Connections Board Meeting – September 21

Connections Board Meeting – September 21

Connections Board Meeting September 21, 2010

1. Minutes

• Need to approve minutes at subsequent meetings and get them out to the

community or posted on web page

2. By-laws

• Those present discussed the current by-­‐laws and proposed changes: number of

members, number of jobs people can hold simultaneously

• The Board voted to limit to three the number of jobs a person can hold


3. New Board approved

• Co-­‐Presidents Natasha Moiseyev and Ramji Digumarthi

• Co-­‐Treasurers Xia Guan and Erina Dubois

• Secretary Hayley Dupuy

• Social Chair Christine Chang

• Communications Linda Baker and Sally Doan

4. Old business

• Web site calendar issues are mostly resolved; still trying to figure out how to

make Connections events more clear on the JLS hosted web page; still a question

about the link to the Picasa pictures inactive on the JLS hosted web page but

still on the old web page

• Advocacy for Youth follow-­‐up Greg Smitherman said the Board has adopted

the goal they recommended. The plan for this year is for the District to figure out

what can be done and try to implement things for next year; it will look different

at each site depending on the identified needs; there will be short and long term

goals, education, etc. Contact Greg if you are interested in helping guide this


5. New business

• We need to figure out if email is an acceptable way to notify people of meetings;

it’s not in the bylaws and maybe not be acceptable according to California’s

rules; Natasha will look at that issue. Can we get around it by posting a notice


• When meetings are scheduled and canceled, the whole community needs to get


• Let’s post the minutes and agendas to our web site Secretary will send minutes

out to the Board after a meeting to check for feedback then they will get posted

to the web site as “unapproved” or “tentative”.

• Ice skating party Chris will check with the Winter Lodge and Judy

Lukensmeyer to come up with some dates

• Shakespeare in the Park May 26, 6:00PM Kim and Francisco would like to get

some new costumes for this year because old ones are old and smell bad; it

would be great if parents could donate fabric, sewing skills, costumes.

• Washington DC April 3

• ROPEs tentatively May 31 and June 1 (conflicts with band concert as last year

but two days in a row are needed kids in the band can attend only the night

during which they are presenting); Linda will contact Nixon about availability

Connections teachers talked this summer about having a grade level parent to

coordinate grade level needs field trips, events, donations, venues, etc.

• Align fiscal year with academic year new treasurers will look into changing tax

papers to make this happen

• New treasures also need to meet with Jag to go over

• Communitas High School find out more about their Charter and if PA students

could attend

• Budget -­‐ Board approved spending up to $500 to send the teachers to the CES


• Tech Committee Patrick will poll community to find out about new people for

tech responsibilities

• Coffee Committee Natasha will work on organizing “Brown Bag”

lunches/coffees the first Wed. of the month

• Question for further discussion: How can we use the Board to involve the

community at different levels, both formally and informally, with kids and

without, smaller/more targeted groups and larger gatherings, etc.?

• Sharon is waiting to find out from Risk Management if we can do a blanket

permission slip for Connections social events

Adjourned at 7:47PM

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