Juan's Croquetas de Cangrejo - The Geriatric Gourmet


Juan's Croquetas de Cangrejo - The Geriatric Gourmet

Juan’s Croquetas de Cangrejo

Crab Croquettes

1 st Warning! This little thing can be a little

difficult. When you get all the ingredients

mixed, it can be a little sloppy. If there is too

much liquid, it’s hard to keep the patties


2 nd Warning! The main purpose of this

recipe is to get rid of leftover starchy stuff

and it will taste more like the starchy stuff

than the Crab.

I will eventually (next dinner party) get

around to the really Crabby tasting Crab

Cake recipe……………….later.

In Spain, Croquets are often made with a

Béchamel (Flour, Butter and Milk), shaped

like big Kumquats or balls, breaded, deep

fried and might be called Buñuelos (Fritters).

I’ll get around to that recipe later but the

idea of this one is to get rid of leftover stuff.


1. 2 small cans (6 oz.) of Crab Meat

2. Leftover starchy stuff…….old Crackers,

Corn Chips, Bread, Mashed Potatoes,

Breading (corn or Flour Meal) Fritos,

Croutons, Taco Shells and such

3. Chile (not hot) I like to use Dried

New Mexico Green Chile……..when it’s


4. Celery

5. Pickle Relish

6. 2 Eggs

7. Garlic Olive Oil

8. Marinated Olives

Optional Ingredients:

1. Cumin

2. Chile Pepper

3. Green Onions

4. Black Pepper

Look around in your pantry, the fridge,

counter tops etc. and gather up all the old

starchy things that you don’t want to eat

anymore but haven’t thrown away or given

to the birds.

Smonch, crumble and crunch the starchy

things in a mixing bowel. Reserve some of

this stuff in case the mess gets too sloppy

(too much liquid).

Without mercy, beat 2 eggs.

Dump in the Eggs.

Thoroughly mix this mess.

If it’s too runny, add some more starchy


You could substitute (or add to) the Crab

Meat with similar things like: Chopped

Clams, Shrimp, Lobster and such.

This is a New Mexico Green Chile (they

turn red and are sold in Ristras) witch has

been seeded. You could use other types of

Chile but beware of too hot for old poots

like me.

Chop up the Chile.

Chop some Celery.

Add some Marinated Olives.

Dump it in and At this point you could add

any of the optional in ingredients that you

might like. The Cumin and Chile Pepper

will give it a Latin American taste.

You could add some Pickle relish.

Dump in a couple cans of Crab

Meat………….or any of the seafood options.

Because you also add the caned liquid, you

might have to add some more starchy things

at this point. If it’s too runny, it is hard to

form and keep the patties together.

Thoroughly mix all this goop………….add

some more Crackers, Bread and such if need


Add some Garlic Olive Oil to a big, flat

cooking thing of some sort and heat it a little.

I like to use this Teppanyaki gizmo that

you find at Asian stores.

Get some kind of a big spatula nice and oily

so the patties will slide off of it easily.

Turn up the heat to frying hot………..maybe

°350 or hotter if you think you can make the

patties pretty fast.

Form some patties on the spatula.

Slip the patties off into the hot oil.

Flip them after they have browned a little on

one side and firmed up. This is a little tricky

and now you will see why I warned

you………..they will want to come apart if

they are too wet.

If this is the case, you could turn down the

heat and cover them for a little

while…………until the Egg cooks and they

firm up a bit.

When they are stuck together enough,

transfer them to a greased cookie pan and

put them in the oven at about °350 for 20

minuets or so. Leave the light on and peak

in to be sure they don’t burn or get too dry.

I like a little Aioli with mine…………or

you could use Shrimp Cocktail or Tarter

Sauce. Here one is served with a baked

Sweet Potato, Bread, sliced Tomatoes and

Avocados, Juice and plenty of pills for us

old poots.

You could also break them up and serve

them as Tapas.

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