Johann's Apfelstrudel - The Geriatric Gourmet

Johann's Apfelstrudel - The Geriatric Gourmet

Johann’s Apfelstrudel

Apple Strudel

As with most things that I cook, I cheat.

To do the whole thing from scratch, you would have

to make the dough and I’m too lazy for that because I

know I can buy it ready made and frozen at a nearby

grocery store. Of course, I could also buy the Strudel

already made but then I wouldn’t be able to say I

made it…………………with my all my silly ideas.

Also, I’m a big Beethoven and Mozart fan and in

Vienna they tell me that both of the composers liked

Apple strudel.


1. One package of Fillo (or Phyllo) Dough

2. 1 can, Butter flavored Cooking Spray

3. 3 Cooking Apples and 1 Pear…….or 4 Apples

4. 2 Lemons

5. 2 tablespoons Cinnamon Sugar

6. ¼ cup Brown Sugar

7. ½ cup Sugar

8. ¾ cup Raisins

9. ½ cup Coñac……..or Dark Rum

10. 1 cup Walnuts

11. 4 or 5 Chocolate Chip Cookies

12. ½ cup Powdered Sugar

13. 1 Egg

14. Vanilla Ice Cream

15. 1 Can of Whipped Cream Topping

16. Caramel or Butterscotch Topping or Syrup

17. 1 Cup Apple Juice

18. ½ cup Butter or Margarine

19. A small package of Nut

Topping………..anything but peanuts……


Scratch around and gather a nice pile of the things

that you might expect to find in Apple Strudel and

see how they look.

Put the raisins in a bowel and cover them with the

Coñac or Rum.

Apple Juice.

Add the


this little mess for about a minuet or

two……….removes the alcohol and flavors the


Scrap the Zest (peel) off the Lemons with whatever

kind of Zest scraper you have.

Juice out of the Lemons.

Squeeze the

with the Zest.

And pour it in

Core the Apples and

the Pear. Pears are a little sweeter than Apples and

that's why I like to add them.

Chop them

up into little chunks and dump them in with the

Lemon stuff.


Add the

Add the

Walnuts. In this case, I found some that were toasted

and Sugar coated. In Vienna, sometimes Hazel Nuts

are used…………I had Walnuts.

Crumble in the

Cookies. You could use other kinds of sweet Cookies

if you don’t have Chocolate Chip. I have Chocolate

Chip today.


Add the Brown

Add the

Cinnamon and White Sugar. I know this seems like a lot of

sugar. I once decided to make a Pumpkin Pie from a

Halloween Pumpkin. I thought the recipe called for

too much Sugar so cut it in half. The Pie tasted like a

Gourd and was inedible.

About now, I

use a metal spatula or whatever I can find that has a

flat end, and I jab and poke and mix and cut and poke

and jab some more to make all the pieces smaller and

mix it all up real good.

Add the Margarine or

Butter. Once in a while I like a little real Butter but

most of the time, I consider Cholesterol caution.

Microwave it

all for two or three minuets or until the Margarine is

all melted and the whole thing feels hot and

soft……...a little mushy.

I’ve seen this

done by much better methods than mine by

professional bakers in Germany, who do it all day,

but this is my method and it’s ok for once in a while

bakers like me.

Lay out a towel and then a sheet of wax paper on top

of the towel.

In this box

of dough, the sheets are rolled between sheets of wax

paper. Thaw the Fillo Dough in the fridge overnight,

take it out and let it reach room temperature. Unroll

a sheet of the Fillo Dough on the wax paper. The

dough is very delicate so you have to bite you lip a

little bit and tilt one foot up on its toes a little and be

very, very nervous and careful.

Then you get

the Butter Flavored Cooking Spray out.

cover the sheet of dough.


I think there were about 5 or 6 sheets of dough to a


Lay out the

next sheet of Dough, as close to exactly as you can,

directly over (lined up with) the first sheet.

the Butter Flavored Spray again.

Do the same with

Keep doing

this until you have used all the sheets in a roll, or

about 5 or 6, and all are thoroughly covered with the

Butter Spray.

You may or

may not have to do this. You don’t want the filling to

goo-up the dough so that it will break when you roll

it, so if you notice liquid in the filling (opps! I have

put a little too much Apple Juice and Coñac in the

Raisins), strain it off. If you want, you can latter

dribble the liquid on the finished product just before

you squirt the Whipped Cream………or just drink it.

Pour a line of

filling long ways down the middle of the Dough.

If the filling

still seems too wet, you could crumble a few more

Cookies on it to soak up the liquid.

of the Dough over the Filling.

other side in the opposite direction.

Fold one side

Now fold the

When you

have a nice consistent roll, fold the ends over to seal

in the filling.

Just as you

did with the dough, fold one side of the wax paper

over the roll.

under the roll and continue to roll.

And tuck it

And again, as

with the dough, fold the wax paper over one end to

seal it.

Fold over the

other end and secure both ends with rubber bands.

What I do at

this point is start piling them in the freezer. It’s

much too much trouble to go to, just make one, so I

make at least four or five. You still have enough

filling and dough to make some more so just keep

going until you run out of stuff.

By this time,

your nosy neighbors have begun to smell what you’re

up to and they begin pushing and stumbling in the

front door. The only way to get rid of them is to bake

a couple Strudels and sneak around the house from

the back door and put them in the front yard. Then

when your neighbors follow the smell out the door,

you slam it on them and lock it up.

To bake: Spray some of the Butter Spray on a baking


Remove the

wax paper, put the Strudels in the pan and spray them

with some more Butter Spray.

Beat the Egg.


Powdered Sugar.

Pour it on the

Sprinkle on some

Nut Topping.

Sprinkle on the

Put the strudels in the

oven, set it to °350, and peek in ever so often.

Golden Brown.

Bake until all is

Cut the strudel into

slice of Pie sized servings and generously top them

with Whipping Cream.

Add a nice

big glop of Vanilla Ice Cream to each piece.

And decorate each

piece with some Caramel or Butterscotch topping.

Now this is about as decadent as anything in the Holy

Roman Empire and I think Mozart might have

ordered more than one slice.

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