Auto Parts - System Maintenance

Auto Parts - System Maintenance

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TAIPEI AMPA Taipei Int’l Auto Parts & Accessories show


Taipei Int'l Automobile Electronics Show

Green Energy and Intelligence: A Key Direction in Future

Development for Taiwan's Auto Parts Industry

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Taiwan’s relatively small domestic market means that its auto parts Unit: NT$ 100 million

Output of Export

industry has long focused on expansion into overseas markets.

Import value


auto parts value


Dominated by small and medium enterprises, Taiwan’s economy has 1,600

Asia’s leading sourcing fair for auto



1,275 2,000

P.3 Industry Overview

generated a production mode which emphasizes flexible



parts and automobile electronics, the

manufacturing and offers the advantages of a strong ability to make 1,000



improvements as well as the highest quality and stable delivery. The


2011 Taipei AMPA and AutoTronics,




P.4 Exhibition Information


industry has also accumulated a solid base of experience in regard to 400


will take place at TWTC Nangang



production processes and R&D management, and many auto parts


1,175 1,527

Exhibition Hall from April 12 to



P.6 Hall Plan

and products from Taiwan have been incorporated into the

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2009Q3 2010Q3

15. On behalf of the fair organizer, the Taiwan

international supply chain system. Taiwan is also one of the top ten

Figure : Production value and import/export market statistics of Taiwan's auto parts

External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), I

auto parts supplying countries for the United States, which currently

during the past 5 years

P.8 Green Power (Hybrid/ New

sincerely welcome buyers and manufacturers

boasts the world's largest car ownership; Taiwan’s annual US-targeted Source : Industrial Production Statistics Monthly / TTVMA / Customs Export and Import /

Industrial Research Section, MIRDC (12/2010)

export scale now stands at NT$50 billion. Exports of the top three


Energy Vehicle Parts

& Components)

P.10 AutoTronics

P.12 Auto Parts

P.15 Auto Accessories & Customized

Performance Auto Parts

P.17 Repair Service Equipment

P.19 Foreign Exhibitors

P.20 Transportation Map

02 Show Preview

around the world to participate.

With the number of exhibitors signed up reaching

1,100, adding up to 2,800 booths in the

Exhibition Hall, this annual mega event offers a

totally professional platform and a full selection of

products that will maximize your buying efficiency.

As usual, the fair features green power on-line

product showcase, new product launches, 2011

Taipei international automotive electronics forum,

automotive market trend seminars, and one-on-one

procurement meetings. We are projecting that the

number of visitors will reach 55,500, compared to

54,350 in 2010 and 53,832 the year before.

Meanwhile, we are also presenting Motorcycle

Taiwan and EV Taiwan 2011 from April 14 to 17,

with an extensive choice of bikes and parts. This

vertically integrated line-up is definitely an event

insiders of the industry and business won’t want to


Once again, with so much to see and do, it’s an

honor to welcome you to the 2011 Taipei AMPA and


Best regards,

Chao Yuen-chuan

President & CEO, TAITRA

(Taiwan External Trade Development Council)

categories of auto parts - lamps, body & stamping parts, and wheels,

all of which are mainly supplied for the aftermarket (AM) - has also

reached tens of billions of NT dollars. In fact, Taiwanese businessmen

have established an image for high quality and affordable prices in the

export market, and the export scale of hundreds of billions of NT

dollars every year is proof positive of the considerable export strength

of Taiwan’s auto parts industry.

Recovery of the global economy and a rebound in domestic

demand are driving significant growth in the auto parts industry

The rebounding economy and recovery of the consumer market in

2010 contributed significantly to the growth of the domestic auto sales

market. As shown by statistics provided by the Taiwan Transportation

Vehicle Manufacturers Association (TTVMA), sales of new cars in

Taiwan reached 267,000 by the end of November, up by nearly 30%

compared with the same period last year. In addition to the recovery

of the domestic market, one after another, many domestic automakers

have recently announced their intention to raise the price of new cars

in 2011, confident that new car sales will continue to grow past the

end of 2010. The recovery of the domestic vehicle market has also

driven the growth of the auto parts industry, where output in the first

three quarters of 2010 increased by 26% over the same period of


The output value of the domestic auto parts industry has been

closely tied to the ups and downs of the auto industry in the past, but

more recently, with the benefit of export expansion, the production

value of auto parts has surpassed that of finished cars, and the

market has enjoyed stable growth. In 2010, with the continuing

recovery of the global economy, production and sales of new cars in

the domestic market both showed significant increases, and demand

in the auto parts market also began to rise. In the first three quarters,

auto parts exports reached NT$127.5 billion, representing an increase

of 26% over the same period last year. Benefiting from recovery in

their domestic economies, major export markets including the United

States, Japan and China have witnessed an increase in sales of more

than 20%. Among them, the United States remained the largest export

market, accounting for about 35% of the total.

As for imports, demand for key auto parts has also increased with

the growth of domestic automobile production and sales. In the first

three quarters of 2010, the import value amounted to NT$61.9 billion,

representing a significant increase of 54% over the same period in

2009. Japan remained the main source of imports, accounting for

more than 50% of the total.

Prospects for Taiwan's auto parts industry

1. The trend toward green energy and intelligence is driving

market demand for automotive electronics

With consumers’ increasing demand for automotive safety, comfort

and environmental protection, together with advances in

semiconductor technology, the use of automotive electronics has

increased significantly during the past few years. IC Insight has

estimated that by 2010 automotive electronics would account for

more than 40% of the output value of cars and that the scale of the

global market would reach US$400 billion by 2015. In the future, for

vehicles like electric cars that need to be equipped with multiple

electronic-controlled products, the proportion of automotive

electronics is expected to reach over 70%, bringing huge and stable

market opportunities for industry in Taiwan, which has always

boasted a favorable information communications environment.

2. ECFA benefits will help accelerate the establishment of a crossstrait

supply chain system

In recent years, China has become a major market for the global

auto industry. Taiwan offers geographic, language, cultural and

other advantages that make Taiwanese Companies ideal partners

for European, American and Japanese carmakers in their efforts to

build business and their enterprises in China. According to the

ECFA agreement just signed in June 2010, China will open 33

products (not including finished cars) one way for Taiwan's auto

parts industry, and tariffs will also be reduced to 0 from the current

10% in three years, which will lead to annual savings of NT$220

million in tariffs and accelerate exchanges between cross-strait


3. Active establishment of a supply system of key parts for EVs

The increasing popularity of electric vehicles is a timely opportunity

for the auto industry in Taiwan to transform itself. HAITEC, a

subsidiary of domestic carmaker Yulong, is researching, developing

and producing electric vehicles under the Luxgen brand. Moreover,

manufacturers of batteries, motors and other key parts required for

electric vehicles have been actively engaged in laying out the

market both domestically and internationally. In particular,

cooperation with the US’ Tesla Motors has promoted Taiwan’s

domestic auto parts manufacturers in overseas markets and

enhanced Taiwan's competitiveness in electric vehicle parts.

Industry Research Group,

Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium (TARC)

Show Preview 03

Exhibition Information

TAIPEI AMPA Taipei Int’l Auto Parts & Accessories show



- Exhaust, Cooling, and Air-Conditioning Systems

- Steering,

Transmission, Suspension, Power Train, and

Brake Systems

- Chassis Parts and Body Parts

- Gauges

and Instruments

- Molds, Fasteners, and Metal Forming/Processing

● Wheels,

Tires, and Related Accessories

● Tool Kits

and Equipment for Vehicle Repairs

● Manufacturing

Equipment for Auto Parts and


● Hybrid/New Energy Vehicle Parts and Components

TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall

(No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei

City 11568, Taiwan)


Dates &


Auto Parts and Accessories

- Lamps and Applications of LEDs

- Engine Parts and Engine Fittings


• Opening Ceremony (April,12 10:00 a.m.)

• 2011 Taipei International Automotive Electronics Forum

• Welcome Evening Reception (April,12 06:30 p.m.)

• 1-on-1 Procurement Meetings

Contact :

TAITRA Exhibition Department

Tel : +886-2-2725-5200

Fax : +886-2-2723-4374

Email : |

April 12 to 14 9:00AM ~ 6:00PM

April 15 9:00AM ~ 3:00PM


● Vehicle-Mounted Computers

● GPS Products

● Telematics / Drive Information Systems

● Production Equipment for Automobile Electronics

● Testing Equipment & Services

Automobile Electronic Products

Automobile Semiconductors

Automobile Electronic Components & Parts

● Engine Management & Power Train Systems

Automobile Body Electrical Systems

● Safety & Security Solutions

• Innovation Awards

• New Products Launches

• Green Power On-line Product Showcase

Automotive Market Trend Seminars

Show Managers:

Ms. Sinny Chang ext.2626

Ms. Norah Weng ext.2624

Press Coordinator:

Ms. Meiling Huang ext.2653

(April,12 02:00 p.m.~05:00 p.m.)

(April,13 10:00 a.m.~05:00 p.m.)

International Visitors by Top 10 countries in 2010

Rank Country Buyer Numbers Percentage

1 Japan 1,094 20.44%

2 Malaysia 470 8.77%

3 United States 448 8.37%

4 Mainland China 291 5.43%

5 Korea 234 4.38%

6. Singapore 227 4.25%

7 Thailand 198 3.71%

8 Hong Kong 179 3.35%

9 Australia 167 3.13%

10 Indonesia 136 2.55%

*In conjunction with AutoTronics Taipei

Gross Exhibition Space: 52,000 ㎡

Number of Exhibitors / Booths and Visitors:

Other Information


Taipei Int'l Automobile Electronics Show

04 Show Preview Show Preview 05


Taxi Stand



2010 2009

Exhibitors 1,100 1,050 993

Booths 2,800 2,730 2,542










*In conjunction with AutoTronics Taipei

Visitor Services

● FREE Interpreter Service

The Organizer of Taipei AMPA and AutoTronics Taipei,

TAITRA, is offering on-site interpreter service. The

service is offered during the show dates at the

Information Counter.


(Subject to change without notice.)

Nangang Hall ↔ TWTC Hall 1



Nangang Hall → Hotels

(non-return bus)

*Please refers to the detailed schedules at the bus stops.

MRT Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station ↔

MRT Nangang Station (shuttle)

Drop-off Point: Area J Entrance

Pick-up Point: B1

*Passengers cannot board taxis at any entrances on

1st floor during the show.

Free Shuttle Bus

2011 Exhibitor Profile

● Search & Match

The “Search & Match” Service is a customized searching

system which can save your time in finding a target

exhibitor or product. The service is offered during the

show dates at the Information Counter.

Nangang Exhibition Hall (Main Entrance – Jingmao 2nd Rd.)

TWTC Hall 1 (No.1-6 Rd., outside Area A)

Nangang Exhibition Hall → Hotels (4 Routes)

MRT Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station (Exit 4)↔

MRT Nangang Station(Exit 2)

Parking Lots

Zoning No. of Exhibitors No. of Booths

Auto Parts Area 415 1279

Auto Accessories &

Customized Performance

Auto Parts Area

B1, TWTC Nangang Hall (NTD200 per day)

P2 & P3 Outdoor Parking Lots, North side of

TWTC Nangang Hall (Charged by hours)

P5 Outdoor Parking Lot, facing Jingmao 2nd Rd.

(Charged by hours)

Average temperature in April in Taiwan is 21.7 ℃

255 759

AutoTronics 105 250

Repair Service Equipment


Tires, Ring and Related

Accessories Area

Hybrid/New Energy Vehicle

Parts and Components

Foreign Products Area &

China Pavilion

83 197

25 69

22 31

161 181

Media Area&Association Area 9 9

Taiwan SME Pavilion 25 25

Total 1100 2800

Exhibition Information

TAIPEI AMPA Taipei Int’l Auto Parts & Accessories show

TWTC Nangang Exhibtion Hall

Ground Level Exhibition Hall Plan (1F)



Taipei Int'l Automobile Electronics Show

06 Show Preview Show Preview 07

TWTC Nangang Exhibtion Hall

Upper Level Exhibition Hall Plan (4F)

Key Exhibitors:

AutoTronics Taipei 2011


-China Pavilion

-Malaysia -Malaysia Pavilion

-Philippines Pavilion

-South Korea Pavilion

-Thailand Pavilion

TAIPEI AMPA Taipei Int’l Auto Parts & Accessories show

Green Power

YT Stable Tech. Corp.

—YT Stable offers new VBS system for various

kinds of vehicles

YT Stable, Technology holds several outstanding

awards for its power brake systems and

components, including the Industry and Academia

Award in the 2008 National Technical School

Achievements Show; the Innovative Product Award

in the Taipei International Auto Parts & Accessories

Show; and a Silver Prize for Invention at the Taipei

International Invention Show & Techno Mart. In addition,

YT Stable’s products undergo regular testing by the

Automotive Research Testing Center (ARTC) and the company holds

patents from Taiwan as well as from China.

In 2011 Taipei AMPA, YT Stable will showcase their VBS vacuum

pump kit for power brake systems, featuring the VBSO1 for general

vehicles and models VBS-EV-12, VBS-EV-24 and VBS-EV-72 for

electronic vehicles.

These new systems are suitable for gasoline, diesel, EV and hybrid

vehicles, with easy installation and quiet operation. The power brake

system acts efficiently to increase the vacuum level of the brake

vacuum booster, ensuring greater stability for brake pedal function at

K.S. Terminal Inc.

K.S. Terminals (KST) was founded in 1973, a

period during which Taiwan underwent the

worst economic inflation in its history. Since

then, however, KST has made huge strides

from its humble beginnings to emerge as a

leader in today’s electrical terminal field.

The principles by which KST conducts its

business are summed up in its philosophy,

‘Honesty, Unity, Quality, Research, and Striving”.

The company places a great deal of emphasis on

“strict quality control” and takes every measure to keep

production under tight control. In addition, KST is equipped with the

latest technology in its laboratories, a resource that allows the

company to specialize in top-of-the-line products.

KST has acquired accreditation for ISO 9001 and 14001 and ISO

TS16949. A number of KST products have also been certified

under UL, C-UL, CSA and DNV, as well as other


A wide variety of products have been developed to

form the company’s extensive product line, including

automotive terminals and connectors for cell

phones; lighting system accessories, precision

ceramic processing, precision processing of

titanium thin-shell products for 3C; precision

components for the 3C, semiconductor and

optical fiber industries; automotive and house

appliance strip terminals and connectors; and 3C

IT/IA/IO fine-pitch precision connectors. With

endless efforts in product innovation and the goals

of lightweight and longer duration, the company keeps

(Hybrid/ New Energy Vehicle Parts & Components)


No. K0116


No. K0219

all times. Installation does not

affect the original design of

the vehicles.

The VBS system improves

braking performance on

turbocharged or multiple

brake cylinder trucks and

can automatically detect any

malfunction in the booster and warn the

driver of the situation. The pump vacuum kit for

EVs function as the source for the brake

vacuum booster to provide a more secure

braking system, make more horsepower

available and reduce fuel consumption.

The VBS effectively boosts engine

manifold vacuum to further

enhance fuel efficiency. In

addition, the VBS can also

maintain proper operation of the

brake system even when the engine


—Tight Quality Control and Innovation - the Keys

to K.S. Terminals’ Unabated Growth

itself on the way to green energy

and environmental protection.

The company maintains a tool shop of

its own, featuring various kinds of precision

machine tools from Germany, Switzerland,

Japan and the US. The tool list includes CNC wire cutting

machines, a CNC machine center, a CNC high-speed jig boring

machine, a CNC EDM machine, a CNC optical profile and other

precision systems. Numerous three-dimensional measuring

instruments have also been designed to enhance the firm’s selfcontrol

capability in tool production.

Furthermore, the company has implemented the auto-stocking

system and the process distributing system to increase production

efficiency. Simultaneous operation of the two systems allows the

production, packaging, and shipping of goods to be integrated in a

system known as ERP.

To facilitate the development of technologically

advanced products, the company’s R&D team

has invested in precision ceramics,

semiconductors, green energy related

systems, optical communication equipment

and connectors as well as other related


To further expand the scope of its

technological abilities, KST has taken upon

itself the mission of developing 3C titanium

thin-wall products, including fine-pitch

precision connectors and strip terminals and

connectors for automotive and white goods


Sanfros Development Tools Co., Ltd.

Sanfros, as a well-known

manufacturer and supplier of

trailer shock absorbers

dedicated to meeting a variety of

industry standards in

development of special repair

tools for all kinds of popular

makes and models, has already

secured more than 30 patents for

originality and innovation.

The company also manufactures

and sells a variety of automobile repair

tools, such as a dual-jaw reversible oil-filter and master

tie-rod wrenches to camshaft alignment tool kits, impact

ball-joint puller, slide-hammer puller set for drive shaft

and an air release valve for the brake slave cylinder.

The R&D sector and quality improvement have been

the top priority for the young company for a long period

of time, and it has achieved brisk sales under the SFJ

brand. The company’s solid reputation for its capacity to

My Hand Industrial Co., Ltd.

My Hand Industrial Co., Ltd., is a specialized power

tool manufacturer which has been supplying

ergonomically-designed tools to the world market at

competitive prices from its manufacturing location in

Nantou County’s Nankang Industrial Park since 1985.

Over the past few years MHI products including

drivers, screw guns, screwdrivers and grinders, have all

been instant hits with its cosmopolitan clientele in

Japan, Europe, America, South America and Southeast


To maintain its premium position as a supplier to the

global power tool industry, My Hand is introducing three

new products this year in AMPA’s “Green Power”

section: the C1400IR Cordless Rivet Gun, AR-9 Electric

Rivet Gun and L10801PDS High Precision Torque

Control Screwdriver. The rivet guns and torque control

screwdriver are designed to provide the greatest

comfort, convenience, efficiency and reliability as well

as easy maintenance.

Always dedicated to the concept that the customer’s


Taipei Int'l Automobile Electronics Show

—Sanfros’ shock absorbers and repair tools continue

to advance into foreign markets

offer top-quality products

with outstanding

on-time delivery and

i n e f f e c t i v e l y

meeting changing

demands makes

it confident of

future market

expansion in the

regions of South

East Asia and


This year Sanfros

continues to dazzle the

world on the exhibition

floor of the AMPA with its

quality shock absorbers and repair tools.

More detailed information on Sanfros products can be

found at

—Ergonomically designed tools made in

Taiwan find its niche in the world

success comes first, My Hand has made

its own way in earning the trust and

confidence of its global buyers. Not

only does the company invest

substantially in its R&D operations,

MHI also focuses its efforts on

innovation, the wellspring of the

company’s growth.

World-class quality and reliability are built into

all the company’s products, with product

development, reliability, testing, data and root analysis

and quality engineering methodologies all forming

intrinsic parts of its corporate culture. MHI’s quality

professionals work hand-in-hand with customers and

the in-house engineering team to constantly upgrade

product quality and consistency.

All the company’s products comply with

international standards: - CE, GS, CSA, CUL, PSE,

SAA and ISO9001:2000.

For more information about My Hand Industrial


08 Show Preview Show Preview 09


No. N0525


No. N0102

TAIPEI AMPA Taipei Int’l Auto Parts & Accessories show


E-LEAD Electronic Co., Ltd.

When it comes to

VHS, camcorder and

cellular phone

accessories, car


systems, and even

Netbooks, there are few names better known

than E-Lead. Since 1983 the company has expanded its business

territory tremendously both in terms of products and in its network of

branch offices.

At this year’s AMPA & AutoTronics which brings together stars in the

fields of multimedia and communications products, navigation and

even Bluetooth communication systems for autos, E-Lead continues

to show its status as a leader in the car electronics industry by

introducing its newest infotainment system -- the EL-828-CAM1.

What particularly differentiates EL-828-CAM1 from previous models

is its new E-Where technology, an upgraded GPS navigation system

which enables the user to pre-arrange an itinerary on the computer

before starting out. With one button to access GPS navigation and

one button to make a phone connection, the feature is especially user

friendly for those who are not accustomed to operating GPS.

The EL-828-CAM1 also integrates AM/FM stereo radio, GPS

navigation, DVD/VCD/CD, iPod and built-in Bluetooth from last year’s

EL-811. The built-in Bluetooth includes phonebook download, A2DP,

dial pad, SMS, file manager and call history. A built-in 3D gyroscope

provides precise direction in any conditions. The iPod feature follows


14-bit, dual channel

camera with 1:100,000

wide dynamic range provides real-time

images and is easily integrated into camera-based

vehicle safety systems. The camera features 3 Dimensional Digital

Noise Reduction (3D DNR) to provide super low noise, high-sensitivity

images that retain true colors even in low light conditions. The camera

also compensates for strong backlight to avoid image overexposure.

Mintron’s vehicle warning systems incorporate a Front Collision

Warning System (FCWS), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

and Parking Assist System (PGS), into one rearview mirror. All

software starts up automatically and properly warns the driver of

potential traffic dangers.

Mintron’s high-quality 3.5G multi-media portable DVR features


No. L0218

—E-Lead brings you the newest technology

in infotainment systems

the regular iPod classification format so that users have full control of

music selection on an 8” high-resolution digital touch screen.

E-Lead, having cooperated with major international brands such as

Volkswagen, Ford and Toyota, is currently working on an array of new

projects with China as well as partners in Southeast Asia and the

Middle East. The company also plans to pursue closer relationships

with potential clients in the U.S. and Europe.

For more information, please visit E-Lead’s website at: http://www.

Mintron Enterprise Co., Ltd.

—New Wide Dynamic Vehicle

Camera from Mintron


No. L0518

H.264/MEPG4 with Linux, non-gap file playback, simultaneous

real-time recording and playback as well as live view. The DVR is

also capable of 3G wireless communication and GPRS, Exclusive

player software provides Google-map route tracking and HD 720P

video streaming. The unitj’s small size of 116mm (L) X 95mm (W) X

26mm (H) allows installation in limited space in vehicles.

Image-based vehicle safety is well known in Europe, North America

and Asia, and Mintron is

looking for customers in

other areas and

developing countries. The

company will continue to

showcase their newly

developed vehicle

cameras and safety

systems with more

added-value functions,

offering products that

satisfy users’ demand for

high-quality images.

Mobiletron Electronic Co, Ltd.

With 30 years of manufacturing experience, Mobiletron Electronics

Co., Ltd., produces various auto components including pressure

regulators, rectifiers, electronic ignition systems, generator motors

and ignition distributors, as well as more than 2000 other types of

auto parts.

As a proud holder of ISO certification and the National Award of

Small and Medium Enterprises, the company continually develops

and improves its products to meet customers’ needs. For the past 6

months, Mobiletron has offered high-performance pressure regulators

produced with the company’s efficient manufacturing skills and tools.

Mobiletron regulators are characterized by space-saving compact

chips (3.19mmx5.25mm) and systems operated by integrated circuits

and power drive devices. They are known for their excellent heat

Known for its expertise in research and development, production,

quality control, and after-sales service of automotive equipment,

Whetron, a Taoyuan-based auto parts manufacturer, is certified for a

number of international quality standards including Q1 from Ford, QS

9000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TS16949 and CMMI LEVEL3.

Over the past few years Whetron has dedicated most of its efforts

to the development of vehicle-mounted cameras and sensors, forging

a place for itself as a primary supplier for auto manufacturers across

several regions. In the upcoming 2011 Taipei AMPA & AutoTronics, the

company is showcasing the results of its work in product

development, featuring the Around View Monitoring System, Blind

Spot Detection System, Lane Departure Warning System and Digital

Video Recorder as well as products for driving, parking assistance

and vehicle security, all designed to provide customers better

products and services.

—Mobiletron produces high-performance

pressure regulators

Whetron Electronics Co., Ltd.


Taipei Int'l Automobile Electronics Show

dissipation and offer reliable protection against overheating, ESD and

short circuits.

With its headquarters located in Daya, Taichung County, Mobiletron

sells its products through direct marketing. The company sells to

clients in the US, England, Canada, Brazil and China as well as 100

other countries around the globe.

—All-around leader in view monitoring systems

The “Around View Monitoring

System” is designed for use in

automobiles, with four sensors

at the front, two sides and

rear of the vehicle which

detect objects up to a

distance of 2 meters. The

system automatically shuts

off when the vehicle

reaches 20kmh. Special

functions include a montage

of views from all directions,

seamless views, birds’ eye

view and a reverse parking


10 Show Preview Show Preview 11


No. L0118


No. L0412

TAIPEI AMPA Taipei Int’l Auto Parts & Accessories show

Auto Parts


MircoBase was founded in May 1997 by a group

of professional and talented personnel from several

different industries, bringing together a broad base

of experience in science, engineering and business

management. In 2003 Microbase passed the

ISO9001-2000 certification issued by EAQA, an

international ISO organization. Six years later in 2009,

Microbase obtained EAQA ISO9001-2008 certification.

MicroBase’s cooling solutions feature an airflow recycling cooling

system in which a working fluid is evaporated as it flows toward a heat

source. The vapor then carries off energy generated by the

concentrated heat and is led away from the heat source for

cooling. This solution provides a more flexible design for

cooling systems.

The highly efficient cooling system means smaller and

lighter cooling systems can be produced for use in high

wattage LED lighting applications.

MircroBase has developed several LED lighting products

such as automobile headlamps and LED high bay lights that are

widely used in factories, warehouses, shopping malls, auditoriums,

stadiums and exhibition sites, as well as LED street lights for

highways, parking lots and stadiums.

In 2010 MircroBase was awarded the Technology Development

Award by the Ministry Economic Affairs of Taiwan. They also have 15

patents in Taiwan and China along with 51 patents pending approval

in Taiwan, China and the U.S.

Tong Hong Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., is

well known for its extensive line of engine

gaskets for Japanese, Korean, American and

European vehicles. The company has

specialized in the production of a wide range

of gaskets and seals since its startup in 1969,

and as an ISO 9001 certified company

supplies quality products at the best possible

price, with punctual delivery to the customer.

Tong Hong offers the convenience of onestop

shopping for all kinds of engine gaskets

ranging from cylinder heads and rocker covers

to oil seals, valve stem seals, exhaust

manifolds, intake manifolds, oil pans and other

types of seals. Many of these are on display in

the Tong Hong booth at this year’s AMPA.

Tong Hong uses imported materials,

machines and technology that meet the

highest OEM standards, winning the firm a

reputation for supplying products with the

same quality as OEM gaskets

Head gaskets produced by Tong Hong are

made with 100% graphite facing material. This

is combined with stainless steel fire rings and

—MicroBase’s Efficient Cooling Solutions

—Tong Hong Automobile Parts offers quality gaskets

and seals for virtually all makes

perforated steel cores, for high thermal

conductivity. Multi-layered steel gaskets

allow higher compression ratios that

help maximize power and economy in


Fluorocarbon, silicone and nitrile

butadiene rubber have been adapted

by Tong Hong for its oil seals and valve

stem seals. Fluorocarbon is especially

heat resistant and can sustain

temperatures up to 482℉.

Valve rocker cover gaskets are

available in a variety of textures. The

silicone valve cover and oil pan gasket

are made of 100% silicone with a steel

core that makes them highly heat

resistant and easy to install.

To meet growing market demands

and maintain quality and timely

production, Tong Hong has expanded

the scope of its Tainan factory. With all

these advantages, Tong Hong supplies

high quality products at competitive



No. K0231

Tong Hong Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.


No. J0118

Hota Industrial MFG. Co., Ltd.


Taipei Int'l Automobile Electronics Show

—Gear leader Hota enlarges its share of automotive industry

Hota Industrial MFG. Co., Ltd., became the first gear manufacturer in

Taiwan to acquire accreditation for ISO 9002 from B.S.I. in June 1995.

Founded in January 1966, Hota manufactures precision gears and shafts

used in automobiles, motorcycles, trucks and forklifts. It expanded its sales to

the Japanese market in June 2003 when it opened a branch known as Global

Technos Ltd.

In its pursuit of professional management policies, high-quality service,

and efficiency, Hota has adopted the latest technologies and imported

automated and semi-automatic precision production equipment from

Germany and Japan. All of these measures have been taken to ensure a

steady output of state-of-the-art products.

Hota holds fast to the belief that having a strong Research and

Development team is crucial to prosperity. With this in mind, it has made all

the necessary investments to keep itself ahead of its competitors. In addition,

the company vigorously seeks to establish a technical pact with Nippon Gear

Industrial Corp. and the Industrial Technology Research Institute to upgrade

its technological know-how.

To further expand its growth, Hota has dedicated itself to working with

several world leading brands in North America and Europe, including

BorgWarner, GM, ZF, Punch, Eaton, Ducati, Triumph and Knnor.

The company is publicizing its gears and shafts, which will be used in

vehicle transmission systems for potential and existing clients at the AMPA

show in April.

In addition, Hota vows to keep reinforcing storage management, increase

its cash flow, and reduce accounts receivable.

For more information about Hota, please consult

12 Show Preview Show Preview 13


No. K0216

TAIPEI AMPA Taipei Int’l Auto Parts & Accessories show

Auto Parts

Hu Lane Associate Inc. Booth

No. I1212

—Hu Lane dazzles the world with its terminals

and connectors

Founded in 1977, Hu Lane Associate Inc. provides a comprehensive

selection of terminals and connector products for the automotive and

motorcycle industries.

Hu Lane’s product line includes truck spare parts, automobile parts,

automobile wire, electronic parts, headlights, parts of auto audio

equipment, medical terminal parts, electronic connectors, terminal

components for white goods and wire to board connectors.

Meanwhile, Hu Lane is an over-the-counter (OTC) company with

Taipei-based headquarters and a Hong Kong-based branch, as well

as three subsidiaries in Shanghai, Nanjing, and Shenzhen of China.

Hu Lane Electronic Vietnam was also set up in 2008.

The firm’s major operations in Taiwan include manufacturing, buying

Gordon Auto Body Parts Co., Ltd.

—Gordon Auto Body Parts aims at expanding its market

with high-quality products

Founded in 1986, Gordon Auto Body Parts Co., Ltd., prides itself on

being one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of metal replacement

parts, selling everything from fenders and hoods to bumpers, doors

and radiator supports in its extensive product line.

As an internationally recognized company, Gordon has acquired

accreditation from all the major international organizations. With over

1101 CAPA-certified parts (Certified Automotive Parts Association),

Gordon undoubtedly outshines its competitors.

As a competent leader, Gordon has established close ties

between itself and its patrons, most of whom are insurance

companies, distributors, body shop owners and retailers.

Through participating in this renowned event, Gordon

hopes to lift the curtain on more of its

and selling

terminals, molds

and mold sheets;

assembling and making wire

bundles; and manufacturing, buying and

selling plastic accessories inserted into terminals.

In terms of certifications, Hu Lane boats a number of laboratory

accreditations including CNAS Laboratory Certificate in 2009, SGM

GP-10 Laboratory Certificate in 2008, and TAF Laboratory Certificate

in 2007.

In order to continue meeting the highest standards in customer

satisfaction, Hu Lane has also obtained international certifications

such as ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9002, ISO 9001, QS 9000 and ISO 14001.

In addition, the company introduced the Product Lifecycle

Management in May 2008 to boost its production efficiency.

In both 2009 and 2010, Hu Lane won the CSR reward from Global

Views Monthly of Taiwan. The company has participated in Taipei

AMPA for fourteen consecutive years.

Find out more information about the company and its products at


No. J0108

brands, increase sales and maintain good relations with its patrons.

Gordon constantly develops new models to keep up with the everchanging

markets. The process of developing and producing new

models is pivotal to being a pioneer in the industry. One of its mission

statements is to always strive to achieve the highest customer


The company looks forward to displaying its products at the April

exhibition, including auto lamps, fenders, hoods, steel bumpers,

doors, inner fenders, and tailgates.

Based on its management philosophy of Quality, Technology,

Innovation and Customer Service, Gordon is dedicated to providing

its clientele with the best possible products. In 2011, Gordon will raise

its overall sales, develop more new products to meet customers’

needs, and establish new markets.

Just Auto Accessories Co., Ltd.

—Ready for a bright future in lighting technology

Just Auto Accessories

is a specialized

manufacturer of LED

products which ranks first

in exports of LED daytime

running lights and LED

3rd brake lamps. As a

part of its strategy to

conduct greater

investment and research

in the LED industry, the

auto parts manufacturer is

repositioning itself as Just

Auto Lighting Technology

Co., Ltd., in 2011.

In the 2011 Taipei AMPA, the auto parts giant will demonstrate a

series of quality products including LED daytime running lights, rim

lights, auto luminescent logos, safety door lamps, fog lamps, dome

lamps and brake lamps for pick-ups.

Vision and prospect in the exhibition

Since 2010 Just has introduced nearly two dozen different LED

products, securing third position in terms of market share in the

immense European market. This exhibition is a good opportunity to

show the fruitful results of its technology cooperation with the OE and

the Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC). Working with a

spirit of innovation and speed, Just is dedicated to the research and

development of auto parts products as well as expansion into the

after-sale market.

On the exhibition floor the company will also feature a number of

Giantlight Traffic Supplies

Instrument Co., Ltd.

Giantlight Traffic Supplies Instrument Co., Ltd., excels in the

designing and manufacturing of customized automobiles and

motorcycle lighting systems, such as HIDs, fog lamps, bulb shades,

headlights, bumper protectors, door guards and off-road lamps.

At Taipei AMPA & AutoTronics 2011, Giantlight will launch a new

product, GL-133L 90mm LED low-beam lamp, which has gained

certificates of SAE DOT/ ECE. Its special design can reduce heat

inside the lamp, thereby minimizing luminous decay and saving


In addition to this new lamp, the company also plans to showcase

various types of LED DRL high luminous efficiency projectors. They

include the round projector LED DRL, pattern No: GL-1319/GL-1319P

with Osram high power LED for Suzuki Swift 05-09, Suzuki Splash

08/09, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Nissan Skyline, Mitsubishi Lancer Fortis,

Mitsubishi EVO and Mitsubishi Outlander.

Its GL-1320/GL-1320P LED DRL can fit the Nissan Tiida, Nissan

Murano, Nissan Infiniti and Nissan Cube. Both are available in 12V and


The GL-1388 LED tail light, which has passed SAE/DOT tests, fits

the 2007-2009 Jeep Wrangler. The GL-1321 LED DRL module with

E-mark accreditation covers a pair of lights and enhances driving



Taipei Int'l Automobile Electronics Show

Auto Accessories & Customized

Performance Auto Parts

brake lamps for pick-up vehicles from leading manufacturers including

Ford, Dodge, GMC, Chevrolet and Toyota. Products for the Asian

market will also be exhibited as potential business opportunities for

visitors to the show.

Business partners and customers

Operating under the Just brand name, the auto parts manufacturer

is aiming at expansion into the OE and AM markets with a number of

marketing positions across more than 80 countries in the world.

Cooperation with Toyota was a highlight in the very successful year

of 2010, with the jointly-developed daytime running light recognized

for its innovation in the 2010 AMPA.


The number of automobiles in China surpassed 17 million in 2010

as China replaced the US as the biggest country in the world in terms

of automobile production and consumption. Just’s three factories have

passed the ISO-9001 and its lamp unit is also certified for SGS ISO-

TS-16949. In a bid to make inroads in the great China market, Just is

beefing up its marketing network with more investment in facilities and

personnel development. The company’s growth target for revenue in

2011 is set at more than 25%.

—Giantlight auto lighting: An

expert in energy-saving LEDs

At AMPA 2011, Giantlight is reaching out to its new clients while

entertaining a host of old customers including leaders from the

automotive industry -- Ford USA, Ford China, GM USA, Chrysler USA,

Daewoo Bus Korea and Suzuki Taiwan.

Quality has been a company watchword since its founding

in 1971. Quality control is carried

out under stringent ISO 9001

and TS16949 regulations and

through adoption of

advanced technology and

in-house testing.

Giantlight’s products

comply with SAE/DOT

and ECE standards.

In near future

Giantlight will continue

developing new

technology and auto

lamps, and promote new

projects to win more OEM


14 Show Preview Show Preview 15


No. M0719a


No. M0614

TAIPEI AMPA Taipei Int’l Auto Parts & Accessories show

Auto Accessories & Customized

Performance Auto Parts

ALF Technology Industrial Co.

—ALF TECHNOLOGY automotive products make driving safer

Operating on the concepts of “specialization, quality, functionality

and service,” Alf is a professional OEM and ODM manufacturer of

speed radar gun detectors and an array of other auto products,

with markets extending across Taiwan, China, the US and


The centerpiece of the company’s exhibit this year is the Alf

brand “radar detector”, which helps drivers avoid the danger of

sudden braking by vehicles ahead when they encounter

speed radar guns. This highly versatile product can be used

anywhere around the world.

With its small size and easy installation, the radar detector can

be used in any make and style of automobile. The detector boasts

wide, reliable coverage free from disturbance by light and electrical

interference. The system can be mounted either in cable or wireless


In addition, the Laser Test can help examine whether a radar

detector is functioning normally, the range of frequencies picked up

and whether the system is operating properly. Eight different

frequencies can be monitored for up to 15 hours.


No. N1324

MAXIN Design & Accessories Co. Booth

No. M1320

—Maxin boasts exclusive designs in daytime running lamps

Maxin Design & Accessories Co. is known the world over as a

leading vehicle parts design company. With more than 25 years of

experience in the trade, Maxin provides clients with the most exclusive

designs and the best in service. As a result, Maxin has been

recognized both by clients and the market for their innovative parts

design and finishing.

In the Taipei AMPA, 2011 Maxin has prepared two new cars, the

Suzuki Swift W1 and Suzuki SX4 S1, both equipped with the exclusive

daytime running lamps.

This lamp product not only

ensures better driving

security but also provides

a very special visual effect.

Maxin’s manufacturing

facilities were just awarded

certification for TS-16949

and ISO-9001 this year. In

addition, Maxin has

implemented strict quality

assessment standards to

ensure that clients will

enjoy the finest and safest

parts for their vehicles. Be

sure to visit the VIP section

at the Maxin booth in this

year for an opportunity to

take a look at the concepts

behind their latest


Repair Service Equipment


No. N0725a

— Introduces electric oil changer for maximum convenience

Lihyann Industrial Co., Ltd., noticed changing habits among car

owners in 1974, and two years later the company launched the world’s

first system using vacuum suction to change automobile engine oil.

Not only did the groundbreaking innovation revolutionize the traditional

way of changing oil, it quickly became an industry standard. Lihyann

offers a broad range of products mainly related to auto care and

cleaning, including engine oil, transmission fluid, gearbox oil, gasoline,

power steering fluid, radiator coolant, battery acid and wiper fluid. At

the same time, the company is also working toward diversified design

and development in its line-up of hardware.

Lihyann holds a number of patents and certifications in Taiwan and

overseas, including ISO9001, ISO2000, CE and GS. As its basic goal

the company continues to design, develop and manufacture new

products as part of its promise to bring a new era to Taiwan’s

machinery and automobile industry that is more environmentally

friendly, convenient and simple. New products proudly debuting in this

year’s AMPA are the K-10A gearbox fluid

changer, WH-700MB parts cleaner and

WH-505V brake fluid changer.

The K-10A gearbox fluid changer for

manual gearboxes offers the convenience

of high mobility, small size and light weight.

The WH-700MB electric parts cleaner is

not only unique in its innovative design,

but is also offers more efficiency thanks to

its larger filter. The WH-505V electric brake

fluid changer automatically changes brake

oil with the highest levels of safety and

quality. The strong rotary pump leaves no

residual air, and the stainless steel cover

resists corroding by brake fluid to keep the

changer looking clean and new.

Peaceful Thriving Enterprise Co., Ltd.

—A wide range of power sources and testing equipment

Peaceful Thriving

Enterprise has

specialized in

automotive parts since

its founding in 1983.

The company produces

automotive circuit

testers, phone testers,

voltage testers,

receptacle testers, car

battery testers,

automotive diagnostic

e q u i p m e n t ,

environmental test

equipment, odometers,

digital meters, digital

multimeters, stud detectors, metal detectors, voltage detectors,

automotive battery checkers and chargers, circuit breakers, humidity

sensors, industrial thermometers, test sockets, ultrasonic distance

measurers, voltage regulators and wall power sockets, as well as

temperature, humidity, and rain gauges.

Peaceful Thriving’s precision instruments bear the GS, UL, CE and

cUL marks. These marks prove that the firm is an attractive power

source option for buyers in the United States and Europe and

certify that its products meet all safety, health and environmental


Nine years ago, the auto parts

supplier renovated its facilities with

precision production machinery in

three production lines which

ensure that large orders will be

processed and shipped in time.

To exceed clients’ expectations for

quality, the company applies AQL

standards in all quality-control processes. It

also employs IQC methods and online testing to


Taipei Int'l Automobile Electronics Show

inspect raw materials and components as well as items for delivery.

Peaceful Thriving’s goal for 2011 is to promote new products and

provide complete service for customers worldwide.

For further information visit http://www.peaceful.

16 Show Preview Show Preview 17


No. N0228

TAIPEI AMPA Taipei Int’l Auto Parts & Accessories show

Repair Service Equipment

—Cabinets that keep tools handy and organized

Tanko Organize enjoys a well-deserved reputation for its extensive range of tool cabinets, CNC

tool cabinets, workbenches and trolleys. Located in Sanchong City, Taipei County, the company is

a leading designer and manufacturer of all types of workspace

equipment, Certified for ISO 9001, Tanko relies on first-rate R&D and

premium metalworking skills and holds patents in Taiwan, China,

Japan, the US and Germany.

Tanko’s specially-designed and patented drawer bearing slide

systems mean extra loading capacity and strength in its tool cabinets

that other manufacturers cannot match. In addition, advanced Trumpf

and Amada numerical control machinery helps maintain Tanko's

leading position in molding technology in the industry.

Tanko is in AMPA 2011 to better understand global trends in auto

parts and accessories, promote its unique working storage equipment

products, and reach out to global buyers, companies, manufacturers

and distribution channels.

Tanko is confident that its decades of experience in designing

workspace equipment will earn the Tanko name due recognition for

creativity and original product design.

For more information, please visit Tanko’s website at http://www.tanko.

Golden Root Co., Ltd.

—Golden Root offers endoscopes to

complement its power tools

Tanko Organize Company Booth

No. N0120


No. N0323

Taipei-based Golden Root Co., Ltd., has manufactured a comprehensive range of

professional hand tools including its trademark hexagonal wrench since it was

founded in 1989. Growing customer demand in the auto repair market has led the

company to diversify its product line to include power tools, cordless drills and

drivers, impact drivers, bits, power bits, reduced bits, bit sets, hex wrenches,

hexagon sets and many other related automotive items.

Golden Root is spotlighting three high-end products at the 2011 Taipei AMPA:

an Endoscope designed for non-destructive testing (PST-2486); an Industrial

Endoscope Video System (PST-1160); and a Portable Video Borescope (5501).

The PST-2486 boasts a 3.5" color LCD monitor built into the handle of the

endoscope. Rather than one fixed tube, this unit allows users to easily switch one

insertion tube for another. Tube lengths range from 1 to 30 meters for faster and

easier inspection, and both still pictures and videos can be viewed.

The company’s Industrial Endoscope Video System connects easily to any

computer and features photo and video recording for easy editing of recorded files.

Golden Root’s quality products and reputation are a testimony to their ongoing

R&D in pursuit of excellence. The company has a well-established working

relationship with many European and South East Asian countries and is looking for

further contact with foreign companies and more distribution channels for its


Foreign Exhibitors

With the success of last year, the 2011 AMPA & AutoTronics Shows

attract many foreign vendors and manufacturers from various

countries to present their product lines, and the foreign exhibitors’

pavilions include Malaysia Pavilion, joints the AMPA & AutoTronics for

the first time, the Philippines Pavilion, Thailand Pavilion, South Korea

Pavilion and China Pavilion. The potential of Taiwan’s auto parts and

automobile electronics market and great manufacturing and design

capacities of the local manufacturers are also the main factors to

attract those international exhibitors.

Even as the global economy begins to recover gradually, demand

for auto parts and automobile electronics remained high throughout

the past year. Many international vendors are sharing the results of

their good performance by taking this opportunity to meet buyers

from around the world.

Malaysia Pavilion

With 14 companies participating in this year’s AMPA, Malaysia

demonstrates its ambitious outlook for the future. Malaysia brings the

largest group of participants among the national pavilions with

automobile parts makers, auto manufacturing and trade organizations

such as the Malaysia Rubber Export Promotion Council.

Blessed with rich natural resources such as palm oil and rubber,

Malaysia has made great efforts to develop its local auto industry with

help from both the private and education sectors.

Malaysia is currently the largest automobile market in Southeast

Asia. In addition to their local auto brand Proton, Malaysia is also

working to become a major auto parts supplier for all of Asia by

gaining more business opportunities from Taiwan’s market.

South Korea Pavilion

South Korea, always a strong performer in the automobile

manufacturing industry, is proud to show a representative sample of

its auto parts makers to the public and also hoping to look for some

technology partners from Taiwan better enhances its research and

development capacity.

The South Korean pavilion has seven enterprises in 2011 Taipei

AMPA. According to the South Korean Auto Manufacturer Association,

South Korea enjoyed a significant increase in automobile

manufacturing last year, with annual production reaching 4,271,741

units, an increase of 21.6% compared to 2009. This was a record high

for the nation’s auto industry.

Given such an accomplishment, the contingent’s participants will

display a wide range of high-quality auto products such as plastic

parts, fender moldings, car accessories and repair tools.

China Pavilion

With total number of 94 companies participate in this show China

shows great interests to establish business tie with Taiwan’s local auto

parts enterprises and manufacturers which enjoyed great achievement

in the global auto industry and aftermarket. These companies from

China will introduce a good variety of products such as breaking

systems, headlamps, lamps, maintenance tools for vehicles and other

equipments. Based on the Early Harvest List from the ECFA(Economic

Cooperation Framework Agreement), the Chinese government has to

offer up to thirty-three items of Taiwan’s auto parts industry from being

benefited from the zero tariff policy. Hoping this year show would

further strengthen the business tie between Taiwan and China.

Philippines Pavilion

Auto parts have long been a major source of income for the

Philippines. Many international auto manufacturers such as Ford,

Toyota and Honda have put forth a great deal of effort and resources

to establish manufacturing bases in the Philippines. Local auto parts

manufacturers have benefited from the investments and improved

their skills and technology.

Although the number of local auto parts manufacturers is smaller

than in some other countries in Southeast Asia, in recent decades the

Philippines has built itself into a significant auto parts supplier for

Japan and other developed countries. In addition, the Philippine

government has also strived to develop alternative energy sources

and products and to promote electronic vehicles due to concerns

about surging oil prices.


Taipei Int'l Automobile Electronics Show

—Overview of International Exhibitors in 2011 Taipei AMPA & AutoTronics

In this AMPA the Manila Economic and Cultural Office has

integrated resources from the private and public sectors to

demonstrate their great business potential in this market and expects

their local manufacturers can have a fruitful journey with the

exchanges from Taiwan’s auto parts designing and manufacturing


Thailand Pavilion

Recovering from the recent financial crisis, Thailand is now a market

with great potential in the auto business in the Southeast Asia. Before

the financial crisis in hit 1997, Thailand had the most dynamic and

prosperous auto manufacturing industry in Southeast Asia. The auto

industry was a major driving force for the national economy.

Unfortunately the financial crisis seriously damaged their domestic

market, and export and business volumes in the auto industry

declined significantly.

With the government’s efforts and the resources from foreign

investors, Thailand has gradually regained their reputation as the

largest auto manufacturing base in the region. According to the

Department of Exports Office, Thailand exported around 230,000

vehicles in the first three quarters of 2010, a 56.44% increase

compared to the same period in 2009. England, Canada and Australia

were the major export destinations.

Yet, Thailand still has to import certain auto parts from other

countries including Taiwan to meet demands in the local market, their

revived auto industry has made Thailand a great potential market once

more in Southeast Asia.


Focusing on the auto parts business gives Indonesia the most

potential for auto parts development in ASEAN

Two auto parts vendors from Indonesia are participating in this

year’s AMPA to introduce their country’s auto parts products to

visitors. Indonesia is the third largest auto market in Southeast Asia,

and their auto parts market is seen as the one with the most potential

in the region.

Indonesia’s national strategy regarding the auto industry is to focus

on auto parts and small car manufacturing. Many Japanese auto

companies such as Toyota, Nissan and Honda have established auto

parts manufacturing bases in Indonesia. In addition, the population of

220 million makes the country a great market for businesses of all

kinds. Visitors can get more detailed info on Indonesia and its auto

parts industry in face-to-face business exchanges during the show.

Hong Kong

With demand from China’s auto manufacturing market increasing

steadily, Hong Kong’s auto parts industry is a rising star in the local


Fast growth in auto manufacturing in China has helped Hong Kong

to become one of Asia’s major sources of auto parts. Strong

cooperation between academia and industry in Hong Kong in recent

decades has been a key in the development of its own promising auto

manufacturing industry. Reportedly nearly 2400 auto parts suppliers

based in China are originally from Hong Kong.

In the 2011 AMPA & AutoTronics shows, over eight Hong Kong auto

parts enterprises including Smartplus Auto Parts aims to display their

most popular products to international buyers. They are showing many

different types of parts including high performance automobile parts,

luggage carriers, car beauty accessories, power trains and LED


United States

The highly successful auto parts enterprises from the US, such as

Winobo USA, and Alto Product Corp., are presenting cutting-edge

technology in their products in this year’s AMPA. Featuring strong

research and development capacity, the US auto industry has been a

driving force for auto manufacturing throughout the world despite the

recent economic crisis. Although high manufacturing costs make it

harder for the US auto parts industry to compete with those in

emerging countries, state-of-the-art technology has been a key factor

for them in retaining their edge. In this AMPA, visitors will be able to

see for themselves how successful their efforts have been.

18 Show Preview

Show Preview


TAIPEI AMPA Taipei Int’l Auto Parts & Accessories show

A-One Parts CO., LTD.


A-Power Automobile Co., LTD.


Da Jie electricity Machinery Industrial Co., LTD.


Giantlight Traffic Supplies Industrument Co., LTD.


Hwang Cherng Bin Specialty Tools Inc.


Joruch International Corporation


Kai Suh Suh Enterprise Co., LTD.


Micheng Technology Co., LTD.


Superman Motor Industrial LTD.


Booth No.K0616

AD Index


Taipei Int'l Automobile Electronics Show

TAITRA (2011 Taiwan International Electric Vehicle Show)

………………………………………………………………………………… P.23

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………………………………………………………………………………… P.24

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Taiwan Break Technology Corp.

………………………………………………………………………………… P.25

Taiwan Dihshiang Enterprise Co., LTD.

………………………………………………………………………………… P.24

Yow Jung Enterprise Co., LTD. ……… P.21 & Back Cover

20 Show Preview Show Preview 21

TAIPEI AMPA Taipei Int’l Auto Parts & Accessories show

Auto Suspension Parts


No. 10 Alley 13, Lane 228 , Taihsi S. Rd., Lungching Dist., Taichung City 434, Taiwan

Tel: 886-4-2639-3719, 2639-3000

Fax: 886-4-2630-3277, 2630-3655

Booth No.I1116

E-mail: Booth No.J0128


Taipei Int'l Automobile Electronics Show

22 Show Preview Show Preview 23

TAIPEI AMPA Taipei Int’l Auto Parts & Accessories show

Booth No.I1332

Professional supplier in TAIWAN for all auto

parts and accessories. 22 year experience.

Knowledgeable staff.

• Lamps

• Mirrors

• Body Parts

• Engine Parts

• Electric Parts

• Brake &

Suspension Parts


Tel: 886-2-25069722/25022528

Fax: 886-2-25061845/25066913


Booth No.I1119


Taipei Int'l Automobile Electronics Show

Booth No.I0310

24 Show Preview Show Preview 25

TAIPEI AMPA Taipei Int’l Auto Parts & Accessories show


Taipei Int'l Automobile Electronics Show

Booth No.I0702a

26 Show Preview Show Preview 27

TAIPEI AMPA Taipei Int’l Auto Parts & Accessories show

Innovation & Service

for your automotive


Make your ideal

automotive lightings



you with the best

solutions and designs to

complete your products


28 Show Preview

Booth No.M1326



LED 90mm low beam headlamp with DOT/ E-mark.

•Projector LED type gives you more beautiful optical beam.

•Easy installation for OEM or retrofitting vehicles/ buses and trucks.

Replace traditional 90mm halogen or HID low beam. Especially, it fits

electric cars for it is high power, low consumption, and energy saving.

台中市北區學士路 204 號


TEL: 886-4-22323557

FAX: 886-4-22321796

E-mail address:

Unique 1pc

LED fog lamp


Advanced LED



with only 1pc of

high power LED

to get beautiful

light pattern

conforming to

SAE efficiently.

Booth No.



1.Apply for European, Japanese, American cars.

2.Replace valve spring and oil seal of valve rod on

car, without to remove head gasket.

3.Win Germany and Taiwan patent.

4.General tool, apply for many

brands, such as VOLVO, TOYOTA,

VW, FORD etc.

5.Special for BENZ V6 engine and

BMW European car, works great

in the narrow engine room.







Booth No.


Booth No.K1106

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ASIA North America


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assistances we could offer!

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Mexico City


52 - 55 -


52 - 55 -


82 - 2 - 37898722 82 - 2 - 37898779 South America

65 - 62350369 65 - 62350315

Taiwan Trade Center

do Brasil

55 - 11 -


55 - 11 -


66 - 2 - 6514470 66 - 2 - 6514472 Australia

84 - 8 - 39301985 84 - 8 - 39301984

Taiwan Trade Centre


61 - 2 -


61 - 2 -


880 - 2 - 8860705 880 - 2 - 8860706 Mid-East


33 - 1 - 56895300 33 - 1 - 56895301

Taiwan Trade Centre

- Dubai

Taiwan Trade Centre

- Tehran

971 - 4 -


98 - 21 -


49 - 211 - 78180 49 - 211 - 78139 Africa

49 - 89 - 5126710 49 - 89 - 5126171

36 - 1266 - 4662 36 - 1266 - 4665

39 - 2 - 20241008 39 - 2 - 20422986

31 - 10 - 4460300 31 - 10 - 4625265

48 - 22 - 2888200 48 - 22 - 2888202

Taiwan Trade Center,


Taiwan Trade Center,


Taiwan Trade Center,


Taiwan Trade Centre,


Taiwan Trade Center,


213 - 21 -


20 - 2 -


254 - 20 -


234 - 80


27 - 11 -


7 - 727 - 2777849 7 - 727 - 2777850 Europe

359 - 2 - 4899736 359 - 2 - 4899734

40 - 21 - 3119971 40 - 21 - 3119974

7 - 495 - 2342988 7 - 495 - 2342989

Taiwan Trade Center,


46 - 8 - 7288523

Taiwan Trade Center,


Taiwan Trade Center,


34 - 93 - 2419306 34 - 93 - 4147503

Taiwan Trade Centre,


90 - 212 -


380 - 44 -


44 - 20 -


971 - 4 -


98 - 21 -


213 - 21 -


20 - 2 -


254 - 20 -


234 - 80


27 - 11 -


46 - 8 -


90 - 212 -


380 - 44 -


44 - 20 -


For detailed information about TAITRA Overseas branches, visit the following website at

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TAIPEI AMPA Taipei Int’l Auto Parts & Accessories show

Booth No.L0206

Taiwan Int'l Electric Vehicle Show

Taipei Int’l Food Processing & Pharm. Machinery Show


Taipei Int'l Automobile Electronics Show

30 Show Preview Show Preview 31

Taiwan Smart Green City Expo - Innovative, Intelligent & Green

Sept. 7-9

Oct. 10-13

Oct. 10-13

Oct. -

Oct. -

Nov. 3-5

Nov. 10-13

Aug. 25-27

21 x 28 CM/H

Booth No.K0616

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