Article. Energy in fokus - from Kyoto to Copenhagen. - AgroTech

Article. Energy in fokus - from Kyoto to Copenhagen. - AgroTech

Ole Bærenholdt-Jensen, Advisor, Horticultural Advisory Service, Denmark.

Company / address: Dansk Landbrugsrådgivning, GartneriRådgivningen, Hvidkærvej 29, 5250 Odense SV.

How do we pass on new ideas like

Dynamic climate control and

new greenhouse ICT to the grower?

In Denmark, there has been energy

saving projects in the last many years

with results, that should be implemented

as much as possible at the grower. In The

Horticultural advisory service we have

been the partner in most of the project to

make the information and implementation

part. We have also been a part of the

development in the projects - the best possible

background for giving Information.

Information has been done with articles

in Growers Magazine, information days,

and by meetings in more than 100 nurseries

to give them results and presentations

adjusted to the specific nursery – their

cultures and energy saving possibilities.

Implementation: The results are an integrated

part of the advice we give at the

grower, and in climate control courses we

are giving. Therefore ideas from e.g. the

dynamic climate control project already

are adapted at many growers. The results

during the years has also been implemented

in the Danish greenhouse “energy

manual”, that most of the growers have

followed, because they have made an

“energy agreement”, with the government.

Example on information/ implementation

for the coming period is: AgroTech

and GartneriRådgivningen are releasing a

brand new www energy information platform

this autumn.


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