The exhibition Manor Life

The exhibition Manor Life

The exhibition Manor Life

The exhibition of “Manor life”, in the process of being set up, presents a

number of selected subjects related to the life at the two local manors of

“Soenderskov” and “Estrup”. The exhibition covers the period from

approx. 1500 to approx. 1925.

The collection comprises objects, documents and pictures often gathered

by the descendants of the manor inhabitants. Also the exhibition

comprises archaeological items and building parts, most which were found

during the restoration of “Soenderskov” 1986-91. A large collection of

documents related to either manors are presented. They are either

gathered passively or as results of research.

Selected items exhibited are supplemented by reconstructed dresses and


The exhibition is being mounted in this room as well as in the five rooms

of this building facing south. The exhibits are not selected in accordance

with chronological criteria’s, and the rooms may by and large be viewed

independently. However, it is recommended that you begin in this room

and continue in the five rooms on this level facing south.

Each main subject is presented by a text panel headed by “the exhibition

logo” in the top left corner.

The logo is the photograph of the coach pulled by two horses and of the

coachman “Switzer”, who was employed at “Soenderskov” in the early

20 th century. Each main subject may have one or more supplementary text

panels, but these have smaller letters and are without “the exhibition


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