GJHS Student Handbook - Grand Junction High School


GJHS Student Handbook - Grand Junction High School


At GJHS, we believe that every student should dedicate some quality time to serving other students or members

of the Grand Junction community. Therefore, in addition to completing the aforementioned requirements, all

students attending GJHS must also complete a Service Learning (SL) requirement.

The focus of SL is to recognize and promote the value of serving other students or our community. It also

enables students to learn through experiences in and outside of the classroom. The components to our SL

requirement are:

1. Students must complete a minimum of thirty (30) hours of service learning instruction/ activities. The

hours may be completed during the school year or during the summer.

2. Students are required to complete eight (8) hours per year through required course work during their

freshman, junior, and senior years and the reflection paper during their senior year. This year, three of the

four major content areas will incorporate hour (8) hours of service learning into their year specific courses

as follows: freshman year – Science – GeoPhysical Science; junior year – Social Studies – U.S History;

and senior year – English – each of the 12 th grade literature electives. This progression allows students to

pick up 8 hours of service learning credit in the classroom in three of their four years in high school. These

hours of service learning are normally assignments or projects that support the existing curriculum and align

with the core national standards.

3. Students who exceed the thirty (30) hours of SL and complete one hundred (100) hours plus the additional

number of hours in their graduating class, i.e., a senior in the Class of 2013 completes 113 hours or more of

SL, will be included in the Millennium Club and recognized during their commencement ceremony. If this

is your goal, let your counselor know by March of your senior year.

4. Students will complete a final “reflection” project which demonstrates what they gained from their service

learning experience. This project could take the form of a written paper, speech, poem, artwork, or any

other acceptable means of expressing thoughts.

5. Projects outside the classroom must be approved in advance by the student’s advisor/administrator.

6. Students will submit a verification form signed by the student and the volunteer supervisor to document

completion of their hourly requirement. Periodically we will check with volunteer supervisors to verify the

accuracy of information by students for hourly credit.

7. The completion deadline for the 30 hours of service learning and the “reflections” project is not later than

the last day of make-up exams for seniors.



Students in the high school can earn credits toward graduation beginning in grade nine (9), with the exception

of students who take Math 1, GeoPhyscial Science, or a World Language in 8 th grade. Those students who

successfully complete one or more of those courses in the 8 th grade will be awarded a credit for each of the

courses they successfully completed. Upon entering the high school, credits are earned through the successful

completion of course requirements offered during the regular school year, or through credits transferred from

another school.

Credits are measured in Carnegie Units. All courses are established on a semester basis so that .5 unit of credit

may be earned for satisfactory completion of each course each semester. Students failing a specific required

course must make up the requirement. Additional or supplemental credits may be earned by making

arrangements in advance through your counselor. In addition to credits earned in the regular classroom, students

may earn credits through any of the following offerings:


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