Marshall Memorial Fellowship - German Marshall Fund of the United ...

Marshall Memorial Fellowship - German Marshall Fund of the United ...

Adam Bodnar

Vice-President of the Board

Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights

Warsaw, Poland

Marshall Memorial Fellowship

Summer 2013

Adam Bodnar works as an adjunct assistant professor of the Human Rights Chair at the

Warsaw University Faculty of Law and Administration. He is also a visiting professor at the

Central European University in Budapest as well as a lecturer on anti-discrimination law at

the Academy of European Law (ERA) in Trier. He is the author and co-author of several

books and articles concerning human rights. Since 2011, he has served as vice-president of

the board of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and head of its legal division. He is

also a member of the advisory board at Panoptykon Foundation and a member of the

management board of the Association Pro Memoriam Professor Zbigniew Hołda. He is also

the senior legal expert within the FRANET network of the EU Agency for Fundamental

Rights. In 2011, he received the Tolerance Prize given by Polish LGBT Organizations. Adam

holds a MA from Warsaw University, a LL.M in Comparative Consistutional Law from the

Central European University in Budapest, and a doctorate in law from Warsaw University.

His Ph.D. thesis on Multilevel citizenship in the European constitutional space was awarded a

special recognition in the competition organized by the Sejm Review

Nevena Crljenko

Manager Communications

Philip Morris International

Zagreb, Croatia

Nevena Crljenko currently serves as the manager of communications for the Central

Europe South region for Philip Morris International (PMI). Before joining PMI, she was a

Chevening scholar and completed her MSc degree in Politics and Communication at the

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Her previous professional

experience includes Executive Director of Academy for Political Development (APD), a civil

society organization whose vision is to contribute to the quality of political processes in

Croatia by providing political education to young leaders and by motivating them to

participate in public affairs. She is still active in APD as a Steering Board Member. Nevena

has also previously served as coordinator of the Association of the Schools of Political

Studies of the Council of Europe as well as Marketing Manager in the publishing industry

and Director of the 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd Zagreb Bookfair.

Sergii Donskyi

Head of Strategic Analysis and Foresight Department

National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine

Marshall Memorial Fellowship

Summer 2013

Sergii Donskyi is currently the head of the strategic analysis and foresight department at

the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. Prior to this, he was a director of the

foreign and security policy program for the Ukrainian Institute for Public Policy, where he

was managing a team of analysts analyzing Ukraine’s relations with key players in the

region of the former Soviet Union, EU, US and China. His previous professional experience

includes head of the international relations department at the National University of the

state tax service of Ukraine and he spent 5 years in civil service. His publications include

“Ukraine 2020: Foreign Policy Challenges and Opportunities of the Next Decade,” “Ukraine

2020: Demographic and Migration Dimensions of Security,” “Security Barometer:

Monitoring and Early Warning Analysis of Regional Threats to Stability and Security in

Ukraine and Georgia.” He completed his master’s degree in International Law at the

Institute of International Relations, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Carlo Ferrara

Head of Environmental Management

Environmental Policy and Climate Change Unit

Enel Holding

Carlo Ferrara is currently the head of environmental management at International Energy

Utility, ENEL Group. He just moved back to Italy for this appointment after eight years of

working in Beijing, where he served as the head of carbon strategy development in China

for ENEL’s Beijing office. In this role, he devoted most of his energy to scouting and

supervising projects aimed at CO2 emissions reduction as established by the Kyoto

Protocol. Prior to ENEL, Carlo was a project manager at the Sino Italian Cooperation for

Environmental Protection of Italian and Chinese Ministers for the Environment. Carlo holds

a degree in Economic and Social Sciences and a master’s degree in Environmental

Economics from Luigi Bocconi University in Milan. He also delivers lectures at Essex

University and Bocconi University on carbon market and energy issues.

Tarik Ghezali


Algeria 21

Marseille, France

Strengthening Transatlantic Cooperation

Marshall Memorial Fellowship

Spring 2013

Tarik Ghezali is currently setting-up a foundation in order to involve Algerian diasporas in

France and Europe in developing innovative non-profit projects in Algeria. This

foundation implements his personal vision of "An Algerian dream,” an essay he published

in 2012. As a specialist in social entrepreneurship and innovation, he has co-authored three

reference titles on these subjects. Over the last six years, Tarik Ghezali has co-founded and

co-managed two of the most influential initiatives within the French non-profit sector:

“Mouvement des entrepreneurs sociaux” (a network of social entrepreneurs) and “Labo de

l’économie sociale et solidaire” (a think tank). H e began his career as a management

consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers, then worked on developing start-ups, especially

spin-off firms from French public research centers. Tarik is a graduate of the “Ecole

Centrale de Paris,” a leading French engineering school.

Claudia Kristine Huber

Senior Researcher and Project Developer

Alfred Herrhausen Society

Berlin, Germany

Claudia K. Huber currently serves as a senior researcher and project developer at Alfred

Herrhausen Society (AHS), the International Forum of Deutsche Bank. At AHS is she is

responsible for the Foresight Project, a programme of investigation and debate that aims

to promote greater awareness, understanding and cooperation between the emerging

countries and the West. Prior to this she worked as a policy analyst for Google Germany

and was a research associate at the Institute for Media and Communication Policy in

Berlin. Claudia has published several articles on media and politics in the European

Union. Her fields of interest and expertise include political communication, public

diplomacy, international relations and China. She completed her PhD in Political Sciences at the University of

Hamburg and the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences in 2011. She holds a Master’s degree from the

London School of Economics and Political Sciences.

Dimitar Vasilev Ivanov


Dimitar Vasilev Ivanov

Sofia, Bulgaria

Strengthening Transatlantic Cooperation

Marshall Memorial Fellowship

Spring 2013

Dimitar Ivanov is currently the CEO of WATO, a recent startup company in the field of

water supply and sewage. The company mission centers on developing sustainable

water infrastructure in Bulgaria and around the world. Prior to his engagement with

WATO, Dimitar led large scale projects in the outsourcing industry. He has also been

engaged in BPO projects in the media and business information industries. His past

experience includes work with companies like Dow Jones and Reuters. Dimitar has a

master’s degree in Strategic Management from Sofia University in Bulgaria and a

bachelor’s degree in International Business Relations from the Economics University.

Monika Ladmanova

Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs Manager

IBM Corporation

Prague, Czech Republic

Monika Ladmanova currently works as the strategic public relations manager to the IBM

branch in Czech Republic where she covers areas of corporate social responsibility,

university relations, diversity and strategic marketing. Prior to this role, she was the

deputy executive director for Open Society Fund Prague, member of a network of

foundations launched by philanthropist George Soros in post-communist countries to

support democracy building and open civil society development. She currently serves as a

chair person to the board of the Open Society Fund Prague. After graduating from Charles

University law school in 1997, she worked for the Czech Helsinki Committee and served as

a lawyer for its Counseling Center for Refugees and Asylum Seekers. She founded several

non-profit organizations and projects, including International Gender Policy Network,

Slovak-Czech Women’s Fund, Forum 50% and Center for Migration.

Anna Ljungdell


Nynäshamn, Sweden

Nynäshamn, Sweden

Strengthening Transatlantic Cooperation

Marshall Memorial Fellowship

Spring 2013

Anna Ljungdell is currently the mayor of Nynäshamn, a municipality of 26,500 residents

just south of Stockholm, Sweden. Prior to this, she was chairman of the Education

Committee for two terms, the first term beginning in 2001. Nynäshamn is known for its

innovative approach to public health and social investments, which makes Anna a popular

lecturer in both national and regional conferences. Under Anna’s leadership, school results

have gone up, the crime rate has gone down and there is growth both in population and

private enterprises. Her previous professional experience includes political advisor to the

Minister of Health and Social Services and special advisor to the former Mayor of

Nynäshamn. Anna has a master’s degree in political science from Lund University.

Eoghan Murphy

Teachta Dala

Parliament of Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Eoghan Murphy is currently an elected member of the Irish Parliament, Dail Eireann. He

was elected in the 2011 general election for the senior coalition party, Fine Gael, and

represents the constituency of Dublin South East. Eoghan sits on the parliament’s Public

Accounts Committee, is chairperson of his party’s Transport, Sport and Tourism

Committee, and leads the parliament’s delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the

Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. His areas of interest include the hightech

sector and young entrepreneurs/businesses, political reform, and international security

issues. Eoghan previously served as an elected councilor on the Dublin City Council. Prior

to entering politics, he worked in international arms control and served as a speechwriter to

the executive secretary of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization in Vienna.

Ellen Nørby

Member of Parliament

Folketinget, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Strengthening Transatlantic Cooperation

Marshall Memorial Fellowship

Spring 2013

Ellen Trane Nørby is currently the chief whip of the Liberal Party in the Danish Parliament.

The Liberal Party is the biggest parliamentary group in the Danish Parliament (47 out of 179

MPs). Ellen has been a member of the Danish Parliament since February 2005 and is

currently serving her third elected mandate. She is also the elected vice-president of the

Danish European Movement, and is currently serving as president as the elected president

stepped down at the end of 2012. Prior to her election to the parliament, Ellen worked as

political assistant to the liberal MP Jens Rohde, on the electoral campaign of the party

president, former minister for foreign affairs Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, and the former Danish

prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen. She has also been internationally active in Liberal

International and ELDR/ALDE, the European Liberal Party, and parliamentary group in the

European Parliament representing the Danish Liberal Party in the meetings and events.

Lavinia Orac

Emergency Medicine Specialist

Spital Clinic Judetean De urgenta Targu Mures

Targu Mures, Romania

Lavinia Ramona Orac currently works as an emergency medicine specialist in Targu Mures

University Hospital. Her daily working duties include rescue missions with the medical

helicopter in the Carpathian mountains, working to save the life of a recently newborn baby

in the SMURD ambulance or being the attending physician in the emergency department of

a hospital known as a referral center for severe trauma and conditions such as acute

myocardial infarction. Lavinia is an ‘’adrenaline addict’’ and this may help explain why she

undertook an 8-month mission with Doctors Without Borders in the slums of Cite Soleil

(Port au Prince-Haiti), where the majority of cases consisted of gunshot injuries. Her

humanitarian involvement started early in her career. While a 4th year resident, she took

her first mission with Doctors Without Borders in Burkina Faso where she focused on a

pediatric malnutrition project and an HIV-TB detection and treatment program.

Darko Pajovic


Positive Montenegro

Podgorica, Montenegro

Strengthening Transatlantic Cooperation

Marshall Memorial Fellowship

Spring 2013

Darko Pajovic is currently the president of a new parliamentary political party in

Montenegro, Pozitivna Crna Gora (Positive Montenegro). In the October 2012 election,

Positive Montenegro won 9% of the vote, or 7 seats. Prior to this role, for twelve years he

was the director and the founder of NGO Green Home where he conducted several major

environmental projects. He organized the campaign to protect the Tara River Canyon in

2004, as well as the campaign against the Montenegrin government's plan to build power

plants on Moraca River in 2010. Darko is also an IUCN (International Union for

Conservation of Nature) expert, author and co-author of several publications in the field of

environmental protection. His professional experience also includes work in human

reproduction. He created the first in-vitro baby in Montenegro and is a member of the

European Society of Human Reproduction (ESHRE). He has also authored over 40 scientific

papers in the field of human reproduction presented at scientific conferences from 2003 to


Bernardo Pires de Lima

Research Associate

Portuguese Institute of International Relations

Lisbon, Portugal

Bernardo Pires de Lima is currently a researcher at the Portuguese Institute of International

Relations, a Visiting Fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations, Paul H. Nitze School

of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), a columnist for the Portuguese daily newspaper,

Diário de Notícia, and a political consultant for international affairs to the CDS-PP in the

Portuguese Parliament. Prior to this he was a research associate at the National Defence

Institute (Portugal), a lecturer at several Portuguese universities and think tanks, and also

adviser for international affairs to the current Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs prior

to his nomination in 2011. He holds a master’s degree in International Relations from

Lusíada University and is currently working on his PhD at Nova University. He is the

author of “Blair, a Moral e o Poder” (2008), a critical analysis on Tony Blair’s decade on

foreign affairs and he is now working on a new book on the Portuguese decision-making

process towards the support of the American decision to use force against Iraq.

Branislav Rajcani

Risk Analyst


Bratislava, Slovakia

Strengthening Transatlantic Cooperation

Marshall Memorial Fellowship

Spring 2013

Branislav Rajcani is currently a business analyst at Accenture assigned to the capital

markets industry with a specialty in risk management. He has a Ph.D. in Business

Economics and Management from the University of Economics in Bratislava, where he

conducted research on business risk diagnostics in association with RESAM Institute at the

University of Amsterdam and PricewaterhouseCoopers in Slovakia. Outside of his

professional activities, he has actively participated in youth development for more than a

decade. He is experienced in volunteerism, non-formal education, campaigning and youth

advocacy. Today he chairs the Christian Democratic Youth of Slovakia.

Başak Solmaz

Head of Media Relations

Turkish Industry & Business Association

Istanbul, Turkey

Başak Solmaz is currently the head of the media relations department of the Turkish

Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD), in Istanbul, Turkey. Prior to this she was

working in CNNTURK as a world news desk reporter. In this role, she prepared and edited

news files mainly related to foreign policy. Previous work also includes reporting for 32.

Gün, one of the prominent news programs in Turkey; and contributing to documentary

projects produced by BİR TV, the production company of 32. Gün. She provided research

and contributed to the making of “The Last Coup: February 28,” a documentary focused on

the political developments in Turkey before and after February 28, which is known as the

“post-modern coup-d’état” period in Turkey. She has also worked as an instructor for the

Corporate Communication Certificate program in İstanbul Bilgi University and she has

shared her experience in TÜSİAD in terms of helping students gain practical approaches to

media relations for non-governmental organizations. She is currently in the cultural studies

master’s program at Istanbul Bilgi University.

Strengthening Transatlantic Cooperation

Marshall Memorial Fellowship

Spring 2013

Domokos Szollár

Head of International Communications and Corporate Marketing

MOL Group

Budapest, Hungary

Domokos Szollár currently leads the directorate of corporate communications of CEE’s oil

and gas giant MOL. He has responsibility for all aspects of MOL media, corporate

marketing and online communications. He is also the company’s spokesperson. Prior to

this, he was the spokesperson of the crisis-management government led by Gordon Bajnai.

In this role, he led the government spokesperson’s office and managed 12 staff members.

Before joining the Hungarian government, Domokos was the head of communications for

Budapest Airport, where he worked under three successive owners (the Hungarian State,

the UK’s BAA and Germany’s HOCHTIEF AirPort) and saw through extensive internal and

external transition and restructuring programes. Domokos holds a master’s degrees in

history and sociology.

Emmanuela Truli

Member of the Board

Hellenic Competition Commission

Athens, Greece

Emmanuela N. Truli is an attorney-at-law,admitted to the Athens and New York Bar and

currently serves as a member of the board of the Hellenic Competition Commission. She

graduated from the Thrace University of Greece law school and then completed

postgraduate studies at Columbia University (LL.M) and the Ludwig Maximilian

University, Munich (Ph.D.). She has worked in law firms in Athens and Munich and has

served the Hellenic Competition Authority in various positions since 2005. In these roles,

she handled some highly complex antitrust cases with significant impact in various sectors

of the Greek economy, including natural gas, oil, and banking. Emmanuela speaks English,

German, French and Spanish.

Krasimira Velichkova


Bulgarian Donors' Forum

Sofia, Bulgaria

Strengthening Transatlantic Cooperation

Marshall Memorial Fellowship

Spring 2013

Krasimira Velichkova is currently the director of the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum, the only

association of foundations and corporate donors in Bulgaria. Prior to this, she was a

development officer for the Altera Cultural Association. Her previous professional

experience also includes grants manager of Workshop Initiatives Foundation. Krasimira

also worked on the implementation of the project “Minimum Standards in Bulgarian

Cultural Legislation Process” in the Soros Center for Cultural Policies. She has

considerable experience with organizational development strategies, fundraising for social

and cultural projects, and developing and implementing projects in the field of social and

cultural policies. Krasimira is a member of the steering committee of the DAFNE (Donors’

Associations and Foundations Networks in Europe). She holds a master’s degree in

Cultural Studies from Sofia University.

Nicholas Yatromanolakis

Corporate Communication & Marketing Director

Alpha TV

Paiania, Greece

Nicholas Yatromanolakis is currently the marketing and corporate communication

director of Alpha TV in Athens, Greece. In November 2012 he launched the e-shop,, which is the only site showcasing and selling exclusively Greek design

objects. In the past he has served as the business development director of Greece’s leading

PR firm, V+O Communication; PR, citizenship & government affairs manager of Microsoft

Hellas; communication officer of S&B Industrial Minerals; and deputy director of the

Kokkalis program on Southeastern & East-Central Europe at Harvard University. He is a

regular collaborator with the Greek Institute of Communication, where he teaches a course

on online reputation management. He has edited and contributed to several publications

regarding the Balkans, and media and communications. Nicholas holds a BA in Political

Science & International Studies from Panteion University, Athens, and a MA in Public

Policy from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

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