The exhibition Manor Life

The exhibition Manor Life

”De Jutische Lowboog”

In 1416 a section concerning sorcery was added to

the Jutlandish Law. The paragraph ordered that a

person charged with sorcery should defend him or

herself by tribunal. The Jutlandish Law applied to

Jutland and Funen till it was replaced by the Danish

Law in 1683. The Jutlandish Law remained valid in

the Duchy of Slesvig till the year of 1900. That is

why the specimen displayed, bound in

parchment, ”Das Jütische Lowbuch” from 1717 is in

the German language. On the cover the title is by

hand spelled ”De Jutische Lowboog”, however.

The book originates from the Estrup Manor.

Prayer for sorcery

In Denmark the last execution for sorcery took

place in 1693, but the fear of sorcerers and

sorceresses and the smear campaigns against

them did not cease then. The prayer book from

about 1725 displayed published by the vicar

Hans Jacob Hvalsoe thus includes a “prayer for

sorcery”. The book comes from the farm

Mosegaard (which means “Bog Farm”) south of

Estrup. The farm was built in the late 17 th

century by Eskild Hansen on a plot of land

parcelled out from Estrup. Eskild Hansen was

son of a Soenderskov tenant farmer.

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