Firstly, we would like to wish all our new families a ... - 3D Preschool

Firstly, we would like to wish all our new families a ... - 3D Preschool

Dear Parents,

3D Preschool May Newsletter

Ahhhh, it’s finally here, the weather we’ve been waiting for! We would like to thank all the dads

and fatherly figures for clearing your schedules to attend the "Fun Day with Dad". We will

continue our appreciation for our parents with a mother’s day celebration this month. The

children eagerly await these gatherings and we are glad to be a part of these special moments.

We will be exploring a new theme about community helpers and different careers. Through

experiences provided by this theme, we aim to make the children aware of the people serving our

community as well as to learn about the great number of occupations and the way in which these

workers help us today. Careers in health care, sports, communications, production, construction

and the service industry are some of the topics we hope to touch on, and we are excited and

looking forward to hear from children about their vocational goals. Some of our learning

experiences will include:

Reading books about people in our neighborhood.

Making occupation hats.

Designing a job chart for our classroom.

We would really appreciate parent volunteers to visit us and share their experiences related to

their occupation with the children. Guest speakers are such anticipated events; the children are

always so enthralled with the presentations and they always enjoy the participation of the parents.

Upcoming Events:

We will celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Thursday, May 3rd through art, dance, books

and pictures.

Mother's day fun activity followed by High Tea @ 4 pm on Friday, May 10 th

Graduation & Ice Cream Social on Friday, June 21 @ 4 pm

Here’s a snapshot for the month of May:

In language arts, the children will continue to read simple sentences as well as review the

sight words and blending consonants.

In math, we will continue to review the counting, before & after. Money, clock and

introduce addition.

We will introduce one new song and one new finger play as follows:


Down by the station, early in the morning,

see the great big fire trucks all in a row.

Hear the jangly fire bell sound a loud alarm.

Now ---- chug, chug, clang, clang, off we go!

Finger Play

This brave firefighter is going to bed.

Down on the pillow, he lays his head.

He wraps himself in a blanket tight,

and wants to sleep this way all night.

But the fire alarm rings! He opens his eyes!

Quickly he’s dressed and down the pole he slides

Then he climbs on the truck, to the fire he goes.

Out goes the fire, with water from a hose!

Some theme-related books of interest:

Career Day by Anne Rockwell

All about things people do by Melanie Rice

Community helpers from A to Z by Bobbie Kalman

Jobs people do by Christopher Maynard

What do people do all day? by Richard Scarry

The best way for children to be creative is through play. Play is the foundation of creativity and

the way young children learn. Creativity builds children’s thinking skills; children learn to solve

problems and come up with their own ways to do just about anything. It can be difficult to allow

children enough time to fully explore materials and be involved in activities. It may also be hard

for adults to drop all expectations of how they think something should be done (for example: how

a house should be drawn or how to build a bridge with blocks). It is important to allow children to

express and figure out their own way of doing things. Self expression and being involved in

creative activities not only helps children learn, but is a lot of fun. Children learn best by playing,

exploring, imagining, and ultimately discovering new ways of seeing the world.


Please check your child’s cubby regularly to ensure that there is a change of clothes.

Keeping only one set of spare clothing would be preferred since full cubbies prevent the

children from opening/closing them on their own, which in turn makes it harder for them

to help themselves.

Please check your child’s communication folder on a regular basis.

We ask that you refrain from allowing your child to bring toys to school. We understand

that it is exciting for the children to be able to show their friends some of their special

toys, however we request that if a toy is brought in to share with friends, parents should

ensure that the toy does not remain in school for the day.

We would also like to remind parents that there are a few children that have nut and

peanut allergies, so please keep this in mind when preparing treat/goody bags and

ensure that they are peanut-free.

For dates and details of upcoming events, please visit our website

( and click on “News and Events.”

Mothers are a great source of inspiration for all of us, throughout our lives; their greatness and

sense of sacrifice never fail to inspire us. We all are greatly influenced by our mothers, but we

often take them for granted and don’t always to show our appreciation every day. In honor of all

the special ladies in our lives, we have planned a surprise evening.

We wish all our 3D mothers a very, very happy Mother’s Day, and a Happy Cinco de Mayo to all!

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