Scouts play to learn. Through adventure and fun we challenge ...

Scouts play to learn. Through adventure and fun we challenge ...

Scouts play to learn. Through adventure and fun

we challenge children and teenagers to learn,

understand and reach awareness of global

issues. We turn life and global issues into fun

and create optimal conditions for learning and


Scouts take action. By working together in

teams and by including the game and adventure

the scouts make it cool to live in a climate

friendly way.

Scouts are ambassadors of climate friendly living.

During the National Scout Jamboree, “Blå

Sommer”, in July 2009 19.000 scouts at all ages

experimented climate friendly living = the scout

way to live. The scouts were introduced to the

actions they can take in their daily lives. This

to make them ambassadors of climate friendly


The scouts play and learn about the global climate

changes to create knowledge and awareness

that each child and each teenager can

act. And they act!

Foto: Andreas T. Larusen

The scouts in Denmark continue living the cool

climate way. Upcoming events are:

The Climate Day: 1350 scouts are invited to a

day of play and learning when 6 science centres

creates climate events.

The Sprout is a symbol of scouts acting for a

better world. The symbol will be placed in central

Copenhagen during the UN Climate Conference.

The public will be urged to donate trees to

the forest in the City of Copenhagen.

Scouts for Climate Summit will take place in

week 51 in parallel with the UN Climate Conference.

40 international scout leaders are invited

to learn and get inspiration to implement climate

projects and activities in their own national

scout organisations.

Together we can make a difference. Be part of

the project by contacting us at

Foto: Andreas T. Larusen


believe in the

fascination of

play and learn

Foto: Andreas T. Larusen

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