Annual Report 01.01.2010-31.12.2010 - ngayen school fund

Annual Report 01.01.2010-31.12.2010 - ngayen school fund

Annual Report 01.01.2010-31.12.2010

Ngayen School Fund is a small family-based fund which was started by Ditte Marie Leigh

in collaboration with Project Co-ordinator in The Gambia Mr. Salifu Bah on the 12th of

January, 2009. Subsequently, the parents of Ditte Marie Leigh, Jane and Erik Ohlsen,

respectively retired Social Worker at Sundeved Municipality in the outskirts of Sønderborg

and Journalist at DR South of Aabenraa joined the project. Jane M. Ohlsen serves as

treasurer of Ngayen School Fund.

Mr. Salifu Bah is a former pupil at Ngayen Sanjal Lower Basic School, and it is through

him that Ditte Marie Leigh made contact with the school when they started their


In November 2009 Jane and Erik Ohlsen visited the school for the first time and could see

for themselves the massive needs the school has. At that time 14 children at the school

were sponsored through Ngayen School Fund.

We have just returned from another visit to the school in November 2010. At this time we

have reached the number of 47 sponsored children. Since our return to Denmark this

figure has risen to 53 sponsored children in almost a month.

Ngayen Sanjal Schools are fairly large. It is divided into three sections, respectively

• Ngayen Sanjal Lower Basic School for Grade 1 through Grade 6,

• Ngayen Sanjal Upper Basic School for Grade 7 through Grade 9,

• Ngayen Sanjal Senior Secondary School for Grade 9 through Grade 12, which is

High School-level.

From this school year Ngayen Sanjal Lower Basic School has been expanded with a

Nursery Class annex, which correspond to Pre-School.

The cost for sponsoring a student at either of these three branches are respectively

• 400 DKK,

• 500 DKK, and

• 700 DKK

...per year per student. For each of these amounts the students receive one year of

schooling, two pairs of school-uniforms, books and teaching materials, shoes and a school

bag. Students in Lower Basic School also receives a hot meal at every school day. Pupils

in Upper Basic School will each receive a setbox of mathematical equipment, and students

in Senior Secondary School will also pay book fees for each academic year.

Each of these sponsorship amounts are purposely set slightly higher than what it actually

costs for each student to attend the school for one school year. This, too, enables us to

also help the school financially in various education-related projects, like if some of the

sponsored students should lose their sponsors, and thereby continue to get paid for their

education until they have a new sponsor. Something at which all the sponsors have been

made aware of from the beginning.


Annual Report 01.01.2010-31.12.2010

In 2009 we could use such a surplus for the school to set up a temporary fence around the

school garden at Ngayen Sanjal Lower Basic School in order to keep stray animals out of

the area. The crops grown here are used at the school kitchen, and students also have

each a small garden bed with a tree and other plants which they are bound to water every

morning and afternoon.

In 2010 we used the surplus along with the incomes of organizing an Open Garden-event,

mini-flea market, and general cash donations from sponsors to collect 13,500 DKK all

together. This amount was used to buy and install a Solar System at Ngayen Sanjal Lower

Basic School which uses solar energy to produce electricity for two rooms at the school. In

addition, there were also money for two computers and a multi-printer for administration

purposes. This has been a trememdous help towards the daily administrative tasks at the

school. In addition, the teachers can now take turns to stay overnight at the school and

give homework-lessons to the students who might need it. This is especially helpful for the

students, since a large part of the parental generation is illiterate.

In November 2010 we could furthermore hand over a fund donation of 18,000 DKK from

Danish-based Lauritzen Foundation for the completion of the school library building. This

work was initiated by the school a few years ago but had to stop because the funds ran

out. The skill workers have already started the process, and the library is expected to be

completed by the beginning of school year 2011/2012.

Our annually expected profit is calculated to be between €18000-24000 depending on the

number of sponsors, which to our great joy is steadily increasing.

As for our surplus for 2011 we expect to go towards the construction of a combined Staff

Room and Head Master's office at Ngayen Sanjal Lower Basic School. They have not

currently acquired such a facility at the school. As an example, when staff-meetings are to

be conducted they would have to take over a class-room and the students would there-by

have to move out under one of their mango-trees in the school-yard which is untenable for

their learning-outcomes.Likewise, the teachers have free periods during the school-day,

and don´t have any place to relax, preparing for their next classes, correcting the student´s

work, and in general a place were they can have professional discussions with their


All three of us work free for Ngayen School Fund, and from our own personal money we

pay most of the cost for office supplies, etc. Similarly, the annual trips to The Gambia and

the transportation to the school (which is about 170 km from the capital Banjul) is on our

own expense.

We do use a fixed 800 DKK per year of the sponsorship contributions to pay for our web

site, as well as 500 DKK is indispensable to our Project Co-ordinator Mr. Salifu Bah in The

Gambia, who also work for free for Ngayen School Fund, but have several costs

associated with his transportation to school.

Sincerely yours,

Jane & Erik Ohlsen Ditte Marie Leigh


Incoming contributions:

Annual Report 01.01.2010-31.12.2010

Transferred from 2009 697 DKK

37 sponsored children of 400 DKK 14,800 DKK

10 sponsored children of 500 DKK 5,000 DKK

Donation from Danish-based Lauritzen Fonden 18,000 DKK

Open Garden-event + Mini-fleamarket 6,975 DKK

Monetary donations 891 DKK

Interest 1 DKK

Monetary donations for sponsored children 4,500 DKK

Pre-payed for 2011/2012 400 DKK

TOTAL: 51,264 DKK

Outgoing towards the project:

School-fees for 37 students 5,365 DKK

School-fees for 10 students 3,000 DKK

Completion of school-library 18,000 DKK

Solar-system and two computers 14,000 DKK

Multi-printer 900 DKK

Monetary donations for sponsored children 4,500 DKK

Medical treatment + Transport for 1 child 600 DKK

Bank transfers, etc. 1,090 DKK

Office expenses 576 DKK

Web site at 800 DKK

Salary for Mr. Salifu Bah 500 DKK

Refusion of cash payment in The Gambia 1,500 DKK

TOTAL: 50,831 DKK


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