The exhibition Manor Life

The exhibition Manor Life

What is “hardcorn”?

“Hardcorn” means corn

for bread grain, i.e. rye

and barley (contrary to

oats). Formerly a “barrel

of hardcorn” was a unit

for the value of farming

land (a combination of

the land area and


During the long period

when barter was

common a shared

monetary standard was

also required.

It was decided to

compare all goods to the

value of so-called

“hardcorn”. That was

measured in barrels not

to be mistaken with

“barrels of hardcorn”.

1 barrel of hardcorn = 8

imperial bushels = (32

fjerdingkar) = 96 albums.

Joergen Krag

Portrait of the squire of Endrupholm, Joergen Krag. He sold the

Holsted Mill to Thomas Juel, the building owner of Soenderskov in

1611. During the renaissance, the ruffs were so wide, that they

jokingly were named “millstones”.

Fragment of millstone

Found in the basement of

Soenderskov during the

restoration 1986-91.

Oven tool

Lumps of dough were

placed on the plate at the

end of the handle and

then placed in the

preheated, deep bread

oven. There the bread

was baken by rays of heat

from brick built walls and


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