Company Profile - Codixo

Company Profile - Codixo

Company Overview

Codixo is an advanced IT services company that provides intelligent

and cutting-edge solutions and services in different fields of information

technology. Codixo was established in Erbil by IT professionals

and was involved in several advanced projects with customers from

both public and private business sectors.

Before its establishment, members of Codixo worked in the field of IT

services in different countries such as Malaysia, Jordan and Iraq for

years gaining the best and most up-to-date knowledge and experience

in the field.

Our services range from graphics and web design to advanced enterprise

solutions. We also provide Networking and Security solutions

ranging from Home and Office network design and installation to

CCTV setup and operation. We provide commercial and technical

consultancy and work closely with our clients to achieve a modern

and efficient IT environment for the sake of their business.

We participate in planning and organizing systematic advertising

campaigns using the most modern strategies and technologies such

as Collaborative Filtering, Mass Media and Targeted Advertising.


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