Civic Space

Civic Space

Gallery without Walls

Adam Barkley

Xiaoxia Dong

Jeana Antle

Mission Statement and Goals

Our mission statement is to revitalize the

public spaces in the Gateway Neighborhood

while preserving and enhancing the positive

areas already in the neighborhood; creating

diversity of people and uses as well as

providing safe, walkable connections

between spaces.


• Attract diverse groups of people and


• Connect currently established nodes

with pedestrian and walkable areas

and paths.

• Create safe and attractive outdoor

spaces in which people would like to

spend time.


Chicano Park

Alb Albequerque

Los Angeles Riverfront


337 Project j

Gilgal Gardens

Sgt Sgt. Pepper Mural

TTemporary Museum M of f

Permanent Change

Flying Objects

Study Block

Bounded by 300 W, 400 W

400 S and 500 S

‐close to the park

‐lots of space to work with

no continuous street façade

‐expand upon and benefit local businesses and

activities already y happening pp g

‐close to major transit lines

‐lots of potential for pedestrian activity


Caputo’s Caputo s

‐logical extension of the activity to the North

Si Site Attributes

A ib

Communication, connection and contribution of people is important.

Art allo allows s people to see the world orld and life thro through gh a new ne light. light

‐Jann Haworth

The connectedness of local businesses in this area is something

unique and important, important and the identity should be celebrated. celebrated

‐Kestrel, Tin Angel Café

The North side of Pioneer Park has much more pedestrian activity,

and anything that will attract people to this block will be a good


‐Roy from Vespa

I support graffiti art. Anything that gets people involved is a good


‐Nancy, director of SLC Arts Council

Community Suggestions

• Art is something anyone can create and anyone can enjoy.

• The h space iis more accessible, ibl inviting, i i i and d dynamic d i than h a

traditional gallery setting.

• An attraction such as this will bring a diverse group of

people with a diversity of uses, thus creating “eyes on the


• Bring pedestrian activity to the area, strengthening and

revitalizing existing local businesses.

• Create opportunity and need for new and unique


• “He says many of them know each other, and he thinks

more public walls dedicated to graffiti might cut down on

the vandalism. "People p want to practice, p they y want to put p

their stuff out there. There's just not the places to do it,"

he said.” ( Quote from KSL online, March 2nd )

What art can do for you…

Design Ideas

1.Proximity to the clubs

2.Space for a crowd

Design Criteria

3.Set back from the sidewalk

Performance Space p

4Localbusinesses 4.Local businesses and practice areas nearby


2.Protected from traffic

Greenspace p

3. Potential for buildings and businesses for open up

onto t th the space

Design Criteria

Graffiti Areas

11.Walls Walls that are less exposed, exposed so artists can be more

free with their art

2.Line or decorate paths

3.Smaller scale walls

4.Sectioned or interesting walls

esign Criteria

1. Acts as a lead‐in

2. Accent

Design Criteria

3. Animates bigger spaces

Sculpture p Areas

Sidewalk Art

1. Leads d you on a path h to a destination d i i space

2. Connectivity

3. Does not overwhelm smaller scale spaces

4. Acts as a lead‐in

Design Criteria

1. Animate the space

2. Create Spaces

Design Criteria

Removable Panels

33. Create diversity diversity, change change, and dynamics

11. Act as signage

2. More car oriented

Design Criteria

3. Distance recognition of the space

4. Large scale, continuous, mostly blank walls


1. High traffic areas

2. Crowd potential

Design Criteria

Benches and Seating

33. Visually dynamic – watching the world go by

Final Plan






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