The exhibition Manor Life

The exhibition Manor Life

Maren Boelle’s purchases

The Manors were self-sufficient with most foodstuffs, but they bought

a few articles to the house-hold in the nearest market towns. Maren

Boelle, lady of both Estrup and Soenderskov, had her own account

with the grocer Hans Friis’ shop in Ribe. His account book is

preserved, and that provide us with an insight into the purchases of a

noblewoman in the first half of the 17 th century.

Maren Boelle made 240 purchases during the 20 years she had an

account with Friis. 83% of these were related to clothing: Fabrics,

hooks, buttons, ribbons, strings, etc. Of the remaining purchases were

7% paper articles and 3% were assorted items (scions, roof tiles,

knives, iron bars, etc.)

7 % only were related to purchases of food items. Salt was most

important and indispensible for the household at the time, as salting

was one of the few methods to preserve meat and fish. Maren Boelle

bought mostly north Frisian beach salt, but she bought also a couple

of barrels of fine salt from Lüneburg in Germany. In addition Maren

Boelle bought hops for brewing of beer and also fish from Norway.

More luxuriously she bought wines from grocer Friis, both red and

white vines.

Maren Boelle paid partly by cash and partly by provisions as grain,

bullocks or sheep.

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