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Damascus Digital.pdf

Angular Momentum

of Switzerland

Special & Limites Edition Timepieces

- Rose Damascus Digital -

Rose Damascus Digital Timepiece

Damascus steel is a hot-forged steel

used in Middle Eastern swordmaking

from about 700 to 1700 AD. Damascus

swords were of legendary sharpness and

strength, and were apocryphally claimed

to be able to cut through lesser quality

European swords and even rock.

The technique used to create original Damascus

steel is now a matter of historical

conjecture. Many raw materials, and the

metalsmiths‘ recipes, are no longer avai-

lable. The foundation for Damascus Steel

is Wootz Steel, which originated in India

and later spread to Persia. From the 3rd

century to 17th century, India was shipping

steel ingots to the Middle East for

use in Damascus Steel.

The general term „Damascus“ refers to

metal with a visible grain pattern, sometimes

with a texture. Modern Damascus

is a lamination of folded steels selected

with cosmetic qualities, with grinding

and polishing specifi cally to expose the

layers. True Damascus patterns are for-

med when carbon trace elements form

visible swirls in the steel mix. These elements

change properties when the steel

is work hardened (forged), creating the


Angular Momentum has created timepieces

with unique medallions with aperture

for digital time display. Among them

the „Rose Damascus Digital“ with a

hand forged 1200 layers damascus steel

medallion set under the sapphire crystal.

Every medallion is an individual piece.

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