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4 in 1 rechargeable heater fan/defroster 12v - Maplin Electronics

4 in 1 rechargeable heater fan/defroster 12v - Maplin Electronics

4 in 1 rechargeable heater fan/defroster 12v - Maplin

4 IN 1 RECHARGEABLE HEATER FAN/DEFROSTER 12V WELCOME This product has been carefully engineered and manufactured to give you dependable operation. Please read this manual thoroughly before operating your new product as it contains the information you need to become familiar with its features and obtain the performance that will bring you continued enjoyment for many years. Please keep this manual on file for future reference. IMPORTANT PRIOR TO USE, READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL WARNINGS, CAUTIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED IN THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL, AND THOSE PUBLISHED BY YOUR VEHICLE BATTERY MANUFACTURER AND MANUFACTURER OF ANY DEVICE INTENDED TO BE USED WITH THIS UNIT. RETAIN THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. Safety Instructions • Use this product with 12-Volt DC systems or cordless operation. Do not connect to 6 or 24-Volt DC Batteries. (Only use in 12V DC sockets rated at 20 Amps or higher!) • This unit has a built in lead acid battery. Although the unit arrives partially charged from the factory, it should be fully charged before first use. • Recharge the battery after each use or every 2 months to maximize the life of the battery. • Do not operate this device or place this unit near flammable materials. • Do not use the product when charging the battery with AC or DC adapters as it may cause damage to the AC adapter and/or the product. • The vehicle voltage must be present in the cigarette lighter, even when the ignition is switched off and the ignition key removed, so that the device may be operated. If this is not the case with your vehicle, a specialist garage can make a bypass for continuous operation. • Please ensure 12V DC operation power cord is fully extended prior to and during use, to prevent any overheating issues. • The fan heater is not suitable for installation internally but only for installation on the dashboard or foot well. • Please do not operate the fan heater while you are driving. • The AC adapter is for charging only. The unit cannot be operated by using the AC adapter. • Observe minimum distance from other devices (at least 20 cm) • Always keep the openings of the fan heater uncovered • Protect the fan heater from damp. • Always unplug when the device is not being used. • Do not open the unit. There are no user replaceable parts in this unit. Doing so will void the warranty. • This device contains sealed, non-spillable lead-acid battery and must be disposed properly when the device is discarded. Contact your local government recycling authority for proper disposal methods. Failure to follow instruction may cause damage or explosion hazard. LOCATION OF CONTROLS: 1. Air Vent 2. LED work light 3. LED light on-off switch 4. AC/DC charging jack 5. Main Power switch “I-O” of fan heater 6. Cool/Heat Mode Switch 7. Operator buttons 8. Display 9. Charging indicator (Red) 10. Heater/fan power indicator (Green) 11. Divert to external power operation indicator (Yellow) 12. Adjustable stand 13. 12V DC socket 14. Power jack for 12V DC operation 15. 12 V DC power cable with 15A in-line fuse 16. AC charging adapter 17. DC charging cable 18. Clock battery compartment Product Code: N84KA Cordless operation To use the fan heater in battery mode, it must be fully charged before use. Please charge the product fully immediately after every use. Observe the safety instruction here. You can charge the battery with AC/DC charging jack via the charging cable or with 230V~ AC via the mains adapter. For this, the mains adapter or charging cable must be connected to the charging jack (4) and a power source, The red LED indicator light (9) is lit during the charging process. As soon as the battery is fully charged, disconnect the fan heater from the mains. 6 1 2 Attention: Do not operate the heater during the charging process. To operate the fan heater, you must remove the mains adapter or DC charging cable DC Operation To use the fan heater in 12V DC mode, connect the fan heater via the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle. For this use the DC power cable (15) for continuous operation and power jack (14). The ignition must be switched on in order to permit a period of use of up to one hour. Use of the fan heater Place the fan heater on the dashboard behind your vehicle’s windscreen or in the foot well with aid of the stand (12). Connect the power plug to the 12V DC cigarette lighter socket or use the fan heater in battery mode. CR2022 CLOCK BATTERY 5 18 12 13 16 4 3 15 17 7 8 11 10 9 14

4 in 1 rechargeable heater fan/defroster 12v - Maplin Electronics

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