Company Profile - Codixo

Company Profile - Codixo


Web Design

Professional web developers and designers working on technologies like Joomla,

Wordpress, CSS3 and jQuery. We also work in PHP, MySQL, AJAX and others in

Web Applications.

Graphics Design

Professional designers specialized in creative multi-purpose high quality graphics.

We design advertisements, brochures, logos, company profiles, web graphics

and more.

Enterprise Solutions

Custom Integrated Systems providing solutions in HR, Inventory, Accounting,

Billing and more. We engage in projects spanning over a long period of time

and high resources. We commit to a systematic customer relationship and maintenance


Networking and Security

We provide advanced security systems including CCTV, Fire detection and fighting,

Fingerprint scanners in all configurations such as Time Attendance and

Member Access systems.


Planning, Designing and Implementing advertising campaigns. We provide a

systematic marketing plan and also provide design services and recommendations.


Professional CTPs offering official courses such as ICDL, CCNA, CEH, Red Hat and

Database Systems. We also have contracts with professional and licensed

instructors in the fields of Accounting and Business Administration.


We provide professional consultancy in all fields of IT infrastructure. We also provide

consultancy in Risk Analysis and Management, Cost Evaluation and Staffing


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