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Summer/Fall 2013


Increase Sales with Monthly Marketing



Ready. Set. Sell!


Quotable Quotes


Make Employee Training Fun


Festival Time


Your Chance to Win a Free Gift


Answers Your Promotional Questions







Back to School

If your company is looking to generate awareness in the local community then

get involved with area schools. Throughout the school year, there are multiple

opportunities to promote your brand to school personnel, students, and most

importantly, their parents. Team sponsorships, ads in PTA mailers, and signs posted on

school marquees are passive opportunities for advertising.

However, active involvement during school events may take

your company’s reputation to the next level.

Orientation is a perfect time to begin this new relationship.

Ask the school to allow your business to set up a table at meet

and greet. Then pass out branded promotional items that add

to parents and students excitement as they look forward to a

new school year. Make sure the promotional items match your

business and are student-friendly. For example, a bank could

hand out piggybanks to encourage saving; a karate school

could have branded stress relievers to take home; and an after

school tutoring center might give away calculators. Ensure that

your business is remembered all year. Consider distributing

high valued items such as backpacks and insulated lunch bags.

Finally, do not forget teachers! Teachers will appreciate

supplies for the classroom including new planners, pencils,

erasers, and display boards.

Orientation might be your organization’s first introduction

to the school community, but it is only the beginning of a

long-term and positive relationship.


Increase Sales with Monthly Marketing Promotions

Monthly themed promotional products are a great way to stay current and keep clients engaged. Here are some ideas on how your

business can use monthly marketing campaigns to attract new customers and maintain the loyal ones too.

August is Immunization Awareness Month. Help parents keep track of their children’s immunization records. This medical

register makes great giveaways for schools, daycare centers, mother’s morning out programs, and anyone in the medical industry. The

gift of good health will long be remembered.

September is National Preparedness Month. There was a story in the news recently about a man that went for a hike and was

bitten by a venomous snake. The man made it back to his car where he had a venom removal kit. If the hiker had not had the kit readily

available, he would not have survived the trip to the hospital. No one knows when disaster will strike. Have your customers ready for

anything with survival kits and watch the gratitude pour in.

October is Halloween. Zombie’s are a pop culture phenomenon right now. Even the US Centers of Disease Control created a

Zombie Preparedness Plan. Join the cause and get customers talking this Halloween with a squishy brain in a dish. Plus, if a zombie

apocalypse were to happen, who wouldn’t need a stress ball?

Our marketing consultants are standing by with other great ideas too.

Ready. Set. Sell!

According to recent statistics, in North America, approximately 1.5 million people travel by plane daily that is more

than 547 billion people passing through airports annually. In 2012, more than 3 million people traveled by train using

Amtrack and 14.3 million people took cruises from a North American port.


(a little something extra)



If you can build a business up big enough, it’s


— Will Rogers

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

— Phyllis Diller

I surround myself with positive, productive

people of good will and decency.

— Ted Nugent



With the potential to advertise to literally billions of people annually, travel promotions need to be

a part of every organizations marketing plan.

This month put an action plan into place. Whether on the go for work or pleasure,

these great promotional accessories travel well.

Make Employee

Training Fun

A business is only as strong as its people. Train

employees to be brand experts. While you are at it, make

it fun!

Say goodbye to employees yawning, sleeping, and talking during

instructional sessions. These high-tech promotional items will be coveted

prizes and will make your workforce ask for more education.

Get ready, your business is about to have the industry’s most knowledgeable


Festival Time

As the weather begins to cool, send off to summer

and fall festivals abound, making this the perfect time

of year to invest in promotional items. Think about the

type of people that frequent festivals and then choose

an item that will be valued by that group. The fun part is

next. Go to the festival. Have fun, smile, talk to people,

and distribute your organization’s promotional items.

Here are some event swag ideas to help spark your

imagination and get business booming.

For the Sports Enthusiast: Imprinted golf balls

and tennis balls are a great choice. On the tennis court

or on the golf course, customers will appreciate this gift.

For the Kids: If you can attract children to your

organization’s table, the parents will follow. What will

you use to grab their attention?

Tried and True for All: When it comes to using

promotional items as marketing tools, marketing

research studies repeatedly name a few items as

favorites. You cannot go wrong with mugs, hats, or


The Riddler


Q: What has only two backbones and

thousands of ribs?

Note: The first five people to correctly answer the riddle will

win a free gift. Email, call or fax your answer (see form on

back). Answer to last issue’s riddle: A Sponge



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Q: I am a realtor. The market is starting to show signs of improvement. Still, I need all the help that I can get

to bring in new business. Do you have any suggestions on how to use promotional items to help my sales?

A: I am a firm believer that word of mouth referrals are one of the best ways to generate new

business. At the closing table, ensure that clients walk away beaming with happiness. This will ensure

that the client instantly recommends you to his/her friends and family.

Gift baskets make the ideal house-warming gift. These baskets should contain something to enjoy

now like chocolate, wine, or gourmet cupcakes or cookies. Then after the goodies are gone, the client still has the branded basket

or box that can be used for another purpose like storage. The basket will continue to remind clients of your relationship long

after the move.

Q: An internal audit concluded that numerous safety protocols were not followed last year, which directly caused several on the job

accidents. Recently, my company invested to retrain the entire work force on these critical safety measures. What is the next step? How can

we motivate our employee’s to continue to follow these procedures for the long term?

A: First, congratulations on making safety a priority for your workforce. Comprehensive training is

always the first step, which you have already completed. The next step is simple in comparison - incentivize,

incentivize, incentivize.

Commemorate employees that had a perfect safety record, on either an annual basis or another period

that works well for your industry, with a special reward. It is fun to make the incentive gift a limited edition.

For example, choose an item: stemware, paperweights, lapel pins. Then create a design for a specific time

frame. When the next period arrives, give out the same item, but change the design.

This will give the incentive gift collectable status, and employees will not want to

have a gap in their collection.

Put careful thought into what you want the reward to be, especially since the

goal is for employees to acquire several of these items. Ideas are limitless! I even

heard of a company that designed a train set. Each year that the employee had a

perfect safety record, he/she received a new train car for their collection.

Call your representative today to get collecting and stay safe.

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