Juan's Bacalao Frito - The Geriatric Gourmet


Juan's Bacalao Frito - The Geriatric Gourmet

Juan’s Bacalao Frito

Fried Cod Fish

I can get fresh Codfish these days but for

centuries in Spain and much of Europe it

was most common to find it Salted and

dried (Bacalao en Salazón). I used to

occasionally get it like this at a little Cuban

Market for my restaurant (Cafe Sevilla-

Recipe of the Month Cordero a la

Mancha). When you get it like this, you

have to soak it in cold water for at least 24

hours and rinse it many times to get rid of

the salt and rehydrate it. Surprisingly, once

this is done, the Fish seems at least as fresh

as it would if it had been frozen in water.


1. Codfish Fillet……………a couple or

so pieces

2. 2 Eggs

3. Garlic

4. Olive Oil

5. Flour

6. Fish Fry Batter mix such as Louisiana


7. Aïoli

Today I have it fresh and filleted. So I cut it

into bite sized chunks. This is how it is

sometimes served as a Tapa when not made

into a Buñuelo (Croquette).

First I crack a couple Eggs in a mixing


Then I beat them without mercy.

Thoroughly cover the chunks in the Egg.

In the Mediterranean (Spain, Italy etc.) the

batter would be different (e.g. Breadcrumbs,

Flour) but I’m in Texas right now so I like to

add some Louisiana Seasoned Fish Fry

Batter to some Flour.

As with most fish frying in this part of the

world, this has Cornmeal in it. You can get a

variety of these mixes in most grocery stores

around here.

Sometimes I shake the chunks and batter in

a paper sack.

Or just drag them around in a baking pan.

Now of course, as with all things sane and

rational, I will need some Garlic.

In enough Olive Oil to half cover the

battered fish chunks, I cook the Garlic until

it just starts to brown and then remove

it…………..or at least as much of it as I can

get out. Don’t discard them but put them in a

pan that is big enough to hold the fish later.

Dump in the battered Fish chunks.

Stir them around constantly.

Remove them and put them in the pan with

the fried Garlic.

You could serve it as a Tapa or maybe with

other stuff like I did here.

I dumped some Aïoli on it and served it with

Cornbread, Turnip Greens and Pinto


You will need some Pepper Sauce if you

serve it this way.

The neighbor’s cat was lurking around in the

bushes nearby the whole time but we ate it


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