 EU), 3–4 y (104 EU)

£ 19.50

White / Blue item no. 900232

Blue / White item no. 900233

3 Children's Sailor Shirt

Children love wearing these loosely cut shirts made

from thick 100% cotton with V-neck. Wash at 40 °C

using non-bleach powder.

3 y ( 98 EU) item no. 102144 £ 20.90

4 y (104 EU) item no. 102145 £ 20.90

5 y (110 EU) item no. 102146 £ 20.90

6 y (116 EU) item no. 102147 £ 24.90

7 y (122 EU) item no. 102148 £ 24.90

8 y (128 EU) item no. 102149 £ 24.90

4 Hooded Pullover for Children

100% jersey cotton, like the fisherman shirts. Spacious

hood with cord tie-fastening, up to size 3–4 y (104 EU)

with button on the hood. Single-coloured cuffs. 2 side

pockets. Wash at 40 °C.


1.5–2 y (92 EU),

3–4 y (104 EU) item no. 900236 £ 29.90

5–6 y (116 EU), 7–8 y (128 EU),

9–10 y (140 EU)


1.5–2 y (92 EU),

item no. 900236 £ 34.90

3–4 y (104 EU) item no. 900238 £ 29.90

5–6 y (116 EU), 7–8 y (128 EU),

9–10 y (140 EU) item no. 900238 £ 34.90

5 Cotton Hats and Scarves

Children prefer these scarves and hats, made from

100% jersey cotton, to ones made from wool, because

they are guaranteed not to cause itchiness. Scarf 20 x

150 cm. Hats available in three sizes – 1 (for babies up

to 8 months), 2 (children up to ten years old) or

3 (adults).

White/Blue Blue/White Blue/Red Price

Scarf 103834 103835 103836 £ 17.50

Hat size 1 103837 103838 103839 £ 12.50

Hat size 2 103840 103841 103842 £ 12.50

Hat size 3 103843 103844 103845 £ 12.50

6 Neckerchief

100% printed cotton.

54 x 54 cm.

item no. 102150

£ 4.50


Sizes 5–6 y (116 EU), 7–8 y (128 EU)

9–10 y (140 EU)

£ 22.90

White / Blue item no. 900232

Blue / White item no. 900233




well chosen.





For the younger crew members.

Docksides for Children and Adolescents

This children's version of Sebago boater shoes has all

the features that have made the “big” Docksides a

popular classic: they can withstand long periods near

water and on the beach without any trouble. They are

stitched by hand like moccasins, their outer material

and inner sole are made of seawater-resistant leather

and they have an abrasion-resistant and non-slip rubber

sole with wave tread pattern – all this makes them

exceptionally robust and reliable. Tied with leather

laces that go through eyelets all around the shoe, which

also regulate the width. Condition with colourless


1 Blue

Sizes 8 (25 EU) – 3 (34 EU) item no. 900789 £ 69.00

Sizes 4 (35 EU) – 6 (37 EU) item no. 900789 £ 75.00

2 Brown

Sizes 8 (25 EU) – 3 (34 EU) item no. 900790 £ 69.00

Sizes 4 (35 EU) – 6 (37 EU) item no. 900790 £ 75.00

6 Children's Blue Overalls

These are the overalls that mechanics use to stop their

clothes from getting dirty. Since this can also be an issue

for children, we offer them in small sizes. Made from

robust, shrinkproof, 100% cotton twill. 2 trouser

pockets and 2 top pockets with zip, 1 rear pocket.

Washable at up to 90° C. Available in 1–2 y (86/92 EU),

3–4 y (98/104 EU), 5–6 y (110/116 EU), 7–8 y (122/128 EU),

9–10 y (134/140 EU), 11–12 y (146/152 EU), 13–14 y

(158/164 EU), 15–16 y (170/176 EU).

item no. 900516 £ 27.50

7 Children's Work Gloves

Children's hands need protection when working in the

garden or with crafts. These gloves are lined with a soft

fleece and the upper is made of breathable cotton

instead of leather.

Size 4 (3–6 years)

item no. 105299 £ 4.90

Size 6 (7–10 years)

item no. 105300 £ 4.90






Blundstone Chelsea Boots

for Children and Adolescents

Since 1870 Blundstone from Hobart in Tasmania has

been amongst the most important Australian manufacturers

of “no nonsense footwear”, as they say of

their own products at Blundstone. Chelsea boots

from Blundstone in Tasmania soles made of indelible,

anti-slip polyurethane with uppers made of robust

oiled cows’ leather make these the ideal shoes for

children and teenagers. On the boot leg there are

elastic inserts and two straps which make them easy

to put on and take off. Chestnut brown leather upper

with light brown decorative stitching, light brown

leather lining, strengthened heels and removable

insoles which can be washed at 30 °C.

3 Sizes 10 (28 EU) – 2.5 (35.5 EU)

Available in 10 (28 EU), 11 (29 EU), 12 (30.5 EU),

13 (31.5 EU), 1 (33 EU), 2 (34.5 EU), 3 (35.5 EU).

item no. 900742 £ 95.00

4 Sizes 3 (36 EU) – 6.5 (40 EU)

Available in 3.5 (36 EU), 4 (37 EU), 5 (38 EU), 6 (39 EU),

6.5 (40 EU).

item no. 900743 £ 135.00

5 Children's Zip-Up Jersey

Sailor’s jersey with zip-up neck. The neck can be worn

open or, in cold weather, zipped up, so the jersey

becomes a polo neck. This jersey is made from pure

new wool with a cotton lining, so it is comfortable to

wear on bare skin. From the Eichsfeld region of

Thuringia, where knitwear has been made since 1892.

Machine washable at 40 °C with wool detergent.

Available in 2–3 y (98 EU), 3–4 y (104 EU), 5–6 y

(116 EU), 7–8 y (128 EU), 9–10 y (140 EU).

item no. 900515 £ 64.90

10 11



12 13

Not scratchy: lambswool scarves and hats

Cosy hats made from 100% superfine lambswool from

the first shearing. They are very soft and not scratchy.

Lambswool Hat £ 20.90

8 navy item no. 106900 9 red item no. 106902

10 pink item no. 106903 11 light blue item no. 106901

Lambswool Scarf £ 25.90

12 natural/light blue/pink item no. 106905

13 red/navy/light blue item no. 106904

0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline For Children



Size Summer


item no.


1 Children's Down Sleeping Bag, Blue

A small business established for three generations

on the corner of three forests produces

children’s textiles with strict quality standards

and controls. Filled with 100% original

Bohemian down, the lightest and most valuable

feathers. Fabric is 100% cotton woven in

Germany and ecologically certified. Press stud or

Velcro fastening. Washable to 40 °C.

70 cm Pink item no. 103220

Blue item no. 103223 £ 95.00

90 cm Pink item no. 103221

Blue item no. 103224 £ 115.00

110 cm Pink item no. 103222

Blue item no. 103225 £ 145.00

Classic Pyjamas and Nighties for Children

A small Bavarian firm has been producing textiles for children for three generations,

with the highest quality standards and checks.

All fabrics are made in Germany and are ecologically certified. Product development

takes place within the firm. Our pyjamas and nightshirts are available

in two versions, light cotton (55 g per square metre) with small Vichy check,

which is suitable for the warmer months, and a more fleecy winter cotton

(90 g per square metre) with large checks.



item no.


Blue Pyjama

2-3 y (92/98 EU) 103202 103214 £ 59.90

4-5 y (104/110 EU) 103203 103215 £ 59.90

6-7 y (116/122 EU) 103204 103216 £ 59.90

8-9 y (128/134 EU) 103205 103217 £ 59.90

10 y (140 EU) 103206 103218 £ 69.90

11-12 y (152 EU)

Pink Pyjama

103207 103219 £ 69.90

2-3 y (92/98 EU) 103196 103208 £ 59.90

4-5 y (104/110 EU) 103197 103209 £ 59.90

6-7 y (116/122 EU) 103198 103210 £ 59.90

8-9 y (128/134 EU) 103199 103211 £ 59.90

10 y (140 EU) 103200 103212 £ 69.90

11-12 y (152 EU)

Pink Nightie

103201 103213 £ 69.90

2-3 y (92/98 EU) 103184 103190 £ 59.90

4-5 y (104/110 EU) 103185 103191 £ 59.90

6-7 y (116/122 EU) 103186 103192 £ 59.90

8-9 y (128/134 EU) 103187 103193 £ 59.90

10 y (140 EU) 103188 103194 £ 69.90

11-12 y (152 EU) 103189 103195 £ 69.90

2 From Austria: Steiner Baby and Children Blankets

These blankets made from very fine Merino wool are particularly suitable for

babies and children because they do not scratch. Finished in blanket stitch.

Baby Blanket 100 x 75 cm item no. 103059 £ 59.90

Children Blanket 150 x 100 cm item no. 103061 £ 69.90

3 Steiner Kids' Hot-Water Bottle

Cover is 100% Merino wool, 30 x 20cm. With quality hot-water bottle in natural

rubber by Fashy.

item no. 103064 £ 28.90


7 Child's Foot Measuring Device

One problem when fitting children’s shoes is

that the child cannot reliably tell you whether

the shoe fits properly and it is impossible for the

adult to know by feeling the foot in the shoe. To

avoid growth problems with children’s feet and

make sure they have enough space, it is important

to buy exactly the right size shoes. This slide

caliper will help you do just that by measuring

the length of the child’s foot and calculating the

correct size for the inside of the shoe, taking

account of the space the toes need when walking,

room for growth, and minimum height

needed at the toe end of the shoe to avoid pressure

on the big toe. For shoe sizes from 14 to 37

(insert for sizes 30–37, not shown). At 14 x

3.5 cm, the caliper will fit comfortably into a

purse, so it is easy to take with you when you go

to buy shoes.

item no. 101333 £ 9.95

well chosen.




1 2

1 Waffle Weave Bathrobe

Children's waffle weave bathrobe with a lined hood

and terry cotton inner lining. With two pockets and a

belt. 100% cotton. Available for 2-3 y (92/98 EU), 4-5 y

(104/110 EU), 6-7 y (116/122 EU), 8-9 y (128/134 EU),

10 y (140 EU), 11-12 y (152 EU), 13-14 y (164 EU),

15-16 y (176 EU).

item no. 900803 £ 69.00

2 Royal Twill Bathrobe

Children's bathrobe made of light blue royal twill

(a fine herringbone shirt material) with a terry cotton

lining and white piping. With two pockets and a belt.

100% cotton. Available for 2-3 y (92/98 EU), 4-5 y

(104/110 EU), 6-7 y (116/122 EU), 8-9 y (128/134 EU),

10 y (140 EU), 11-12 y (152 EU), 13-14 y (164 EU),

15-16 y (176 EU).

Sizes 92/98 – 128/134 item no. 900804 £ 69.00

Sizes 140 – 176 item no. 900804 £ 79.00

3 4

3 Tartan Pyjamas

Children's pyjamas made of cosy cotton flannel (so-called winter cotton) with a red, white and green tartan

and red piping. Jacket has 3 pockets. 100% cotton. Available for 2-3 y (92/98 EU), 4-5 y (104/110 EU), 6-7 y (116/122

EU), 8-9 y (128/134 EU), 10 y (140 EU), 11-12 y (152 EU), 13-14 y (164 EU), 15-16 y (176 EU).

Sizes 92/98 – 128/134 item no. 900805 £ 69.00

Sizes 140 – 176 item no. 900805 £ 79.00

4 Blue Royal Twill Pyjamas

Children's pyjamas made of first-class royal twill with white piping. Jacket has 3 pockets. 100% cotton. Available

for 2-3 y (92/98 EU), 4-5 y (104/110 EU), 6-7 y (116/122 EU), 8-9 y (128/134 EU), 10 y (140 EU), 11-12 y (152 EU),

13-14 y (164 EU), 15-16 y (176 EU).

Sizes 92/98 – 128/134 item no. 900806 £ 69.00

Sizes 140 – 176 item no. 900806 £ 79.00

Bathrobes (5) and Hooded Bath Towel (6)

for Children

Bathrobes and towels have a hood and the buttons of

the dressing gown are decorated with Vichy check.

The towels are large enough to be used for older

children, not just babies.

Bath Towel with Hood, 100 x 100 cm, blue.

item no. 103226 £ 29.90

Bath Towel with Hood, 100 x 100 cm, pink.

item no. 103227 £ 29.90




Size Blue Pink Price

item no. item no.

2-3 y (92/98 EU) 103228 103234 £ 48.90

4-5 y (104/110 EU) 103229 103235 £ 48.90

6-7 y (116/122 EU) 103230 103236 £ 48.90

8-9 y (128/134 EU) 103231 103237 £ 48.90

10 y (140 EU) 103232 103238 £ 59.90

11-12 y (152 EU) 103233 103239 £ 59.90

8 Wooden Bath Thermometer

Made from oiled beech wood. Floats on the water. Maximum temperature +50°C.

Filled with ethanol. Length 25cm.

item no. 105931 £ 9.80

9 Large Children's Bib

A really large, well-designed bib to stop food ending up in the wrong place! Made

from absorbent towelling, so liquids will not run off and at the end of the meal you

can use it to wipe the child’s mouth. Washable up to 95 °C. 100% cotton. Width 32 cm,

length 42 cm.

item no. 104550 £ 7.80

7 7






www.torquato.co.uk For Children

4 5



A small family business in the Eifel has been making

wooden children’s room decorations for more than

70 years. All items are made of high-quality birch

plywood, beech or pine and decorated with waterbased


Children’s Coat Racks and Coat Hangers

These children’s coat racks have a matching hanger for

each of the 5 pegs. Rack mount and pegs are made

from solid wood. Width of the racks 50 cm. Width of

the coat hangers 34 cm.

1 6 Coat Hangers

"Wild Animals"

6 Coat Hangers

item no. 101015 £ 28.50

"Farmyard" (not shown) item no. 101014 £ 28.50

2 Child’s Coat Rack

"Wild Animals" item no. 101011 £ 23.50

2 Child’s Coat Rack

"Farmyard" item no. 101010 £ 23.50

3 Child’s Coat Rack

"Knights" item no. 103797 £ 23.50

Measuring Sticks

Made from plywood. They can be fixed to the wall with

two nails or screws. Use a pencil to record the children’s

height and the corresponding date. Length 96 cm,

width 9.5 cm.

4 "Farmyard"

Measuring Stick item no. 101012 £ 23.50

5 "Wild Animals"

Measuring Stick item no. 101013 £ 23.50

6 Singing Clock Farmyard yellow

Every hour on the hour this clock makes the sound of a

countryside animal. With this clock, children who do

not know how to tell the time or understand its significance

will soon take an interest in it. They will wait to

hear the noise of a particular animal and ask how long

it is until it's the cow's turn. Before very long, they will

know that bedtime comes shortly before the cat. As a

result, they will learn to tell the time much more quickly.

A light-sensitive cell ensures the clock does not make

any noise when it is dark. Animal noises recorded from

real country animals. On/off switch for the sound requires

3 x AA batteries (not included), Ø 34 cm, wall mounting,

weight 850 g.

With plastic clock casing

item no. 102594 £ 45.90

With wooden clock casing

item no. 103107 £ 54.90

7 Milk Teeth +

Hair Lock Box Set

Two screwtop wooden

containers. Ø 3.5 cm and

4.5 cm.

item no. 104481

£ 8.60

Slate Stickers

These silhouette stickers in the shape of animals has a slate-like layer made from

roughened vinyl, which means you can write on it with chalk. For the wall,

bedrooms, cupboard or fridge door. A3 size.

10 Slate Sticker pig item no. 105141 £ 19.50

11 Slate Sticker cockerel item no. 105140 £ 19.50

12 Slate Sticker tortoise item no. 105142 £ 19.50


11 12



8 Kent Baby Hairbrush

With extra-soft, pale, natural bristles to protect

the delicate scalp of small children. Lemonwood

handle. Length 18.5 cm.

item no. 103001 £ 26.00

9 Sevi Toothbrush Holder Clown

The little clown is a motivator for teeth cleaning

and the integrated sand timer ensures thorough

care. Height 11.5 cm, width 12 cm. The manufacturer,

Sevi, was founded in 1831 in Grödnertal,

one of the most scenic valleys in the

Dolomite Mountains, where there is a long tradition

of woodworking. Even today the products

are finished and painted by hand. The colours

used are based on organic pigments and so are

safe even for little children. All Sevi products are

subject to continual testing to satisfy the EU toy

standard EN71.

Blue Clown

item no. 104667 £ 19.95

Red Clown

item no. 105046 £ 19.95




1 Loom Chair for Children

An armchair for children woven from rattan and in the shape of a classic loom

chair, extremely popular in the 1930s in hotel foyers, restaurants throughout

Europe and passenger ships. Its low weight coupled with high stability makes

the armchair ideal for use in children’s rooms. Painted putty-grey. Seat height

29 cm, seat width 27.5 cm. Height 52 cm, width 41 cm, depth 39 cm, weight

1.7 kg. Maximum load 30 kg.

item no. 106962 £ 79.90

well chosen.

Origami wall lamps for nurseries

Original wall lamp in the shape of animals, made in Italy and inspired by the

refined Japanese art of paper folding, origami. Switch located on cable. The

lamp does not heat up when on, contains no sharp edges and no small parts

which could be choked on. Made of robust and flexible polypropylene. Lamp

socket, cable, bulb and assembly instructions included.

2 Elk Wall Lamp in the shape of an elk's head with antlers. Lamp socket,

cable, bulb and assembly instructions included. E14 bulb, max. 40 W. Height

49 cm, width 63 cm, depth 24 cm.

item no. 105843 £ 49.90

5 Cardboard Play Castle

A castle with towers, battlements, a large gate

and windows. The four folding templates for

the castle are made from sturdy white corrugated

cardboard and just clip together. The

openings are pre-cut, the folding lines prescored.

The interior of the castle is printed with

a fireplace, a throne, candle holders, paintings,

coats of arms and halbards - just waiting to be

coloured in. Includes instructions for construction.

Fully constructed castle measurements:

Base area 90 cm x 90 cm, height 134 cm, height

of inside space 116 cm.

item no. 105148 £ 45.00

6 Cardboard Rocking Chair

Construction set in white corrugated cardboard.

Several pieces of pre-scored cardboard

are put together to build a rocking chair, which

can then be painted. Includes instructions for

construction. Height 78 cm, width 35 cm,

length 73 cm. Holds up to 40 kg.

item no. 105149 £ 29.00



4 1



7 To make a child's eyes light up: Happy Birthday Train

This wooden train with locomotive and seven carriages

can carry up to seven candles and one number – the age

of the birthday child. If the parents want to add to the

drama, they can match the number of lighted candles

or the number of carriages to the age of the child.

Comes with numbers 1 to 6.

item no. 104060 £ 12.90

Birthday Train extra numbers 7–10 (not shown)

item no. 104061 £ 4.00

8 Birthday Parade

Giraffe, crocodile, bear, dromedary, zebra, rhino and

goat follow the elephant and can hold up to six candles

and one number. It’s left to the parents’ imagination

whether they want the number of the candles and/or

the number of animals to match the age of the child.

Includes the numbers 1 to 6. We also stock a supplementary

set with the additional numbers 7 to 10.

item no. 106887 £ 16.90

3 Fish Ceiling Lamp in the shape of a fish with clearly visible scales and fins. Lamp

socket, cable, bulb and assembly instructions included. Includes canopy for ceiling

connection. E27 bulb, max. 60 W. Height 37 cm, width 23 cm, length 47 cm.

item no. 105845 £ 44.90

4 Elephant Wall Lamp in the shape of an elephant with large ears and trunk. Lamp

socket, cable, bulb and assembly instructions included. Compact fluorescent tube

G23, 5–7 W. Height 25 cm, width 27 cm, depth 27 cm.

item no. 105844 £ 54.90

7 8





0872 – 18 40 022

Order Hotline Toys

1 Block and Tackle Kit

Lift heavy objects with ease using a block and tackle.

Everyone has heard of it, but not many people know

how a block and tackle really works. This explorer set

allows you to build several different block and tackle

applications and try them out. It’s incredible what a few

pulleys and a piece of string can do if you put your mind

to it. The important thing isn’t how strong you are but

how intelligently you apply your strength. Explorer set

for children 10 years and over, box 15.7 x 11.7 x 4.6 cm,

weight 330 g.

item no. 101764 £ 22.50


Basket Rope Run

Can be used for transporting small dolls or play figures,

or else for messages or sweet treats. The basket rope run

circulates between its ports of call like a chair lift and the

two clamps are used to attach it to tables, shelves or the

like. The woven baskets hang firmly on the rope and can

be moved round the loop from either end. Using extra

pulleys and supports, its path can be extended to go

round corners or to get past “mountains” or “valleys”.

Construction from 9 years, play from 4.


2 Rope Run Construction Set

Box 23.6 x 11.8 x 8.1 cm, weight 590 g, with 2 baskets and 10 m rope.

item no. 101761 £ 19.90

3 Pillar for Basket Rope Run

Size 20 cm, weight 340 g,

with clamp.

item no. 101763 £ 19.00

7 Child's Printing Press

The stamp set means text stamps can be designed in

line with a child's own imagination and continuously

changed. The printing press contains a letter case for

sorting the type. Interaction with the letters promotes

reading ability in primary school-age children.

1 inkpad, approx. 180 vulcanised quality rubber type

pieces, 4 one-line type holders (clip together for

multi-line stamps). Awarded with the “good play”

award. From 6 years.

item no. 105302 £ 15.90

4 Extra Redirection Pulley

Size 20 cm, weight 240 g,

with 5 m rope and clamp.

item no. 101762 £ 12.90


5 Writing Paper for Children

Set of 8 pages of A5 writing paper and B6 envelopes

with ribbed texture like laid paper. £ 5.90

Writing Paper, Animals item no. 106829

Frames from exotic and local animals on cream-white

paper, ecru coloured envelopes.

Writing Paper, Angels item no. 106830

Cream white paper with angels in different figures,

white envelopes.

6 Clamp Flower Press

This robust flower press made of beech and birch wood

operates with a centralised spindle, ensuring even pressure.

The large handle makes it easy to use, particularly

when compared to simpler models with four wing nuts.

Pressing area 18 x 18 cm. Height 22 cm. Comes with

5 cardboard separators and 10 leaves of absorbent

paper. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

item no. 103548 £ 29.90

8 Stamp Set “A-B-Seas”

For children learning to read and write as an added

incentive. Each letter has its own stamp in an expressive

serif font, with a lathe-turned wooden handle; numbers

and punctuation marks are also included. Comes in an

attractive elasticated box with lid and 42 individual

compartments for the stamps and the stamp pad.

item no. 102643 £ 19.95

7 8 9


9 Boat-In-A-Bottle Kit

Building ships in a bottle is a traditional sailor’s

craft from the past. When becalmed or in port,

seamen used to pass the time by making small

models of sailing ships, worked through the neck

of a bottle. The idea has not lost any of its fascination.

The kit comes with instructions and all

parts needed.

item no. 102642 £ 11.95



1 Plush Rocking Horse

The rails are bent by steam. The solid body is made of juteskin stretched over

boards; it is filled with wood shavings and sealed with wood glue. Head and

legs are made of solid wood and painted. The plush cover is sewn, glued and

tacked on. Tail and mane made from long hair plush. Width 30 cm, length 95

cm, height 70 cm. Height of saddle 52 cm. Weight 8 kg.

item no. 101688 £ 175.00

2 Hide Rocking Horse

The construction is the same as for the plush rocking horse, but this product is

made to the most exacting standards and exclusively from natural materials.

The coat is made from cow or calf leather, and its naturally attractive appearance

is complemented by the tail and mane, made of horse or goathair. Bridle

and saddle are leather and the saddle is covered with felt. Can be used for

rocking or removed from the rails and pulled along on its rubber wheels. This

marvellous product is made by one small Bavarian firm, now the only manufacturer

worldwide. Width 40 cm, length 120 cm, height 90 cm. Height of

saddle 65 cm. Weight 15 kg. As this product is made from genuine hide, the

pattern is beyond our control.

item no. 101689 £ 795.00


5 Historical School Desk

This beautiful piece of furniture is built new following the construction of old

models. The desktop lifts up and is at a sloping angle to make writing easier

and improve posture. The bench is fixed to the desk – so tilting is out of the

question. A large compartment under the desktop provides lots of storage

space. Milled indentations for a pencil groove and removable ceramic inkpot.

In stained beech wood. Height 65 cm, width 60 cm, depth 75 cm, bench height

32 cm, weight 14.5kg.

item no. 105146 £ 285.00

6 Rocking Horse

Made of 40 mm thick alder wood treated with

linseed oil. Length 85 cm, seat height 35 cm,

weight 4.4 kg. From a workshop in Bavaria.

item no. 101009 £ 169.90

well chosen.



7 Wood Building Blocks Noblesse

Traditional building blocks in a 19th century design,

including classical style parts and window blocks with

coloured plastic for glass. From a small firm in

Blumenau in the Erz mountains where wooden building

blocks have been made for the last 150 years. 82 parts.

28.5 x 19.8 x 4.7 cm. Weight 1.6 kg.

item no. 103784 £ 29.50


3 Basketware Doll's Pram

The entire body of the pram is basketware. Base, handle and wheels are made of

wood. Length 50 cm, width 38 cm, height 60 cm. Weight 3 kg.

item no. 101028 £ 69.00

4 Wooden Doll's Pram

A great way to help babies from around 10 months and above when they are learning

to walk. Comes with check cushion, blanket and mattress, made from laminated

wood. Rubber wheels with metal rims. Height 34 cm, width 34 cm, length 53 cm.

Weight 3.3 kg.

item no. 101027 £ 109.00


8 20 Classic Marble Games

For thousands of years children the world over have

played with marbles. In the middle of the nineteenth

century, a German glassblower succeeded in making

the manufacture of marbles much simpler, using a

tool he invented. After this, glass marbles quickly

became very common. Approximately 50 marbles and

1 die in a cloth bag, board with 7 arched holes for the

“bridge game”, booklet with instructions for a total

of 20 marble games.

item no. 102082 £ 19.95






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