Outstanding Danish masterpieces - Bruun Rasmussen


Outstanding Danish masterpieces - Bruun Rasmussen

PRESS RELEASE 14.05.2013

The seasons in art

At this summer’s international auction at Bredgade, we are offering three outstanding works of art by

prominent names in Danish art history: P. S. Krøyer, Christen Købke and J.T. Lundbye, each of whom depict a

season – the summer sun, the autumn haystacks and the snowy shores in winter.

The beach in Skagen

“En Flok Drenge ude i det solglitrende Vand” (a group of boys out in the glistening water) at Skagen beach in

1892 is a familiar motif for the Danish Skaw painter P.S. Krøyer (1851-1909). By virtue of his great artistic

talent and speed, he mastered the demands of his day for spontaneity and immediacy, when he captured the

moment in the open air on canvas. He excelled in the depiction of the distinctive Nordic light along the

Skagen coastline, of which the work up for auction is a fine example.

The painting of the bathing boys is just one of several different studies for the final work from 1892, which

belonged to Count Julius Andrassy in Budapest from 1910–23. While the whereabouts of the painting is

unknown, studies for the iconic work turn up on the auction circuit every so often. Almost all of the studies

are detail studies focusing on specific parts of the composition – a boy running, for example.

However, this picture is different in that it depicts a more complete scene with a whole group of boys playing

in the sunshine. The work also possesses the inimitable qualities you would expect from a good Krøyer

painting: the Skagen motif with sunshine and sea, a wonderful, almost blinding light, the beautiful blue

colour palette and an exquisite “snapshot” capturing the boys’ movements in the swirling water, glistening in

the sunshine.

Grazing sheep

“Landskabsstudie med høstak, høje træer og græssende får” (landscape study with haystack, tall trees and

grazing sheep) from c. 1836 is painted by the Danish Golden Age painter Christen Købke (1810-48), who

made his breakthrough as a landscape artist in around 1830. He was a true Copenhagener, preferring to paint

close to home, where he could study his immediate surroundings rather than those far away. In his numerous

landscape studies from areas on the outskirts of Copenhagen, he often managed to create a distinctly

romantic atmosphere in fine shades.

The joy he derived from painting was especially apparent in the many outdoor studies he painted along the

ramparts of the citadel and the lakes in Copenhagen. In the work up for auction, we see an idyllic depiction of

a sunny autumn day on the outskirts of Copenhagen, with sheep grazing in the golden landscape.

Sleighs in the snow

The atmosphere is cheery in J.T. Lundbye’s (1818-48) Golden Age painting “Svenske Slæder vender hjem efter

at have solgt deres Varer i København. Skrænten ved Skovshoved” (Swedish sleighs returning home after

selling their wares in Copenhagen. The slope at Skovshoved) from 1838. Here, four horse-drawn sleighs are

making their way across the frozen Sound (Øresund). The drivers crack the whip and the horses trot across the

ice as evening descends upon the frosty winter landscape.

As an artist, Lundbye specialised in painting animals and landscapes. His choice of motifs reveals a rare

appreciation of the Denmark of old, with the numerous stone circles, meadows and endless coastlines. In

several of his major works, he consciously focuses on providing a concentrated picture of the Zealand

landscape, which did not always tally with the topography. However, he also painted real places, as is the case

in the work up for auction from the slope at Skovshoved, north of Copenhagen.

Preview and auction

Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers, Bredgade 33, DK-1260 Copenhagen

Preview: 30 May – 3 June

Auction: Tuesday 4 June

For further information, please contact Kasper Nielsen on tel. +45 8818 1121 / kn@bruun-rasmussen.dk or

Birte Stokholm on tel. +45 8818 1122 / bst@bruun-rasmussen.dk.

Press photos

P. S. Krøyer: "En Flok Drenge ude i det solglitrende Vand". A group of boys in the glinting water. Signed and

dated S. Krøyer Skagen 92. Oil on canvas. 38.5 x 60.5 cm. Estimate: € 270,000-400,000.

Best regards

Eva Helsted

Press Coordinator, mag.art.

Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers

Sundkrogsgade 30 · DK-2100 Copenhagen

Tel: +45 8818 1072


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