Article. Energy in fokus - from Kyoto to Copenhagen. - AgroTech

Article. Energy in fokus - from Kyoto to Copenhagen. - AgroTech

Jesper Mazanti Aaslyng

Head of Department, AgroTech

– Institute for Agri Technology

and Food Innovation

We need PlantPower

Energy is one of our most important resources, and it will continue to be so in the future.

We’ve been hearing this for a long time, so what’s different now?

The greenhouse sector, technology companies and knowledge institutions have been reducing energy

consumption for many years. Several projects are extremely promising. Now we are in a phase moving from

research to innovation. Development is still necessary, but we must also reap the rewards of our experience so

far, and results must be implemented.

We believe that the time is ripe to bring into use many of the technologies which have been developed

and which are still being developed. External factors such as high energy prices and government demands for

reduced energy consumption by the sector are also calling for this change process.

We must think innovatively and reduce energy consumption in every way conceivable. Changes in climate

regulation, LED lights, new sensors, new plant species, new curtains, and better climate screens are just some

of the possibilities. We have to adjust ideas from the closed greenhouse concept, and continue harvesting and

exploiting the surplus energy generated in greenhouses during the summer.

Under the PlantPower banner, the Danish company AgroTech – Institute for Agri Technology and Food

Innovation, has initiated several projects aiming at creating the sustainable, energy-producing greenhouse.

Many enterprises and knowledge institutions are involved, as only through concerted efforts can we meet this


It must be possible to build the greenhouse of the future with the same pride as CO2-neutral towns are

being built today throughout the world. Greenhouses should not be mere CO2-neutral production areas, they

must also have a positive CO2 account and they must be a high-quality product which is an integral part of a

biological cycle. This must be the long-term goal of the sector.

Several projects have already started to achieve this goal and ’Energy in focus, from Kyoto to Copenhagen

is providing some of the first results of these projects. Let us together harvest PlantPower for the future.

The projects are sponsored by the participating companies and institutions, Region South Denmark, the European

Regional Fund and the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation under the Ministry of Science.

4 Hjortebjerg greenhouse nursery

6 Towards a semiclosed greenhouse

8 Development of future greenhouse climate control

10 Optimisation of climate management with Climate Check and Plant Check

11 Environmental sensors for harsh environments

12 Energy savings in Danish greenhouse production

14 Ventilators save energy

16 Energy extraction from greenhouse companies with district heating

17 What can we use NIR curtains for?

18 Dynamic management of supplemental light

19 Artificial lighting and lighting control of the future

20 The sun as a potential source of energy

22 Purchase electricity when it is cheapest – automatically

23 Renewable energy and the storage issue

24 Dynamic climate control works – worldwide

28 Two organizations working for the same cause

30 Plants on wheels reduce the carbon footprint

33 Intelligent us of Energy in Greenhouses

Mini symposium / Workshop 6-7 October 2009 Odense

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