Grass Valley News-October 26, 2012 - Camas School District

Grass Valley News-October 26, 2012 - Camas School District

October 26, 2012

Dear Parents and Caregivers,


One of my roles here at Grass Valley Elementary is the manager of our Positive Behavior Support (PBS)

program. The goal of this program is to establish school-wide expectations and foster a positive school

climate. Our PBS team meets monthly to review behavior data that we collect and enter into a secure

database called SWIS (School-wide Information System).

Members of this team are Jennifer Lange (1 st ), Scott McCoy (2 nd ), Karen Chan (3 rd ), Kim Brouillet (5 th

science), Cathy Raunig (school psychologist), Janet Bloodworth (health room assistant), Lynn Barber

(playground supervision and classroom support), and Patricia Erdmann (principal).

We are excited to share with you some impressive changes in our school climate (as measured by

behavior referrals) when comparing September 2011 with September 2012.

September 2011 September 2012 % Change

Total majors (office) 21 5 76% decrease

Total minors (Uh Oh) 139 48 65% decrease

Kinder minors 3 7 133% increase

1 st minors 33 8 76% decrease

2 nd minors 27 5 81% decrease

3 rd minors 20 5 75% decrease

4 th minors 29 14 52% decrease

5 th minors 27 9 67% decrease

Recall that minor behavior referrals (Uh Oh slips) are a teaching tool designed to help students correct

their behavior. We expect children to make mistakes, and by being intentional about how we respond

we hope to support better choices. Major referrals (Office slips) involve a coaching component and are

more serious and usually involve a bigger consequence. (CONTINUED ON PAGE 2)

Grass Valley Elementary · 3000 Grass Valley Drive, Camas, WA 98607

(360) 833-5710 · Fax (360) 833-5711 ·

PBS UPDATE Continued...

As you can see, we have dramatically reduced the number of referrals this year compared to last. Our team

is meeting tomorrow to try and tease out what’s different. We have many hypotheses and hope to maintain

this momentum!

We connect this important work to our district mission statement and what we believe about education

(taken from our website

We believe students will do what is expected of them and will work to improve if consistently

confronted with high expectations by adults who demonstrate true caring.

We believe that modeling is a powerful educational tool. We teach academic and behavioral

excellence by demonstrating high quality performance.

We believe school must be a joyful place. Everyone works hard at being the best that they can

be. Students laugh and smile, secure in knowing what is expected of them. The climate is

happy and satisfying to all concerned.

A motto from a book, Counseling Youth, reminds me about why this work is so important. “The problem is

the problem. The person is not the problem” (Winslade & Monk, 1992). Anyone who has ever raised or

worked with a challenging child knows how easy it can be to let the behavior interfere with the quality of the

relationship. We are working hard to build lasting relationships with children and their families at Grass

Valley Elementary.

Ask your Zebra how she or he

earns a stripe. The response

could be, “I was caught being….”


Jeff Causey, Counselor

Veteran’s Day


Friday, November 9 @ 2:45

Students are encouraged to invite

Veteran guests to the assembly on our

cafeteria stage.


Mon, 10/29 October Birthdays Celebration

Tue, 10/30 5th Grade Field Trip - Steigerwald Wildlife

Wed, 10/31 Zebra Bucks Order due (to receive by 11/9)

Thu, 11/1 Picture Retakes

5th Grade Field Trip - Steigerwald Wildlife

Mon, 11/5 GV Vocal Jazz Choir Concert 6:30 - 7:00

Tue, 11/6 Election Day

Fri, 11/9 Veteran’s Day Assembly 2:45 in Cafeteria

Skate Night @ Golden Skate 5 - 7 PM

Mon, 11/12 NO SCHOOL - Veterans Day

Sat, 11/17 CEF Dinner & Auction 6PM

Tue, 11/20 Reflections Art Contest entry deadline

W-F, 21-23 NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break

Mon,11/26 5th Grade Field Trip - Col. Springs Hatchery

CHS Stuff the Bus Food Drive begins

Wed, 11/28 Zebra Bucks Order due (to receive by 12/7)

11/29 5th Grade Field Trip - Col. Springs Hatchery

Fri, 11/30 November Birthdays Celebration



The beginning of any infectious illness

is usually the time it is most likely to

spread to others. In order to keep everyone

healthy, we ask that you observe

the following guidelines on when to

keep your student home:

Fever over 100.0 ° F: Your student

should be free of fever for 24 hours,

without the aid of Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen,

before returning to school.

Nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea:

Your student should remain home for 48

hours after symptoms end.

Strep throat: Your student may return

to school after taking a prescribed antibiotic

for 24 hours.

Eye drainage: Exclude students from

school and see a license health care

provider if there is white or yellow drainage

from the eye, as this may indicate

conjunctivitis (pink eye).

For more information on the District’s

policy, please click HERE.

Election Day is Near!

November 6 is only 11 days away! Go

to the Washington Secretary of State

website to view the voter’s guide.


Art Discovery has had a fabulous start in October with

students using chalk pastels to create artwork inspired by

Georgia O'Keefe. Join in on the fun in November when Art

Discovery’s theme is Impressionism and Pointillism, with a

lesson inspired by Claude Monet. If you are interested in volunteering to

teach or assist with Art Discovery, please contact :

Jane DeForest:

Caryn Dewey:

Q: How does all the PTA fundraising money get used?

A: Here is a general breakdown of the current expenses outlined in the 2012-13

PTA Budget. Note, 68% of the income

through fundraising goes directly back

to curriculum & services for our teachers

& students through programs such

as: art programming, teacher minigrants,

library books, curriculum

enhancement, and individual teacher


To submit a question to the editor, please send your inquiry to

Volunteer Opportunities

Lots of volunteers have signed up to help with each of the committees listed below, but they still

need one or two volunteers to chair the committee.

★ Fun Run Fundraiser (Planning + April 19 Event + Wrap-Up)

★ Spring Carnival (Planning + May 17 Event + Wrap-Up)

★ Field Day (Planning + June Event)

★ Fifth Grade Track Meet (Planning + June Event)

★ PTA Financial Audit for 2012-2013 (Conducted in July or August)

If you are able to chair or co-chair one of these committees,

please contact Maria Mansfield, Volunteer Coordinator, at

Is your Zebra eagerly working on a project for

the Reflections Art Contest yet?

“The Magic of a Moment”


Please make sure you check out the COMPLETE list of rules for each

category at:

For instance, you are not allowed to use a traditional stretched canvas,

as visual arts must not exceed 3/8” think.

Click HERE for the entry form.

Contact Kristi Brown at with questions.


Box Top Contest

ENDS Wednesday,

October 31!

Which class will

be the lucky


The class with the most Box

Tops will win recess with a police

officer and their teacher will

receive $25 in Scholastic Bucks!


Zebra Bucks

Just in time for the holidays….Grass Valley PTA brings you one stop gift giving with Zebra Bucks! If

you have plans to give someone a gift card this holiday season, please consider purchasing through

Zebra Bucks!


Have you checked out the HOT PINK flyer that went home last week introducing our new Scrip

program? Scrip is a simple and successful “NON-SELLING” fundraiser many schools use. You

purchase pre-paid gift cards to stores or restaurants you already use on a regular basis like Fred

Meyer, Target, Walmart and Stabucks….there are hundreds to choose from! Grass Valley then

earns a set percentage from that company. In addition to gift giving, many families purchase cards

in the amount they normally spend at the grocery store. Instead of paying with cash, they use the

card which generates fundraising dollars!

Questions? Contact Dawn Redmond at


To place an order, simply attach a check to the order form and return

by the dates noted. Be sure to check out the following sites for a

FULL list of gift cards available. Click HERE for the order form.


Wed, 10/31 Fri, 11/9

Wed, 11/28 Fri, 12/7

Great Lakes Scrip Company

Tigard-Tualatin Scrip Center


Superintendent Mike Nerland attended the October 18 General PTA Membership meeting. He advised

there will be two replacement levies in February 2013 up for vote. First, a maintenance & operations levy

and second, a technology levy. He notes these are not new levies. Rather, both are expiring and need to

be replaced in order to maintain current funding levels for Camas Schools.

Additionally, he indicates the District is discussing options of how best to upgrade Lacamas Elementary

School. Various options include shutting down the school and sending all students to Woodburn

Elementary for the 2013-14 school year while updates are being done; remodeling smaller portions while

sending one or two grades to Woodburn at a time; or working on the school during the summer months.


During the 2010-11 school year, the PTA approved to restrict funds to install a Natural Playground at

Grass Valley. The playground committee, along with Mrs. Erdmann and District employees, have been

committed to this project. Design plans are complete and installation plans continue to move forward.

On October 22, the PTA granted a majority of the funds to the Camas School Board who will review the

project to determine if they will accept overseeing the installation of the project. If accepted, a request

for bids will be sent out by the District to see if the project can be completed within the approved

$20,000 budget. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project!

If you are not familiar with the Natural Playground, click HERE to view the current plans.


Grass Valley will have an exciting visitor in January. Plans are in the works for a Math Night with math

guru Kim Sutton on January 23, 2013. Sutton travels the globe conducting training workshops for

educators, teaching them her fun, hands-on math approach. For more information on Sutton and the

numerous math games, publications, and fun songs she has produced to help teachers and students

alike, go to: Stay tuned for more information on this exciting event!!


Alex R., a 5th grader, is heading up a collection of Yoplait pink yogurt lids. Yoplait will donate 10 cents

to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Brest Cancer fund for every lid received. With Ms. Erdmann’s per-

mission, Alex has placed a pink box in the cafeteria to collect pink lids. She is asking families to please

keep their pink lids and send them to school to be added to the collection. Over winter break, Alex will

mail in all lids collected to help benefit the cure.

The Whole group (Mrs.Linton

and Mrs.Thielbar's class)

weighed in at 2867 lbs !!!

Fourth grade

students had a

blast visiting

Clark Public

Utilities on their

field was

a hair raising


Second grade students had fun

touring downtown Camas, which

included: meeting the Mayor, eating

lunch at the library, and a trip to

the fire station!

MANY THANKS to all who

have sent in pictures! Keep

them coming!!!

The rain held off for fall bulb planting last week...mostly

anyway! THANK YOU to the many volunteers who helped our

zebras plant over 600 bulbs, which brings our total to over

2,000 bulbs around school grounds!

From salmon

pillows to

flowers &

leaves, our

Zebras are

creating art

all over the


THANKS to all the

families who came

out for our Sonic

fundraiser last



Friday, November 9

5-7 PM

Golden Skate

4915 E. fourth Plain, Vancouver

Cost: $5 (includes skate rental)


Click on any link to be connected

Camas Education Foundation

Camas Community Education


Camas Parks & Recreation


Camas Community Library

Jack, Will & Rob Center

*Co-Ed Indoor Soccer Sign Ups: Grades 1-6, Season starts

Nov. 5, $10 registration fee, sign up at JWR.

In-Line Rental $3 extra

Lazer Tag $3 per game

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