The exhibition Manor Life

The exhibition Manor Life


The coachman Anton William Christensen

belonged to the servants of the Soenderskov

Manor about 1920.

Servant girls

Two servant girls with white aprons serve at a

party at Soenderskov about year 1900.

The Lady with large light collar, sitting on the right

of the stairs, is the Danish Sculptress Anne Marie

Nielsen, married to the Danish composer Carl


Social climbing

The servants of a Manor Farm were graded in a

strict hierarchy of subordinates and superiors

with the master and the mistress at the top.

During the 19 th Century the hierarchy was no

more rigid, however, that servants by marriage

could make the move quite to the top.

In 1862 the dairymaid Johanne Mueller married

the squire Jens Momsen. In one move she

thereby changed her position from servant to

mistress and housewife of Soenderskov.

Christine Elise Schmidt worked as housekeeper at

Estrup , which meant that she was the head of the

household but subject to the guidance of the

mistress. In spite of her superior position she was

subject to the Servants Law. When Christine

married the squire Otto Lautrup in 1902 she

moved upwards in the order of things.

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