Superfine Transparent Roller Shutters Chung Tai Roller Shutters Co ...

Superfine Transparent Roller Shutters Chung Tai Roller Shutters Co ...


Transparent Roller Shutters

Chung Tai Roller Shutters Co. Ltd.

Design Objectives


Chung Tai Superfine transparent roller

shutters are made with the finest

polycarbonate and aluminium. Our design

goal for the Superfine line is simple:

“To create a roller shutter that

is beautiful, durable and


After years of development, Superfine

transparent roller shutters are now available,

to be tailor made to your specifications. Three Reasons to Choose Superfine

Why should you choose Chung Tai Superfine

over other transparent shutters? Because:

Your business shouldn’t stop during the

closing hours.

The highly transparent nature of our

Superfine shutters means your customers

can window-shop when you are close.

You shouldn’t have to replace your shutters


Superfine shutters are made with LEXAN®

XL10 polycarbonate that are strong and slow

to yellow.

It is your shutter, why compromise?

The Superfine line is highly versatile, with a

wide range of accessories to suit your


HK Standard Patent number: HK1038253 / PRC Patent number: 99122091.9



Lexan® XL10 polycarbonate & Aluminium


Motor-driven by yuki motors or manual



Natural aluminium as standard, optional

powder coating/PVDF upon request

Guide Rails

Stainless steel or aluminium

Bottom Bar

Anodised aluminium, optional acoustica

seal available


• Highly Transparent

- LEXAN® XL10 polycarbonate

is so clear that people often

mistake it for glass

• UV-resistant

- 20% better than glass

• Non-intrusive

- Aluminium’s neutral colour

makes our Superfine shutters

natural inhabitants in a diverse

range of locations


• Typhoon resistant

- with optional typhoon post

• Scratch Resistant

- 20 times more scratch resistant

than Plexiglass and acrylic

• High Impact Strength

- 25 times tougher than acrylic

- 100 times tougher than

tempered glass

Force (N)





HK Standard Patent number: HK1038253 / PRC Patent number: 99122091.9

Wind-load (kPa)

Durability & Strength






0 10 20 30 40

Displacement (mm)

1 2 3 4 5

Shutter width (m)


• Indoor and Outdoor Use

- LEXAN polycarbonate and

industrial grade aluminium are

strong enough for outdoor use

• Manual / Motor


- Lightweight aluminium can be

used to ensure effortless manual


- Remote controllable motors

also available

• Optional Accessories

- Wicket Door, Typhoon Post and

Airflow Bottom Bar available

upon request

Data source: HK Polytechnic University, July 2000

Overview & Specifications


Models, Operations & Accessories


• Prestigiously Stylish

• Progressive slat pitch

Choose from


minimises shutter hood size

* Most Transparent

* Great Transparency

• Progressive slat pitch

O p e r a t i o n s

Motor Operated

Manually operated

minimises shutter hood size

* Excellent value-quality ratio

Remote ! Controllable


Typical Drawings

Key Switch

Shutter hood

* Most Versatile

* Maximum Impact Resisting


A c c e s s o r i e s

TPS8 x x x x x x x x x x x

TPS5 x x x x x x x x x x x

TPS1 x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Portable Wicket Door

Bottom Bar Safety Device

Electrical Isolating Switch

Portable Centre Guide Rail

Floor Lock Device

Portable Typhoon Bar

Airflow Bottom Bar

HK Standard Patent number: HK1038253 / PRC Patent number: 99122091.9

A Brief History of Chung Tai

Recognising a gap in the market for safe

and reliable roller shutters, Chung Tai was

established in 1979. For over 25 years,

Chung Tai has continued to be an

outstanding designer and manufacturer in

the Shutters and Doors industry.

Innovation has always been a key factor to

Chung Tai’s success. In 1995, we became

one of the first Hong Kong vendors to

have had a fire-rated roller shutter

successfully tested in accordance with BS

476: Part 22. Our in-house research team

did not stop there and other unique and

groundbreaking transparent roller shutters,

grille shutters, fire-rated roller shutters,

doors and louvers have since been

developed and are well received by our


Chung Tai’s committment to Hong Kong

means that we still produce products that

are “100% Made in Hong Kong”. Our ISO

9001-certified factory and workshop in

Tuen Mun produce over HK$ 20 millions’

worth of goods and services annually for

local and global businesses.

Job Reference

Other Great Chung Tai Products


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Chung Tai products are widely used in Hong Kong and beyond, including the following locations:

Hong Kong Disneyland KCRC East Rail Stations FORTRESS World

HK International Airport Lane Crawford KMB Bus Depot

Metrotown Metro Sham Shui Watson’s Pharmacies

Wing On Department Stores Cathy Pacific AXA Insurance

Hong Kong Movie City Ma On Shan Plaza Cheung Kong Centre

Asia Satellite Earth Station TVB Studios HK Polytechnic University

HK Chinese University HK City University Singapore Airport

For more information, visit:


Roller Shutters


Roller Shutters

Doors & Louvers

Our sales manager, Raymond Koo, and his team will be happy to assist you in finding the most

suitable products and services. Visit our Showroom in Mongkok (Prince Edward MTR ) for a

demonstration of our products. Call +852 2465 9122 now to make an appointment.


Made in

Hong Kong

About Chung Tai Roller Shutters


Chung Tai Roller Shutters Co. Ltd.

Head Office: Unit 15, 2/F.

Kin Fat Industrial Centre

Kin Fat Street, Tuen Mun

Hong Kong SAR, China

Tel: +852 2465 9323

Fax: +852 2456 1364

Sales Office: 8/F.

Golden Name Commercial Building

400 Portland Street, Mongkok

Hong Kong SAR, China

Tel: +852 2465 9122

Fax: +852 2465 9199

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