List of 2012-2013 clubs

List of 2012-2013 clubs

2012 -­‐ 2013 JLS Club List Updated September 10, 2012

Club Sponsor Description Meeting

6 th and 7 th Grade

Basketball Club

7 th and 8 th Grade

Basketball 101


Amy Stock

Ryan Ealy

Any 6th/7th grade student interested in playing basketball and working on their

skills are welcome to come and play during lunch on Thursdays in the gym.

Basketball 101 Club teaches the fundamentals of basketball. You will run drills,

scrimmage, and enjoy the game of basketball. Basketball 101 is about reaching

your full potential as a basketball player.

Thursdays Lunch, Gym

Fridays Lunch, Gym

Badminton Club Erika Berkson Practice badminton technique and develop skills in the Badminton Club. Tuesdays Lunch, Gym

(2 nd semester only)

Boy Tech Club


Readers’ Club



Jim Meininger

Chain Mail Club Darren Torre

Chamber Music

Club (Band)

Chamber Music

Club (Orchestra)

Chess, Chinese

Chess, Checkers,

and Bridge Club


Fitzhugh and

Greg Miller

Boy Tech is open to any JLS Middle School boy who would like extra time on a

computer in gathering space only for boys. Come explore software, games, do

research or homework on the computer with your friends or make new friends.

Limited to the first 33 boys. Please eat your lunch first.

This club will be reading and discussing the nominees for the California Young

Readers' Medal for 2012-­‐2013. This year's nominees are Invisible Lines, Wild

Things, and Out of My Mind. We may also read the other nominated titles.

Eleven, The Giant Slayer, and Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.

In this club, over the course of the year, students will actually be assembling

their own real piece of chain mail armor. Metal links and instruction will be


This club gives students who play a band instrument an opportunity to perform

in small ensembles, such as duets, trios, quartets, etc. We meet on Wednesday

mornings at 7:45am in room 50/60.

Open to all string players interested in playing in small chamber ensembles,

such as duets, trios, and quartets. Join as a pre-­‐formed group or as an


individual, choose your own music, and rehearse independently and with


guidance from Ms. McGuire. Ensembles may rehearse at lunch on Tuesdays or

Wednesdays, or both in Room 60.

The Chess, Chinese Chess, Checkers and Bridge Club offers a social setting

Joan Scherer where students interested can meet, network and have fun. If enough are

interested in bridge, we will teach you how to play.

Have Questions? Contact the Club Sponsor or Ms. La Place in the Guidance Office.

Thursdays Lunch, 160

Thursdays, Lunch, 430

Every other Thursday,

Lunch, 460

Wednesdays 7:45 AM,


Tuesdays and

Wednesdays, Lunch, 60

Thursdays Lunch, 730

Classic Films

Critics Club

Club Sponsor Description Meeting

Creative Writing

and Book Binding


DC Heroes RPG


Electric Moose



Forward Club

Game of the

Week Club

Garden Club

Girl Tech Club

Dave Tomatis

Kim Lohse



Brad Booth


Kamboj and

Tish Wiser



Ashley Lucey,



and Tish




Do you like old movies? Come watch and discuss classic American films from all

genres dating from 1965 and before. Most of the films are black and white but

we do mix in some color to keep it interesting. Bring your lunch and enjoy

classic American films.

Students will gather to write fiction, poetry or any other genre and share their

work with other writers. You will also learn how to bind books.

Do you like super heroes? Do you like role-­‐playing games? Well, if you do, then

join the DC heroes RPG club! Make your own hero, battle villains, get powers

and skills, and have fun!

The club is a co-­‐ed team that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch. Our

mission is to design and build Electric Vehicles.

Fashion forward club: Let your inner fashionista out! Come and learn new ways to

transform old clothes into something new.

Game of the week will stream live games in room 720. Games will include English

Premier, La Liga, Seria A, Champions League and March Madness (may also show

baseball playoff games depending on schedule). Most viewing will take place on

Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday during lunch. Club promotes a physically

healthy lifestyle for our students. Students will tune in to KJLS to hear the week’s line-­‐


Students will create, maintain, and utilize gardens that empower them to make

healthy choices for themselves and their community.

Girl Tech is a community of middle school girls who are interested in coming together

to explore computer software, games, digital art, and much more. Come with your

friends or make new friends. The computer classroom is reserved for ladies only on

Tuesday at LUNCH in Room 160. Please, eat your lunch first.

Have Questions? Contact the Club Sponsor or Ms. La Place in the Guidance Office.

Mondays and Fridays,

Lunch, 440

Tuesdays Lunch, 710

Mondays Lunch, 510

Tuesdays and

Wednesdays Lunch,

Room 80

Wednesdays Lunch,


Tuesdays and

Wednesday, or

Thursday Lunch, 720

Thursdays Lunch, 620

Tuesdays Lunch, 160

Club Sponsor Description Meeting

Golf Club Kyle Hart

Green Team



Lunch Club

JLS Times Club

Gerri Bibat


Kari Nygaard





Juggling Club James Sperry


Thespians Club



Latinos Juntos

Mask Makers


Chris Mahle


Adams and

Mel Froli



Chris Mahle

Golf club is an opportunity for students to learn basic techniques and etiquette of

golf. Students will participate in putting tournaments and potential outings to golf

courses. We will be practicing skills and techniques on the JLS field.

The Green Team is an important campus organization that consists of students and

staff members who help JLS become a "greener" school by promoting carpooling,

turning off lights and appliances, reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting. We

will plan activities for Earth Day 2013 and we may organize other events (such as

gardening activities or a field trip) depending on student interest.

JLS is home to an international community. Come, eat lunch, and visit with people

from around the world! All are welcome.

Students will create and publish a newsletter of the events and happenings at JLS

from students’ point of view. Interested in journalism? Join us.

Have Questions? Contact the Club Sponsor or Ms. La Place in the Guidance Office.

Wednesdays Lunch,


Wednesdays Lunch,


Tuesdays and

Thursdays Lunch, 530

Wednesdays Lunch,


Learn to juggle balls, pins, rings, etc. Amaze your friends and relatives. Eat lunch,

hangout, and juggle. Fridays Lunch, 520

Bring your love of all things theatrical to Mr. Mahle's room every Thursday at lunch.

We'll work on scenes, monologues and designs while preparing for national

conferences with other middle schools.

Knowledge Bowl is a quiz contest with teams of four players competing. Questions are

on a variety of subjects so grade level is not a factor. Quick recall is emphasized. The

team with the most wins has the members names engraved on the Bowl displayed in

the breezeway case.

Come play Spanish games, make piñatas, create Day of the Dead crafts, and watch

Spanish cartoons! It’s a great way to learn a little Spanish or practice your

conversational skills.

Ever wanted to be somebody or something else? Come to the cafetorium on

Wednesdays during lunch to get creative (and a little messy) while learning the

awesome craft of mask making.

Thursdays Lunch, 130

Mondays Lunch, 730

Thursdays Lunch, 560

Wednesdays Lunch,


Club Sponsor Description Meeting





Robin Hood


Soccer Club

Super Heroes


Tennis Club



Walking and

Talking Club

Wrestling Club

YCS Club

Kate Franklin

and Steven



Breen and



Kim Lohse









and Stacey


Sue Duffek





MathCounts is a club that works to prepare for the MathCounts competition in

February. Students work on challenging and complex problems, as they get ready for

the sprint, target and team round of the competition. We look at many different

areas of math including algebra, geometry, puzzles, and probability.

If you are new to Palo Alto schools and would like to make new friends, join the

Newcomer’s Club. The club is open to anyone, not only newcomers. You’re welcome to

bring a friend whether the friend is new to Palo Alto or not. If you are not new to JLS

and would like to meet some newcomers, join us. Bring your lunch; there will be games

and snacks too.

Students will learn about Robin Hood through films and stories and discuss the legend

and the history.

Get actively involved, playing soccer to promote teamwork, friendship, and

sportsmanship. Students will improve their skills over the year. Boys, girls, and all

newcomers welcome. We meet on the fields on Fridays at lunch and pick teams.

Students will be able to watch cartoons starring their favorite superheroes like

Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman (basically any hero).

The tennis club is for tennis players of all skill levels to come out and play matches or

participate in tennis clinics to help improve their skills.

Take a mini-­‐break from reality and enjoy your lunch while watching classic cartoons

with your friends! Appreciate the early animation art form while meeting Tom and

Jerry, Fred and Barney, and maybe even Popeye and Olive Oil! Room location alternates

between Ms. Soong and Mrs. Constant.

Need a break from sitting in class? Feel like chatting? Come and do both, walk and talk

around the JLS athletic fields. Take a nice walk around the dirt track during lunch while

hanging out and chatting with friends. This is a great way to meet new people and have

fun too. Bring a friend!

Coach Creighton's wrestling club is designed to introduce students to the sport of

wrestling. Activities will include basic techniques, conditioning, film study and

meditation. The club is open to boys and girls.

Students who enjoy doing things for other people and learning about people and

cultures from other parts of the world should check out the YCS (Youth Community

Service) club. We will help plan mini service projects and also have the opportunity to

participate in a variety of community -­‐minded events throughout the year.

Have Questions? Contact the Club Sponsor or Ms. La Place in the Guidance Office.

Tuesdays 3:15-­‐

4:15pm, 310

First Tuesdays

(each month) Lunch,


Wednesdays Lunch,


Fridays Lunch, JLS

Field near Mitchell


Fridays Lunch, 460

Wednesdays Lunch,

Tennis Courts

Thursdays Lunch,

alternating in 400

and 810

Wednesdays Lunch,

outside of gym near

tennis courts

Mondays and

Wednesdays 3:05p,

Wrestling Room

Tuesdays Lunch, 700

Have Questions? Contact the Club Sponsor or Ms. La Place in the Guidance Office.

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