The exhibition Manor Life

The exhibition Manor Life

The Friends were the worst

The area suffered badly during The Swedish Wars of 1657-60. The squire of

Estrup wrote in a letter of complaint to the treasury: “The Pollarchs (Polish

auxiliary troops) have damaged my estate so badly, ... that it will never be

put right again”. The polish leader Stephan Czarniecki is pictured on the


On the left is shown a large silver treasure which was found under the barn

of one Estrup Manor’s tenant farms in Askov in 1852. The treasure is likely

plunder buried by a Polish - or Swedish - soldier, who never got the

opportunity to fetch the treasure.

Account book, Tenants’ dues

The squire of Estrup, Eggert Abildgaard, sent the Manor’s “Accounts book”

to the treasury after the unfortunate wars against Sweden 1657-60. Due to

the wars the estate was ravaged and many of the tenant farms were

deserted, but the “Accounts book” provides an insight of how much

produce the squire of Estrup might expect from his tenant farms in a normal

year at that time. As it becomes apparent from the “Accounts book” the

majority of the dues were paid in natural produce.

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