The exhibition Manor Life

The exhibition Manor Life

Margrethe Reetz (year of birth

unknown, died 1697)

Margrethe Reetz was recently widowed by the

death of Malte Sehested, squire of Rydhave

Manor, when she acquired Estrup Manor in

1662. The former owner, Eggert Abildgaard,

was ruined during the previous war with

Sweden. Most of the inhabitants died by the

plague and the estate was looted.

In her return to the treasury Margrethe wrote:

The servants, tenant farmers and their

children, who used to live here, are all dead

during the war with the Swedes.”

In the course of time the tenant farms were

reoccupied, however. Margrethe Reetz owned

Estrup jointly with her two sons Claus and

Frederik Sehested, later the former became

sole owner. In 1695 he sold Estrup Manor to

Christian Claudi, who became the first civil



The Epitaph of Margrethe Reetz

and Malte Sehested in Viborg


Margrethe Reetz.

Painted Portrait of

Epitaph in Viborg


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