The exhibition Manor Life

The exhibition Manor Life

Social Order

The social order of the renaissance state was defended by maintaining

that it was instituted by a higher authority. The photograph above the

door shows a coloured drawing in the autograph album* of the Viborg

Bishop Frank Rosenbaum. Here God hands a sword to the noble squire

as a symbol of his role as a warrior, while the peasant receives a scythe

as a representative of the working classes. On the left of the peasant

the clergyman receives a book as he is in charge of the religious

upbringing. The king, the uppermost leader of society, is given a sceptre

and a crown.

Reproduced photo from the Royal Library.

* An album which the gentry and clergy brought with them on their

journeys of education. Friends and celebrities were invited to write and

draw in the album.

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